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#rockbox log for 2020-11-11

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04:05:43braewoodsok... bootloader flash checks out for new iriver_flash on h120
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05:05:35braewoods... ok done
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06:07:22braewoodswhoever feels like reviewing, i have finished my revisions to iriver_flash. only thing i plan to do later is add H300 bootloaders once those are ready.
06:07:34braewoods g#2961
06:07:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #2961 at : iriver_flash: refactor code to be easier to understand by James Buren
06:07:38braewoodsstill getting used to this
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08:45:06braewoodsspeachy: any advice for debugging bootloaders? i tried a test build and it doesn't boot. though it appears to be semi-functional as i was able to trigger emergency boot into the OF.
08:45:24braewoodsall i get is a white screen
09:02:33braewoodsok... restored the previous bootloader via OF
09:10:09braewoodswell at least crt0.S appears to be working
09:10:23braewoodssince it was able to boot OF
09:10:36braewoodsnice little failsafe
09:15:31*braewoods ponders.
09:15:36braewoodsi wonder if it's the toolchain
09:15:48braewoodsone way to find out...
09:15:56braewoodsbuild another h120 bootloader and see what happens
09:26:28speachyfor low-level code like that? jtag and printf()s
09:27:42braewoodsno access to JTAG i'm afraid...
09:28:41braewoodsone thing i'll try
09:28:55braewoodsthe H120 bootloader first i guess
09:30:17braewoodsi guess i'll need to inspect the ASM and see what I find.
09:30:30braewoodsbut later
09:30:47braewoodsspeachy: did you review my iriver_flash commit?
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09:31:49speachyonly at the most cursory level.
09:32:06speachy($dayjob demands most of my attention)
09:34:01braewoodsspeachy: ok. i'll wait some more.
09:45:18braewoodsmost interesting.
09:45:27braewoodsH120 works perfectly with latest master
09:45:43braewoodsso... something is up.
09:45:45braewoodsbut not sure what
09:48:11braewoodsat least that gives me a giant lead
09:48:27braewoodsprobably means the toolchain is not at fault for coldfire as it produces a viable bootloader for H120
09:49:08braewoodsit was working at one time so i'm going to dig through the common code and see what i can find
09:49:23braewoodsbut at least it seems the LCD and toolchain updates are unlikely candidates
09:50:26speachyso the one that fails is the H3xx?
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09:51:56mendel_munkisis there any reason I'm missing that the quickscreen applies global settings?
09:53:18braewoodsspeachy: indeed.
09:53:39braewoodsspeachy: but it appears crt0 is functional as i was able to purposefully trip the emergency boot to OF
09:53:51braewoodsit's possible the code has been non-functional for awhile
09:54:06braewoodsi think something in the H100 code may give some ideas
09:54:12braewoodssince it still works
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10:22:06_bilgus_braewoods, first glance it looks very nice but so many changes I'm not sure i'll catch any real bugs without going thru several times
10:22:22braewoods_bilgus_: i've done so myself already.
10:22:30braewoodsit works perfectly for H120 that i can tell
10:22:43braewoodsi found one small bug i already fixed though
10:22:59_bilgus_yeah I dea is we get blind when reviewing our own stuff :p
10:23:39braewoodsi'm trying to figure out why the H300 bootloader is a no-go
10:23:46braewoodswhen built from master
10:23:52braewoodsit flashes correctly that i can tell
10:24:00braewoodsso something else is going on
10:24:27braewoodsnow that is odd
10:24:54braewoodsis this normal?
10:25:05braewoods 3f3124: 51fa Address 0x00000000003f3126 is out of bounds.
10:25:07braewoodsAddress 0x00000000003f3126 is out of bounds.
10:25:15braewoodsoutput from objdump -d
10:25:48braewoodsi'll see what i get when building h120
10:26:34braewoodsapparently it also occurs in the H120 bootloader elf
10:26:37braewoodsguess it is
10:38:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4aa749b, 293 builds, 8 clients.
10:41:13braewoodstrying to disassemble this is tedious
10:41:43braewoodsi wonder. can i make objdump output intermediates as hexadecimal?
10:41:55braewoodsas it stands it is interpreting them as signed base 10 integers
10:42:12braewoodsi mean, output immediate values
10:42:34braewoodsit would help if i could do that so i wouldn't have to scratch my head when looking at some of these lines
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10:59:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4aa749b result: All green
10:59:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 869a8bf, 293 builds, 8 clients.
11:05:55braewoodsi guess question 1 is how do I signal progression...
11:06:11braewoodsfrom the real HW
11:06:13braewoodsno less...
11:06:33braewoodsif LCD isn't giving output...
11:06:44braewoodsmy only real fallback is shut down or so
11:13:12braewoodsspeachy: here's a random idea i had. is it possible the bootloader is just slow to startup?
11:13:27braewoodsthough i can't see why that would be the case
11:13:39speachypossible, but highly unlikely.
11:14:16braewoodsi do know it is at least making it to line 181 of crt0.S
11:14:42braewoodsand also setting the cookie
11:14:58braewoodsprobably makes it all the way through there
11:16:53_bilgus_well its already pushed but a few comments there, dereference of ** and releasing the audio buffer being the main things to look at
11:17:32braewoods_bilgus_: dereference of **?
11:18:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1125 seconds.
11:18:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 869a8bf result: All green
11:18:56_bilgus_if fi == NULL then just below you deref &fi which is legal
11:19:27_bilgus_NULL is a valid memory address as long as thats your intention..
11:19:48braewoodsit is. it signals that it hasn't been set yet. the called subroutine is guaranteed to set it to something valid
11:20:10braewoodsit's a small optimization
11:20:20braewoodsit only calls the info flash commands once per program run now
11:20:23braewoodsthe old one did it twice
11:20:39braewoodsso it effectively is caching the result on the second use
11:21:00_bilgus_prefectly valid as long as you are prepared for it :)
11:21:23braewoodsas for your question about why i removed the comments about the individual bytes...
11:21:43braewoodsthey didn't seem meaningful. the bytes have no symbolic meaning in the datasheet that i can tell.
11:22:13_bilgus_ok so superfluous then and therefore worse than no comment
11:22:32braewoodslook at page...
11:23:07braewoodsthe command sequence is just a series of writes to specific addresses
11:23:12braewoodsspecial to the ROM in some way
11:23:24braewoodsbut why they were chosen isn't known to me
11:23:39braewoodsso i couldn't see a good way to describe them
11:24:13_bilgus_yeah and just differenct sequences
11:24:14braewoodsi guess it's the ROM equivalent to port knocking
11:26:26braewoodsi'm just stumped why the new bootloader for H300 failed to even print to the LCD
11:26:42_bilgus_last one the audiobuffer after failure if you want to be able to try again it needs to be released..
11:27:08braewoodsindeed. but it's expected they'll just run it again.
11:27:19braewoodsso it wouldn't matter given how it is setup
11:27:32_bilgus_its cleaned on plugin exit so not a big deal
11:28:29_bilgus_if you can't get it to display you might try a different tact like flipping the backlight on/off
11:28:59_bilgus_i've used that to signal when I couldn't get output
11:29:27braewoodshow do i know it isn't hung or something?
11:29:46_bilgus_you make it loop flip backlight
11:30:12_bilgus_builtin did something similar with the ipod piezo
11:30:17braewoodsi see.
11:30:26braewoodswith the H300 though
11:30:35braewoodscheck iriver_h300.c
11:30:41_bilgus_thats why I said the backlight
11:30:47braewoodsany idea where i might put it?
11:31:22braewoodsI know at least part of crt0.S, the asm for the first entry point of the bootloader works
11:36:35_bilgus_line 187 has the bl init
11:37:24_bilgus_does the backlight turn on in your current bootloader?
11:41:25 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
11:42:49_bilgus_for(int i = 0;i<3;i++){ backlight_hw_off(); for(int j = 0xFFFFFFF;j > 0;j−−); backlight_hw_on(); for(int j = 0xFFFFFFF;j > 0;j−−);}
11:42:54_bilgus_something like that
11:43:13_bilgus_then you can increase I to signal where it is
11:57:22braewoods_bilgus_: yes. white screen or so.
11:58:01_bilgus_so that will work just place a few so you can narrow down where it sticks
11:58:35_bilgus_not sure on the delay hopefully its enough to see the flashes
11:59:00_bilgus_stay away from sleep though
11:59:39__builtinyou can also have it flash a binary pattern if you need an address or something
12:00:25braewoods_bilgus_: should i disable optimizations while doing this?
12:00:36braewoodsi've known those to fuck up low level code before
12:00:41__builtinthough it's not so easy with a binary backlight
12:01:42_bilgus_I'd have already disabled them lol
12:02:30_bilgus_at this point though doesn't matter we are just trying to narrow down the issue
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12:07:14braewoodsok. i think i will also make it do stuff with the remote i have
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12:10:34braewoodsthank you unzip
12:19:53braewoods_bilgus_: with that code... it stayed off all the time.
12:19:58braewoodsdark screen.
12:20:43braewoodsi think i see why
12:22:35braewoodslet's modify this so it starts on
12:50:23braewoodsgoing back to regular code for now
12:50:29braewoodslet's do some more investigating
12:55:53braewoodsno reaction from the LCD
12:59:47_bilgus_if you've tried right at the point of init and still no result probably means you are getting stuck earlier
13:00:44braewoodsi'm not even sure the main function is executing
13:01:03braewoodsi wonder if there's a GPIO i can use temporarily...
13:01:35_bilgus_yeah heartbeat
13:02:09_bilgus_signs of life
13:05:38braewoodsthere's an idea.
13:05:52braewoodsi could do low level button reads
13:06:18braewoodsturn off once power is released or something
13:06:37braewoodsi have a way to rescue as it stadns
13:15:09_bilgus_some way to narrow down the area before we start looking at assembly
13:16:18braewoodsi already have to a degree
13:16:24_bilgus_compiler explorer is very handy for checking btw
13:16:27braewoodsquestion is, how far does it get and how can I tell?
13:16:53braewoods_bilgus_: all i know is it's at least able to execute the emergency cookie code to launch the OF
13:17:06braewoodsso far anyway
13:17:28braewoodsi can't tamper with that lest i risk destroying my recovery
13:17:30_bilgus_well you have something that you can signal then start moving that around
13:17:45braewoodsyes, exactly...
13:17:56braewoodsthe OF booting is how i've recovered from unable to boot rockbox
13:18:11braewoodsi reflash the old bootloader
13:18:42braewoodsso i'm trying to find another option
13:19:10braewoodsi know the LCD printing doesn't appear to be reachable
13:19:17braewoodsit does work when i boot the regular firmware
13:19:23_bilgus_so move your power off code a bit deeper till it stops powering off
13:19:24braewoodsso i would hazard it doesn't even reach it
13:19:58braewoodsquick question though
13:20:02braewoodswhat does printf do in the bootloaders?
13:20:09braewoodsis it a fancy wrapper to lcd_printf?
13:20:12braewoodsor putsf
13:20:14braewoodsor w/e
13:21:00_bilgus_uh I think it prints to a serial port
13:21:22_bilgus_unless there is a macro somewhere specific to that device
13:21:34braewoodsprintf for the H120 bootloader prints to the LCD
13:22:02braewoodsi tested a master build of it to see and it actually works
13:22:06braewoodsthe H300 one isn't for some reason
13:22:13_bilgus_then it has something specific to it
13:22:36braewoodsbut hm
13:22:41_bilgus_in all the other bootloaders they rely on whats in the lcd driver
13:25:11_bilgus_its in common.c int printf(const char *format, ...)
13:25:41_bilgus_-> lcd_puts(0, line++, ptr);
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13:33:13braewoods_bilgus_: well, disabling optimizations is out of the question
13:33:18braewoodsthe bootloader ends up too big :>
13:33:59_bilgus_if you are that close then you might look at the bin sizes
13:34:45_bilgus_might be an alignment issue or even just not enough stack left for what you are trying to do
13:36:49_bilgus_also looking at the devices that do use that printf redirect the ones where space counts do it directly so the printf can be stripped
13:37:58_bilgus_unused switches although I recently changed that back to the old one so probably less of an issue
13:39:48_bilgus_thats another thought that 'new' printf is the original code (before the printf size explosion) optimized might try trading it out for the OG printf code just in case
13:40:07braewoods_bilgus_: how would I know the stack size?
13:40:16_bilgus_the map file
13:41:32_bilgus_it'll have a listing like .stack or *(.stack)
13:42:12braewoods0x2000 is the size it appears
13:42:36_bilgus_thats set up by your crt0 file so look at the address it has it placed
13:43:04_bilgus_should be aligned to 0x4 or 0x8 and take note of the address vs where you load the file
13:46:25braewoods... does this stack count up or down?
13:46:52braewoodsoh i see
13:47:05braewoodsit's writing 0xdeadbeef to the whole stack region
13:47:07_bilgus_no clue probably down but not familar with the processor
13:47:29_bilgus_that was my next suggestion.. check if you blew the stack
13:47:55_bilgus_only problem is how you'd signal that
13:55:16_bilgus_also this..
13:56:57_bilgus_first one verify thats the case in the map file
13:57:21_bilgus_it lays out where it places them make sure it jives with the map
13:57:43_bilgus_second one might mess up some assumptions about the addresses
13:58:20braewoodsyet that's active on both H120 and H320 because they both have 32MB of RAM
13:59:11braewoodsso i dunno
13:59:55_bilgus_a little further down is where it loads the image (if found)
14:01:00_bilgus_are you sure you get past that because id start looking very closely there if not
14:01:28braewoodsall i know is it can reach the cookie code
14:01:30braewoodsthat's it
14:01:48braewoodshow i would detect it from the crt0.S is beyond me...
14:02:46braewoodsanyway i'll see what i can dig up
14:03:02_bilgus_i can jump in a bit more this evening
14:03:22braewoods_bilgus_: i just need to build a functional BL before I can expand on it
14:03:45braewoodsmakes me want to try something... build from 3.15 source or so
14:03:48_bilgus_oh this is from head then?
14:03:59braewoodsi'm building from head
14:04:07braewoodsthe H120 bootloader works when built from current head
14:04:15braewoodsbut the H320
14:04:18braewoodsno bueno so far
14:04:24braewoodsexcuse me, H300
14:04:29_bilgus_yeah this is going to turn into a bisect mess
14:04:52braewoodsyea.. i have no point of reference.
14:05:04_bilgus_only option at this point is to find where it still works so right on
14:05:24braewoodsi'll try building from 3.15
14:05:27braewoodstoolchain and all
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14:05:53braewoodsH120 for whatever reason works fine
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14:06:08braewoodsi thought H300 would too since it's similar enough
14:07:02braewoodsthere is one major difference between H120 and H300 though that may play a role
14:07:13braewoodsH300 has twice the ROM space which changes offsets
14:07:17_bilgus_clearly not though or there is something overlooked (somewhere)
14:07:53braewoodsbut yea
14:08:06braewoodsi think i need to start from 3.15 to see if it was working back then
14:08:17braewoodsbefore all the reworking that's been going o
14:08:34_bilgus_I have an old vm from prior to 3.14 too if need be
14:09:01braewoodsbut yea, there's a few reasons i want to modernize the BL for H300
14:09:10braewoodsbut first need to find out how i can get it building on head
14:09:16braewoodsit already builds
14:09:47braewoods_bilgus_: do the bootloaders get built for stable releases?
14:10:05braewoodsthat sucks. it would save some hassle.
14:10:10_bilgus_usually its a blue moon
14:10:28_bilgus_for this reason...
14:10:52braewoodsfirst i want to propagate the bug fixes that never made it into a new BL release
14:11:09braewoodssecond i want to add the missing features that never got finished
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14:21:49 Join beencubed [0] (~beencubed@
14:38:50braewoodswell here goes. preparing a container for the 3.15
14:39:23braewoodssince it will require a different toolchain and all
14:40:12__builtinyeah, bootloaders get broken a lot without us noticing
14:41:03__builtinI think the ipod6g one was broken for a good while because we blanket-disabled IRAM and didn't realize that broke the bootloader
14:42:30braewoodsit's partially functional
14:42:32braewoodsbut yea
14:45:23braewoodsjust had a weird idea
14:45:46braewoodsthe iriver H120 and H320 both have secondary EEPROMs...
14:45:58braewoodsmaybe i could try programming those
14:46:43braewoodsoh but then the OF could undo what i've done when i boot it...
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15:01:30braewoods_bilgus_: 3.15 no bueno
15:01:33braewoodssame issue
15:01:47braewoodsseems unrelated to recent changes
15:02:26braewoodskinda makes me wish we could disassemble the working one to see what's different
15:02:40braewoodsbut it's just a BIN file
15:06:50braewoodsit's looking like the problem is a source level change, not some toolchain one
15:07:00braewoodsbut hm
15:08:54braewoodstime to try 3.14
15:10:47braewoodsbut no telling where it broke
15:10:58braewoodsso i guess gradually go back in time
15:15:12braewoods3.14, same issue
15:15:19*braewoods boggles
15:15:54braewoodsnow there's an idea
15:16:57braewoodsi'm going to try something weird... i'll try flashing the good bootloader over itself to see if my flash program is somehow responsible though i can't see how it would be.
15:32:00braewoodsthis should be helpful
15:32:15braewoodsi can compare the raw ASM and see how it differs...
15:32:19braewoodsthat will be of some help
15:32:30braewoodsthe reset vector helps me know where to find the start function
15:32:32braewoodsbut little else
15:32:42 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
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15:54:58braewoods_bilgus_: maybe i should start from 3.0 and go forward
15:55:18braewoodsbut how? that's really ancient
15:56:08 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
16:02:46braewoodswell this might be helpful...
16:03:10braewoodsand no one bothered to try to fix it evidently
16:03:23braewoodsso it's been broken a long time
16:06:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:13:31braewoods_bilgus_: from what i can tell it brokes sometime between 2008 and 2011.
16:13:56speachyhuh, so it's been busted sine at least early 2011.
16:14:00braewoods_bilgus_: any suggestions for how I can build RB from such old source
16:14:05 Quit funman (Remote host closed the connection)
16:14:14braewoodsspeachy: yea... the fact that H120 works though tells me it should be fixable
16:14:52braewoodsquestion is, what was the change(s) that broke it all?
16:15:06speachyit's a lot to git-bisect.
16:15:49speachybut worst-case it will require use of a truly ancient toolcahin.
16:16:38braewoodsspeachy: any way i can disassemble an existing .bin bootloader?
16:16:47braewoodsobjdump only works with ELF afaik
16:17:04braewoodscomparing ASM might give me some ideas for what changed at the ASM level
16:18:36braewoodsfound it
16:22:38braewoodsi can use this to at least compare crt0.S
16:22:54braewoodshuh. already found one instruction added in.
16:28:57 Join amsomniac [0] (~nadya@2601:181:8300:4db::b45)
16:34:45amsomniacHello! I've installed Rockbox 3.15 on an iPod 6.5 gen with an iflash mSATA board, and whenever rockbox boots I get "ATA Error -2147483542". It works (up to 127GB) with the Apple firmware, and I get the same error (??) with the original HD installed. I found some threads from 2012 and 2015 about this issue and tried the patched firmware I could find with no luck−− I'm starting to think I'll need to build rockbox myself and setting up for
16:34:45amsomniac that, but I don't know what I need to modify. Any tips or modern branches with 6.5G + mSATA support?
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17:11:28braewoodslooks like it all started around end of 2009
17:11:37braewoodslet's see...
17:12:14braewoods3.1 is probably where i should try first
17:13:49 Join kadoban [0] (kadobanmat@gateway/shell/
17:20:38 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
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17:30:28braewoodsok. figured something out.
17:30:38braewoodsi'll make a VM of Debian 5.
17:31:43braewoodsPITA but i need an environment from that era to be sure i don't introduce new issues
17:33:55 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
17:35:40braewoodsah the days of sysvinit
17:38:38 Quit Stanley00 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:49:37braewoodsto think my linux skills would be useful for this of all things
17:55:53 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:01:43 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
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19:19:13amsomniac@braewoods why are you setting up a debian VM? for the transpiler?
19:20:47speachyamsomniac: btw, did you see my earlier response? basically, use a current dev build instead of 3.15 on your ipod.
19:30:20 Join fs-bluebot_ [0] (
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21:35:00_bilgus_braewoods, that should be 2016 ish I might have older but id have to search backups next time i'm at home might be faster to rebuild but possibly not easier
21:38:19_bilgus_let me know if you need me to look
21:46:50 Quit michaelni (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:12:33braewoodsgood news... bootloader works in v3.1
23:12:45braewoodsnow i just need to go forward and find where it breaks
23:19:53 Join _bilgus [0] (~bilgus@2605:a000:1301:89f6:9df0:ddb9:3c1c:cc8f)
23:20:10braewoods_bilgus: good news. v3.1 works.
23:22:34braewoodsabout to test v3.2
23:24:10braewoodsthis also confirms iriver_flash is working for H300 BLs at least
23:24:13*braewoods cheers
23:25:43braewoodsv3.2 BL works
23:27:03_bilguslol that is so long ago
23:27:40braewoods_bilgus: indeed but given how i'm out of ideas
23:27:53braewoodstracing it through the past seems the best way forward
23:27:57_bilgusseems viable to me :)
23:28:05mendel_munkisgit bisect
23:28:20braewoodshow does that help me when i don't even know when it broke yet?
23:28:31mendel_munkisyou know it is broken now.
23:28:37 Join this_is_a_nick [0] (~amofiuhr_@
23:28:58 Quit amofiuhr_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:29:08braewoodswell i'll look into it once I have the range narrowed
23:29:15mendel_munkisgit bisect is designed to figure out wen i broke
23:29:42braewoodshow does that help me when it broke sometime between 2009 and 2017?
23:29:58braewoodsjust leave 3.2 to 3.14 range so far
23:30:20braewoodsi mean...
23:30:21mendel_munkisdo you have some clue which files are most likley to be problematic?
23:30:30 Quit Stanley00 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:30:40_bilguswhat he says is true braewoods
23:30:59braewoodsbut i don't even know what i'd be looking for
23:31:12braewoodsall i know is the HEAD BL is partially functional or else i'd have a brick on my hands
23:31:17 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
23:31:20braewoodsthe cookie rescue system saved my bacon
23:31:35braewoodsit's been in for ages
23:32:16braewoods_bilgus: may seem tacky but i hacked the version string for the BL tests so i know it is booting a new one if it works
23:32:25_bilgusbisect is supposed to save you from having to test every version but you do whatever you like :)
23:32:54braewoods_bilgus: how does bisect help me if i don't even know where the problem is?
23:33:19mendel_munkisit should give you s samller set of versions to check to find the problem
23:33:19braewoodsto be frank i've never used bisect
23:33:49_bilgusyeah that makes it more problematic but just more to look at
23:34:23_bilgusI bumble thru it like I do half of git
23:34:23braewoodsi think i'll take your advice once i have narrowed it down considerably
23:34:47braewoodsbecause it could be anything, toolchain changes or so
23:34:53braewoodsperhaps H120 got fixed but H300 never did
23:34:54braewoodsi don't know
23:35:10braewoodsi doubt bisect would help me if the problem was due to toolchain issues
23:35:19_bilgusno one tested it so it never got fixed is possible
23:35:33mendel_munkisuse git bisect start −− path/to/liklylocation; git bisect bad 3.14; git bisect good 3.1;
23:35:49braewoodsi still think i need to narrow it down some more
23:35:50mendel_munkisI thought you confermid it wasn't sorry
23:35:59braewoodsmendel_munkis: just a working theory at this point
23:36:32mendel_munkisI am trying to understand why you would want to narrow it down before bisect when the purpose of bisect is to help narrow it down?
23:36:34braewoodsit doesn't look like it but i don't want to chase through the source until i have narrowed the scope by real world tests
23:37:08braewoodsmendel_munkis: well here's what i know so far.
23:37:10mendel_munkisbisect gives you likey versionss to test in which the bug started
23:37:30braewoods1), 3.2 is the last known working one that i know of
23:37:40braewoodsdating back to 3.14 is non-working
23:37:46braewoodsso roughly a 9 year gap
23:38:25braewoodsi was going off the anecdotes i found in my research
23:38:49braewoodsit seems late 2009 is the first known instance of builds that didn't work
23:38:57braewoodsv3.2 is early 2009
23:39:22braewoodsi guess i'm just inexperienced with bisect but...
23:39:31mendel_munkisright so instead of testing every version in between to find out which one was the first with the issue git bisect will chose a likely version for you to test and based on the results of that choose the next most likely one
23:40:25braewoodstrouble is i don't even know where the issue is. bootloaders are so low level that debugging from head was pretty much a no-go.
23:40:41braewoodsall i know is it seems the crt0.S is likely not the culprit
23:41:04braewoodsthe code after that is the h300 BL's main function
23:41:38braewoodsmendel_munkis: suggestiong on how to use it when i don't even know what source file broke it?
23:42:02braewoodsi guess i need to
23:42:13braewoodsfigure out what files are used in the build
23:42:18braewoodsbut that's a long ass list
23:42:51braewoodsthat'll probably help.
23:42:59_bilguswhy not just choose the directory up a level?
23:43:26braewoodsyou mean the root directory?
23:43:31braewoodsgit root?
23:44:00braewoodswell it's a place to start i guess
23:44:11braewoodslet's give it a spin
23:58:05braewoodsinteresting how short the releases back here were
23:58:20this_is_a_nickon october 5th, commit c6f66cf replaced the direct pitchscreen access in the WPS with browse. Is there a way for me to change it back without having to edit the code and recompile?

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