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#rockbox log for 2020-10-20

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04:58:33efqwStanley00: the axp192 chip is actually decent, it might be the driver's fault.
05:00:31Stanley00yep, #define OCVVOL5 3880 <= this is defined at the top of the driver source, so it will always report max cap as 5 when the voltage is over 3.8V
05:01:31Stanley00anyway, I just use the battery voltage, the capacity is not used
05:02:42efqwIt's a shame because the battery gauge in the axp192 is much more accurate than a voltage-based estimate
05:05:19Stanley00I guess they forgot to update reference formula for M5, and just copy from m3k
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10:45:00speachy_bilgus__: we have a complaint about the rocker not starting playback; I can't recreate this on what I have here. (sounds like an issue I already fixed)
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11:47:15_bilgus__ok I can try head
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12:00:47speachythe problem I found (and fixed) was easily triggered on the X3ii −− due to the extra crap it had going on at playback start the intiial playback buffer could underrun and the alsa driver couldn't recover. the underrun might not be fixable ultimately, but the underrun should recover cleanly.
12:12:56efqwspeachy: I have an interesting problem on the m3k, which were present in the xvortex port as well
12:13:33efqwThe database takes forever to update and there's no indication of the progress.
12:15:07speachythere's no platform-specific code in the database stuff
12:15:37speachyadb in and run strace on the binary?
12:15:45speachy(wait, there's no adb, nevermind)
12:16:06efqwinteresting, is there a way that I can check the database update progress?
12:16:34_bilgus__check for the db files
12:16:42_bilgus__should be 0-9
12:17:07speachyI vaguely recall being able to go into the database or debug menu and check on db status
12:17:12_bilgus__speachy is there a certian filetype that causes the issue?
12:17:36speachythat's all I got
12:17:47_bilgus__I set up start screen to auto resume flac mp3 ape ok
12:18:39speachyefqw: my x3 is in the car and the other players are put away due to needing workspace for $dayjob hardware
12:19:39efqwWill rockbox inhibit the auto power-off while the database is being updated?
12:19:45_bilgus__x3 or x3ii?
12:20:16speachy_bilgus__: x3 in the car, x3ii in a box, within a box, on the shelf. :P
12:20:19_bilgus__my x3 is building a db atm and I have the commit step
12:20:28efqwcurrently it's using 15.7% of the cpu so it's actually doing something
12:20:34efqwjust really slow I suppose?
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12:20:54_bilgus__efqw the player will let you push the building into the background
12:21:26_bilgus__if there was an errant key press (from you or the device) itd push it into the background
12:22:25_bilgus__and yes debug menu does show progress
12:22:54_bilgus__Debug Menu>View database info
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12:26:31_bilgus__oh cool the h100 sim shows the remote
12:27:33_bilgus__I'm down to tracing issues on vertical 2 bit displays its the last screen type that doesn't work with arbritrary strides
12:28:12_bilgus__hell if I know where it is different than the rest but none of the others were apparent either
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12:39:44_bilgus__speachy, braewoods, other interested parties #g2811 should work for devices now, there are still some issues with arbritrary strides but ATM that should only be apparent in test_viewports.c
12:40:21speachy_bilgus__: as opposed to "native" strides?
12:40:26braewoodsi'll look at it in a bit
12:40:56_bilgus__yeah native strides are fine OFC but there is something still hardcoded SOMEWHERE
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12:41:52_bilgus__non native viewports are now able to be copied back to the main FB automatically now basically sprites..
12:48:18_bilgus__oh and the Start Screen 'open plugin' is a godsend for testing plugins
12:48:57_bilgus__nice to have it start into it automatically
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13:58:20speachy_bilgus__: so, um, was 2811 supposed to fix the "buttons locked" artifact getting left behdinf over he backdrop on the WPS?
13:59:18_bilgus__if its just the previous data then no but if its garbled yes
13:59:40speachyit's not garbled
14:00:13speachyand the plugin corruption I saw before is gone
14:00:18_bilgus__thats probably just an issue with the WPS not refreshing proper but i'll look at it
14:00:30_bilgus__yes thats the one I was going after
14:02:00_bilgus__also I figured out a generic way to supply the frame buffer to all the plugins so that'll get rid of vp_get_framebuffer
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14:12:09speachynot sure if it'll show up on the rocker or not; I don't know if the theme paints over the center of the screen or not
14:13:05_bilgus__I probably just missed the svae restore vp on that
14:13:54speachyultimately I don't know if it's a bug in the splash code, the viewport code (ie not incluidng the background in a repaint), or the wps code.
14:14:27_bilgus__I'll psh one more that should take care of it
14:14:29speachythere's also other wonkiness like the progress bar getting painted before the rest of the screen when you wake it back up.
14:14:48_bilgus__is this the rocker?
14:15:04speachythis is on the x3ii but that differs only in the screen resolution
14:32:49_bilgus__yeah not sure off why its hanging around I'll try to get the rocker to reproduce it tonight
14:33:22lebelliumAs we're talking about the theme engine, it seems that the info viewport in SBS doesn't refresh in some cas
14:33:24lebelliumfor example %?mp<%VI(Z)|%VI(X)>
14:33:54lebelliumI'm obliged to enter a menu and get back to the home screen to force refresh
14:37:39_bilgus__is that at head or with this patch?
14:38:30lebelliumhead on target and latest UI simulator (2018)
14:38:50_bilgus__what target sim?
14:39:39lebelliumOnda VX747 (240x400 for my YP-R1)
14:39:54_bilgus__ok I'll add it to my test regime
14:41:03_bilgus__I know they keep a viewport for static and dynamic so it might be a similar issue to the WPS
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14:43:07_bilgus__all in all besides the annoyance of 70 some source files open in my editor I'm quite pleased with the flexibility
14:50:46lebelliumI'm also facing another issue with my theme for touch target but I'm not sure there is a solution. To reproduce a "virtual key pressing" effect, I made some bitmaps for highlighted play and pause buttons
14:51:10lebelliumWhen pausing playback, I'd like to get "pause -> pause_highlight -> play"
14:51:15lebelliumbut I get "pause -> pause_highlight -> play_highlight -> play" instead
14:51:21lebelliumWhen resuming playback, I'd like to get "play -> play_highlight -> pause"
14:51:26lebelliumbut I get "play -> play_highlight -> pause_highlight -> play" instead
14:52:05lebelliumlooks like I get all ?mp status for a few milliseconds
14:55:12_bilgus__within a theme?
14:55:54_bilgus__pu an example that reproduces it on flyspray and I'll try to get to it in the next few weeks, that theme engine is a nightmare
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15:16:14lebelliumYes within a theme. I'm not sure it's a bug, rather a limitation of the theme engine when using playback status (%mp) conditionnals.
15:16:21lebelliumI'm trying to get that:
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17:08:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6834d1a, 292 builds, 9 clients.
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17:48:53lebellium_bilgus__: so that we have a trace: FS #13249
17:48:54fs-bluebot SBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditional (bugs, unconfirmed)
18:00:19lebelliumspeachy: regarding your latest commit, there is also some POP noise at startup on YP-R0/YP-R1. I don't know if that can be optimized?
18:00:59speachy...possibly? Depends on what controls are exposed
18:07:15speachythe x3ii and its siblings have the ability to power down the external aanalog audio path; that's what we use to "mute" things when the codec itself is responsible for the misbehavior.
18:07:53lebelliumThe POP is much more annoying on YP-R1 (WM1808 used as WM8978) than on YP-R0 (as3534)
18:08:09lebelliumbut I don't know their abilities
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18:12:42lebelliumOn the Rocker there is also annoying pop every time you skip or pause/resume a track
18:13:06lebelliumBut I think it was already there in OF. I should check again
18:13:53speachywe already mute the rocker whenever there's no pcm data flowing.
18:14:09speachyvery little control over that hardware unfortunately.
18:14:39speachyI can't find a datasheet for the wm1808 but the wm8978 doesn't have an external mute control.
18:15:05speachythere is a soft mute but depending on the source of that pop it might not matter.
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18:23:15lebelliumI see
18:23:39lebelliumthanks for checking
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18:33:43speachyinterestingly the wm8978 driver (shared by both) only explicitly mutes the hardware at shutdown.
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19:20:37genevinospeachy: i did not really find the time to look more closely into the current behaviour of my agptek rocker over the last days, but i noticed that shutdown was fixed (i got a "WARNING: blahblahblah something" message on shutdown once that disappeared just after ~200ms or so so i couldn't read it, but that was not an issue or something)
19:21:25genevinooverall it did shut down clearly over the last days every time i tried - i didn't have much time to use the thing i have to admit.
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19:37:29speachygenevino: the warning probably has to do with the battery level.
19:49:08speachy_bilgus__: I wonder if fs#12927 is related to the 2bit display issues in your viewport patch?
19:49:10fs-bluebot_ bit lcd drivers ignore drawmode in lcd_bitmap_part() (bugs, new)
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20:08:43efqwso I guess there was nothing wrong with the database
20:08:56efqwit's just much slower than I've expected
20:09:12efqwsomehow updating it was slower than hiby-based players
20:24:18speachyheads-up: I'm going to upgrade our gerrit instance in the next couple of days. I'm in the process of test upgrades on a snapshot to work out the main kinks.
20:26:55speachyI'm going to target Thursday afternoon (US-Eastern time zone). gerrit (and authenticated ssh access to our git repos) will be unavailable during this time
20:27:10speachyanongit and cgit/gitweb will continue to work
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