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#rockbox log for 2020-11-07

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07:23:55wodz_bilgus__: What you pasted in gist is possible but I am not sure it is optimal. As stated before rocker uses bluez4 stack, while all modern distros use bluez5. On bluez4 rssi is optional property of the DeviceFound signal. Quoting documentation "The dictionary can contain basically the same values that are returned by the GetProperties method from the org.bluez.Device interface. In addition there can be values for the RSSI, the TX power level
07:23:55wodzand Broadcaster role."
07:24:46wodz_bilgus__: On bluez5 rssi value change is constantly updated and can be monitored by hooking to PropertChanged signal
07:26:03wodz_bilgus__: So it seems you cannot ask particular device for rssi other then performing scan.
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09:02:07lebelliumbraewoods: got my non-LCD H300 remote. Works fine with the latest build. 2 issues though: 1) weird keymapping for long press on the "play" button. It opens the pitch up/down menu, which is pretty useless IMO. I would rather expect it to stop playback/shutdown the player -> I think this is due to common keymapping with the LCD remote which has a dedicated "stop" button. 2) I cannot start the player with the remote "Play" button, it
09:02:07lebelliumsays "HOLD switch ON, power off" while this isn't true. Both hold swichs on unit and remote are OFF. No issue with the LCD remote
09:04:02lebelliumWhen I'm talking about the LCD remote, I'm talking about the H100 remote. I don't own the rare H300 LCD remote
09:04:50braewoodsi figured as much.
09:05:08braewoodsthe h300 exclusive ones are hard to analyze when they're so rare.
09:12:23lebelliumsame behavior on H140
09:23:00lebelliumIn button-h300.c there is some exception for the hold switch on non-LCD remote but I can't decrypt it
09:49:28braewoodslebellium: i'd wonder what it does when the hold button is actually on
09:49:32braewoodserr switch
09:50:48lebelliumthe bootloader says the same thing "HOLD switch ON, power off"
09:50:57lebelliumbut the hold button works perfectly once the device is started
09:51:15_bilgus__wodz for the moment I'm not particularly concerned with the RSSI but I would like the bluetooth_device struct, bluetooth_scan & bluetooth_connect to be worked out before I build a whole menu around it but Its not overly hard to change the backend as lonmg as we have a semi sane API
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10:40:29braewoodslebellium: it's an older bootloader?
10:40:38braewoodslebellium: it probably needs to be updated then.
10:40:54braewoodsthat may be on of the benefits of an upgraded one
10:41:05braewoodsi'll get to that eventually
10:41:12braewoodsstill working on the iriver_flash
10:46:30lebelliumversion 5
10:48:11lebelliumI don't know what is the latest version
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13:40:12wodz_bilgus__: Maybe I am missing something but discovery process doesn't reveal device pin. Also what flags field is for?
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14:17:44_bilgus__I figured flags can carry the things like using auth with pin
14:19:42_bilgus__@wodz I think the connect function would need the pin not discovery
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14:37:59lebelliumbraewoods: "H300: Handle startup by the non-LCD remote -> Fixed in SVN? Yes"
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15:25:45bluebrotherI want to add the license text for all the libraries we use in Rockbox Utility. For that I need to add lgpl somewhere. Any thoughts about putting it into docs/ alongside the (already existing) gpl-2.0 one?
15:28:52bluebrotherah, can get away without that actually −− we already have the text in the included libs.
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16:58:16speachybluebrother: IIRC we do have a separate docs/LICENSES file that has a bunch of misc stuff that we've incorporated
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18:29:14mendelmunkisI'm an idiot
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18:40:05mendel_munkis_bilgus__: can you please test the latest patchset for g#2928?
18:40:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #2928 at : Fuze+: Fix misplaced rectangle when lcd_flip set by Moshe Piekarski
19:07:09braewoodslebellium: that was the latest. i just meant it probably would benefit from a new build. was planning that for after i get some other stuff sorted out.
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22:11:31_bilgus__mendel_munkis, I see you got it figured out
22:11:58mendel_munkisshould have figured out it was the other axis sooner
22:12:38_bilgus__haha yeah the reversed text
22:13:02_bilgus__thats ok I spent 3 days chasing less
22:13:31mendel_munkisis it commitable?
22:13:57_bilgus__what you had last week was I'm not so sure about this though
22:15:09_bilgus__do you feel its ready? looks fine to me the ifdefs being so close are annoying but only mildly
22:16:08mendel_munkisI was trying to figure out a way to combine them but the only way to ddo that would be to add a #else block
22:16:15mendel_munkis(that I can see)
22:17:15_bilgus__yeah that would be fine even a bit of code duplication makes it less confusing sometimes but meh thats nitpicking
22:17:31_bilgus__I'd just push it as is
22:18:00mendel_munkisyou're welcome to do so :)
22:19:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c4254d1, 293 builds, 8 clients.
22:19:22_bilgus__told you oscope was sound :)
22:19:40mendel_munkisyup. told you the issue wasn't my changes
22:19:48_bilgus__why not just ask for commit access
22:20:25_bilgus__I think you've done quite a few patches thus far you know the program
22:21:04mendel_munkiscan you give it to me or so I need to ask speach_y?
22:21:21_bilgus__speachy geaverts maybe someone else
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22:24:13_bilgus__no thank you the fuze needs all the help it can get such a quirky device
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22:38:41speachyaaargh, dueling buildclients.
22:39:12mendel_munkiswhat do you mean?
22:39:49speachyas well as the rbclient on my home server I have a jenkins instance to run CI tasks for my printer stuff.
22:40:10speachywhen they both assume they have full access to all cores...
22:40:37mendel_munkisand you can't use nice for that?
22:40:41mendel_munkisalso are you willing to give me commit access?
22:41:35speachyit's just that both dueling means stuff takes twice as long
22:42:16speachymendel_munkis: yep
22:43:36speachymendel_munkis: so. you now have commit access. please don't do direct pushes except in cases of dire emergency
22:43:53mendel_munkisof course.
22:48:23_bilgus__and don't break stuff and then leave :)
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