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#rockbox log for 2020-10-16

00:07:05efqwIt's understandable since this is a budget device and profit margins are thin, but this is still super irresponsible
00:07:32efqwI can get behind inferior/buggy application but a device that slowly kills itself is just the worst
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00:08:31efqwIf you plug in the charger, the stock player application will write to the nand *constantly* @ a couple of lines per second
00:12:43Stanley00you mean it write to that app.log, right?
00:13:32Stanley00phew... I just made change to that, and use M5 as USB DAC the whole time, lucky me that I discovery adb soon
00:14:35efqwsometimes it does this but sometime it doesn't
00:14:51efqweither way the verbose logging should be disabled by default
00:15:22Stanley00haha, sure
00:16:11efqwspeachy: before I forget, we should give /data/kernel.txt the same treatment as /data/userfs/app.log
00:17:34Stanley00oh, really, I didn't notice that file, I will check it
00:17:37efqwThe other log file /data/kernel_last.txt can simply be deleted
00:19:43efqwthis might be specific to the m3k
00:19:57efqwthe m5 is more similar to the m3pro
00:20:10efqw(in terms of rootfs structure)
00:25:37Stanley00I agree
00:35:38_bilgusRE: touchscreen and gestures closest you will find in RB is probably fuze+
00:35:53_bilgussome patches were around that enabled gestures
00:36:05_bilgusnever was well polished IIRC
00:37:28_bilgusthe fuze+ uses a capacitive? touch pad which sucks even wioth locating bumps but I digress
00:37:53_bilgusits set up as a 3x3 grid as default
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00:41:59Stanley00in my case, I was checking touchscreen code from SONY_NWZA860
00:42:22_bilgusthe fuze is I believe the more mature
00:42:38_bilgusthough pamaury did both I think*
00:45:26Stanley00I did check the /data folder on m5, there's only kernel.log and userfs/app.log and other normal .db files
00:46:05Stanley00funny things is there's also bin/lcd_test and player_daemon there =]]
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01:55:51efqwdoom seems to run very well on the m3k
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02:06:27efqwit's unsurprising considering the x1000 is probably one of our fastest targets
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03:03:35Stanley00hmm... keep rockbox at playing screen make it use 75% CPU even though the screen is off. Not sure if this is normal behavior :(
03:31:59speachyon hosted systems it uses a soft threading model. one of the things on my to-do list is to convert that to using native threading and see how that works out.
03:33:47speachybut that's not terribly high on the list.
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06:05:06Stanley00I saw that agptek rocker has bootloader that we can use to choose between rockbox and OF. How can I do this for fiio too?
06:05:33Stanley00make only build rockbox.m3k for fiio m3k target, I can't find bootloader.m3k anywhere
06:08:21Stanley00oh, nvm... just figure it out that I need another build folder or that
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07:05:43braewoodssays here...
07:05:53braewoods4 things left on the H300 todo list
07:06:25braewoodsi'll need an H300 to understand what it means
07:07:38braewoodsspeachy: i'm going to work on seeing if i can finish what the wiki says the V7 bootloader is missing still
07:07:53braewoodsi updated it a bit since the CF issues have been fixed
07:36:13braewoodscool. found an H320 locally.
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09:08:10_bilgusbraewoods, did you ever get a chance to test the fw I uploaded?
09:13:20braewoods_bilgus: not yet. i built my own. i think you built for the h100 not the h120 though.
09:14:15braewoodsi'll upload it now
09:19:33_bilgusoh sorry I guess I picked the wrong one
09:20:53braewoods_bilgus: the rockbox logo is partially cut off on the main screen during bootup. it doesn't do that in 3.15
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09:23:26braewoodsand looks corrupted on the remote lcd when playing stuff
09:23:38braewoodsi'll compare to vanilla git and see if it persists
09:24:05_bilgusI'm almost sure its me :/
09:25:08braewoods_bilgus: you own an h100 series?
09:25:35braewoodsok. going to do a test build.
09:26:28braewoodscloning a fresh repository
09:32:02braewoods_bilgus: confirmed.
09:32:17_bilgushead works fine?
09:32:21braewoodsthe observed issues are not present in git only in that patchset
09:33:02_bilgusok I still have some weird stuff going on maybe i'll get lucky and the sim will show it
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09:33:22braewoods_bilgus: where do you reside?
09:33:30braewoodscontinent or so
09:33:44_bilgusmidwest us
09:33:55braewoodswow. huh.
09:34:09braewoodswould it help your research to have the actual hardware?
09:35:28_bilgusas long as you are willing to test again probably not unless of course it starts getting hairy
09:35:55braewoodslet me know. i can probably arrange something if you can't figure it out.
09:37:23_bilgusif I havent figured it out by sunday I'll come back to it later as I have a rocker input issue waiting along with a BT UI
09:38:13braewoods_bilgus: i can take photos of what it looks like if it would help
09:38:32braewoodsthough it won't look too good. cameras are meh.
09:38:45_bilgussure might help narrow down the issue
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12:24:42genevinolooks like my agptek rocker isn't properly shutting down since a couple of releases, anything i can do?
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12:27:48efqwBattery is still being drained after the device has shut down?
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12:56:39speachygenevino: will need more to go on than that; I sent my rocker to _bilgus but the other ones I have that share the same platform all shut down properly
13:01:47speachygenevino: so what I suggest is trying older nightly releases until you find the one where things stop working properly.
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13:17:04lebelliummy Rocker also does that, it remains on "shutting down..." forever (more than 5min). Pressing a button on this message resets the device
13:18:01lebelliumhaven't bisect yet
13:18:19speachyeven narrowing it down to a specific nightly build will help.
13:20:04lebelliumwill try to do that this weekend. For tonight I have to play with my new Agptek H3 :)
13:24:07speachylebellium: I'm uploading a patched OF imag enow
13:26:19lebelliumAgptek or Eros ?
13:27:07speachythe h3 needs its own image; the others are interchangeable.
13:27:42lebelliumon device I have v 0.02 beta
13:27:57lebelliumreleasing a device with a beta firmware
13:28:05lebelliumthat's typically Agptek...
13:28:08speachyeh, "beta" is meaningless
13:28:45speachythis is the 20180905 base fw release, whatever that corresponds to
13:29:47lebelliumyes I looked for the fw version and could only find the release date
13:29:55lebelliumthey're not serious
13:30:55lebelliumI got it with battery empty. I'm charging it and will try your image later
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13:52:07lebelliumspeachy: all firmwares here . It seems that 20180905 is the most recent. There are also 20180905 and 20180627 available
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13:54:48speachylebellium: awesome! give me a few and I'll update it
13:55:17lebelliumI meant you already have the most recent one
13:55:26speachyah, ok. :)
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14:26:02speachyhuh. a regression.
14:26:58speachylebellium: don't flash the update I geve you.
14:27:38lebelliumOk. Not done yet. I will try the older OF before, to see the different fw versions
14:29:17speachyI think the switch to '-Os' broke the hosted builds. resting again..
14:32:19speachyyeah. with -Os (vs -O) it's failing to open the second input device. w..t..f..?
14:36:02 Join sakax [0] (~r0b0t@unaffiliated/r0b0t)
14:36:58lebellium20180309 = V1.0
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14:39:36speachyI'm patching it now
14:43:00lebellium20180627 = V1.1
14:44:31 Join johnb7 [0] (
14:44:41speachyuploading a fixed version now
14:45:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c6d2a03, 291 builds, 9 clients.
14:46:21speachyyou will also want to get the very latest dev build −− ie the one that's going now
14:47:07lebellium20180905 = V1.2
14:47:48 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
14:51:19lebelliumI already downloaded the previous build to save some time
14:51:22lebelliumit's a fail then :D
14:52:02speachygenevino, lebellium, The H2/eros definitely shuts down properly. so I don't know what's going on with the rocker, as they use indentical platform code.
14:55:34fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c6d2a03, 291 builds, 9 clients.
14:55:59*speachy kicks the build server.
14:56:08bluebrother^speachy: not sure if I get what you're trying to do. Is that for player detection?
14:56:09 Quit t0mato (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
14:56:41speachybluebrother^: yeah, multiple players that share the same USB VID/PID but (I think) different usb iManufacturer/iModel strings
14:57:25bluebrother^we already have code for reading the descriptor string, but it's only shown in the system info dialog. Also, iirc, there were some platform dependent differences.
14:57:32speachybluebrother^: and in at least one case, require incompatible firmware images
14:58:48bluebrother^what would happen if you'd try to install the wrong firmware image? Player ignores it?
14:59:01speachyplayer errors out during the update process
14:59:21bluebrother^ok, so nothing that would be too problematic, just annoying.
14:59:24speachyit's not fatal.
15:00:01speachywhat I have in my working tree is removal of all the vid/pid detection for the offending targets, so the user will have to manually select it.
15:00:37bluebrother^well, if we cannot detect the player unambiguously the user will get a warning and get asked to select the correct player.
15:00:48speachyoh! and to make matters more fun, the rockbox builds all currently advertise themselves identially when they're running. :)
15:01:15bluebrother^we already have that case with shared vid / pid values. iirc ipodmini1g and 2g were the offenders.
15:01:43bluebrother^yeps. At least those were ones.
15:04:00speachyI've held off from putting the bootloader (and bsdiff patch) on d.r.o until I can get some wider testing on this stuff.
15:05:26bluebrother^a similar thing happens when you have multiple players detected btw.
15:06:01speachyso is it better to have detection w/ collisions, or yank the vid/pids that collide?
15:06:37bluebrother^I'd go for the collisions. Then we can at least tell the user what the candidates are
15:06:52speachyokay, I'll make that change to my rbutil.ini
15:09:40bluebrother^speachy: This is how it looks when I connect an Ipod Mini2g and run Rockbox Utility as user (so it cannot use ipodpatcher to identify the ipod):
15:10:02bluebrother^and the Ipod isn't mounted, as otherwise it would try to look into rockbox-info.txt
15:10:33bluebrother^hence it shows "at (unknown)", otherwise it would show the mountpoint.
15:10:57speachy(imgur is being slow, grr)
15:11:12speachyhere's the thing −− the target differences only matter for the bootloader install.
15:11:25bluebrother^sorry, just went for the first image site I came up with :)
15:12:01speachymost of those colliders use the same rb binary
15:12:05 Join t0mato [0] (~t0mato@
15:12:23speachyone more question, if you don't mind
15:12:36bluebrother^yeah, but after the first install detection would query rockbox-info.txt, so no problem anymore
15:13:00speachyis there a way to put a textual blurb in the ini file that allows me to tell the user what OF firmware image they need? as the bspatch stuff is image-specific.
15:14:24speachyeg ("Download the H3-20180905 image from AGPTek's site")
15:16:35speachy(bspatch is quite limiting, but without it we could only support patching the OF images under Linux. as root.)
15:17:41bluebrother^the bootloader install classes have a ofHint() function doing just that.
15:18:04bluebrother^returning a QString that is shown before installation. F.e. bootloaderinstallimx.cpp:70
15:18:21speachywell, all of these bspatch targets share the same install class but the details are target-specific
15:19:04fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1411 seconds.
15:19:06bluebrother^ah, ok. So you'd need to check the actual player in there too, but that isn't implemented.
15:19:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c6d2a03 result: All green
15:19:25 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:20:25bluebrother^we could consider changing that to ofHint(const QString& target) so we can check for the actual player in that function.
15:20:35speachyyes please!
15:20:53bluebrother^the problem with putting it in rbutil.ini is that we can't translate it.
15:21:00speachyright now the ofHint() just refers users to check the wiki to know what OF image to retrieve.
15:21:21bluebrother^shouldn't be a big deal. ofHint() never needed to know the player until now.
15:21:35speachyhmm, it doesn't need to be anything elaborate, even if it's just the version of the OF to download.
15:22:29speachythe main blurb in ofHint() can have all the actual translatable stuff
15:23:01bluebrother^the bootloader classes don't know about rbutil.ini, so I'd rather not have that in there.
15:23:14bluebrother^well, the caller could pass such a string on though
15:23:37speachywell, just having ofHint being aware of the target would be a big improvement
15:23:50bluebrother^so SelectiveInstallWidget could get it from rbutil.ini and pass it as a string.
15:24:48speachyI would just prefer to only have to modify one place to bump to a newer OF baseline version (ie change the OF version string, and the bspatch filename to pull from d.r.o)
15:24:55bluebrother^reminds me I wanted to clean up that whole settings / rbutil.ini stuff too. It ended up a bit messy right now
15:25:25bluebrother^hmm. You do have a point :)
15:25:45lebelliumcongrats :)
15:26:28speachylebellium: when you have time, I'd appreciate you running a battery_bench on this thing. Supposedly it has a larger battery than the Q series.
15:26:37speachy(1500mAh vs 1300mAh)
15:27:14lebelliumI'll do but it looks like Agptek is lying
15:27:46speachythere will be a couple of plugins that are a little wonky (bilgus's viewport work fixes at least some of the problems) but everything _should_ work.
15:28:57speachylebellium: huh, that's disappointing but it means the code doesnt' have to handle potentially two different battery types. :)
15:29:34speachywhat's the case material on the back?
15:29:49speachypresumably not metal
15:31:13lebelliummetal plate over plastic ?
15:31:39lebelliumit looks like the Rocker
15:31:53speachythe Q series seems to be a glass. thicker than the rocker's, fortuntely.
15:32:05lebelliumwrong link
15:32:37lebelliumwell, you're right, it's rather glass than metal
15:33:33speachyglass glued to plastic then.
15:33:52lebelliumI'm not sure it's a good design idea
15:34:11speachyI recall one of the improvements listed for the Qii was better sealing on the back
15:34:41speachyat least if the glass is cracked it won't compromise the case. unlike the rocker, where the glass _is_ the back.
15:35:06speachythe X3ii has a metal back with a plastic section for the antenna
15:36:44speachyalso −− please do some plug/unplug cycles and see if you can get the player to panic after unplug. That should be fixed, but I ran into it again today. not sure if it was because the running build was an older one (ie the bisecting) or not.
15:47:23 Quit johnb7 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:51:25fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 318229e, 291 builds, 9 clients.
16:03:17speachylebellium: I updated the rocker OF image patches on, if you're so inclinded I'd appreciate a sanity-check.
16:08:06fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1001 seconds.
16:08:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 318229e result: All green
16:15:23bluebrother^did anyone try to compile a windows sim recently? Building one fails for me for mikmod and lua plugins.
16:15:50bluebrother^mikmod ends up including windows.h, which conflicts with an enum value INT
16:16:03bluebrother^I guess for Rockbox it shouldn't include windows.h at all.
16:17:14speachythat's almost certianly my fault; I rebased mikmod against their master a few months back
16:17:35bluebrother^ah, ok.
16:17:53bluebrother^so I need to check what we had changed for that.
16:18:07bluebrother^haven't checked why it fails for lua, though I guess it's a similar thing
16:18:27bluebrother^I excluded those plugins for now, and the sim works fine, so it's just those two plugins
16:22:48lebelliumspeachy: I'll do a bit later. What's the difference with the previous image ?
16:23:33speachyheavily updated launcher; better keymaps, supports hotplugging usb and sd card, doesn't force-launch OF when USB plugged in, etc etc..
16:24:09speachy(ability to directly enter recovery mode to update the firmware too)
16:25:50lebelliumok great. Shouldn't we have a history and changelog in the wiki page instead of just replacing the download link like that?
16:27:29speachyabsolutely. but it's also the first-ever update after I got rbutil integration going. :)
16:31:19speachybefore that, most users were using random builds found linked on the forum
16:36:39lebelliumI only know 2 bootloader versions: the previous one on and the one made by Agptek themselves. But I didn't follow the port carefully so I may have missed a few
16:37:01speachythe agptek one is lifted from a snapshot published on the forum at some point.
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16:54:13lebelliumI updated the bootloader. But it still launches OF when plugging USB?
16:54:32lebelliumoh no, my bad
16:54:33speachyin the tools menu of the loader, what's the version string at the bottom?
16:55:12lebelliumas I'm also watching Metallica S&M2 at the same time, I put the firmware file but forgot to update it lol
16:55:26lebelliumMy brain cannot do 2 things
16:59:17lebelliumnow it's working
16:59:33lebelliumbut by default it displays PC connection when plugging the USB charger
17:00:18lebelliumso you can't use the device at the same time
17:01:23speachythat's unchanged; but what is different is that plugging in the cable won't force-load the OF if the device is powered off or in the loader
17:02:13 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
17:02:24speachyprompting on what to do upon usb insertion is one of the things that's higher on the to-do list.
17:02:46lebelliumI didn't pay attention that it was already the case
17:03:28lebelliumpersonally I prefer charging my devices with OF than Rockbox but I understand the move to Rockbox by default
17:04:19speachycharging is HW-based on these things. SW can only see the status.
17:04:40lebelliumI feel more confident with OF. With a dedicated charging screen I get the feeling the device is OFF and charge faster
17:05:03speachythere is no dedicated charge mode on these things. :)
17:05:38speachy(basically, the CPU is always running. at full speed)
17:05:59 Join Batoeh [0] (
17:06:05lebelliumInteresting. But as I have more than 100 DAPs, I apply the same rule to all, old and new ones :P
17:06:18speachyfair enough
17:06:48BatoehHello I am attempting to install rockbox on an ipod 5.5 with an iflash quad. I was able to install rockbox on the ipod when it had its hard drive no problem.
17:07:02mendel_munkisand here I thought I had a ridiculous pile of hardware lying around
17:07:26lebelliumAnother annoying point which is also already in your to-do list I guess, is to have a configurable timeout to launch OF or Rockbox. To be able to shorten the 10s timeout
17:08:54BatoehI have tried both automatic and manual installation. After install the iflash I verified I was able to access it within the ipod maintenance utils and the disk shows up on my system but ipodpatcher will not work.
17:09:28speachynot counting my pile of broken sansas, I have an even dozen.
17:09:30lebelliummendel_munkis: Gathering dust :/
17:10:04speachyBatoeh: make sure you're using a dev build.
17:12:48speachyBatoeh: so it's still running the original apple firmware at this point?
17:13:07speachyBatoeh: what's ipodpatcher complaining about?
17:14:22mendel_munkiswow. (I can at least feel good about having some you don't)
17:16:35 Quit Acou_Bass (Quit: ZNC 1.7.5 -
17:16:51 Quit lemon_jesus (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
17:17:04Batoehspeachy: actually I apologize I think I realized my failure.
17:17:17 Join lemon_jesus [0] (
17:17:28speachylebellium: if you're feeling so inclinded the YP-R0 and YP-R1 could use a sanity-check to make sure they still work.
17:17:37 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
17:18:28lebelliumI guess I updated my YP-R0 build a few weeks ago but I can check again with the latest one
17:19:06lebelliumYP-R1 I'm upset it doesn't even appear on the Rockbox home page :(
17:19:20 Join Acou_Bass [0] (
17:20:27speachyhuh, no USB support according to TargetStatus.
17:20:38speachyI vaguely recall there being something majorly wrong with the -R1
17:20:42lebelliumYP-R0 neither. We use OF USB
17:20:51lebelliumor Safe Mode
17:22:13lebelliummaybe the issue with YP-R1 is that there is no official Rockbox bootloader?
17:23:03lebelliumYP-R0 and YP-R1 are specific targets. Everyone uses modded firmwares from Lorenzo92 and VanniX to boot Rockbox
17:23:43speachyI don't know anything about 'em, beyond having to fix up some code problems that also impacted them.
17:24:25braewoodsspeachy: i'm going to try to improve the H300 bootloader after I see what condition it is in git
17:24:39speachybraewoods: patches welcome!
17:24:42braewoodsi want to bring it to feature parity with the H100 bootloader
17:24:45lebelliumBut I think the YP-R1 should appear at least in the unusable ports on the home page
17:24:53braewoodsand evaluate the TODO list the previous author left behind
17:24:57braewoodstry to polish what they left
17:25:24braewoodsi think the H100 bootloader is pretty much complete
17:25:30speachybraewoods: there have been plenty of core code changes since the last binary releases were generated.
17:25:30braewoodsbut the H300 one could use a bit more polish
17:25:34lebelliumwell, YP-R1 doesn't even appear in Maybe that's the issue
17:25:48braewoodsspeachy: indeed. so i plan to test it to see what if anything is left undone still.
17:26:12braewoodsspeachy: the main feature i see needing to be added is supporting it in iriver_flash
17:26:18braewoodsand adding the new H100 features to it
17:26:23braewoodswhere you can boot rockbox from EEPROM
17:26:28speachylebellium: is the -R1 generally as functional as the -R0?
17:26:53lebelliumspeachy: I will tell you this weekend. I will check both
17:28:08speachyit's easy enough to add to the website (and have the builds show up) but I just want to be sure that it's acutally _usable_.
17:28:11lebelliumbut from my memories it's quite OK, what also suggests the table here
17:29:14 Join _bilgus_ [0] (~bilgus@
17:29:19fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision d993448, 291 builds, 9 clients.
17:29:58speachyok. after this build finishes it should show up on
17:30:37 Quit _bilgus (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:31:35lebelliumGreat. I will check with the latest build then
17:33:48lebelliummendel_munkis: any specific/interesting/rare one? To be honest, I no longer invest in my collection. I understood managing the batteries will be a nightmare over time. Buying the Agptek H3 now is an exception
17:34:43mendel_munkisnothing particularly interesting.
17:36:16 Join _bilgus__ [0] (~bilgus@
17:36:51lebelliumI'm such in strange mood that I also just bought an iPod Classic 6G 120GB while I hate Apple. 1st Apple device I buy in my life (the few iPod I have are donations). But [Saint] (where is he BTW?) always said here it was a good target
17:36:58 Quit _bilgus_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:37:22mendel_munkisexcept a cowon with no RB port sans charging cable
17:45:13_bilgus__lebellium, this Rocker doesn't have an issue on shutdown with the build from the dev page; Did you try clean installs when you test your Rocker?
17:45:43fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 984 seconds.
17:45:48fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision d993448 result: All green
17:46:13speachy_bilgus__: I promoted the X3 to the stable list.
17:47:37_bilgus__just tested that accidentally as well its fine at head as well
17:51:28lebellium_bilgus__: I installed Rockbox for the 1st time (so clean install) with a 20201012 build and there was the issue
17:52:08lebelliumI updated it today to the latest build but can try a clean reinstall for sure
17:56:45speachylebellium: what version of the bootloader? the one agptek posted, or the one via rbutil?
17:57:10lebellium_bilgus__: same issue with fresh install - latest build.
17:57:38lebelliumspeachy: your update from tonight
17:58:00_bilgus__I can try that bootloader
17:58:03lebelliumbut same issue with the previous image from the same link
17:58:17lebelliumit's not linked to this new bootloader
18:00:37lebelliumIf it matters, it's a Rocker V1. I know there is a more recent variant. Even some variants that don't accept the old firmware files?
18:03:42_bilgus__yeah that bootloader works as well
18:10:48speachyas far as we all know, there are no hardware variations beyond the color of the case.
18:11:15speachylebellium: what's the SD card? maybe it's having problems with writes?
18:14:46lebelliumSandisk 64 GB Ultra.
18:14:59lebelliumrockbox-agptekrocker-20200919 is OK
18:15:18lebelliumso the culprit is somewhere between
18:21:24 Quit ufdm_ (Quit: Leaving)
18:22:52lebelliumrockbox-agptekrocker-20201001 is OK (shutting down even faster)
18:23:05lebelliumrockbox-agptekrocker-20201007 is wrong
18:23:07lebelliumI'm close :)
18:24:22 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
18:29:41lebelliumrockbox-agptekrocker-20201004 seems to be the 1st wrong one
18:29:46lebelliumdoes it make sense?
18:36:28lebellium_bilgus__: please try while playing music
18:36:43lebelliumthere is no issue when shutting down why music is stopped
18:36:46_bilgus__ok think I did but I'll try again
18:37:53_bilgus__opus, mp3
18:39:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:39:37_bilgus__indeed in that commit it directly references a patch for the rocker
18:40:29lebellium1824f8b103-201003 is fine it's in between
18:40:52lebelliumcould be d4a620e85a: alsa: introduce AUDIOHW_MUTE_ON_PAUSE, and have rocker use it.
18:41:08lebelliumor 7642184fd9: alsa: Refactor pcm_dma_apply_settings_nolock()
18:41:19lebelliumor f3ae48f552: hosted: control buttonlights along with the display backlight.
18:42:09lebelliumI don't want to launch my Linux VM right now to find the exact build
18:42:20lebelliumwill do it tomorrow
18:58:50BatoehI got it. Thank you for the assistance. We are running peachy keen now!
19:09:33speachyBatoeh: glad to hear it
19:10:16speachylebellium: stock config file?
19:10:35lebelliumyes, delete .rockbox, put new .rockbox instead
19:10:43speachyok. just confirming.
19:10:53speachyStrange how your unit is acting differently.
19:11:40lebelliumTrue that but I'm not alone. Another user reported it too
19:11:46lebelliumwould be a strange coincidence
19:27:22 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
19:33:30speachy_bilgus__: I ran into a strange bug today; started playing something new; the WPS screen popped up, no audio playback, and the UI was ...s...l...o...w.
19:33:42speachyuntil I tapped the volume key, and it all picked right up
19:33:56speachyhappened once before but I'd chalked that up the WIP code at the time
19:34:02speachyoh, this is on the X3.
19:34:26speachyI wonder if there's still something wonky with the sadc/button code that caused it to get stuck.
19:46:27 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:47:46 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:49:25 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:49:45 Quit fs-bluebot_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:53:40speachylebellium: if you have adb installed, you can get a console and run strace on the running player binary; that might tell us where it's getting stuck on shutdown.
19:58:39speachygiven that pressing a button triggers a reset afterwards, that tells me the player actually crashed, because the same thing happens after a panic.
19:58:47speachyokay, that's something for me to work from.
20:10:05 Part Batoeh
20:25:38speachyI have a theory.
20:35:44 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:39:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen" might be bunnies
20:42:44speachythere might be a race condition between the audio_stop() call happening asynchronously, possibly leading to an audiohw_mute() call after we've closed our alsa mixer handle.
20:46:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ce40ef4, 291 builds, 10 clients.
20:46:50speachylebellium, genevino, when this build finishes, please give it a try on the rocker and see if that solves the shutdown issue.
20:48:27 Join massiveH [0] (
21:04:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1073 seconds.
21:04:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ce40ef4 result: All green
21:04:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1b110da, 291 builds, 10 clients.
21:21:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1042 seconds.
21:21:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1b110da result: All green
21:21:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cd72175, 291 builds, 10 clients.
21:35:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 839 seconds.
21:35:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cd72175 result: 2 errors 0 warnings
21:39:19 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
21:54:00 Join ufdm [0] (
21:58:45_bilgus__speachy I haven't run into that particular bug yet although I havent used it for 8 hrs straight yet only a few hours here and there
21:59:22speachyboth times it was upon starting a new playlist.
21:59:35speachyfrom an otherwise-idle system
22:18:59 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
22:37:40_bilgus__speacht re the get_viewport_framebuffer its pretty easy to replace them by setting a full screen vp and grabbing the fb from there but they aren't just copy pasta-able
22:39:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:56:56 Quit Stanley00 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:57:00 Join Stanley|00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
23:19:34 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:46:50__builtinspeachy: why are the AIGO devices classified s
23:46:55__builtin*as unstable?
23:47:16 Nick Guest18548 is now known as alexbobp (
23:47:53__builtinoh, is it lacking a manual?
23:51:32 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:51:42 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)

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