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#rockbox log for 2020-11-04

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12:22:18genevinore-flashed my rocker (even fully cleared the sd card before) but i'm just getting a green "Cannot boot Rockbox" on startup. any hints what's going on?
12:47:05speachymost likely the SD card isn't quite right
12:49:30speachyadv works on that thing, it wouldn't be hard to get a debug shell and see if it mounted sanely and if .rockbox is otherwise accessible
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15:48:21genevinospeachy: there's no .rockbox but i can access the SD card just fine
15:48:49speachy... so you didn't unzip a rockbox build to the sd card root?
15:49:09genevinoexactly, since i thought that's just what rbutil does.
15:50:22genevinojust trying again, let's see.
15:53:27genevinook that worked
15:53:32genevinono idea what i did wrong on the first try
15:55:04genevinoaha, looks like i accidentally wrote in my mountpoint directory while the device wasn't mounted...
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18:43:21iPodNano3rdGenJuAnyone else wish Rockbox supported the Nano 3g?
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18:48:28Nano3GtoROCKboxhows today going?
18:48:44helpPLSwha bou u?
18:49:20Nano3GtoROCKboxwhy doesnt rockbox support the 3rd gen ipod nano?
18:49:33helpPLSidk, why u ask me?
18:49:45Nano3GtoROCKboxbc i have 1
18:50:15Nano3GtoROCKboxuhm i want to put rock box on it?
18:50:25helpPLSkid, i feel for you
18:50:33Nano3GtoROCKboxim not a kid
18:50:41helpPLSyea Right
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19:50:51*speachy raises an eyebrow.
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21:48:03speachyand for the record:
21:48:12speachy"Currently no one has begun porting Rockbox to the device. A port can begin whenever someone takes interest."
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23:02:21braewoodsspeachy: the backlog reminds me of a cartoon where the character write their name upon admittance to the ER as
23:02:28braewoodsspeachy: "help the pain is excruiating"
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23:52:56*__builtin chuckles

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