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#rockbox log for 2020-11-09

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10:49:59mendel_munkisIs the core allowed to change the background color while a plugin is running?
10:54:46_bilguslike for the theme fg/bg?
10:55:16_bilguspretty sure it is but sholud reveret on quit
10:55:47mendel_munkiswhy would it revert on quit?
10:56:07_bilgusdefaults get restored I think
10:56:35mendel_munkiswhat about reverting to default while running a plugin.
10:57:31mendel_munkisI am trying to figure out wether I need to fix all the plugins that the color gets reset or the call that resets them.
10:57:39_bilgusshould be possible viewport.c hasmost of it
10:58:59mendel_munkisso plugins should NOT assume that the fore/background colors are constant. thanks
11:02:39_bilgusNot totally sure what you are after
11:04:04_bilgusI was under the impression that there are default colors depends on if themem is enabled for the VP
11:04:52mendel_munkisThe quickscreen causes several plugins to invert colors. I was trying to see if I can justify the 5 line fix in the quickscreen as opposed to fixing the assumptions in all thhe affected plugins
11:05:02_bilgusif no theme it should have someting like bg_fallback and fg_fallback
11:05:28_bilgusah because it grabs their vp
11:06:00_bilgusi'd probably just make qs store its changes
11:06:18_bilgusand restore them like a good function
11:06:59mendel_munkisthat's what I have now. however if the plugins are relying on a faulty assumption I should probably fix them as well.
11:07:37mendel_munkisalso I am not sure which other settings are expected to be changed by plugins.
11:08:34_bilguswelll they should be able to assume no one changed their settings out from under them
11:09:48_bilgusthats kinda why its a bit off right now we have started moving towards every man for themself
11:10:44_bilgusplugin.c sets up what plugins get/leave
11:10:44mendel_munkiswhat dou you mean by that.
11:11:23_bilgusbefore everything was shared framebuffer underlying most VPs
11:11:46mendel_munkisthis very much predates the VP changes.
11:12:01mendel_munkis(I first noticed the bug over a year ago)
11:12:06_bilgussure but it stems from the same thing
11:12:17_bilgusin the beginning.. lol
11:12:46_bilguseverything is shared so more separation between them the better
11:15:42_bilgusI'm not sure what you can do from the plugin side though
11:16:56mendel_munkiswell I can restore the relevant settings every time I exit a menu. (I just have to figure out which settings are relevant for every plugin with a menu)
11:19:10_bilgusIf you do that I'd try to build it into do_Menu
11:23:46mendel_munkisNow I am trying to figure out why the quickscreen calls settings_apply() at all. it calls the setting callback every time you change something.
11:24:21_bilgusyeah I've been trying to chnage those as I find em
11:25:51_bilgusmost of those settings change in 'realtime' rather than waiting for menu exit or confirmation
11:26:53_bilgusI've been moving them to only applying changes on exit though I think I reverted the backlight one because it was hard to get back to it if you set screen off
11:27:38mendel_munkiswhy on exit. realtime makes it much eisier to find the exact one you want
11:27:57_bilgusthey do a lot of churning
11:29:02mendel_munkismaybe set in realtime but write on exit?
11:29:44_bilgusprobably ok but the ones I cnaged so far write settings on every loop through
11:38:35_bilgushmm not finding my commit to that maybe I abandoned the whole thing
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19:31:41mendel_munkisis there some simple method I am missing for generating a list of settings without callbacks?
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21:01:03_bilgusmendel are you talking about using the menu macros?
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21:02:57ErisieHello, everyone.
21:03:05ErisieI hope you can help me out here.
21:03:58_bilgusgotta ask before we could tell you
21:05:07_bilgusXduoo X3 II?
21:05:22ErisieJust like that person in the forum, I'd like to dual boot my Xduuo X3II with both a custom firmware and Rockbox.
21:05:53_bilgusI believe using rbutil will probably be your best bet
21:06:37_bilgusohhh you want to replace the original firmware as well
21:07:22ErisieAnd the wiki site for the X3II says that it doesn't support rbutil yet.
21:07:24_bilgusok so what is the issue the instructions are there?
21:08:18_bilgusi'd check rbutil not sure the wiki is up to date with speachys chnages
21:09:08ErisieI'm in need of a bit of clarification: speachy's instructions say to patch the (modified) firmware using "", a Perl script.
21:09:29ErisiePatching it using what? bspatch? rbutil?
21:10:16_bilguslooks to me like you run the script and it does the patching model imagefile bootloaderfile x3ii imagefile bootloader.bin?
21:13:08ErisieAt least using Windows prompt, it doesn't work. It can't read the Pl file.
21:13:38ErisieLet me try installing ActivePerl if it does something.
21:13:46_bilgusI don't know if that would be a windows thing I'd suspect linux
21:14:41_bilgusI know the lines are starting to blur but thats probably the issue
21:27:14ErisieI tried installing ActivePerl. Script doesn't work.
21:27:48ErisieAnd Rockbox Utility (at least the GUI) doesn't recognize the Xduuo X3II.
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21:45:16_bilgussorry not i"m not familiar with the player hang out a bit and speachy might be thru
21:46:22ErisieOh, nice.
21:58:01ErisieIf it's any help, the Perl script spits out this error:
21:58:16Erisie"Can't create '/tmp/iso.update.upt' at C:\xduuo\ line 66."
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22:35:48_bilguswell that sounds like a unix path if I ever heard one windows uses \
22:37:12ErisieI got a Linux VM up and running.
22:38:09Erisie"bash: command not found"
22:38:28_bilgusyou have to callit with ./
22:39:43Erisie"Permission denied"
22:39:50_bilgussudo ./
22:40:00ErisieTried it. Didn't work.
22:40:06_bilguslike running as admin in windwos
22:40:18_bilgusthen I'd look at the permissions
22:40:26_bilguseither chmod 777
22:40:34_bilgusor do it thru the gui
22:41:38_bilgusmake sure it has execute permissions
22:45:44ErisieI think I did it. It created an "rb-update.upt" file.
22:46:06_bilgusok so that needs renamed to update.upt most likely
22:46:22_bilgusdo that first then copy it to the root of the player
22:47:10_bilgusfinally you'll go into the firmware and under (system?) do the firmware update
22:47:53_bilgusmake sure the device has a decent charge before attempting firmware updates ALWAYS
22:51:25speachyyou can't run the patcher perl script under Windows.
22:51:49speachyit relies on helper tools that require Linux. or at least POSIX-like behavior
22:52:50speachy(we have to unpack the ubifs image and then recreate it, and windows can't represent things like symlinks, device nodes, and other "special" files)
22:55:02ErisieHey, speachy.
22:55:09mendel_munkis_bilgus: no I was talking about making it easier to analyze the source.
22:56:16ErisieI ran the Perl script as instructed on a Linux VM and created a patched update for the xduoo x3ii that, in theory, would allow dual boot for both the SinuxVR GUI in stock firmware and Rockbox.
22:57:43ErisieI tried Rockbox before on my device and I lost it after reinstalling the SinuxVR GUI.
22:59:02ErisieThere's a thing I did notice on that device using Rockbox, though,: PictureFlow doesn't work right.
22:59:26ErisieCovers themselves get a greenish tint and the whole thing crashes.
23:00:35_bilgusI have a perl script in lua that rips out all the defines settings incld would that help?
23:02:54ErisieUnless you were to tell me step by step how to run it and what it does, not really.
23:03:20_bilgussorry Erisie that was directed at mendel
23:03:43ErisieGot it.
23:04:27mendel_munkisprobably I'll check it out
23:04:39_bilgusI just fixed pictureflow a few months ago the greenish tint might be display related
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23:05:38ErisieI ran update on my device with the patch I created using the script.
23:05:56Erisie"Updater V 1.1 / Insert TF Pls"
23:05:59 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:06:27_bilgusno I think you are good on your install its just a bug
23:07:12_bilgusdoes the oscilloscope plugin under plugins/demos work properly Erisie?
23:08:56ErisieDunno. Can't run Rockbox yet.
23:09:18_bilgusoh was this pf crash on a different version then?
23:10:20_bilgusmight need a different name sorry I didn't realize that you hadn't finished the install yet
23:12:06ErisieIf my theory is correct, the issue is that I had already installed Rockbox using that SD card.
23:12:16_bilgusspeachy is the X3ii supposed to be update.upt or is it upgrade.upt
23:12:27ErisieI deleted the .rockbox folder and will run the firmware updater again.
23:12:42_bilgusErisie, doubt that but perhaps wrong version or something
23:13:05_bilgusthe file update.upt is the part you need
23:13:25_bilgusthe .rockbox folder doesn't have anything to run it yet
23:14:24_bilgussome devices also don't like when you change the name of the file already on device
23:15:15_bilguslike copy it as rbbleh.upt and renaming once on device, but I doubt these are that picky
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23:17:59 Join Erisie [0] (
23:18:17ErisieSo, to recap:
23:20:16ErisieI want to dual-boot my Xduoo X3II with SinuxVR's skins and Rockbox.
23:20:39ErisieTo do that, I have to patch the bootloader using a Perl script on Linux.
23:21:24ErisieI did just that, but the firmware update that the script creates does not work.
23:22:39ErisieUpdater freezes, but at least the device itself isn't bricked (I'm listening to music with it right now). Stock firmware runs fine, but no sign of Rockbox or the dual boot menu.
23:26:05mendel_munkisnope I don't understand perl well enough to make use of it but thanks
23:32:50 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
23:33:37_bilgusperl is interesting
23:56:27ErisieIt's ancient.

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