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#rockbox log for 2020-10-10

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06:34:09_bilgus_builtin I fixed that like a yaer ago think it was parens
06:35:49_bilgus_re 2048
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06:37:59johnb3speachy : How is the feel of the buttons of the Walker? Overall I like the case of the Walker better, but the buttons seem more solid on the Eros K. The latter (Surfans) is also 15 Euros cheaper over here.
06:38:12w4tchguardis usb_hid_send exposed the the lua plugin?
06:40:13_bilgus_very doubtful unless it has simple enough parameters to get added automagically (ie no pointers)
06:41:45_bilgus_as long as the function is already in plugin.h its just a bit of glue to have it in lua
06:41:46w4tchguardis the a way make plugins without compiling everything?
06:42:41w4tchguardapps/plugin.c:740: usb_hid_send,
06:42:42w4tchguardapps/plugin.h:857: void (*usb_hid_send)(usage_page_t usage_page, int id);
06:43:03_bilgus_I have very bad luck with trying to compile plugins without making the whole build
06:43:26w4tchguardthat is why i wanted to use lua but I am not great at it
06:43:55_bilgus_OH me either but better than when I started!\
06:43:55w4tchguardHow would i go about making some glue code for it
06:47:20_bilgus_well usage_page_t is a struct
06:48:01_bilgus_in the source the file lua/rocklib.c has most of the other glue for plugin.h
06:49:22_bilgus_main thing with lua is keeping the stack ordered right you gotta push and pop stuff in proper proportions if that makes sense
06:50:30_bilgus_as for the struct you'll need to fill its types with lua primatives, check_int bool string etc.
06:51:16_bilgus_primitive no coffee no speel
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07:48:24speachyjohnb3: they're stiff. including the wheel, which IMO requires too much force. But I also bought this thing secondhand.
07:48:33speachythe whole thing feels _very_ solid.
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08:10:02bluebrotherjust came across this:
08:12:04bluebrothercould be interesting if someone wants to look into the iriver bootloader. Some ebay sellers have the hardware rather cheap. Use google to find further documentation, doesn't seem to be linked directly on the page.
08:13:46speachyjohnb3, overall impressions −− I like it more than the x3ii, even with the wheel that doesn't quite feel right.
08:15:29speachythey're equivalent feature-wise, but the eros/etc effetively has two more buttons.
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08:35:33johnb7speachy : I am running a battery bench on the x3ii right now to be able to calibrate the battery numbers. I thought it was in the range of 10 -12h. For the walker they claim 29h for mp3.
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08:58:58speachythe x3ii nominally has a higher quality DAC and analog output paths.
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09:00:08johnb7and that has such an impact on current consumption?
09:00:25speachyoptimzed for "quality" not power.
09:01:32speachythe eros also shares that output switching/muting lag.
09:02:07speachybut doesn't have the click/pop that necessitates muting things routinely
09:02:30speachy(oh, for kernel sources to see WTF they are doing...)
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12:18:53efqwGood day speachy :)
12:19:13efqwI see you've made lots of progress on the code cleanup
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12:42:21efqwspeachy: lmk if you need help testing the m3k stuff, I still haven't glued mine back together
12:43:00efqwAnd I can flash anything without worrying about bricking the thing, since I have a full backup of the nand
12:46:08efqwI'll try to stay on as much as possible in the following week just in case
12:46:51efqwDo you have any ideas on how to construct a valid ota image? I'd rather not rely on the USB Cloner is possible.
12:49:15efqwAdditionally, regarding the F1C100s/F1C200s (brought up earlier this month, I just read the logs), there is a cheap Linux based handheld called PocketGo that is powered by F1C100s. That'd be a decent option as a starter hardware if you want to tinker with a bare metal port.
12:50:50efqwThere are pads for an SPI flash in this device but it's unpopulated, I'm pretty sure you can add one in yourself if you want.
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13:12:58speachyefqw: I havne't even started thinking about how to deal with mangling an OTA image. Indeed, I haven't even tried to dig into a running system image to determine what needs to be done
13:14:20speachyefqw: a couple of questions, if you don't mind. First, where does the OF mount the sd card? the vortex code claims it's directly at /mnt.
13:15:13speachyoh! one other thing −− do you have an umolested dump of the stock ubifs image?
13:16:12speachywith that I can at least experiment with integration tools.
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13:17:51efqw> where does the OF mount the sd card? the vortex code claims it's directly at /mnt
13:17:51efqwOne sec, I'll boot the player and double check.
13:21:36efqwYup, it's /mnt
13:21:38speachyhuh, did not expext that.
13:22:38efqwAbout the UBI image, you can extract it from the OTA file.
13:23:16speachyyeah, concatenate all the bits together. was hoping to put that off for a little bit
13:23:34speachywtf is with these insane markups on pocketgo hardware..
13:23:46efqwI'll dig up a concatenated one and upload it to somewhere, one sec
13:26:59efqwThis is from v1.4.3
13:27:41speachyok, a pocketgo v1 is ordered, adding to growing pile of rockbox dev hardware.
13:31:26speachygot it, thanks.
13:33:56efqwBasically I have 2 ideas right now for poking with the ota stuff
13:35:07efqw1. I could boot into recovery, try to kill the updater, and copy everything from that initramfs onto my MicroSD for further analysis
13:35:38efqw2. I could try to construct an ota file *without* the correct signature and see if it complains
13:38:25efqw(I wasn't able to properly extract the initramfs on the recovery image, so I think doing it live is easier for my sanity)
13:39:38speachyI need to explore the OTA image to determine what changes need to be made. Making the actual changes and regenerating the ubifs image is easy.
13:40:13speachyin parallel, I have to write a script that deconstructs the OTA image into its constituent parts, and rebuilds a usable OTA image from those parts.
13:41:10efqwI was only focusing on generating a usable OTA file with the modified UBI image, I assume the other parts are relatively trivial.
13:41:41efqwAnd I highly recommend using something like Beyond Compare for comparing those two rootfs trees
13:42:11efqwI used 1.4.3 because that's the version that xvortex's rb release was based on
13:43:20efqwThe unpacking and concatenating is mostly busy work as we know how those work already.
13:43:35efqwThe real mystery is the recovery itself.
13:51:46efqwWell, I found a public key. This is problematic.
13:52:27efqwThe presence of this key might indicate the updater is indeed checking the signature.
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13:58:05efqw`[ 776.061580] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities`
13:58:07efqwOh wow
13:58:27efqwI might need to format the card as ext3 or ext2
14:19:51speachyis adb always running? it appears to be..
14:24:14efqwoddly enough I've never tired `adb devices` with the player connected to my computer
14:24:15speachythe system integration for the m3k seems to be even more of a hack than the hiby stuff.
14:24:30speachylooks like they turn on adb unconditionally
14:25:07speachyin the same script that launches the player
14:25:17efqwyeah, when you decompile the player binary (which is supposed to be oss since they bundled ffmpeg inside but I digress), you can find out how it's turning the dac on and off
14:25:31efqwthe entire thing is a hacky mess tbh
14:26:25speachywith adb we could patch ourselves into a running system, no need to muck with binaries.
14:28:28efqwdoes adb on this device actually work?
14:28:42speachyno idea, haven't actually pulled mine out of the box yet. :D
14:28:44efqwI did a `ps` in recovery and I didn't find the adb daemon
14:28:58speachybut if I believe the scripts I'm reading, it's unconditionally running.
14:29:12speachy(granted the player binary could be disabling it afterwards)
14:29:44efqw(in the recovery initramfs there's an inittab entry to enable adb but the binaries are missing)
14:30:08efqwI'll reboot and check the regular partition
14:30:34speachyit's definitely present in the main filesystem
14:31:12efqwOh wait I messed up my UBI partition
14:31:19efqwHave to reflash it first
14:31:44speachyI have the eros (and all of the other hiby-based platforms) running with external USB storage auto-mounted.
14:32:31efqwSearch for `modprobe` in the disassembled player binary :)
14:35:15efqw# /etc/init.d/S90adb start
14:35:15efqwStarting mass_storage...
14:35:15efqwnotice : mass storage and adb don't use, kernel config error
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14:42:25efqwFound the problem. `/sys/class/android_usb/android0` does not exist.
14:42:32efqwSo adb doesn't work.
14:43:10speachyok, so it's not an android base kernel. that's ... odd, as the standard ingenic platform is. FiiO might have just disabled it, I guess
14:44:19efqwThere is another thing that is worth noting: if you don't have an SD card inserted and attach the device over USB, the player binary will load the serial gadget modules instead.
14:45:22efqwThere is no shell on it obviously, it's reserved for writing SN (/data/userfs/sn.txt)
14:45:43efqwIf we can exploit this somehow and get a shell from it, the rest should be trivial,
14:46:33speachyto launch into recovery, does the same /proc/jz/reset trick work?
14:47:10efqwecho 1 to /proc/jz/reset/reset or?
14:47:23speachyecho recovery > /proc/jz/reset/reset
14:47:42speachy'cat /proc/jz/reset/reset' should give you the legal options.
14:54:08braewoodsspeachy: my parts finally arrived and i have modded the ihp-120 with CF card and new battery... interestingly i had to do some snipping on the adapter so it would fit.
14:54:36braewoodsincluding cutting off the jumper for slave / master
14:54:41braewoodssince it was too tall
14:54:52braewoodsseems to work in spite of it being in slave mode though
14:55:46braewoodsfortunately i have other options if i need the jumper circuit shorted...
14:55:53braewoodslike permanently soldering it
14:55:58braewoodsbut seems to work open
14:56:14braewoodsso i see no reason to modify it further
14:56:36braewoodsi'll work on the spare unit i acquired too
14:56:39braewoodsanother day
14:56:51braewoodsat least now i know what to expect
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15:05:28braewoodsi suspect hard drives are going to be phased out in newer laptops
15:05:44braewoodswith m.2 being so much faster and flash prices continuing to drop...
15:05:58speachysata? yes. emmc on the low end, nvme on the rest
15:06:00braewoodsit's only a matter of time before the 2.5" hard drive goes extinct.
15:06:19speachyjust enough local storage to run the OS, "the cloud" for everything else
15:06:20braewoodsfor newer devices anyway
15:06:36braewoodsspeachy: bleh.
15:06:42braewoodsfuck the chromeos model
15:07:07speachythe sad thing is that the chromeos model is a huge net improvement
15:07:19braewoodsfor whom?
15:07:55braewoodsi prefer computers that are still semi-usable if the external network goes down
15:08:07speachylow-end shovelware laptops that are barely usable out of the box, and by the time their clueless users have used 'em for more than an hour, infested with even more malware.
15:08:21braewoodsfair enough.
15:08:38braewoodsjust i can't see chromeos being viable for serious work...
15:08:47braewoodsi guess it works for schools though.
15:09:13braewoodsmuch of what i do i can't see happening with chrome os
15:09:37braewoodsspeachy: incidently i addressed that problem for my home users by switching them to linux mint
15:09:40braewoodsjust as good for now
15:10:12braewoodsnever been hit by ransomware...
15:10:27braewoodsbut sheesh it's nasty from what i've read
15:11:12braewoodsspeachy: quick question. how many rockbox targets have IO LEDs?
15:11:17braewoodsi've found one that does.
15:11:42braewoodsthe iriver h1xx series has LEDs when connected to power and one for disk activity
15:13:32efqwspeachy: I tried renaming /res/key/ and the recovery binary wouldn't even launch anymore
15:13:44efqwso I think the pubkey is indeed being checked
15:14:30braewoodsefqw: what target?
15:14:43efqwwe're working on the fiio m3k
15:14:56braewoodsand the bootloaders or so are signed?
15:15:37braewoodsi can't see why an MP3 player or so would need that...
15:15:43efqwbootloader is not signed, you can replace it if you want
15:16:13speachybraewoods: ...but the update image is. :/
15:16:39efqwbut the recovery partition (kernel+tiny initramfs) contains a public key that the recovery binary (/sbin/recovery) checks
15:16:57braewoodswell, if you can figure out how the signing works and can replace the public key...
15:17:33efqwWe *can* already flash literally everything (including the bootloader) with the help of ingenic's USB cloner tool.
15:18:09efqwWhat we're trying to find out is whether it's possible to skip Ingenic's USB cloner tool or not
15:18:34braewoodsno idea...
15:18:44braewoodsit's a shame you can't completely replace the OF here
15:18:56braewoodsit's possible to do that on a few targets
15:19:20braewoodsi learned the iriver h1xx port can be fully replaced...
15:19:39braewoodsi replaced the OF on mine with rockbox stored in ROM
15:19:47efqwYou totally can strip away a lot of the stuff and only leave in the bare minimum required for hosted rockbox to run.
15:20:16braewoodswhat's a "USB cloner" exactly?
15:20:27braewoodsit sounds like what dd can do when used on a device in UMS mode
15:20:31efqwIt's ingenic's proprietary usb flashing tool
15:20:37efqwIt talks to the boot rom
15:20:43braewoodsdifferent from UMS
15:21:39efqwWell, technically not to the bootrom, it uploads a precompiled u-boot SPL, jumps to that, and then talks to the u-boot
15:22:11efqwthe u-boot is the actual software on the target doing flash operations
15:22:37braewoodsone thing i miss about the older devices that relied on firmware stored on their removable storage
15:22:43braewoodswasn't really possible to brick them
15:23:07efqwFiiO didn't even use u-boot on this device.
15:23:34braewoodsinteresting... there's a lot of devices that use u-boot but you can't get the source for it
15:23:40braewoodsnor the kernel for that matter
15:23:48efqwThis one is running X-Loader
15:24:09braewoodsopenwrt usually works by leaving the u-boot alone and just installing a new firmware in place of the old
15:24:45efqwand adding lzma-loader if the stock bootloader is trash
15:25:12braewoodsfor more space?
15:25:18braewoodsi can't see why else anyone would use lzma
15:25:30braewoodsnot sure how practical it is with a low RAM system
15:25:48braewoodsxz / lzma are both RAM hungry
15:25:53efqwThe vast majority of the kernel images on openwrt are lzma compressed.
15:25:54braewoodsalthough that's more on the compressor side
15:26:05braewoodsah. i was thinking rockbox.
15:26:38efqwI'm not familiar with bare metal rb targets.
15:26:49efqwI'm mostly here for hosted ones
15:28:06efqwWanted to try the sony stuff but I really dislike proprietary connectors
15:28:18efqwSo Ingenic it is.
15:28:22braewoodsso basically this tool is like heimdall or odin for samsung devices
15:28:43efqwor sunxi-fel/rkdeveloptool
15:29:36braewoodsi think most boards should have a rescue ROM that can't be overwritten so you can rescue it over USB or so
15:29:53braewoodsa much easier alternative to JTAG
15:32:35efqwspeachy: tag me if you need something else, or if you want to send me a build to play with, I got some other stuff to attend to.
15:33:02efqwTry the serial thing, load it in ghidra and see if you can find any exploits.
15:33:30efqwI'm not an expert when it comes to finding potential vulns
15:34:26braewoodsi can think of a way to get some people at it ;p
15:34:45braewoodsfake a press release that this device is unhackable
15:48:24_bilgus_braewoods, recommend against removing the OF completely just in case something happens
15:48:40_bilgus_granted it wouldn't matter so much on some targets
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16:05:19braewoods_bilgus_: in this case the OF is entirely incompatible with the CF cards
16:05:27braewoodsnot much point...
16:05:40braewoodsotherwise i'd just leave it probably
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16:21:29speachybraewoods: I'm hardly the expert on that.. but I'd wager "not many". especially once we moved to solid-state storage.
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17:00:01lebelliumpamaury: is it possible to add DMP-Z1 support in upgtool?
17:02:17lebelliumcan you guess the keys without the device?
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18:31:27efqwNow I'm starting to look for CVEs in the libs they use and in the old kernel. :(
18:31:28 Quit Xeha (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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18:38:45efqwDidn't find anything of value in the libs.
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19:13:01speachyI wonder if fiio could be talked into sharing this stuff with us.
19:19:25speachygeez, the 3.10.14 kernel all of the ingenic stuff is based on was released just over seven years ago. and is missing at least four years of fixes (3.10.108, in November 2017)
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20:58:19speachyat the end of the day, the only meaningful change in the vortex image was deleting the stock init script and replacing it with one that invokes our launcher
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21:15:53fmlatghorSo I recently stumbled upon this project from a reddit thread about hardware audio players that run opensource firmware/software −− do you guys recommend any device(s)?
21:34:53massiveHfmlatghor, all devices running rockbox work basically the same from device to device, so the things to shop for would be space of the drive and availability
21:35:39fmlatghorOh ok, thanks.
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22:02:24_bilgus_Well the frame buffer code compiles cleanly for targets without remote I haven't even gotten to the remote stuff yet
22:03:54_bilgus_I decided to just let the plugins that manipulate the framebuffer directly do so for now with a fucntion that can be removed as soon as all are converted and verified
22:04:04_bilgus_looking at you doom
22:04:39_bilgus_at this point I don't know if its cleaner but it sure is more flexible
22:05:45 Quit fmlatghor (Quit: WeeChat 2.8)
22:10:29__builtinis SDL an offender
22:14:28_bilgus_give me a minute to finish this round and I'll check
22:16:56speachythere is just so much extra crap on these ingenic linux targets
22:17:15speachyfor example, full wifi (ap and client) tools.
22:18:50speachyand the fiio rootfs is even worse. airkiss, ncurses, alsa and tinyalsa (both libraries and cmdline)
22:19:44speachyapple airplay support
22:20:00speachythe airkiss weechat client
22:21:02speachy(and a lot of other network-related tools)
22:21:34speachyntfs-3g and exfat support −− including mkfs for fat and exfat.
22:21:40_bilgus___builtin, I think this is the exhaustive list
22:21:41speachyno fsck though.
22:21:41_bilgus_doom, fire, imageviewer, invadrox, osd, xlcd, pacbox, pictureflow, plasma, puzzles, rockboy, sdl, test_resize, xworld, zxbox
22:22:19_bilgus_pretty much anywhere someone implemented their own screen code I imagine
22:22:39_bilgus_some are extremely straight forward some not so much
22:24:19_bilgus_I just blanket string replaced them for now as this patch is getting really hard to follow through the 50 different files its spread across
22:24:51_bilgus_exageration? maybe but probably close to the truth!
22:27:20__builtinright, I can help for puzzles, sdl and xworld
22:27:33__builtinI haven't quite been following your changes - what are you doing exactly?
22:29:26_bilgus_ g#2811
22:29:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #2811 at : LCD core move buf ptr and address look up function viewport struct WIP by William Wilgus
22:30:06_bilgus_basically viewports carry around their stride so their buffers don't need to be the size of framebuffer
22:30:46_bilgus_amognst other things it allows me to use lcd primitives on arbritrary buffers
22:30:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4f87369, 287 builds, 9 clients.
22:33:00_bilgus_on top of that the image buffer is tied to a struct framebuffer_t that carries buf, elems, and fn adress to a address translation function which would enable flip rotate and some other simple blits
22:33:54_bilgus_if you wanted to wire it up I should say I havent gotten that far yet
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22:45:28__builtinhmm, I wish something like that had existed when I first built the puzzles port
22:45:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 894 seconds.
22:45:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4f87369 result: All green
22:45:57__builtinI built something like that for drawing into a scaled-up framebuffer for the "zoom" feature
22:48:04_bilgus_I did the same but that was a few years ago I feel confident enough with the codebase now to actually do something about it
22:50:53_bilgus_oh __builtin is that is nice the font part was what I was about to embark on lol I might steal some of the zoom stuff and rewrite in lua
22:51:33_bilgus_right now it has a bicubic resize taht is subpar to say the least
22:59:47speachy__builtin: so.. feeling up for porting scummvm over? :D
23:01:11__builtin_bilgus_: the font pack thing?
23:01:36__builtinspeachy: it's C++, no?
23:01:42speachyhmm, true
23:01:55__builtinso "possible" but it'd be less about scumm and more about getting c++ to play nice with rockbox
23:02:06__builtinnot that it couldn't be done, of course...
23:02:53_bilgus_yeah allowing easier access to fonts would be nice even if its implemented in a include script
23:03:45__builtinthe problem I ran into with puzzles was that it assumes that fonts of arbitrary size are available
23:04:00__builtinwhich is not a bad assumption if you have freetype and friends
23:04:19__builtinbut since we're bitmap-only that assumption breaks down
23:04:55_bilgus_I went as far as to make vector numbers but it was too much of a pain to do unicode characters as vectors by hand
23:05:21_bilgus_well I made a drawing program to do it for me but I still had to draw them
23:06:28_bilgus_I suppose technically the fonts have vectors inside them maybe the scaling routine just needs to be a bit lower (like in the font engine)
23:23:40__builtinif you're going to do that you may as well port freetype
23:23:55__builtinin fact mendelmunkis already started that
23:24:01__builtin g#2451
23:24:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #2451 at : Hacky freetype by Moshe Piekarski
23:24:15__builtinerr, g#2450
23:24:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #2450 at : Freetype compiles by Moshe Piekarski
23:41:43speachyI'd like to land the gcc 4.9.4 toolchain update this weekend.
23:42:40speachycommit the and configure scripts, allow a week for builders to update, then flip the switch on the builders too.
23:58:07 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
23:58:17 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)

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