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#rockbox log for 2020-10-07

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00:04:55lemon_jesushey gang, two quick questions about the iPod Nano 2G: first: does anybody know how to put the n2g into a proper DFU mode? freemyipod mentions you have to short test points on the board, but which test points? second: once in a real DFU mode, is it possible to install rockbox that way? or, I suppose at the very least, a way to install the
00:04:59_bilgus_so who allocs the FB then? or is that part not in yet?
00:10:10mendel_munkisits allocated in each lcd driver just not directly exposed.
00:10:32*mendel_munkis had to go work out how that works again.
00:15:27_bilgus_ok well I'm thinking now i'll handwave around that
00:16:28_bilgus_If I put stride and *data into viewoports I can check if data is null and if so go with the current and otherwise supply the info in the viewport
00:16:39mendel_munkisdo you have any complaints about it I should take care of?
00:17:26_bilgus_I assume set_framebuffer still does the same thing
00:17:52_bilgus_oh wait nm doesn't matter to me I'm going in through set_viewport
00:18:42mendel_munkisits the first step to making set_framebuffer arbitrary.
00:18:49_bilgus_no I don't see any reason it shouldn't be as such then
00:19:47_bilgus_really you could remove set_framebuffer completely
00:21:16mendel_munkismy goal is to extend set_framebuffers capabilities not remove it.
00:21:47_bilgus_everyone would set their own viewport you could even do a create viewport function that you pass in the buffer
00:22:04_bilgus_this does extend it
00:22:23_bilgus_it just veers slightly different
00:22:44_bilgus_so you keep the static buffer the core owns it
00:22:54mendel_munkisI don't actually understand the VP code
00:23:22_bilgus_you can ask for it with get_framebuffer
00:23:44_bilgus_all VP does is clip the screen
00:23:48mendel_munkisand I would like to be able to feed the lcd code custom shaped framebuffers.
00:24:20_bilgus_and hold a fg brush, and a bg brush
00:25:10_bilgus_so we have x,y w, h xou can set that square anywhere anywhere within the framebuffer and it becomes a window with relative x/y coords
00:25:20mendel_munkiscompletely unrelatedly how hard would it be to slow down the sims to hardware speed?
00:25:21_bilgus_shaped areas are harder
00:26:04mendel_munkiswell a rectangle that runs off the screen.
00:26:16_bilgus_IDK probably not terribly hard but doubt it would be too linear
00:26:52_bilgus_as long as you set the vp w/h right that would be possible
00:27:29mendel_munkisbut I want to do it without clipping.
00:27:53_bilgus_you always have to clip in some form or another
00:28:00mendel_munkisspecifically I want to implement landscape mode on devices that support it.
00:28:23_bilgus_this FB define clips by virtue of stride
00:28:43_bilgus_well that has to do with image transforms and data striping
00:28:45mendel_munkisor maybe even scaling.
00:29:12_bilgus_I don't see my changes doing that automatically but it would be a step in the right direction
00:29:28_bilgus_scaling is going to be either crappy or slow
00:30:15_bilgus_so there are the pieces for what you want to do in the lua rli image library
00:30:44_bilgus_but if you want to do it in core then you will need a way to switch the direction of the image striping
00:31:24_bilgus_so maybe the best bet would be to add a function pointer in the vp that allows you to pass your own drawing function
00:31:43_bilgus_and fallback to the default fast_lcd functions or w/e
00:33:40_bilgus_FBADDR(x, y) (lcd_framebuffer + ((y) * LCD_FBWIDTH) + (x)) <−− Horizontal stride
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00:34:41_bilgus_so with a fuction pointer that would be the default write function
00:35:25_bilgus_in landscape the function would be FBADDR(x, y) (lcd_framebuffer + ((x) * LCD_FBWIDTH + (y))
00:36:11mendel_munkisIf I understand the datasheet correctly the fuze+ lcd driver has some native scaling support.
00:36:25_bilgus_I'd bypass taht
00:36:45_bilgus_its not portable enough to be worth the effort to get it right
00:36:52mendel_munkismy plan was to work on image striping next.
00:37:26_bilgus_well my changes will have all the pieces you want as long as it works out properly
00:37:39_bilgus_we will remove set fb
00:38:02_bilgus_and move everything that needs it to using the viewport
00:38:24_bilgus_after not this time
00:39:48mendel_munkisif you have no problems with it do you mind committing 2415 first? that way I don't need to keep it up to date through a major lcd change.
00:43:14_bilgus_hehe yeah I still have to figure out how the lcd_update fuction will work
00:45:27_bilgus_it expects screen sized chunks atm so the function would need to be able to give blank aligned data or copy to the fb
00:46:18_bilgus_mendel can you rebase it and check it on your machine before I do?
00:55:27_bilgus_ok so what i'll do is start my branch on top of yours after rebase then if I step on it it already gets put in
01:02:10mendel_munkisspeachy: can you signoff on g#2810?
01:02:12fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2810 at : more DEBUG build fixes by Moshe Piekarski
01:07:21mendel_munkis_bilgus_: run it on hardware. opened a sgt game and a picture and nothing obviously blew up.
01:07:53_bilgus_ok i'll pull it into my tree with git-review
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02:07:36_bilgus_mendel_munkis, g#2811
02:07:38fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2811 at : LCD core move buf ptr and address look up function viewport struct WIP by William Wilgus
02:07:50_bilgus_there is the basic start of it
02:08:48_bilgus_the global framebuffer* and framebuffer address functions will disappear too (once the lcd update fn is updated heh
02:10:09_bilgus_so in your requested scenario you would set up your viewport with your properly sized buffer and set the stride accordingly
02:10:43_bilgus_and then supply a function to lcd_frameaddress that given x,y coord provides the desired element within the buffer
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02:11:57_bilgus_maybe I should go a bit more OOP with it and allow you to set a base viewport that the default gets derived from
02:12:32_bilgus_IDK enough for tonight though :)
02:14:06_bilgus_we already get it for free you'd just have to put in a function to expose the default vp and alter it
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10:04:12speachyso I've been trying to work out how best to add FPU support native targets.. and I think I'm going to cheat, bigly.
10:04:57speachyrather than incur the overhead of [re]storing the FPU registers on every context switch, the odds are only a single thread is ever going to use FP at a time.
10:05:43speachyso, unless the new thread you're switching to requires the FPU as well, don't bother doing a context swap on the FPU registers.
10:06:40speachy(and that "single thread" will be the active codec or plugin)
10:17:00 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
10:19:24speachyso in the common case there will be only neglibable overhead at context switching.
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11:58:51_bilgus_THe idea for the framebuffer I think will viewport based every viewport has a pointer to a buffer (buffer, buffer_address function, number of elems
11:59:29_bilgus_on creation all buffers point back to the static fb and default address lookup function
12:00:53speachyand all manipulations will be via the vp, not directly against the fb?
12:01:21_bilgus_you can change the buffer, size or get_address fn (this allows things like scaling, rotation and flipping
12:01:50_bilgus_the frame buffer is not going to be used anymore except in the case of the viewports
12:02:50_bilgus_I also expose the default_vp so you can change that if desired
12:04:53_bilgus_the last part is lcd_update the options I came up with were to copy viewports cack to the static fb which I decided will be slow
12:05:52_bilgus_the other is to write in the viewport in its proper position and used the static information to fill in anything that is out of that bounding box
12:07:09 Join simpleOne [0] (
12:07:18_bilgus_the get_address function will be key on that but shouldn't be anything the user needs to be worried about except maybe mendel since he wants a landscape transform
12:08:19simpleOnehi everyone, I'd like to speak with pamaury, do you know if he's still around?
12:09:37speachysimpleOne: he lurks here, yes.
12:09:56_bilgus_he shows up on occasion he is idling here now so ask your question and check the logs maybe?
12:09:57speachy_bilgus_: all of that sounds like a massive improvement.
12:10:41_bilgus_it should make it a bit eaiser to manipulate and hopefully a bit safer as well
12:10:42speachyshould make the plugin API simpler too
12:10:44simpleOneah, awesome! yeah good idea _bilgus_
12:12:28_bilgus_itll be a bit before I get it all cleaned up and I still need to add some manipulation functions yet but I like the direction so far
12:16:19simpleOnepamaury: I've seen that someone popped up a few months ago with a few modded firmwares for the sony NW-WM1A/Z. He claims that his custom FWs sounds better but refuse to release any technical informations. So... I've tried to reverse them but no luck :/ I've succesfuly unpacked the .upg with binwalk but that binary file is encrypted. I've read a lot of tutorial, also tried the 'auto-decrypt' tools like cipher but
12:16:19simpleOne I can't get it so at this point, I need some help :) (I'm french so u can pm me if u prefer to discuss "en fran├žais" Cheers
12:18:35 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
12:21:18__builtinspeachy: that is some cheat indeed!
12:21:41__builtinwhat if a plugin has two threads though?
12:22:14speachywhever a thread needs the FPU but it's held by another thread, the context will be switched.
12:22:19__builtinQuake for example uses FP in both the main and audio threads
12:22:47 Quit Stanley00 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:22:52__builtinhow does the scheduler know which threads need the FPU?
12:23:19speachy__builtin: but.. quake runs using FP emulation on nearly everything, so it's moot.
12:23:46__builtinthe gigabeat S uses hardfp
12:24:45speachy__builtin: oh? not according to the main cflags. or does the plugin-specific build script check and turn it on?
12:25:06__builtinyeah it's in sdl.make
12:25:38speachyI will have to fix that then.
12:25:58speachyit's a native target, correct?
12:26:27speachyour threading code is completely FP-unaware, so there's nothing preventing FP-using threads from trashing each other's state.
12:26:42speachy(ie we don't save/restore FP state at all)
12:27:19braewoodsspeachy: aka, push/pop registers between system calls or so?
12:27:19speachyok, i.mx31l
12:29:29speachyaah, I missed it. it's an arm1136jf-s, the 'f' meaning FPU.
12:29:31 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
12:30:19speachythe flag in sdl.make just sets the fp abi. fp support is already enabled by the main -mcpu= invocation.
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12:49:07 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:943f:d824:f971:e478:c623:96f1)
12:51:02speachy__builtin: if you're feeling adventurous, can you give g#2760 a whirl on your gigabeat-s?
12:51:04fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2760 at : codecs: Add support for the 'VTX' ZX Spectrum chiptunes format. by Solomon Peachy
12:51:13speachy(and see if quake still works..)
12:51:52speachythat does _not_ have the FP-aware threading stuff; it only blindly enables FP for targets that have an FPU.
12:59:51__builtinI don't have one actually
13:00:13__builtinthe softfp idea was due to jhMikeS
13:00:28__builtinwho seems to pop in at random times
13:22:23 Quit livvy (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:25:01mendel_munkishow usable is RaaA?
14:14:28speachyhmm. haven't quite figured out the mmagic incantations to _enable_ the FPU on the jz4760.
14:18:52mendel_munkisrockbox as an app.
14:19:26 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
14:19:39speachyI mean, it certianly works, but is UI isn't what one tends to expect from an app these days
14:24:13 Quit Stanley00 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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