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#rockbox log for 2020-10-14

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03:27:23Stanley00Hi all, is there anyway to debug rockbox application? I ported code from fiio m3k to fiio m5, but it just show the menu but none of the key press works. I tried print out the return value of button_read_device and it seems ok, but no respond from rockbox at all
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05:41:02braewoods_bilgus_: and the jumper was the problem.
05:41:35braewoodsi bent the jumper pin pins 90 degrees so they would fit on my spare adapter and shorted it again using the official method
05:41:41braewoodsand now the lock up is gone
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06:53:14johnb7A* Prime has the Walker for 89 Euros. Couldn't resist.
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07:27:45speachyStanley00: dump the output of /proc/input/*, and see what comes out when you hit the buttons, and make sure you're watching for them.
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08:10:15Stanley00speachy: you mean /dev/input/*?
08:10:26speachyyeah, sorry
08:11:15Stanley00speachy: I did that and can verify that I got the correct button map in button_read_device
08:11:33Stanley00it's just rockbox UI doesn't respond :(
08:11:44speachyand does that correspond with the apps/keymaps/keymap-whatever.c you're using?
08:12:08speachyhmm, the H2 died after 13 hours of mp3 playback.
08:12:31Stanley00I used the original keymap-fiiom3k, so I assume it should work
08:14:14speachylooking at the M5, it only seems to have three physical buttons, the rest is pure touch.
08:14:57speachyso other than power/volume I don't see the m3k keymap working.
08:14:57Stanley00yes, I did read from /dev/input/event0 for touch screen, and write my map to make it acts as 9 buttons
08:15:35speachyusing rockbox's existing HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN?
08:16:21Stanley00I tried that, but I can't seem to make it works, so I didn't declare HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN
08:16:38Stanley00just read touchscreen and doing the mapping myself
08:18:01speachyso even the volume buttons don't work?
08:19:51Stanley00no, none of the key works
08:20:07speachydisable your touchscreen code and focus on the hard buttons first.
08:20:49speachyare you polling all /dev/input/*
08:21:07Stanley00yes, using polling as in m3k
08:22:36Stanley00are there any log from rockbox that I can check? I have shell access to M5, so I can check the log to see what rockbox expected, and what's actual pass to it?
08:28:10speachylogf unfortunately needs keypresses to access. you can always use printf and strace
08:28:30braewoodsspeachy: how goes the toolchain work?
08:29:06Stanley00speachy: I see, I think I will try again with printf then.
08:29:53Stanley00I'm off for now, thanks for the help, and also thanks for patching and merging fiio m3k code to rockbox :3
08:30:14speachybraewoods: when a mommy toolchain and daddy source code love each other very much, they make baby rockboxes
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08:30:56braewoodsso they're ready or what?
08:31:04speachy(that complain loudly at all hours and crap themselves until they grow up and mature..)
08:31:21speachyas far as I'm aware, everything "works"
08:31:34speachy(for definitions of "working" that mean "everything now compiles cleanly")
08:33:45speachyall HW I have access to appears to function properly (mini2g, nano2g, clipplus)
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08:40:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 1b449ab, 291 builds, 9 clients.
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08:48:29speachyjohn4: just updated the battery curve based on my H2; a 13-hour runtime on its 1300mAh battery.
09:00:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1206 seconds.
09:00:34fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1b449ab result: All green
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09:38:20braewoodsspeachy: interestingly i once had someone arguing with me about whether an ICE from GCC was an actual compiler bug. apparently they thought they're infallible.
09:38:50braewoodsICEs are always a compiler bug since the compiler should error out and not segfault if the input isn't agreeable or so.
09:38:53speachyyeah, ICE is always a bug.
09:39:36speachy(reported a few of them over the years. granted, I think my code was broken for all of 'em, but the compiler shouldn't ever crash like that
09:40:06braewoodsanother reason to avoid development compilers
09:40:27braewoodsespecially when compiling hard to replace code
09:40:36braewoodse.g., the bootloader in some cases
09:42:55speachywell, that's debateable −− there are plenty of bugs in older compilers that have since been fixed.
09:44:49speachy(eg that infamous jump table bug that caused so much joy on our old sh targets)
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10:24:30_bilgus_braewoods, could we move these discussions to #rockbox_community ? typically we try to keep this channel open for dev stuff and bugs
10:25:43_bilgus_not that we aren't all guilty of it :p
10:26:03*speachy looks around and whistles.
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11:19:01speachyI'd like to request that everyone that has arm or m68k-based units to grab the most recent nightly/dev builds and re-test.
11:19:21speachycodecs, plugins, games, everything.
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11:22:58speachyhmm, wonder if I should put up a www or forum announcement about this
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11:47:08_bilgus_call it the 4.0 pre pre release
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11:59:58b0hoonHi. So my sansa c200 looks fine. Tested mp3 playback, radio, some random plugins from 3 groups. It's my daily player, so if i find something i'll let you know.
12:00:37b0hoonI have six PPs to test yet.
12:02:18b0hoonOh and the vms are upgraded.
12:03:23speachyb0hoon: I saw the contributions to the last build round. Thank you!
12:04:04b0hoonDon't expect i'll test everything though :D It's unreal, at least for me.
12:06:19b0hoonNp. At least it's what i can do. And some artwork from time to time.
12:06:21speachyefqw: does the m3k have /proc/config.gz turned on?
12:06:48speachyso far the only known regression is that quake crashes on exit on the ipod6g. :D
12:06:52efqwOne sec, let me plug it in.
12:07:19speachy(I'm trying to script up a rootfs mangler..)
12:07:53speachy(and trying to see if the running kernel actually matches any of the sources we have..)
12:08:01efqwNo :/
12:08:22speachynot having /sys/class/android_usb is quite unexpected
12:08:53efqwThe source on github should be pretty *close* to the real thing
12:09:41efqwAnd there's nothing that starts with a in /sys/class
12:11:12speachybecause based on the sample configs it _should_ be there.
12:12:13speachyb0hoon: and every little bit helps..
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12:19:04speachyoh ffs. "Linux 3.10.14-g60d92e8-dirty"
12:19:37speachythe running kernel on the m3k was built from an unclean tree.
12:19:51*efqw snickers
12:20:37speachyhmm, interesting how it presents an ACM device.
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12:31:25speachy... and the config setting that would enable that ACM device isn't set in any of the configs fiio included in their kernel dump
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13:45:00johnb3speachy thar runtime is quite disappointing considering their claim
13:51:08speachythe battery might not have been fully charged, and it wasn't new. also, that 13h is in line with their claims for BT playback.
13:51:19speachystill, it should have been more
13:52:15speachyI think what I was playing back was 256kbit mp3
13:57:16speachydynamic cpufreq isn't enabled in the kernel either.
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14:17:18b0hoonok. so philips gogears, samsung yh-820 and 920, m:robe 100 are ok, this junk works fine, no fatalities...
14:18:18b0hoontests are like in case of c200
14:26:36_bilgus_b0hoon, do you happen to have any devices with a functioning remote screen?
14:32:53b0hoonunfortunately i don't
14:32:55braewoods_bilgus_: why do you need one?
14:33:37_bilgus_to test this viewport rewrite and TBH its not well represented in code testing in the first place
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14:33:55_bilgus_(remote screens)
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14:49:56braewoods_bilgus_: the one i ordered arrived
14:50:01braewoodsi'll test it later
14:50:19braewoodssupposedly it's for the ihp-140 so it should work for the ihp-120
14:50:24lebelliumI have iRiver and Cowon with remote
14:50:56_bilgus_I'm not done yet but I'm lining up testing for once it is should be done by this sunday just have a few little bumps to iron out yet concerning the statusbar
15:18:16b0hoonok, must go, see you later.
15:18:29 Part b0hoon
15:20:49braewoods_bilgus_: serious question. what benefit did these remote screens serve?
15:21:01braewoodsi've only seen some stuff with them but they're not well explained.
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16:35:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision ca4d63d, 291 builds, 9 clients.
16:36:06lebelliumCowon X5/M3/M5 and iRiver H100/H300 were HDD bricks you wanted to keep safe in your pocket
16:36:22lebelliumand rather manipulate the remote control (with a screen)
16:38:11lebelliumand even if it was not that useful, it was quite "techy" and cool
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16:38:45lebelliumbecause that's what DAPs were before the smartphone ear
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16:55:53speachyefqw: first crack at a modified ubi image:
16:56:39speachyit has the loader patched in, and the launcher script recirects that logfile to /dev/null
16:57:07speachygrab the latest dev build for rockbox itself, plop it on the sdcard.
16:57:49efqwok, I'll test those within an hour
16:58:52speachytbh I don't have high expectations of it working on the first couple of tries.
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18:27:35braewoodsincidently i'm keeping an eye out for gogear hdd6330s
18:27:42braewoodsthey're somewhat rare it seems
18:34:37braewoodsspeachy: is it my imagination or does rockbox have a lot of partial ports that were never finished?
18:34:52braewoodsi'm seeing ones that should probably just be stripped out since the devices aren't even that capable...
18:35:01braewoodslike less than 8 MB of RAM
18:35:14braewoodsnot sure modern RB would even run well with that
18:37:48speachythere's a lot of 'em, yes.
18:38:12speachy<8MB is fine; we have 2MB targets still fully supported
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18:41:45braewoodsI see.
18:52:33_bilgus_braewoods, I'm impartial to the whole remote screen thing I'd just as soon see it go but I won't break things when I can help it
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21:59:11efqwspeachy: I couldn't seem to get the cloner to work with my vm anymore
21:59:52efqwthe thing dies after a little bit of the system ubi has been transferred
22:00:25efqwI'll try again on a real machine soon, gotta dig up a windows xp disk image first.
22:03:36efqwOr I could try the linux version too
22:17:18efqwI have dedicated boxes I could use for this, let me put an os on it first.
22:20:51efqwOh, and ingenic's usb cloner driver is just libusb, which is nice.
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23:19:24efqwspeachy: I finally flashed the thing, there wasn't anything wrong with my vm setup, I just forgot to change some options in the cloner
23:19:36efqwsleep deprivation does that, lol
23:20:27efqwI got the latest dev build and it says *PANIC* Cannot find control 'AK4376 Digital Filter' on a white screen.
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