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#rockbox log for 2020-09-28

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10:58:06genevinook so i just received my agptek rocker - i can't seem to find out how to put rockbox on it - simply copying the .rockbox folder from the to the root of the sd card and powering on the device had no effect so i reckon i have to flash a new bootloader to it, but rockbox utility doesn't even offer any agptek device. any help?
11:02:18speachythe wiki page includes manual instructions, but you'll need a post-1.4.1 rbutil build. there's a sticky in the forum.
11:08:24genevinospeachy: what's a sticky?
11:13:16genevinospeachy: ok the windows version keeps telling me that i have to select a mount point.
11:13:32speachywell, when you plug it in, it'll get a drive letter..
11:13:46genevinowell the menu to select the drive is empty...
11:18:23genevinoanything else i could try?
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11:27:22genevinoand i should probably answer that post on the forum, or?
11:34:12speachycan't really help you there; I've only used Rbutil on linux.
11:34:50genevinospeachy: well i have a linux box, too, but i would probably have to compile the version you linked manually if i wanted to try it under linux.
11:34:53speachyoh, one thing came to mind, the SD card is inserted? Can you browse to the Rocker under the Windows Explorer
11:35:06genevinoand yes :)
11:35:13genevinoanyways i could boot into linux and try
11:44:53genevinocompiling, let's see
11:45:53speachyBTW you'll need to download the latest Rocker firmware update manually.
11:49:00genevinospeachy: this has exactly the same problem - i can't select a device from the dropdown menu because it's completely empty
11:49:33speachyI think we'll ahve to punt to bluebrother about that. I got nothing.
11:50:17genevinowhen started as root i see a /boot/efi entry in the menu, but that's obviously not what i should flash.
11:50:47speachyso your system's not creating a mount point automatically for it?
11:51:02genevinoautodetection fails, too.
11:51:28genevinoi have the thing mounted :)
11:51:38blbro[m]You need two things: the filesystem needs to be mounted and FAT
11:52:29genevinoi can browse the sd card from a graphical filemanager (thunar) just fine
11:52:38blbro[m]You can go to Help / Troubleshooting / System Info to see the drives on your machine. Does it appear in that list?
11:53:25genevinoi don't have help / troubleshooting.
11:53:39blbro[m]And what filesystem type does it show?
11:53:44blbro[m]In Rockbox Utility?
11:54:28genevinoi'm not even getting that far, i can't select a device.
11:54:52genevinoIF i start it as root, there is a /boot/efi entry in the menu i can select
11:54:53blbro[m]Doesn't matter. Close the configure dialog, look in the menu.
11:56:01blbro[m]Sounds like it's filtered out because of the filesystem type.
11:56:19blbro[m]System Info might be directly below Help. Iirc I moved that some time ago.
11:58:09blbro[m]Yep, that's the one
11:58:36genevinoVID: c502 PID: 0029, AGPTEK AGPTEK ROCKER
11:58:48genevinothat's being shown under "attached usb devices"
11:59:25blbro[m]So it should be able to detect the player. Not necessarily the mountpoint.
11:59:57blbro[m]Does autodetect select the correct player from the list?
12:00:43genevinoCould not detect a device.
12:00:43genevinoSelect your device and Mountpoint manually.
12:04:06blbro[m]Ok. In System Info in the filesystem table you should see all mounted devices. Is that in there?
12:06:12blbro[m]Hmm. Player detection should work, the usb vid / pid is correct.
12:06:32blbro[m]What version of Rockbox Utility are you using?
12:07:51genevino/mnt/bloeb2 214.51 GiB 238.27 GiB 262144
12:08:16genevinothe version i just compiled from the thing you linked on google drive
12:08:23genevinoversion 1.4.1 (7c3b9a4049)
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12:11:45blbro[m]Hmm, that should be fine.
12:12:20blbro[m]And /mnt/bloeb2 is the player?
12:12:38blbro[m]Hmm, I thought that would display the filesystem type.
12:15:24speachy... was that 7c5ba4049?
12:15:50speachy(7c_5_ not 7c_3_)
12:16:56blbro[m]Yeah. Figured that after searching a bit :)
12:17:49blbro[m]Please go to configure, try autodetect, close configure, then go to Help / System Trace and pastebin the contents of that window.
12:19:31blbro[m]It will try to find compatible mountpoint. You can look through it for lines saying "Ignored: / is /dev/sda5 type ext4" (or similar). Is your player among those lines?
12:21:32blbro[m]Btw, pressing Refresh in the config dialog is sufficient.
12:22:37blbro[m]Your player should show up in the log with something like "Added: /media/ipod is /dev/sdb2 type vfat"
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12:32:19genevinoblbro[m]: well the thing about the filesystem could actually well be, since this gets mounted using fuse and says something about exfat.
12:32:34genevinoblbro[m]: so do you think i could try to re-format the sd card with fvat?
12:32:45genevinoblbro[m]: or "should" i try that?
12:32:56speachyyes, you'll need vfat.
12:34:46blbro[m]Rockbox does not support exfat. Rockbox Utility only shows compatible mountpoints, so exfat doesn't show up. That's intentional (especially on Linux the list could be very long otherwise)
12:35:36blbro[m]So not should or could, you have to :)
12:35:58genevinoaha, gotcha. :)
12:36:17genevinojust used mkfs.vfat and fatlabel now, let's see ;)
12:39:03genevinoaaaaaaaha, and i'm getting further, tada! "Bootloader installation requires you to provide the correct verrsion of the original firmware file."
12:40:09genevinook so what do i need here?
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12:41:26genevino"Could not find firmware in archive, Error reading firmware file"
12:42:06speachyI _think_ it's this one:
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12:42:43speachyyou'll need to extract the .upt file out of that archive.
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12:45:41genevinowow that did it
12:45:57genevinook so how to boot into rockbox now? when switching the thing on i get no bootloader prompting.
12:46:51speachythe instructions obviously need more detail, but: "go into the settings menu and select firmware update."
12:51:06genevinoah that did something, but now i'm stuck at "Insert TF Pls" even though the sd card is in
12:58:18speachyhuh, that's odd.
13:06:34genevinohm. :(
13:07:02speachyI'd check to see if the card is sane still. reformat it if necessary.
13:10:42genevinowould you recommend making the whole device one file system or partitioning it before i do?
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13:13:28speachypartitioning it properly. I don't know offhand how the stock firmware handles full-disk filesystems.
13:13:55speachywait, you don't get anything in the stock fw? just the insert card prompt?
13:15:14speachy... that sounds like something went wrong with the FW flash.
13:15:43speachy... reformat, put the update.upt file on the SD card, see if it recovers.
13:16:40speachyjust booted mine up; it worked just fine (and it's what I used to get the rbutil stuff going; so what it's running was loaded into it via rbutil)
13:18:27speachywithout a card inserted, I mean
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15:40:41genevinowow i'm actually making progress
15:40:52genevinobut heck the docs could be better yes
15:43:23genevinoanyways, i now got rockbox running on my agptek rocker it seems
15:43:42speachyoh good. what went wrong?
15:43:48genevinoi have no idea
15:43:57genevinobut i managed to get it to work it seems
15:44:43braewoodsi've seen devices that needed power cycles to boot properly.
15:44:58braewoodsone notebook i had would only successfully boot from USB on first boot. it failed on reboots.
15:45:03braewoodsso you had to power off properly.
15:45:34braewoodson reboots they just wouldn't be detected or somethig
15:45:46braewoodsso you had to shutdown first
15:48:11genevinoit also seems like it does SOMETIMES drop me in the bootloader, but i can't determine when so
15:50:25genevinooh it plays music
15:54:24braewoodsgenevino: lol... why is that a surprise?
15:55:45genevinooh, trying to play doom hangs it up :)
15:55:59genevinobraewoods: after 2 hours of tinkering that IS a surprise
15:59:45genevinobraewoods: and a welcome one, too :D
16:02:35genevinowow it's like suddenly the whole device is usable
16:15:32genevinook looks like the cable i had wasn't exactly reliable, replaced it and it seems better
16:15:42speachythat would definitely cause issues.
16:16:11genevinowell the rocker device with rockbox is fantastic
16:16:11speachyin the case of the rocker, we're running as a simple application on top of the stock firmware's OS image.
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16:16:39speachyand we have zero ability to fix quirks with the low-level platform. :/
16:17:03speachyIt's the unfortunate norm.
16:17:22genevinowhat i would actually love to use with rockbox: my surfang f20
16:17:28genevinothat would be quite awesome
16:17:43speachysurfans/irulu f20?
16:18:04genevinoand considering the firmware update files are simple iso9660 iso files, i could well think they're somewhat hackable. ah yes, surfans, not surfang.
16:18:44speachyit's built on the same underlying software platform as the rocker, so it won't be difficult to port.
16:18:53speachyjust hardware and time..
16:21:19genevinospeachy: well i'd be interested in learning a bit more about this, i guess my understanding is still a bit n00bish
16:21:40genevinospeachy: aside from that, are you planning to buy one?
16:24:24speachyI guess I could use some of the RB slush fund to buy one.
16:24:47genevinodo you have a paypal i could donate some bucks to?
16:24:56speachyit's on the main rockbox page
16:26:29speachyalso the hifiwalker h2 looks to be the same hardware with a slightly different case.
16:26:58genevinoThanks for donating 10,00 USD to
16:26:59genevinoTransaction ID: 6JK5449431684961T
16:27:06genevinoit's not much, but hey
16:28:03speachyevery bit helps, thank you.
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16:34:31genevinospeachy: the h2 *does* seem like exactly the same device but a bit more beautiful
16:34:46speachylooks more pocket-friendly.
16:34:57genevinoyea the f20 is edgy
16:35:02speachydoes the f20 have a glass back?
16:35:20genevinono. a lot of product descriptions say so, but it's indeed just cheap plastic.
16:35:39genevinothat's definitely not glass. :)
16:35:41speachythat's a good thing. the h2 looks like glass, which is less durable
16:36:24genevinoi can't for the life of me think that this could be glass.
16:36:40speachy(if not glass, then _very_ shiny plastic)
16:36:51genevinothere's one benefit i see on the surfans tho: usb-c.
16:37:05speachythe rocker has a glass back. or in my case, a multi-piece glass back.
16:37:07genevinoyes that *IS* very shiny plastic, on the rocker, toot, btw.
16:37:28genevinoi doubt that is glass on the rocker.
16:37:54genevinoare you sure that's not just a cheap plastic cover? :)
16:37:58speachyit's glass.
16:38:04genevinook :)
16:38:17speachyas I said, I know because I broke mine by sitting on it.
16:38:32genevinoah yeah you mentioned this the other day.
16:41:42speachyyeah, the h2 and f20 are the same hardware.
16:48:59speachyboth are variations of the Aigo Eros Q.
16:49:57genevinospeachy: both the eros and the h2 look better than the one i have actually :)
16:49:58speachythe H2 is an eros Q, the F20 is an eros K
16:50:13speachythere's a Q and Qii
16:50:28genevinoyea the eros k looks exactly like mine
16:50:49genevinoand yea that's the thing i would love to run rockbox on :)
16:51:19genevino(that being said, the rocker is perfectly fine already)
16:51:27speachythe qii looks like it uses a different sw architecture.
16:52:01speachymight be the same hardare though.
16:52:15genevinolooks so
16:52:23speachyit's the same case at least.
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17:55:25genevinook i have no idea if there even is a way to let the next/prev keys honour the shuffle mode
17:55:41genevinoe.g. i just want it to shuffle ALL songs no matter what sub-directory they're in
17:56:23genevinoi know i can press short-long to skip to the next folder, but in a shuffle mode i'd assume it would just shuffle like, ALL the things, including jumping to other directories
18:19:33genevinoand twimc:
18:19:35genevinoDB Error: attempt to write a readonly database (8)
18:19:35genevinoSQL: UPDATE themes SET downloadcnt=downloadcnt+1 WHERE themeid=:id Array ( [:id] => 2820 )
18:19:44genevinowhen trying to access
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18:35:55speachygenevino: I can't do anything about that now.
18:36:40speachyit should work now. don't know why it got wedged. or for how long.
18:36:52speachyprobably a crawler storm.
18:41:45speachylooks like it wedged at 14:55 local time. so.. jsut shy of 4 hours ago.
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19:22:08genevinospeachy: whatever you did, it fixed it, yes. :)
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