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#rockbox log for 2020-10-02

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02:19:15johnb5speachy : screen update is amazingly better, seeking works again. Thx
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06:41:16johnb5speachy , _bilgus__ : as for hires sample tracks, you can find many here:
06:42:15johnb5I didn't notice any difference vs. CD quality ;-)
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06:52:43speachyokay from what I can tell, we're down to two significant issues on the x3ii.
06:53:14speachya) "pop" on startup and sometimes between tracks. (probably due to sample rate changing)
06:53:29speachyb) sometimes playback just ... freezes, and can't be recovered.
06:54:23speachy(these _may_ affect the rocker too, that's not clear yet)
07:26:08genevinospeachy: a) definitely does affect the rocker, too, yes, i have exactly that behaviour.
07:26:17genevinospeachy: if i find out how to apply the dev build, sure.
07:27:07genevinooh, it seems it lets me select that one directly from the "Development Version" thing in rbutil
07:27:12genevinook, hold on.
07:30:35genevinook i selected "Development Version (Revision b5cb99a)" but in the rockbox info in the settings it shows "Version: 466156...".
07:31:28speachythe latter is from 2 days ago.
07:31:32speachydid you reboot?
07:31:52speachy(the hosted targets can't ROLO yet)
07:32:23speachyand unzip it to the root of the sd card.
07:32:38speachy(that link always points at the latest dev build)
07:33:34speachy(the latest nightly rocker zip also shows the correct filename inside)
07:35:12genevinoyup NOW i'm on bc5.
07:35:18genevinoerr, b5c...
07:37:21genevinospeachy: ok the lowest volume level is MUCH too loud
07:38:43genevinospeachy: i'm at -127db (lowest setting) and it's ears-blowing.
07:41:32genevinoallright, a settings reset seems to have solved that.
07:42:03speachythe volume scaling was changed.
07:50:29genevinospeachy: looking good so far, i'm unable to spot any kind of p(l)opping sounds when switching tracks.
07:50:48speachybut there is a pop at startup?
07:51:03genevinodidn't notice one either, no.
07:54:51genevinoonly thing that annoys me i can spot is the behaviour of the power button, since it's used for a) locking and b) powering off. since b) requires holding the button long, it shouldn't lock when actuating the button already, but only when releasing after a short time.
07:55:41genevinootherwise the behaviour is just confusing. it locks and then half a second later powers off.
07:56:24genevinobut no plopping sounds on startups, no, just tested multiple times.
08:01:39genevinoOH, volume control is broken on some songs...
08:01:45speachyoh good, so the audio issues seem to be limited to the x3ii (and probably x20)
08:02:17genevinoi'm unable to control the volume now and it's damn loud
08:02:37speachydoes the vol level indicator change?
08:02:47genevinothat does change, yes, but even on 0 it's just loud
08:04:26speachyskip to the next song, any difference?
08:04:40speachy(wondering if that different track triggered a sample rate change)
08:04:57speachy(not that it should matter; volume control is completely independent)
08:08:29genevinono, and even rebooting didn't fix it.
08:08:49genevinoit just stays way too loud
08:16:20genevinointeresting finding: when using the volume buttons on the right, i hear interrupts in the music with exactly the button repeat rate when keeping it hold down.
08:19:05speachyyeah, I see that too.
08:21:57speachyalso had an audio playback hang, until the voiced menu kicked it into working
08:22:13genevinohad one too, where a reboot solved it
08:22:44speachyand voice prompts on the main manu are garbled a bit. with a couple of random playlist control errors thrown in too.
08:22:54speachythe symptoms here are memory corruption.
08:23:56speachybut I also have a small pile of additional WIP patches going on
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08:29:45speachydo you see random "failure accessing playlist control file" messages?
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08:33:35speachyhuh, I wonder if my SD card is flaky.
08:37:54speachyyup, corrupted
08:49:36genevinoewwww :-(
08:53:00speachywe also dont' need to poll the battery voltage and charging state every tick. geez.
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09:58:40genevinooh wow, my physical hifi equalizer unit just arrived.
10:01:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b0e1b24, 282 builds, 9 clients.
10:15:04speachythis current shouldn't matter on the rocker unless you're using >48KHz. But I wanted it in as a baseline before I started trying to tackle those odd audio issues.
10:15:13speachycurrent build I mean
10:23:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1316 seconds.
10:23:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b0e1b24 result: All green
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10:57:03speachyok, the x3ii still has the pop/etc and the audio hang. neither seems to have happened with the rocker.
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11:44:50speachy_bilgus__: with DEBUG turned on, plugins/announce_status.c:561 fails. I don't know what it's intending to do.
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12:23:44_bilgus__its supposed to allow the usb screen and allow you to stop playback, shut off player
12:24:27speachyI think what's happening with the x3ii's wonky audio stuff is that the OS's driver API is triggering the callback before we're ready.
12:24:39_bilgus__not sure why it would fail there considering the default handler is used in lots of places
12:25:11speachy_bilgus__: failing as in failing to compile, because 'button' is not defined.
12:26:10_bilgus__oh duh I see that :/ Now
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12:32:54_bilgus__I'll have to revisit that
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15:08:14speachyhmm. so our "beep buffer" is sitting in IRAM.
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17:54:01braewoodsspeachy: IRAM?
17:57:16speachyon-chip low-latency RAM
17:59:37speachygranted at lower bitrates it's only 384 bytes but if we crank up higher.. it scales linearly (@192K max we'd need 1.5K)
18:06:22braewoodsspeachy: so basically cpu cache
18:06:33braewoodsto quote what it's called in x86 land
18:06:54braewoodsbut in this case... used for far more
18:07:18braewoodssince for some cases it could be used the only ram
18:07:51speachyno, cpu cache is different.
18:08:19speachycache sits between the CPU and your memory/data bus, but IRAM is attached to that bus.
18:08:59braewoodsi just thought it was similar because i've read alternative BIOS implementations would use the cache as RAM until the system was further initialized and could switch to main RAM
18:20:52speachy(L1) cpu caches are typically clocked at the same speed as the CPU, ultra-fast and low latency. IRAM is typically clocked at the full system bus speed.
18:21:32speachy(you may have a third layer of on-chip RAM which is slower. and then you have external DRAM/SRAM, which has higher latency/lower clocks yet.
18:22:06speachyso the closer to the CPU you can get things, the faster it'll be.
18:23:16speachya good rule of thumb is that each layer in your memory hierarchy is an order of magnutude slower
18:24:24speachyoh wow...
18:24:54speachyI just found the USB cable for my original archos player. it's the only thing I've ever owned that had a USB-A -> USB-A cable.
18:25:49speachyand the adapter I was using for its power supply
18:26:08speachywith its embarrasingly bad solder joints
18:32:30***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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19:47:03braewoodsspeachy: just how bad were those?
19:48:54speachyat the time, pretty good. :) At least once they moved to the Recorder with the bitmapped screen
19:49:39braewoodsbit map?
19:49:42braewoodsah, 2 color?
19:49:55speachyno, as opposed to 2x16 character cells
19:50:15braewoodsbitmaps are normally monochrome so that's why i thought..
19:50:26braewoodsXBMs, etc.
19:51:14speachymake that 2 rows of *11* characters. :D
19:51:34speachyvs 112x64 pixels for the newer versions.
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20:18:48tombFor some reason preferences with rockbox and the original firmware aren't saving. Any idea what the issue is? The permissions look fine to me
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20:56:48speachyI think I figured out the audio hang problem.
20:57:49speachyroot cause is unknown but we can now recover cleanly.
20:57:59speachy(likely related to that popping..)
21:05:02fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c7eceea, 282 builds, 9 clients.
21:23:09fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1089 seconds.
21:23:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c7eceea result: All green
21:27:18speachyand simply toggling the output port switch or adjusting the volume is enough to generate pops on the audio output.
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21:29:12speachyI think we might be SOL there. since we don't have kernel sources.
21:29:32speachyI think it's the codec powering on and off
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22:34:28_bilgus__maybe we should stream empty audio to it then
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23:03:37speachythe rocker does the same thing, just not as pronounced
23:06:40speachythe big click is the codec being reset
23:07:14speachy"the analog output should be muted externally if click noise adversely affect system performance"
23:31:01tombwelp, I fixed the read only error by dumping an mp3 into the original firmware. What a weird issue. I love rockbox so much.
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23:41:39braewoodsfunny thing is permissions errors are only a thing on the hosted targets...
23:41:54braewoodsthe older ones don't even have a permission model
23:42:24braewoodsfor why would they? they're basically a single user application.
23:43:55 Quit Acou_Bass (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:44:20tombits the first time I've ever seen anything that seems remotely related to permissions −− let alone any errors, really. I've been using this since around mid 2007 or whenever the iPod Video one came out.
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