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#rockbox log for 2020-11-05

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02:27:21braewoodsthere we go. i found a solution i like better to the odd bytes problem...
02:27:48braewoodsif the last byte is missing i'll just OR in a substitute.
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05:01:19braewoodstest run of critical code in bootloader flash appears good
05:01:36braewoodsnext time i'll test it in the real section
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08:23:48braewoodsnext up...
08:24:15braewoodsfinishing the rework of the last feature of iriver_flash
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13:28:31bilgus_speachy looking into your usb patch a bit deeper I assad a function to suspend skin updates yet the progress bar was still displayed
13:29:31bilgus_Now it did make the popup flawless but I pondered for a moment how viewport_clear seemed to skip over the area
13:30:21speachybilgus_: I think the progress bar is being updated via the audio playback processing callback.
13:30:23bilgus_yes/no gui has themes enabled therefore it gets passed back the viewport from the skin and that viewport is clipped
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13:31:24bilgus_the updates happen in skin_display.c:skin_wait_for_action
13:32:54bilgus_to suspend I just added while (suspend_skin_updates) sleep(1); to the top and a exposed setting function that sets the bool and posts redraw to the button queue to get it out of the refresh loop
13:34:04bilgus_but since yes/no gui has that clipped viewport it can't fully clear the display
13:34:26speachyhmm, could just make yesno into a full-screen viewport
13:34:55bilgus_yep but after you do the themem one to copy its settings
13:35:27bilgus_then it stays themed but no bars etc
13:35:49bilgus_make a copy don't want to change the passed skin_vp
13:37:19bilgus_also while tracking the skin stuff in the wps for the onda VX I took wodz suggestion to check it out with gdb and now I can't repro
13:37:34speachyalso had a request to, if the default usb operation is to charge, make holding select trigger mass storage instead.
13:37:53bilgus_weird but I did discover it takes two runs through the refresh to fully display everything
13:38:17bilgus_speachy agree and also a timeout to default to mass storage
13:38:27bilgus_even if its 5 minutes
13:39:00speachyI think any timeout should be chargeonly; folks wanting mass storage would be more likely to be paying attention
13:39:15bilgus_I only say that because itd suck to have a button failure
13:40:24bilgus_not be able to get back in to change it although I wonder if all bootloaders now have native usb
13:40:47bilgus_in the old days thatd have been more likely
13:41:18speachynative usb or removeable storage
13:41:44speachy(and/or easy entry into the OF)
13:42:08bilgus_as long as there is a way around it then I say sounds good
13:42:09speachyI don't know if we really should care about blatant hardware failure like that
13:42:26bilgus_eh Ive had builds that fail to button
13:43:01bilgus_but as long as there is an alternate way to get usb thats fine
13:43:33speachyI'm not confident that globally holds
13:43:51bilgus_oh speaking of buttons your yes no gui sometimes picks up the usb insert and kicks out without waiting for button press
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13:44:00bilgus_it needs a queue clear
13:44:03speachyyeah, I saw that a couple of times
13:44:18speachythat's more of a bug in yesno though?
13:44:37bilgus_oversight more than a bug I suppose
13:44:52bilgus_so skin_render takes two runs to fully update a blanked display
13:45:37bilgus_rather than having to call it and wait for it to get a second run to update I'll probably make the dirty_vp check just force everything
13:50:42bilgus_I'm sure its set up this way to cut down on flicker
13:51:27bilgus_so maybe better bet is to just make the second refresh hapen with wait_for_action()
13:51:58bilgus_(it already does if the device has RTC which is why its apparent in the sim but not on device
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14:11:22speachyhow would I clear the queue?
14:12:07speachyabout to push an updated version of the patch that adds the force-msp-if-charge-default thing.
14:13:30bilgus_should have an explicit button clear queue
14:14:12bilgus_ button_clear_queue()
14:15:01bilgus_co sorry thats not where its defined
14:15:47speachythere's an 'action_wait_for_release()' in there already
14:17:40bilgus_IIRC that only ignores one press there are potentially several things in the queue
14:18:25bilgus_so thatd stop me holding a button from being picked up..
14:19:01bilgus_duh button.c
14:19:06bilgus_but its just queue_clear(&button_queue);
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14:21:32speachyok, new version of g#2568 up
14:21:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #2568 at : usb: prompt user about what to do upon usb insertion (v5 WIP) by Solomon Peachy
14:22:11speachyand the one-line g#2957
14:22:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #2957 at : YesNo: Clear the button queue so a latent keypress doesn't skip the prompt by Solomon Peachy
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14:27:08bilgus_as far as making it full screened I wonder what the implications are elsewhere
14:27:25bilgus_plugins would already be full screen
14:27:58bilgus_ao maybe some of the menus I think there are a few places that prompt
14:28:22bilgus_though there wouldn't be a skin vp in effect
14:28:47speachythere arnen't many users
14:29:30bilgus_touchscreens do the same thing we are talking about
14:31:57bilgus_maybe we can make the rect part always show just only fill them if we have TS
14:33:12bilgus_or we could just leave it and put a rect around it
14:33:19bilgus_then its a pop up
14:42:25speachyhuh. I just trashed something.. popup always returned after a second, then when I tried to press a key the next time, it went away except for the message line, still scrolling back and forth over one line of the menu
14:42:27speachy(on the x3)
14:42:57speachyand when I tried to hit another key, I got the tlb refill exception (aka segfault)
14:43:12speachyso something's still not quite kosher in viewport-land
14:47:59bilgus_was this with it as current patch or when you tried to change the VP?
15:10:00speachycurrent patch as pushed right now
15:10:28speachy(ie using the vp that yesno creates)
15:13:59bilgus_it gets it from sb_skin_get_info_vp
15:14:19bilgus_becuse of the sikin_theme_enable
15:15:25bilgus_both in viewport.c
15:20:53bilgus_I imagine its still an issue of 'out of band' access ill push my suspend stuff
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15:57:32bilgus_does 2958 help?
15:57:38bilgus_ g#2958
15:57:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #2958 at : skin_engine add skin_suspend by William Wilgus
15:58:05speachywith the wps wonkiness you mean?
15:58:07bilgus_I still can't get it to reliably pop and stay something is causing it to return
15:58:25bilgus_yes should make it stop updating
15:58:44bilgus_it works when I can actually get it to stay up on usb plug
15:59:01bilgus_but even clearing the queue isn't helping
15:59:25bilgus_I'm thinking maybe a better bet would be to give the usb stidd a hook in the wps event loop
16:00:03speachyyeah, I think so.
16:00:09bilgus_even if we make it a function pointer
16:00:51bilgus_that way we can pass that around rather than reimplementing the code
16:01:15bilgus_a run my func hook
16:02:09bilgus_there are actually a few of those I'll have a look tonight about consolidating that into a useful mechanism..
16:02:42speachyon the x3 that doesn't seem to work; the WPS is partially redrawn over the popup and it goes away in a few seconds
16:03:11bilgus_thats just after you get rid of the pop right?
16:03:47bilgus_^ what I was talking about it taking two refreshes
16:04:14speachyno, it pops up, gets trashed, and goes away, all within a second or two
16:04:32speachyno touching buttons
16:04:36bilgus_oh I got it to work on about the 3rd plug
16:05:35speachyjust failed 10x in a row
16:05:45bilgus_the prompt is returning early otherwise update would still be suspended
16:06:20bilgus_add a sleep at the end of the prompt function and see if it exits early?
16:06:38speachyit gets trashed nearly immediately after it pops up, and goes away in about another second
16:08:31bilgus_is it still active when that happens are you able to still hit select to usb connect?
16:09:19speachydoesn't yes
16:09:59bilgus_well putting it in the proper event loop should just melt this all away
16:15:14bilgus_then we can just plut that in all the loops applicable
16:24:35bilgus_ugh but that changes the order of execution
16:24:54bilgus_you have to then wait for an ack or something in the usb thread
16:25:45speachyyeah, I quickly figured out it was more complex than I had time to figure out.
16:26:29bilgus_or it could just auto to charging only and maybe we can reconfigure to mass storage later?
16:27:07bilgus_or we just dump it to main menu
16:27:36bilgus_still needs a hook but it gets rid of all this maneuvering
16:28:13speachyconsider the (very) common car use case, where rb gets turned on because its usb power gets turned on.
16:29:22bilgus_not following the exact issue there? just the prompt would be annoying
16:29:47bilgus_but you know when that is active so not too hard to work around
16:29:48speachyyeah, I realized that was nonsense after I'd typed it
16:30:29speachyI just don't want the music to stop playing when it's configured to ask. Ideally returning to the WPS, but back to the main menu is probably okay.
16:30:50bilgus_we can exit the wps while music is still playing
16:31:10bilgus_I'll play with it a bit with a new branch
16:31:25bilgus_reimplement some of that and see how it shakes out
16:31:42speachyACTION_WPS_STOP stops music. I think only ACTION_WPS_BROWSE does what I want
16:32:38speachyor add ACTION_USB_PLUG and have the rootmenu do the right thing, including returning to the WPS.
16:41:31bilgus_sounds like the right way, I don't remember if the FMS uses the same framework or it needs to do the same]
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