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#rockbox log for 2020-10-31

00:00:51speachy"UnDeFined instruction" that GCC helpfully inserted when its optimizer discovered a potential null pointer dereference.
00:02:15speachynow the underlying issue is still there, but at least it should probably "work" now.
00:02:39speachy(probably one of the many, many warnings that's suppressed by the SDL builds)
00:04:10speachymy two big stable-gating things (other than the obvious manual needing to be written) for the hiby targets are properly threading the pcm driver, and possibly doing the same for the lcd code too.
00:04:41speachy(and possibly a third thread for the input code?)
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04:45:49wodzspeachy: You should bump plugin api number somewhere.
04:50:39wodzplugin.h line 158
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05:31:12_bilgus_again pretty sure I just bumped it?
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06:26:24_bilgus_oh after he rips out the pcm stuff got it
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09:39:26speachywodz: whoops, thanks for reminding me.
09:42:43_bilgus__Note ** add a way to get current bluetooth device address or possibly reference in trusted list to allow playlists to be tied to specific found/paired devices
09:43:43_bilgus__So I have an outline of the bt menu I still need to work it out but I have the basic settings/settings/list stuff done
09:45:11_bilgus__so far I have bool bt_enable, *bt_flags I figure flags can be passed to the hw_init and it can alter them if it doesn't support the flag
09:47:48_bilgus__[enable bt](t/f) [settings](menu) > [scan(fn), trusted list(menu), config?]
09:50:30_bilgus__[trusted list]READ(bt_trusted.cfg)after scan place untrusted at bottom, each item should have a context menu
09:52:32_bilgus__[trusted] pair, auto/default?, remove, config(menu) > pin, playlist?, volume?
09:53:09_bilgus__I'll be back later if anyone has ideas i'll implement them the best I can
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10:53:48lebellium_bilgus__: FS #13249 is not fixed on YP-R1 with the latest build
10:53:50fs-bluebot SBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditional (bugs, requires testing)
10:55:50lebelliumalso, the quickscreen is now broken
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12:41:52wodzpamaury: dd82f13fa1 has bug IMO. in rocker there is alsa_controls_init("debug") instead of alsa_controls_init("default") (as in every other driver)
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12:50:29pamaurywodz: it was committed by speachy
12:50:31pamauryspeachy: ^
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13:32:47_bilgus__lebellium, is the quickscreen just getting covered up?
13:35:12lebellium_bilgus__: yes, it displays "shuffle" and "repeat" a few milliseconds then gets covered up
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14:16:34bluebrotherhmm. Now Rockbox Utility builds on Github both for Linux and macOS, but there seems to be a bug that doesn't allow downloading the artifacts unless you're logged in. Github issue :/
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14:40:17_bilgus__ok quick screen fixed still looking for what I change that re-broke the Info Vp
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15:10:29_bilgus__lebellium, so is it supposed to toggle when I clIck the play pause part and when I do C for usb plug unplug or is there something else I'm missing?
15:11:20lebelliumthe SBS viewport has a different size for each playback status (play, pause, stop)
15:12:00lebelliumso everytime you change the playback status, the viewport should change
15:12:51lebelliumshort press: play/pause
15:12:55lebelliumlong press: stop
15:27:07_bilgus__yeah I got it working there is still something off as I broke the static text items to do it but I'll get it figured out and let you know in the FS
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15:33:23lebelliumok thank you
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16:15:23braewoodsi'm surprised this is allowed.
16:15:33braewoodsuint16_t* FB = (uint16_t) FB;
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16:15:44braewoodsuint16_t* FB = (uint16_t*) FB;
16:17:12speachywhy not? it's effectively an empty assigment that will probably get optimized out, but it's legal..
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16:20:51wodzspeachy: dd82f13fa1 is probably broken on rocker.
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16:21:53speachywodz: it worked on two other hiby targets, why would it break on the rocker?
16:22:18wodzin rocker there is alsa_controls_init("debug") instead of alsa_controls_init("default") (as in every other driver)
16:22:44*speachy blinks and goes.. wtf?
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16:23:11wodzI guess it should be "debug" as well. Maybe "debug" is ignored as invalid and reverts to "default"
16:23:50speachy(how did I end up putting "debug" into that particular line?)
16:25:13speachyonly in the sense that my brain "autocompleted" it differently than the other four files I'd just edited...
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16:38:40speachywodz: thanks for catching it for me. Of course the brainfart typo happens on the one target I can't actually test.
16:40:00wodzspeachy: You're wellcome
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18:08:15braewoods_bilgus__: i think i'm going to redo the flash commands in iriver_flash to work in terms of byte offsets and just have it account for the real size internally.
18:08:33braewoodsit's a lot easier to reason in byte offsets for me than word offsets
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