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#rockbox log for 2020-09-24

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16:18:08speachysounds like they're going to have to resort to the ingenic flash tools to restore the original firmware
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18:24:35braewoodsspeachy: i gotta say, one thing i like about RB ports that don't need to flash the onboard storage are easier to fix if firmware gets corrupted or so
18:25:13braewoodsone thing i like about it residing fully (even bootloader) on the replaceable storage
18:25:30speachynot many devices have worked that way.
18:25:47braewoodsi've noticed the hard disk ones seem to
18:26:17braewoodsthey use the drive to store the main boot files though it may have some bootloaders in ROMS
18:26:57braewoodsi don't necessarily want to update ROM Firmware. what a pain to recover from.
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19:08:03braewoodsspeachy: do any rockbox targets have TRRS jacks instead of TRS?
19:08:25braewoodsmeaning the new styled combo ports for 3.5mm
19:29:06_bilgus__you mean with a 4 pin 3.5 mm I don't think many would, maybe the ipods since they used remotes
19:30:11braewoodsi recently found out 3.5mm TRS isn't always compatible with these.
19:30:19braewoodsi get weak connections if i try to use it.
19:30:41braewoodsa splitter works perfectly
19:30:46braewoodsso obviously i need an adapter
19:31:27_bilgus__probably just worn out and the plug doesn't have great dimensional accurracy
19:31:48braewoodsit's on an old 2013 laptop so
19:31:56braewoodsmaybe a factor but it works fine through a splitter
19:31:58braewoodsno idea why
19:32:36_bilgus__slightly bigger barrel or a more pronounced lock at the front would be my guess
19:32:55braewoodsbut not worth fixing if that's all i need to do to get a good connection
19:33:22braewoodsi would have to take it all apart and resolder or replace the part
19:33:25_bilgus__I had one that always gave me issues so I added a bit of solder to it and that worked for quite a while
19:33:42braewoodsbut it's such a pain to disassemble
19:33:46_bilgus__like a small bump on the barrel
19:33:48braewoodsi'd rather use an external soution
19:33:54_bilgus__no on the cord not the port
19:34:09braewoodsin my case it's the PC port that seems at fault
19:34:11_bilgus__just enough to add a bit of stiction
19:34:26braewoodssince the headphones work fine in a pure headphone jack
19:34:29braewoodson other stuff
19:34:38_bilgus__I think it was one of the kids cellphones
19:34:41braewoodsbut a splitter resolves the poor connections
19:35:08_bilgus__well at least on a laptop you have a bit of extra room to use convoluted solutions
19:35:39braewoodsit's hard to find TRS to TRRS adapters for this problem.
19:35:53braewoodsall i've found are extension cables i don't want or right-angled ones
19:36:04_bilgus__I usually make my own
19:36:34_bilgus__little heatshrink with some hot glue in it makes it look pretty pro
19:40:45speachybraewoods: Another option is to take a dental pick and try to bend the pins inside the socket
19:46:32_bilgus__whoo that sounds finiky
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20:09:58speachynot saying it isn't, but it is an alternative to disassembly
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