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#rockbox log for 2020-10-04

00:13:15speachygenevino: next time you get a segfault, please provide the details (address, build id, etc).
00:18:18_bilgus__whats a CAP?
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03:53:47johnb3speachy : x3ii: I did my tests yesterday with a full-size headphone. Today I used a BA InEar. With tha,t the clicks are more pronounced and basically in the same ball park as 0f23cadbca-200926 which I installed again for comparing.
03:55:07johnb3I was pondering whether the nasty pop after boot can damage a headphone or inear and of course your eardrum.
03:57:44johnb3Unless you figure out how to suppress that boot pop, it is safer to go back to previous approaches.
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08:32:37speachy_bilgus__: Chinese Audio Player. :P
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09:29:42speachy_bilgus__: an example −−
09:30:45speachythere are several major variations of this, with different DACs and screen types, and also at least one in a different form factor but using the same internal architecture.
09:31:22speachyidentifiable by those five buttons and possibly a separate volume knob/rotary encoder.
09:32:46speachySTM32F745, 1MB flash, 320KB RAM, and a CPLD to interface with the DACs. I don't think there's external RAM but I haven't found the photos to confirm.
09:41:18speachywithout external RAM it's not a viable port target.
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09:58:22speachy(Which really makes me sad; I _really_ want to do a bare-metal Cortex-M port..)
10:00:04speachy(My personal vision for a "Rockbox DAP" is architechturally pretty similar to those things; albeit with a couple of extra buttons. And at least 8MB of external RAM)
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10:07:49speachyalso I'm not sure what the CPLD is there for; the STM32 family has builtin I2S already; but maybe it can't clock fast enough for the 32b/384K PCM streams, and the CPLD is doing a parallel->i2s conversion?
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10:11:36speachyah yes, the STM32F7's I2S peripheral maxes out at 32b/192KHz.
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11:19:06_bilgus__speachy johnb one of you guys with the rocker off the latest head could you verify the lua playback script allows rew ff and track skip
11:19:48johnb3I don't own a rocker (anymore).
11:20:28speachybuilding it now
11:22:44speachy_bilgus__: any thoughts on that SFC grenade I lobbed into the mailing list?
11:23:00speachy(well, s/grenade/hot potato/)
11:23:16speachy(well, s/hot/lukewarm/)
11:25:02speachy_bilgus__: on the rocker, latest git, no keypresses work at all in the playback lua script
11:25:27speachyonly the forced-poweroff works
11:26:36_bilgus__damn though I had it licked does boomshine work?
11:27:20_bilgus__I assume the lua_scripts launcher part works?
11:27:42speachyyes, that worked well enough for me to launch the player script
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11:28:17_bilgus__ok how about boomshine it uses the action system too
11:28:41speachy(First time I've ever launched boomshine..)
11:28:56speachyand no, it doesn't seem to respond to anything.
11:29:38_bilgus__ah ok so it has to be something with my action stuff
11:31:13_bilgus__thanks, i'll have to think a bit on that as to what I might have broken my guess is that the rocker isn't giving me info on the button presses
11:32:59_bilgus__wonder if the sim acts the same (hopeso!)
11:33:13speachyon the rocker (and other hosted stuff) keypresses come from poll()ing /dev/input.
11:33:21speachythe sim uses SDL for input so it might not be the same
11:33:37_bilgus__thats what I figure is the issue
11:34:04speachybut either way those are called from the main rb tick context
11:35:21_bilgus__I'm guessing that it doesn't fill the button queue like the others do
11:36:40_bilgus__we'll see if all else fails I'll go back to polling for hosted targets
11:39:50speachyas I've started to dig under the skirts of the hosted code some more, I can see how a good restructuring would help out
11:41:11speachyeach hosted target does its own thing, but ultimately it just loops over /dev/input until nothing new comes out, and returns the bitmap of what's pressed.
11:42:57speachyyeah, SDL has its own event loop running in an independent thread.
11:52:06_bilgus__I think the SFC is probably a good move especially the legal parts
11:58:06_bilgus__prior to pulling the trigger I'd say give the ML a little time to percolate (like coffee :) and we probably need to get the steering board back together
11:59:34speachyhas the steering board even met since 2013?
11:59:51_bilgus__personally I don't thjink there will be many against it in whole but those that are will be very vocal
11:59:54speachyI mean, if we still had that level of formal organization this discussion would probably be moot. :)
12:00:13speachy(organization _and_ particiapation, that is..)
12:01:03_bilgus__sure but you me builtin do not a committee make
12:01:25speachyI mean, I've for all intents and purposes taken this whole thing over simpy by virtue of the fact that I've been willing to get my hands dirty doing this administrative work..
12:02:37speachybut yeah, we're the committee by default if nobody else de-lurks...
12:03:38_bilgus__I mean if not then they really have no reason to complain do they
12:04:11_bilgus__\me snickers
12:04:12speachyyeah, exactly. IMO those actively doing the work should make the decisions.
12:05:35speachyand I'm really hoping the ML traffic will yield _some_ sort of substantive discussion..
12:06:35_bilgus__I think the legal protection is the biggest gain we are in no position to fight DCMA claims were such to arise
12:08:45speachythe anticirumvention stuff?
12:09:12speachyor some patent suit over a codec..
12:09:43_bilgus__I imagine it'd be baseless if so but hard to say
12:10:27speachybaseless or not, I'm all but certain to be on the receiving end of it, and I know I don't have the means to fight it for long.
12:13:46_bilgus__crap the sim doesn't behave the same
12:15:15speachyI can toss the Rocker in the mail to you if you'd like
12:17:49_bilgus__that'll work i'll just send it back when I'm done like they did with the other players back in the good old days
12:18:26_bilgus__in that case i'll do the bluetooth menus at the same time
12:23:47speachybtw on the bluetooth front it looks like the sytem server stores its bluetooth stuff in JSON files
12:25:17_bilgus__HA I was messing with a xml parser in lua the other day and a linux/win ini parser too
12:26:27speachyBT's going to be a fun integration project.
12:27:09speachyI'll have it in the mail tomorrow morning
12:27:46_bilgus__the pieces are there just needs someone to hook it all up in a visually pleasing way
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12:34:56speachywhat I'm hoping is that a way will present to provide track info and also to pass play/seek/etc events back over BT.
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12:52:53_bilgus__we already have the hooks for that in the rb side but the rest I guess depends on what the device provides
12:59:37speachyyep. comes down to how much of the BT interaction is locked away in that system server
13:02:33_bilgus__the depreciated plugin for alpine probably has quite the similarity
13:06:20speachyand the IAP can do it too, I think.
13:07:41speachyI'm thinking that the ALSA PCM code is going to need to get rewritten to operate in blocking mode in its own thread.
13:08:32speachypossibly the LCD and input stuff too, as the reason they are laggy at times are due to blocking file I/O in the main tick loop.
13:08:51speachy(opening and reading sysfs files all the time, etc)
13:09:00_bilgus__that is probably beyond my abilities to see that to completion but I've surprised myself before :p
13:09:21speachyyou write a BT frontend and I'll do the rest. :D
13:10:09_bilgus__though braewoods seems to have a handle on that, might be of assistance (if they*? want)
13:10:10speachyI prefer lurking in the dungeon to frontend work.
13:10:47_bilgus__I like to think I do decently at integrating stuff in a halfway coherent manner
13:11:13_bilgus__the menu for keylock/ backlight exceptions
13:22:37speachywere you around during the initial ROcker deveopent? Do you recall if AGPTek did anyything more than supply a couple of players to us?
13:23:19_bilgus__anything more like what?
13:23:41_bilgus__like sources? no wodz complained loudly about that
13:24:36_bilgus__I think they gave us 2 players and disassemby instructions and Hunterb? promised forthcoming sources
13:24:51_bilgus__that never happened
13:28:52_bilgus__IIRC they did a fw update after that as well like one that separated them from the common implementation but I think the vast majority of this is socumented in here and on the forum
13:29:34_bilgus__pamaury and wodz might have communicated to hunterb privately as well but I don't remember
13:33:10speachythat matches my recollection
13:52:33speachythe Pine64 folks asked about our collaboration with AGPTek.
13:53:00speachyMy response is essentially "two donated players does not a collaboration make"
13:53:23_bilgus__yeah not really a collab that is assuming Hunterb even represents them
13:53:52_bilgus__he stated he was in employ but was just trying to reach out
13:54:15_bilgus__not in official capacity
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13:54:43*speachy nods.
13:56:03_bilgus__I know for a fact that is documented in the logs as I participated in that discussion
13:57:52_bilgus__bbl gotta work on some heavy equipment for the fam
13:58:07speachyyeah, I just got back in from pulling some yard implements out of the rain
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14:38:21speachybtw, was it hunterleo, not hunterb/huntereb.
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18:44:52braewoods_bilgus__: ?
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19:18:33__builtinspeachy: what does our paypal account look like?
19:18:50__builtinin terms of total funds and rate of continued donations
19:19:53speachy__builtin: $2169.66, plus another donation that I haven't recorded yet.
19:20:16__builtinrate of increase?
19:21:01__builtintrying to gauge what a 10% SFC donation looks like
19:21:37speachy__builtin: about $330 in total donations since June.
19:21:56__builtinso about $100/mo?
19:22:18__builtinhow about hosting expenditures?
19:22:26speachyit's gone down faster than it's gone up though, thanks to purchasing various DAPs for hacking purposes.
19:23:12speachydirect hosting expenses are currently zero, as I'm piggybacking on my $dayjob with a dedicated circuit for our research team.
19:23:34speachycall it $75/mo so far
19:23:39speachydonations, I mean
19:23:40__builtinit sounds like a 10% cut of that is pretty negligible, then
19:23:59__builtinespecially given what SFC membership gives in return
19:24:13speachyyeah. I did spend $56.35 on a replacement RAID controller for the server though
19:25:21speachyeven after their cut, I think we'd likely end up with a net increase in funds coming in due to higher visibility.
19:25:35__builtinmy thoughts exactly
19:25:46__builtinand tax deductibility can't hurt
19:25:48speachy(BTW, if anyone wants to check the books so to speak, let me know privately)
19:26:46speachyIf we had to go to paid hosting, I think we'd probably manage okay with about $50/mo.
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19:35:46__builtinspeachy: not sure if you're aware, but we have historically had some legal issues with certain plugins
19:36:11__builtinthis is before my time but apparently tetrox and jewels were the big offenders; not sure if there's any others
19:36:24__builtin(tetrox a.k.a. "rockblox")
19:36:43speachywasn't familiar with that but I do recall PopTop being quite litigious over Bejwewled clones.
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19:40:49__builtindomain ownership might also be a nice thing to have done by another organization to perhaps insulate you a bit from DMCA/GDPR issues
19:42:13speachywe do need a designated DMCA agent to qualify for safe harbour protections
19:43:15speachyI shudder tothink how much GPDR exposure we'd face, what with our beginning-of-time IRC and email archives.
19:44:43speachydomain ownership (and, I suppose, email/MX services) is the last bit of infra that still remains with the Haxx crew.
19:46:10speachywhen it comes down to it I think we're on the pretty small side compared to the SFC's existing member projects.
19:46:32speachythere's a lot of code and history though.
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20:47:25jerwinare m3u playlists the only way to make playlists for rockbox? I want playlists across both my laptop and ipod, but i'm afraid something will change with the filesystem structure and i'll have to remake the playlists
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22:44:39speachypamaury, do you have a copy of the X1000 programming manual somewhere? it seems we never stashed a copy on the wiki, and the link you posted way back when is now a 404. It doesn't appear to exist on the mirror either.
22:55:45_bilgus__yeah HunterLeo sorry
22:58:35speachyfound it! buried in a zip file.
22:58:47speachyin their FreeRTOS tarball
23:05:00speachy_bilgus__: trying to find that missing 4760 doc in here too..
23:05:43_bilgus__that'd be amazing but I won't hold my breath!
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23:25:55speachydoesn't appear to be in here, alas.
23:34:00_bilgus__behold the white whale?
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