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#rockbox log for 2020-10-30

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01:04:41braewoods_bilgus: yes i'm aware of the size. it excludes the 8 bytes. i was aware of that when i added the 7-pre5 bootloader.
01:05:04_bilgusbut you removed it from the comment?
01:07:13_bilgusah ok I see you were anticipating the next question
01:16:05_bilgusso braewoods you are bring in memcpy in this plugin right?
01:16:21_bilgussorry memcmp
01:20:44fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 6bc6af6, 293 builds, 8 clients.
01:22:52_bilgusthis fuze+ hard locked again it now has two twisted wires for a battery switch
01:35:03braewoods_bilgus: yea. is that a problem? it was simpler than reinventing it.
01:35:46_bilgusno I just figured you would switch the others to it
01:35:53braewoodseventually yes
01:35:57mendel_munkis_bilgus I amplanning on (eventually)soldering a switch onto the batteryofone of my fuze+s
01:36:04braewoodsi'm working on them in stages
01:37:52_bilgusmendel_munkis, word of advice on that only pull the battery while connected to a usb supply I glitched it doing it and it took like 20 mins before it'd turn on instead of a white screen
01:38:32_bilgusI'm scared to even do the switch with out having it on usb at this point TBH
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01:39:00fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6bc6af6 result: All green
01:40:04_bilgusmendel solder in a reed switch I have some at home and then you can reset with a strong magnet
01:40:43_bilgusit looks like there might be enough room for a small one
01:41:51mendel_munkisthe real reason I want it is to test RTC init stuff where that is not an issue. but yeah using a reed for that seems like a cool idea.
01:42:07braewoods_bilgus: i rebased my other patch set. it said it had a merge conflict.
02:04:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 7c498b9, 293 builds, 8 clients.
02:13:23_bilgusgerrit is dumb sometimes
02:18:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 834 seconds.
02:18:06fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 7c498b9 result: All green
02:35:53braewoodsthe old code for dialog has an incorrect pointer arithmetic
02:36:16braewoodsit adds 4MiB to a uint16_t* so it's actually offset by twice that.
02:36:32braewoodsfunny what you can find...
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15:20:27lebellium_bilgus: so I just installed a fresh build on my YP-R1. Is FS #13249 really supposed to be fixed?
15:20:28fs-bluebot_ SBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditional (bugs, requires testing)
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15:22:34harmonicholasHello to everyone. I've managed to compile the rockbox project on macOS catalina, be it with gcc or clang. I am able to get sound in the simulator (no GUI unfortunately). Could I submit my patches ? If so, how to proceed ?
15:28:50braewoodsharmonicholas: if you've not already been there
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15:31:42harmonicholastthank you braewoods ;)
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19:03:18_bilgus<lebellium> AFAICT it is used your examples and they worked? does it not for you?
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20:06:48speachyI want to nuke pcm_play_pause from the PCM API. The only core use is exporting it to the plugin API, and it's unused there except the lua bindings.
20:08:47speachyeverything that used to use it now uses the mixer_play_pause api instead.
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20:37:09speachyit hasn't been used since 2011.
20:37:12speachy g#2941
20:37:14fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #2941 at : pcm: Get rid of pcm_play_pause() and associated APIs by Solomon Peachy
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21:16:26_bilgus_get rid of it before someone uses it again
21:18:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fe2d52c, 293 builds, 8 clients.
21:18:44speachyI guess we'll find out what turns yellow/red. :D
21:19:21*speachy likes seeing diffs that yield a net negative LOCC.
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21:41:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1365 seconds.
21:41:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fe2d52c result: 8 errors 0 warnings
21:44:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7eee526, 293 builds, 8 clients.
21:47:25speachynot sure if I'll get it done this weekend, but I'm going to attempt to rewrite the pcm-alsa driver to do its thing in a separate thread.
22:03:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1120 seconds.
22:03:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7eee526 result: All green
22:06:09speachy_bilgus_: here's a question. on an average screen repaint, how often does lcd_update_rect() get called? potentially once per vp?
22:07:03_bilgus_depends where you are exactly but there is no overlap cheching so yeah worst case 1 per in flight vp
22:07:18speachyon the linux driver, every call to lcd_update_rect() triggers a low-level screen repaint. I wonder if I should batch things and only update it on the next timer tick.
22:08:59_bilgus_probably lets see 70 fps would be roughly 16 ms?
22:09:22speachyI think ticks are 100 HZ, ie 10ms.
22:09:52_bilgus_so yeah not quite two each tick then
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22:11:04_bilgus_I've been chasing an error questioning my sanity for the vp test program and I realize I'm allocating the buffer on the stack now
22:11:23speachywell, that would do it. :D
22:15:02_bilgus_I threw away good code over this :/ lol
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23:19:46__builtinis there any desire for a release around the new year?
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23:29:19_bilgus_I don't know if we will be ready by then but yes
23:58:43speachyI want to see the hiby-based players promoted to stable too. Or at least one of them.

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