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#rockbox log for 2020-10-18

00:03:44speachyStanley00: what's crashing, exactly? The x1000e is supposed to be a mips32r2 core, and none of the other x1000 targets seem to crash with it.
00:04:14Stanley00really, it's got SIGKILL, cannot run on my m5
00:04:24speachyor is the m5 not an x1000?
00:04:30Stanley00but when I replace it with just mips32, it work fine
00:04:41Stanley00m5 is also x1000e as in spec
00:04:42speachy"it" meaning the rb binary?
00:05:08Stanley00let me check a gain, I did some modified recently, I might have mess it up
00:05:10Stanley00one sec
00:07:28speachyI mean, it's certainly possible fiio did something really funky with the m5
00:07:42_bilgus__Stanley nuke your staging dirs
00:08:28speachyefqw: incidently, mainline just gained X2000-series support
00:08:58speachyor rather, it's about to.
00:09:48speachythe rest of the ingenic code got reorged too, unified with the generic mips code
00:11:15speachyefqw: I swear, the more you dig into the m3k the more I want to nuke it from orbit. trying to "fix" anything in that hacky mess seems like a complete waste of effort.
00:11:24Stanley00nvm, it's my bad with the config
00:11:31Stanley00mips32r2 work fined
00:12:31efqwOur current roadblocks for mainline support on the x1000 are: SFC, SLCD, The I2S stuff, and the PMU (AXP192).
00:12:52efqwYeah, it's like an onion, the more you peel it the harder you cry.
00:13:27efqwThis is by far the hackiest device I've ever seen.
00:14:23speachyefqw: as far as shutting down is concerned, I really don't like the idea of issuing that ioctl from within rockbox; I assume it would effectively kill the sytem as-is, with things mounted and stuff possibly not flushed to disk properly
00:14:45efqwThis is exactly what it does.
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00:21:09speachyI doubt the i2s would be more than a tweak of the existing 4770 driver. ditto the axp192 (vs the other axp series)
00:23:33speachy_bilgus__: no change in thumb settings was part of this. I think by default thumb is not used unless necessary for the processor.
00:24:18speachyI don't know if GCC is smart enough to automatically choose thumb or not on a per-function basis
00:25:11speachyit makes code smaller, and usually (slightly) slower
00:25:21_bilgus__there are some pragmas IIRC
00:25:43_bilgus__but automagic NTIKO
00:26:36_bilgus__some slightly faster its prob a wash
00:26:42 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
00:27:16_bilgus__I wasn't suggesting enabling it any further than we already did I was just mentioning it as one of the hidden settings
00:27:44speachyI think the way it's implemented (via that python wrapper) is seriously janky
00:27:50_bilgus__amognst others that aren forthcoming from my head
00:28:19_bilgus__dude that whole system is janky wait till you see my lua wrappers :p
00:28:46speachyI mean, if we want thumb, why not just turn on -mthumb -mthumb-interwork in the global CFLAGS and be done with it? :)
00:29:34speachywell, it will automatically retry compiling that specific file without -mthumb if it fails with it.
00:30:40speachyprobably worth a try to see how bad the fallout is.
00:30:56_bilgus__yeah no clue I try to stay away from the dark places until I really have to
00:31:27*speachy looks at the lcd rewrite _bilgus__ is cooking and seriously questions his last statement
00:31:28_bilgus__like the codecs folder
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00:31:43_bilgus__yeah lol but thats irked me for like 4 years
00:31:55speachyI intend to kick the codec folder anthill next
00:32:03*_bilgus__ shudders
00:32:47speachyanywhere overriding our warning flags is automatically suspect
00:32:53_bilgus__I get about half way into the hand optimized assembler and then start questioning if its worth it
00:33:34speachywell, it's either that or finish hacking FP awareness into our threading/scheduler. :D
00:34:40speachywhich reminds me, I also need to revisit our threading on hosted and SDL.
00:35:16speachyand on that note. I"m done for today.
00:35:45speachyif you don't mind, please give the latest rocker bootloader a whirl (installable via rbutil, or a pre-patched one is on d.r.o too)
00:36:12_bilgus__same link as earlier?
00:39:21speachyyeah. crap. forgot to update the checksum file.
00:39:26speachydon't think rbutil cares though
00:40:00speachyin hwinfo debug it'll report the BL build now too
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05:44:28johnb3speachy after updating BL and RB to the latest versions, I just tried OTG on the X3ii. Pretty cool!
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06:55:16lebelliumspeachy: thanks for the theme page
06:55:23lebelliumYP-R0 sd card: /dev/sdd1
06:56:56 Join MrZeus_ [0] (~MrZeus@
07:00:39lebelliumwell, I have a different result with OF and Safe Mode
07:02:17lebelliumwith Safe Mode: /dev/sdb = user internal memory (where .rockbox is); /dev/sdc: hidden internal memory; /dev/sdd1: SD card
07:02:48lebelliumwith OF: /dev/sdb = internal memory; /dev/sdc1: SD card
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08:15:06Stanley00speachy: I finally make it, Stanley00/6d9b121ccfca7b8f70a75991d0264b31">
08:16:55 Join Huntereb [0] (~Huntereb@
08:17:58Stanley00basic playback and some plugins/games work, didn't test them all
08:18:10Stanley00bootloader also works
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08:34:42lebelliumrasher: would it be possible to update the Simulator builds for Windows?">
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09:14:04speachylebellium: I meant from within the device itself
09:14:34lebelliumspeachy: but you removed the system files browser :)
09:15:10lebelliumI have to revert back to an older build then
09:15:13speachyand the sim builds... they potentially change every commit. we rebuild them all on the farm, but only linux.
09:15:58speachywe don't even keep the binaries, just make sure they build.
09:26:19lebelliumunder \dev I have gadget, pts, shm, snd and v41
09:26:43lebelliumotherwise I have mnt\media0, media1 and mmc but I already told you that
09:28:11speachyStanley00: so the m5 appears to be more akin to the hiby players
09:28:40speachylebellium: there's no block devices under /dev? that's odd
09:28:45Stanley00yeah, kind of missing between m3k and hiby
09:30:04speachyStanley00: you can probaby use usb-hiby.c directly instead of patching fiio-usb.c
09:30:25lebelliumspeachy: well, I just changed the file browser settings to display hidden files. I have dev\mmcblk0, mmcblk0p1, mmcblk1, mmcblk1p1
09:30:29Stanley00thanks, let me check that
09:30:58speachyditto on the bootloader; should be able to add a few #ifdefs to rocker_linux.c
09:32:08speachylebellium, two mmc devices, huh. I wonder if blk0 is the internal storage?
09:32:29lebelliumhow can I tell?
09:32:30speachydo you have the ability to get a shell on it?
09:32:40lebelliumI don't know what a shell is :)
09:32:46speachyeject the sd card and see if any of those go away
09:33:34lebelliumI still see the same files after ejecting the sd
09:33:43lebelliumI'll reboot the device to be sure
09:34:25lebelliumI confirm, still the same files
09:35:25Stanley00speachy: oh, I see, so we just prefer to reuse the file with #ifdef instead of seperated for each platform then?
09:35:39speachyStanley00: when the only code change is a few #defines, absolutely
09:35:55speachythese things are basically all built on the same "platform"
09:36:26Stanley00agree, I just didn't how much should I change back then, let me try another patch then
09:38:10speachylebellium: another place to look is /sys/block/
09:39:42lebelliumsys/block/mmcblk0 when the card is inserted. no file when ejected
09:39:56speachyawesome, thank you.
09:40:12speachyany chance you could do the same on the sony?
09:40:31lebelliumwill also have to revert back to an older build, thank you :)
09:40:42speachysorry about that..
09:41:09speachyif I had one of thee things in front of me I'd be able to do it myself
09:42:53lebelliumsdcard is mmcblk1
09:43:22lebelliumthere is also mmcblk0 which stays here whatever sd card inserted or ejected.
09:46:23speachyso under /storage, do you already see the contents of everything, or just internal stuff?
09:46:26 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
09:46:36speachyor are there subdirs under there?
09:48:07lebelliumshould I have a storage folder?
09:50:08 Join simpleOne [0] (
09:50:15lebelliumat root? or where exactly? I can't see it
09:50:31speachysorry, /contents
09:51:09speachy_supposedly_ .rockbox exists directly under /contents
09:51:18lebelliumcontents is only internal memory. Alternatively, allcontents\int and ext
09:51:34lebelliumyes .rockbox is under contents
09:51:41speachyand /mnt/mmc is the sd?
09:52:06lebelliumno, mnt/media
10:00:29speachyok. I need to write some more glue code for the nwz platform to enable hotswap but at least I have the paths correct now. :)
10:02:29lebelliumis it easy to compile a Simulator for Windows from my Linux VM ?
10:09:46speachyif it actually works, you'll see <microSD> in the top-level file listing when the card is inserted, and it will let you browse to it.
10:15:16lebelliumI see <microSD1>
10:15:27speachyand does it work?
10:15:56speachysweet, got it right.
10:16:13speachy_hopefully_ the other sony targets place things in the same place
10:16:38lebelliumOnly the A10 and A20 have a microSD slot
10:16:50lebelliumand the A20 is very close to the A10
10:18:14lebelliumI just checked my E580, it's also in contents
10:18:30speachyso none of the E series has an SD slot.
10:20:03 Join johnb3 [0] (
10:20:06speachyokay, the sd jiggery is now limited to the two A models
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10:34:33johnb3I am trying to move from virtualbox to WSL. I am trying to build the toolchain for mips. complains about missing mpfr. How do I install this in Ubuntu 20.4?
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10:38:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6a94f1e result: All green
10:38:14Stanley00johnb3: I think simply run apt install libmpfr-dev should help
10:38:38Stanley00apply the same for remain required libs for gcc
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10:40:51 Join Tighe [0] (
10:41:23TigheIs their any development on iPod Nano 3rd Gen?
10:41:43johnb3thanks that worked. I compiled for arm before, so gcc should be already done.
10:43:07johnb3nope, it is building it again ... :-(
10:45:27 Quit Tighe (Remote host closed the connection)
11:03:36 Quit Stanley00 ()
11:06:33_bilgus__see ya in 6 hrs :P
11:07:42johnb3actually I am done already. I have the arm and mips tool chain. Building the x3ii (bin) was less than a minute.
11:12:21johnb3So apparently it was reusing stuff.
11:15:13speachyhmm. need player pics for the erosq/k still
11:43:21 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
12:00:54_bilgus__Well down to one? last issue with the fb rewrite and its in the greylib didn't change anything there and I can't seem to find where it does the final copy to the framebuffer buttttt I will eventually figure it out
12:05:37braewoods_bilgus__: let me know if you need more testing.
12:05:57braewoodsi ordered some H320s from ebay to do some testing of the sister port
12:06:32braewoodsgiven the realities we deal with on these i think i will end up extending the iriver_flash port to cover the H300 series as well
12:06:45braewoodsin theory they should work since they are similar enough
12:07:37_bilgus__braewoods, hopefully soon but I'll try to get all the known bugs worked out first
12:08:04braewoodsbasically i intend to finish what the previous developer started
12:08:12braewoodsto the extent that is realistic
12:08:20braewoodsbut first i need to see what of the old notes is still relevant
12:08:31braewoodsit's been over 10 years. some of them may no longer apply.
12:10:01_bilgus__I think our 4.0 release is gonna be exciting with all these 'New' players!
12:10:11braewoodsis that the next release?
12:10:15braewoodsor is 3.16 the next one?
12:10:30_bilgus__yeah we ditch the HWcodecs next release is 4.0
12:12:29_bilgus__when I say we I mean speachy lol
12:14:17braewoodswhat releases still used them?
12:14:32braewoodsi mean
12:14:34braewoodswhat targets
12:14:54_bilgus__ah archos and something else
12:15:02braewoodsarchos is retired
12:15:12_bilgus__yes after 3.15
12:15:32braewoodsi guess it was retired due to it being to UPed for software
12:15:50braewoodsbut software decoding is far more flexible
12:15:53braewoodsand portable
12:16:28_bilgus__our main issue was that they are rare and it had a ton of conditional code
12:16:36braewoodsi see.
12:17:02braewoodsas in so rare they only show up on ebay once in a blue moon?
12:17:50_bilgus__as in there is one person with an archos we have seen in two? years
12:18:22braewoodsthese things were clunky
12:18:32braewoodsmake my iriver h120 look small
12:18:36_bilgus__and she stated she didn't upgrade because the bootloader stopped fitting many releases ago
12:18:54braewoodsah so rockbox had outgrown it
12:19:05_bilgus__pretty sure it was the first target
12:21:06braewoodsthe current h300 / h120 / h100 bootloaders use about 58k
12:21:10braewoodsonly about 7k to spare
12:21:46_bilgus__you should see the effort I had to go through to get multiboot into the sansas
12:22:02braewoodshow much space did you have to work with?
12:22:16braewoodsin the case of rockbox it has about 64k for these to work with
12:22:25_bilgus__it was down to 100 bytes left when I got done
12:22:31braewoodsand the total space?
12:22:35 Join johnb3 [0] (
12:22:42braewoodsfor the bootloader
12:22:52_bilgus__I wanna say under 10mb we compress the OF and piggyback
12:23:01braewoodsI se.
12:23:41braewoodsthe iriver coldfire targets seem unique in that they store their bootloader in literal ROM
12:23:55braewoodsso you can literally replace the OF
12:24:13_bilgus__In theory you could alway add another layer of bootstrap
12:24:46braewoodsthere's not much value in the OF on these if you want to upgrade them since flash based storage is the main option today
12:25:03braewoodsand they don't work with flash based storage
12:25:06braewoodsfor whatever reason
12:25:10braewoodsrockbox does just fine
12:25:54_bilgus__the great thing about OSS
12:25:56braewoodsbut while i'm working on the H300 bootloader i plan to stick to the original HDD
12:26:08braewoodssince i may need to boot the OF
12:26:22braewoodsplus, testing.
12:28:57braewoodsthough i can't say i think the H300 bootloader needs much more
12:29:14braewoodsmostly just feature parity and a few odds and ends... if space allows
12:35:52braewoodschecking the FW patching routines..
12:36:18braewoodsit appears that the H100 and H300 firmwares use different offsets for the bootloader
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12:42:40braewoodsthe BL entry point is listed differently in the H300...
12:42:44braewoodssomething is fishy here
12:43:06braewoodsi'll need to read the ROM from within rockbox and see where the bootloader is actually stored
12:43:10braewoodsmake sure the assumptions are sane
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13:10:43 Join _bilgus__ [0] (~bilgus@
13:13:33 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
13:19:38bluebrother^yay. Finally got rbutil to build on macox 10.15.
13:20:31braewoodsbluebrother^: i may need your assistance when i'm ready to publish new bootloaders for the main iriver ports
13:20:38braewoodsso they can be available in rbutil
13:21:30braewoodsi'm planning some new features if they don't make the bootloaders too big
13:21:42fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 843 seconds.
13:21:49braewoodsmostly to bring it to feature parity with the H100/H120 bootloaders
13:21:56fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 7603533 result: All green
13:22:08braewoodsthey can boot RB from flash but the H300 bootloader doesn't yet support it though it should be able to
13:22:08fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision d097742, 291 builds, 10 clients.
13:22:52braewoodsgoing to need to do some research to see how i can extend iriver_flash to support updating the bootloader from within rockbox
13:23:08braewoodsbut for now i wait for the units I ordered to arrive
13:26:06speachyI could use some help getting manuals written (with keymaps) for these new targets
13:26:41speachybecause there's really no reason for them not to be considered "stable"
13:31:19bluebrother^speachy: anything specific?
13:32:01 Join johnb3 [0] (
13:32:10speachyinstallation instructions are probably cut-n-pasteable, but mostly a matter of screenshots where relevant and filling in the keymaps.
13:32:58speachyAGPTek Rocker, xDuoo X3ii/X20, eros Q/K (and their clones)
13:33:06 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
13:33:14bluebrother^do they have the same screen size?
13:33:58johnb3xduoo are portrait, eros landscape
13:34:18johnb3320x240 or so
13:34:20speachy128x160 (I think) 240x320, and 320x240. So the latter set should be okay, not sure about the first
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13:34:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision d097742 result: All green
13:34:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision a05d061, 291 builds, 9 clients.
13:35:07speachystill haven't finished generating screenshots for the X3 yet.
13:35:14speachy(or its keymaps)
13:35:49johnb3screenshots are done with the setting in debug + usb connect, right?
13:35:59speachyI found it easier to do them in the simulator :)
13:36:38speachybut for the manual, we only need to regen the screenshots once for a given screen size/depth
13:36:42johnb3;-) Do we have simulator build for all of them?
13:37:04speachyunless there's there's something unique about a particular sceenshot
13:37:35speachythe eroses dont' have sim builds yet, mainly because I don't have playerpics yet
13:38:18speachyI suppose fixing (or disabling) some of the wonky plugins would be a good idea too
13:38:36speachyeg quake and duke3d supposedly goes kabloeey. most likely RAM limitation
13:39:11bluebrother^nice. Now github builds Rockbox Utiltiy for Linux and macOS :)
13:40:05speachybluebrother^: are those linked off hte wiki / download / etc pages?
13:40:48bluebrother^speachy: no. Right now it's a branch on my mirror of Rockbox that's used, and I only do build them so far, not even archive.
13:40:49johnb3speachy Is building the simulator straight forward (just the choice during make)?
13:41:00bluebrother^main issue was to get it compile on a recent macOS.
13:41:48bluebrother^next would be to have it build a Windows binary too.
13:41:56johnb3Also, where can I check for naming conventions (samples) for screenshots?
13:42:39johnb3where in the git repo ...
13:42:51bluebrother^johnb3: naming is ss-[name]-[resolution]{-player}.png
13:43:50lebelliumspeachy: I tried to play rockboy Mario Tennis on the Agptek H3 yesterday but the scrolling wheel is a pain
13:44:00lebelliumI need a better target for that purpose :D
13:44:56bluebrother^the {-player} is optional and only used if you have an existing screenshot for that resolution but need a different one for a specific player.
13:46:00bluebrother^so mostly for the clips with their different color at the top
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13:46:44fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision a05d061 result: All green
13:46:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 1a1338c, 291 builds, 10 clients.
13:50:34 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:52:38johnb3As the 240x320 is already available for the x3ii, it is mainly about rockbox_interface/images/ ?
13:56:23 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
13:59:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 751 seconds.
13:59:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 1a1338c result: All green
14:03:25speachyjohnb3, it's really a matter of adding keymaps
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16:10:02braewoodslebellium: you said you own irivers from the H100 and H300 series? do you own any remotes? if so, which types? i've been trying to research the remotes and all i could find is the H100 series remote which is also H300 compatible.
16:10:29braewoodslebellium: but apparently there's also 2 kinds of H300 remotes but i have no idea what they look like.
16:10:50braewoodsit appears to be one of the missing features but if i can't find any there's no way to support them
16:11:31braewoodsplus support might be impossible anyway since the few notes i find suggest they found no way to detect the remote differences
16:13:18braewoodshuh. ok.
16:13:32braewoodsfound the non-lcd remote in the manual
16:20:06lebelliumI have the lcd remote which works for both H100 and H300. There is also a non-lcd remote for H10
16:21:01 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
16:22:35lebelliumI'm not sure whether the non-LCD H10 remote also works with H100 and H300
16:22:47lebelliumI would say probably yes
16:25:13lebelliumthe non-LCD remote in the H300 user manuals looks exactly like the H10 remote
16:27:02lebellium-> this is probably the true LCD remote for H300 that no-one has
16:27:19lebelliumThe H100 remote is far more common
16:27:45braewoodsso not much point in trying to support hardware that is that rare
16:28:06braewoodsplus, what does it do that the H100 remote doesn't?
16:28:51lebelliumoh !
16:28:59lebelliumDidn't even know we had such a great wiki page
16:30:11braewoodsgood to know
16:30:18braewoodsbut both h300 remotes that i can tell are super rare
16:30:28braewoodsonly seen them bundled with h300 units
16:30:30braewoodsif at all
16:30:41braewoodsat least at this point in time
16:31:25lebelliumI think most H300 were sold without it
16:31:42lebelliumIt was probably a pricer bundle only sold in some regions
16:31:55braewoodsand i'm not seeing anything unique to it
16:32:08braewoodsthey both have the same basic type of screen
16:32:28lebelliumwell, the design better suits the H300 case compared to the H100 remote. I would definitely buy it if I can find it one day :D
16:33:37braewoodslebellium: you own an iriver h10?
16:33:46braewoodsthe 20GB?
16:34:24lebelliumbut the HDD and battery are dying
16:34:32braewoodsyou can replace those thankfully
16:35:14braewoodsthe cradle seems to be rather rare
16:36:29braewoodslebellium: what does the remote look like?
16:37:08lebelliumI don't have it
16:37:41lebelliumbut as I said, it looks like the same as the one in the H300 user manual
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16:40:22***No seen item changed, no save performed.
16:41:10lebelliumthey also made several LCD remote controls for their CD players (SlimX)
16:41:30lebelliumAt some point there was really much hype in remote controls :)
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16:59:29lebelliumbraewoods: I can't get the non-LCD remote for €25
16:59:35lebelliumI can*
16:59:54braewoodsah. don't you already have it?
17:00:48lebelliumNo, I only have the H100 remote control twice (black + grey)
17:01:11lebelliumIf it's useful for some tests, I can buy it
17:02:13lebelliumas you can see, the connector is a bit different
17:39:49 Quit S|h|a|w|n (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
17:50:22 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
18:11:45braewoodslebellium: i thought so.
18:12:28braewoodslebellium: feel free if you want but I don't know how valuable it would be. the main hitch is how to detect the other remotes.
18:12:42braewoodsthe comments suggest they never found a way to detect them.
18:13:36efqwspeachy: I had some time to think about the m3k and in my opinion the best way to work with the current kernel/rootfs combination we have is to write a new `shutdown` binary that kills all processes, flushes writeback, unmounts everything, and then tell axp192 to cut power via the ioctl() call.
18:13:59efqwThis way rb does NOT have to mess with this junk
18:15:06speachyheck, it can be combined into the bootloader, have the system shutdown scripts call it with an argument to trigger the ioctl.
18:15:21lebelliumbraewoods: actually I didn't really understand why we are talking about iriver remote controls. Is there a plan to change something in the code related to this topic ?
18:15:57braewoodslebellium: i was revisiting the H300 and H100 in the process of doing research for producing a new set of bootloaders.
18:16:11braewoodsi was seeing what else I might want to do within the realm of reason.
18:16:30braewoodsthe H320 hasn't seen a new bootloader in 14 years.
18:16:37braewoodsbut many fixes have been done in master since
18:16:43braewoodsnot all of which i know
18:17:18braewoodsit's looking like it would be unrealistic to add support for the H300 only remotes given their scarcity
18:17:42braewoodsplus the notes left behind suggest they...
18:17:54braewoodshave no known way to detect their difference
18:18:23braewoodslebellium: i was asking mostly for research i guess
18:18:42lebelliumdoes that mean that if I currently plug the non-LCD remote to the H300, it won't be recognized by Rockbox?
18:19:32braewoodssupport was never finished if these notes are still current
18:20:27braewoodsDone (h100 remote only so far)
18:20:31braewoodsfor the h300 side
18:21:13lebelliumOk got it. I like buying things to help for some tests but if no-one is going to dig into the remote detection, I won't waste €25 for a basic remote without LCD :)
18:23:34lebellium3 Rockbox users having the rare H300 LCD remote!
18:23:42lebelliumgood old time
18:23:58braewoodsbut yea, the main stickler is remote detection
18:26:43lebelliumlooks like they already went quite far without solution
18:26:59lebelliumso probably a waste of time in 2020 :/
18:28:19braewoodsnot much point in researching something that is next to impossible to find
18:28:24 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
18:30:25lebelliumIt looks like one can make the difference between the H100 and any H300 remote though. So maybe back to the time it would have been great to have a user setting allowing to select between LCD and non-LCD when a H300 remote is detected?
18:31:02braewoodsi'm not sure honestly
18:31:10braewoodsthe code suggests it is already implemented
18:32:12braewoodslebellium: actually i guess you can do us a favor
18:32:21braewoodsbuy it and see it if works with the latest development builds
18:32:27braewoodsthat's the only reason though
18:32:36braewoodsthe code suggests it may work
18:32:53braewoodsit was commited in october 2006
18:33:25braewoodsthis file
18:34:15braewoodslebellium: guess i'm trying to sort through all the old data to see what is still unresolvd
18:34:31braewoodsin my quest to construct a TODO list for the bootloader
18:40:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:43:28lebelliumindeed if I understand button-h300.c the 3 remote are handled
18:43:57braewoodslebellium: well without the hardware i can't be sure
18:44:18braewoodsup to you but that's something that would be nice to know.
18:44:32braewoodsif the non-lcd works the lcd one probably does as well
18:49:54lebelliumok bought. I'll let you know when I get it
18:50:49lebelliumgood night
18:58:21 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
19:22:45 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
19:43:56 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:44:06 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:45:45 Quit fs-bluebot_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:47:22 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
19:51:59braewoodsspeachy: what is this WPS i keep reading about in rockbox stuff?
20:21:44__builtin"While Playing Screen"
20:22:05__builtinit's one of the primary themeable elements
20:40:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:41:39_bilgus__and the skin engine (parser) is a bitch
22:11:16 Quit MrZeus_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:20:44 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
22:33:38Stanley00I've have updated the patch to use usb-hiby.c and rocker_linux.c for M5. Now, if there's a way to make an updatable firmware as in fiio m3k, that would be great
22:34:04Stanley00how do you create firmware file for fiio m3k or hiby based player?
22:34:56Stanley00I check the firmware from m5, and it zip file of bunch of (maybe signed apk) zip files
22:35:31efqwStanley00: currently we have no idea how to do this
22:35:53Stanley00oh, how do you flash the firmware to m3k then?
22:37:17efqwFiiO borrowed the OTA stuff from the ingenic BSP instead of implementing their own (saner) versions like hiby did (.upt ISO image with simple md5 hash inside)
22:38:12efqwThe Ingenic BSP was originally designed for iot (spy) speakers, so it does make some sense to have signed updates.
22:39:02efqwCurrently there are two ways to approach this on an M3K
22:40:06efqwFirst, you can use the xvortex image (which is signed) to acquire a root shell, and then try to update the system UBI image (or remount it as rw and make your changes on the fly). I have not tried this so I cannot guarantee this will work.
22:40:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:50Stanley00yes, and what is the second way then?
22:56:02 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
23:02:07Stanley00currently, I already have root shell on m5, but I just think this is not so user friendly way to install rockbox
23:06:46 Quit bonfire (Quit: Leaving)
23:13:21efqwSorry I was distracted by something else
23:13:38efqwThe 2nd way is to use the ingenic usb cloner to flash the ubi partition.
23:14:22efqwThis bypasses the recovery (which is where the signature check happens)
23:15:49efqwWe do not have rights/permission to distribute this cloner tool
23:16:52efqwBut if you have it, all you need to do is to dump your device's flash partitions.
23:16:55Stanley00I tried this cloner tool, but it seems it will need some config specific to the board, right?
23:17:11efqwDo you have all of the flash dumped?
23:17:43Stanley00I have some kind of mtd layout from dmesg message, not sure if it is the right one?
23:17:53efqwThat's all you need.
23:19:14Stanley00also, do I need special boot mode for the m5? I'm just feeling that plug it in usb port doesn't sound right
23:20:00efqwYou need to power off the device, hold down a key and insert the USB cable
23:20:30efqwIf the device doesn't start and your PC finds a new USB device, then it's good
23:24:26Stanley00hmm... for my m5, there's only 3 buttons, and one of them already used for offline update, I will test this later today, thanks for the info
23:25:29efqwuse the other one then
23:25:45efqwit's not power as that one is attached to the PMU
23:28:54Stanley00this left out just one button remain, but I need at least 12 hours more so I can comeback to my dev pc to try this
23:39:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dfae5d8, 292 builds, 9 clients.
23:43:12efqwif you're on windows, you can use zadig to install the libusb driver
23:43:21efqwthe cloner driver is just libusb
23:49:02Stanley00I'm using linux, so I hope it would be easier
23:49:03 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:49:34efqwon linux it needs sudo to set up udev rules
23:49:44efqwI recommend using a vm for this
23:49:46 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:52:31Stanley00oh, sudo and closed source tools sounds to sketch... I will go with vm then
23:57:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1076 seconds.
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23:57:51Stanley00efqw: ah, one more thing, did the poweroff issue with m3k fixed?
23:58:10Stanley00I would love to fix those issue with m5 too

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