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#rockbox log for 2020-10-01

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08:02:14speachyreally can't figure out why 01650b8 shrank the code sizes on the hosted mips targets so much.
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10:02:19speachywith these last two commmits, I think we now have the LCD properly turning off with the backlight on the Rocker. Should buy us a little bit of battery life.
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13:34:15speachyrandom observation; evn the 1GHz X3ii can't handle mikmod with complex modules using the HQ mixer at >96KHz.
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16:04:08johnb5speachy : thanks for lcd changes on x3ii. Now the screen really is black, when turned off.
16:04:48johnb5would it be a big effort increasing the font size in the debug pages?
16:04:57johnb5It is really tiny.
16:06:46speachytoday was the first I've actually tried to use the X3ii in anger. the LCD stuff was done purely with the Rocker; I'm glad it was more widely applicable.
16:08:54johnb5I do like the x3ii and its screen. As for the partial sluggishness, do you think that would be different on the hifi walker or do we even have some insight why the UI is slow?
16:09:27speachymy ears are still ringing a bit from the line out detection, but it's working properly finally.
16:09:54fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision a96eb1a, 282 builds, 9 clients.
16:10:30speachyThe screen really shouldn't be that bad; it's acting almost like we have a vsync problem. :)
16:11:17speachyso part of the update gets lost until the next update is triggered.
16:11:44speachy(eg I see the bottom half of the screen repaint, but the top doesn't..)
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16:13:20speachyI'm confident it's resolvable.
16:14:06speachy(if for no other reason than the stock UI performs better)
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16:41:04johnb5I confirm the broken seeking.
16:41:40johnb5it just progresses by pieces of seconds
16:43:30genevinofwiw it seems like there are 2 manufacturers with a device called x3ii: xduoo and fiio.
16:43:54genevinoi guess you're relating to the xduoo?
16:44:05speachyyeah. we don't support any fiio devices yet.
16:44:31genevinoty :)
16:47:19genevinoxdg-open: no method available for opening ''
16:47:39genevinoapart from that xdg stuff: that URL gives a 404. :/
16:48:04speachythe rocker manual does not exist yet.
16:48:07genevinoand that should probably be https://
16:48:32speachyit's not force-https until we retire a couple of older rbutil versions
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17:01:29speachybroke seeking on the rocker too. hmm.
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17:35:16speachyis the broken seeking a recent regression? if so, I'd appreciate it if someone could find the offending commit for me. I have too many irons in the fire right now
17:45:14genevinospeachy: i updated just today to a release that points to 2 days ago (466156f0b57d057b0fd1744b63467eb04bedb86b) and i don't have any problems with seeking
17:45:32genevinospeachy: that's the most recent one i get via rbutil
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17:54:07genevinospeachy: i hear some weird "plopping" sound when switching tracks at the very beginning of the new track sometimes now, though.
17:55:29genevinothat occurs sometimes, and not reproducably on always the same tracks.
17:55:38speachyx3ii or rocker?
18:01:56genevinooh, now i can't skip tracks, it just forward-winds a couple of seconds instead of skipping to the next track.
18:14:02genevinook when i reset settings it works again, maybe i overlooked something i explicitly (accidentally) configured.
18:17:43fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision f4f3255, 282 builds, 9 clients.
18:18:24speachygenevino, johhb5, I'll try to bisect things down to a specific commit but that probably won't happen tonight.
18:18:54genevinospeachy: if i can anyhow help with my limited knowledge don't hesitate to ping me up.
18:19:14genevinospeachy: and thx!
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19:18:38genevino <- these things here look promising considering the low price tag. can i somehow determine if these have hardware that could theoreticall run rockbox or not?
19:20:49speachyit's a Victure M5:
19:26:18speachyit's all but guaranteed to be an actions ATJ2127 or Rockchip Nano.
19:27:04speachy(I looeked up the M3 a while ago)
19:27:42speachyand, to answer your question, it's never going to run anything recognizable as rockbox.
19:29:42genevinospeachy: hm, why so? i mean what makes it actually impossible? sorry but i still don't understand what differentiates a capable device from one not.
19:30:11speachythey have enough cpu oomph, even without the hw decoders, but are highly lacking in the RAM department
19:30:27speachythe actions ones have something like 288KB RAM, total.
19:31:16speachythe highest-end RKNano chips have ~1MB total RAM, but split across two processors. I think there's only ~96K accessible by both cores, if I remember the datasheet correctly
19:32:02genevinook that's anything but a lot.
19:33:56speachythey have no provision for external RAM either. all decoding is done in hardware, essentially streamed directly over DMA from teh SD controller to the hw decoder to the DACs. the only thing running on the processor is basically the UI.
19:34:34genevinoyeah ok that doesn't sound like a reasonable target.
19:35:15genevinoit's crazy how much worse the original surfans f20 UI is compared to rockbox.
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19:39:52speachy_bilgus__: Thoughts on g#2786
19:40:43speachyit hslps a bit with the X3 at higher bitrates but the high IRQ latency all but guarantees buffer underruns. Since the hardware can't do double-buffering, it's the end of the line. :/
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19:41:03speachyit should help less pathological players though.
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20:19:46speachyit's looking like the culprit is 0a7b23097.
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20:50:53_bilgus__speachy looks deceptively simple, I assume you mean the dynamic buffer we could oversize it and assuming theres enough fold it back into the audio buffer or something
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20:53:08speachyit works, just not well enough to keep the x3 from breaking up when mixing at really high rates.
20:53:49speachymaking that buffer properly dynamic is what I'd prefer but there be dragons
20:54:09_bilgus__are there high bitrate audio test files at those frequencies?
20:55:03speachynothing I had handy. the mikmod and test_sampr plugins can render at the higher frequencies, and the playback rate option lets you lock in a specific rate
20:55:41speachythere are definitely high-rate FLAC files but I don't know how well we deal with 24-bit source material.
20:56:11speachy(making our audio path handle 24-bit is not something I intend to attempt anytime soon..)
20:56:20_bilgus__I'll look around see if I can find a feww open source or just upsample my own
20:56:39_bilgus__I swear someone* alreadt sarted that
20:57:22_bilgus__started, the 24 bit audio path..
21:20:00genevinospeachy: i just realized that the weird plopping sound occurs every time i switch to a song from the black sabbath - paranoid album which is in 24khz FLAC
21:20:17genevinoeh, 24bit/96khz, for that matter.
21:21:24genevino02 - Paranoid.flac: FLAC audio bitstream data, 24 bit, stereo, 192 kHz, 32539080 samples
21:21:29genevinooh, 192khz even, wow.
21:21:42genevinook that explains the weird behaviour i get.
21:22:55genevinook, it happens on other files as well. :(
21:38:27genevinoi'll try if this continues to happen when using the crossfader, since it sounds a bit like re-initializing a device.
21:52:49speachysince rockbox is one of the older firmware replacement efforts, and GPL violations by these DAP makers have made our efforts a lot harder...
21:53:23speachy(disclaimer: I've been a dues-paying member for years, and strongly agree with their mission)
21:55:29speachywell, I got the keys working properly, but at the cost of the LCD flickering like it's ahving a seizure.
21:57:05 Quit bonfire_ (Quit: Leaving)
22:05:33speachythink I got it.
22:23:26_bilgus__It'd be nice to get some source out of this :)
22:24:07speachyholy crap, the LCD updates are a lot faster too now
22:24:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9ee618e, 282 builds, 9 clients.
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22:36:23_bilgus__I'm kinda surprised that wasn't already blocked from re-init
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22:39:54speachythis hosted code was never really banged on
22:40:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 973 seconds.
22:41:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9ee618e result: All green
22:41:25speachygenevino: try the dev build that just finished. johnb5 too.
22:45:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b5cb99a, 282 builds, 9 clients.
23:01:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 969 seconds.
23:01:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b5cb99a result: All green
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