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#rockbox log for 2020-09-22

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08:27:14braewoodsthe new gogear i got for a discount off ebay receives power, charges. but won't do anything else.
08:27:24braewoodspower button is stuck so i'm guessing that is probably why.
08:27:29braewoodsit powers on but nothing else.
08:27:43braewoodsi'll need to disassemble it later to find out what's going on.
08:28:32braewoodsmay as well do the upgrades then
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09:01:37speachyguess you now know why you got it at a discount. :D
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09:19:57braewoodsspeachy: at least I know it's not totally dead.
09:21:02braewoodshonestly sometimes it feels like electronics from this age were better built... either that or its just one of the lucky survivors
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11:09:16_bilgusalot probably died from battery leakage
11:09:25_bilgusa lot
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13:34:25braewoods_bilgus: i see. right now i'm just waiting for its battery to drain so i can work on it.
13:34:32braewoodssince i can't turn it off
13:34:38braewoodsthe power button beign stuck and all
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17:11:40genevinohi, is there a list of "best devices to buy to run rockbox in 2020" or something?
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17:24:42speachygenevino: if you are limiting yourself to stuff that is still actively sold as new, there are only a couple of options. second-hand, there are a lot more.
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17:26:13speachysome of it depends on what you want out of your player −− form factor/controls, absolute sound quality or stuff like line out, pretty screen, etc.
17:29:03genevinospeachy: pretty screen would be great, line out is not a must (headphones output is more than enough), equalizer is a must (i guess that just comes with rockbox anyways?)
17:29:40genevinospeachy: buying new would be cool so i don't have to spend time on finding some old device - but if you have recommendations because they're actually GOOD that's fine, too
17:30:00genevinospeachy: sound quality, hm, not so important as long as it's at least very good.
17:30:39genevinodoesn't have to be "the best on the planet", but should have ultra deep bass and enough power to drive somewhat bigger headphones would be nice, too.
17:30:44speachynew, your only options are the AGPTek Rocker and xDuoo X3ii/X20. And (via an out-of-tree fork) the Fiio M3K.
17:31:01genevinook give me 3min to reply, looking those up.
17:31:02speachythere are still some xDuoo X3 (original) available too.
17:31:53speachyin general, secondhand your best bet is probably one of the older HDD-based ipods. Though anything on the supported list is fine.
17:32:30genevinospeachy: ok am i right that these will have an "official" rockbox build?
17:32:30speachythe various sansas tend to go for ridiculous prices, even used.
17:33:20speachythose first three are considered "unstable" only because there's no manual written for 'em. There are some quirks but generally work fine for day-to-day use.
17:33:35genevinospeachy: so which one would you recommend as long as $$ doesn't matter? i'd say anything below 150€ would be good.
17:33:50speachy(most notably, some of the plugins are wonky, and the X3ii/X20 keymaps could use some love)
17:33:58genevinowonky hehe
17:34:36genevinook so consider me a total noob. i just love the flexibility and configurability of rockbox and want to go to amazon and buy something cool.
17:34:38speachyThe Rocker is cheap and plenty good.
17:34:49speachystarting to become harder to find.
17:35:42genevinowould you consider me able to simply flash rockbox to it? i'm comfortable with anything unix.
17:36:50speachythe "rockbox utility" supports everything I've listed, but you'll probably have to compile it for yourself if you're a linux or osx user.
17:39:53speachy(compile rbutil, I mean)
17:40:31genevinocommunity/rbutil 1.4.1-1
17:40:31genevino Rockbox Utility
17:40:44genevinolooks like it's even officially packaged for arch/artix, nice
17:40:53speachy1.4.1 isn't new enough for the x3/x3ii/x20/rocker
17:41:26speachythere hasn't been a new release yet
17:41:29genevinook that will get a bit hacky :)
17:41:42genevinocan i do it on a windows 10 computer?
17:41:58speachythere's a newer win snapshot
17:42:30genevinoi'm usually a 100% unix/linux person, but i have a windows installation for making music, so i could probably use it
17:43:06genevinook so you could still save me from buying a rocker
17:44:07genevinospeachy: let's just assume i could easily spend 150€ on this, would there be something better?
17:44:17genevinospeachy: also should i just buy a 256gb tf card with it?
17:44:27speachyx3ii is better than the rocker, hands-down.
17:44:32speachyless polished rockbox.
17:44:44genevinowhat means "less polished"?
17:45:36speachyeg the wonkiness with some plugins and keymaps not being optimized.
17:46:12speachypersonally, I'm a big fan of the original xDuoo X3 −− but it has a crappy screen.
17:46:24speachythose can still be found new
17:46:51genevinospeachy: hmmmm, so what would you recommend?
17:46:55speachythe X3 also has a nearly-indestructible case, unlike the rocker.
17:47:14speachy(I cracked the back of my rocker by sitting on it)
17:47:31genevinowell the rocker is only 45 bucks or so - easily replaceable
17:48:03speachyto be honest I'd say just go for the rocker, unless you really want to spend more money.
17:48:19speachyunless the more expensive units have a feature you really want, there's no reason to bother
17:48:39speachy(eg the x3ii has a larger+higher-res screen, line out, and is more physically robust)
17:48:41genevinook :)
17:49:05genevinowell how good will the rockbox support be on an x3ii?
17:49:26genevinowill it be just fine?
17:50:36speachyThe x3ii generally works (ie anything audio-related) but nobody's made the active effort into systematically checking the plugins to make sure things work, the keymaps make sense, and so forth.
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17:51:26speachythere's a lot of potential for platform-level improvements for the x3ii, just doens't have an active advocate. I have one in a box but my attention is taken up by other stuff.
17:51:34genevinospeachy: can you elaborate on "the keymaps do not make sense"? is it usable? what keymaps exactly? just the mapping of the buttons? i mean i'm not planning to use a bluetooth mechanical keyboard with it...
17:51:58speachyif you look at the photos of the x3ii, you'll see the button layout is... unusual.
17:52:39genevinoi'd easily adapt to that, i'm a keyboards person, i use a lot of different keyboards :)
17:52:53speachycontrols for general interaction with the menus, playback, etc are okay, but nearly all of the keymaps were copied from the x3 (orginal) which has a different button layout.
17:53:43speachyso the controls of (for example) the pacbox plugin, might be awkward/backward because nobody's bothered to try it and see how it works.
17:54:00genevinook i'll just go with a rocker i guess.
17:54:19speachybasically "it works" but it's not something that I could say that represents the best rockbox user experience.
17:55:04genevinowould you say the x3ii *does* deliver the best rockbox user experience?
17:55:19speachyit's just not polished.
17:55:30genevinospeachy: ok :)
17:55:36genevinospeachy: so should i get the rocker? :)
17:55:38speachyrocker is better −− still has some quirks.
17:55:59genevinoi love how you're so careful in putting that into words, thanks for your help already.
17:56:05speachyoverall best is probably one of the sansas. complete with a good manual too.
17:56:31speachyoriginal x3 is pretty darn good now, though the screen is a turnoff for a lot of folks.
17:57:14speachyoh, somewhere in the forums there's a link to a snapshot build of rbutil.
17:57:18speachyfor windows
17:57:25speachy(that will support the rocker/etc)
17:57:42genevinothat sounds hacky :)
17:58:29speachythere are more things to be done to rbutil before we generate another release.
17:58:43speachyand this is something built in the interim from the one doing most of that work.
17:59:08speachy,51653.msg246684.html#msg246684 is the relevant part of the thread
18:00:09speachyso yes, I'd just say get a rocker. if you decide you want something better later, you will probably be able to sell it used for more than you paid for it.
18:03:58genevinospeachy: am i correct that a "SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC memory card" should work?
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18:05:04genevinospeachy: i mean it's all about having a laaaaaaaaaarge collection in your pocket ;)
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18:06:00genevinospeachy: i guess that's what the product description means by "tf card"
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18:14:21genevinospeachy: anyway, thx for your time!
18:16:37speachygenevino: you'll probably have to reformat the card as fat32 first, but yes, that will work fine.
18:16:59speachy(I don't recall if the stock linux kernel in the rocker supports exfat..)
18:24:51braewoodsgenevino: so what did you decide on?
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18:28:15braewoodsspeachy: figures i missed it lol
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