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#rockbox log for 2020-11-12

00:00:04braewoodswasn't that _bilgus's work?
00:00:22braewoodssomething else
00:00:56braewoodsthis_is_a_nick: ask speachy about it since they authored it
00:01:13mendel_munkisfrom a quick look it doesn't seem so.
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00:01:42_bilgusthis_is_a_nick, actually would a hotkey work?
00:02:13mendel_munkis_bilgus: the rocker has otkeys?
00:02:30_bilguswps has a hotkey
00:02:49mendel_munkishuh. it's cut off in the diff so I didn't notice.
00:03:21mendel_munkisbut yeah if you don't want to recompile setting the hotkey is your best bet
00:03:55_bilgusthis_is_a_nick, Settings>General Settings>Hotkey
00:05:37this_is_a_nickI don't have the Hotkey option. Is it available for the agptek rocker?
00:06:05_bilgusshould be let me check
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00:06:27this_is_a_nickI have something called "Set Wps Context Plugin". is that it?
00:07:06mendel_munkis_bilgus: the keymap doesn't have a hotkey listed for the WPS
00:07:31_bilgussure enough it doesn't have a wps hotkey
00:08:08this_is_a_nickI was thinking to add the pitchscreen to the shortcuts, but I couldn't figure out the syntax for the pitchscreen item.
00:08:09_bilgusok this_is_a_nick ya got me lets wait for speachy lol
00:11:36_bilgusthis_is_a_nick how about selecT+right
00:11:57_bilguswe can make that a hotkey
00:14:57braewoodsv3.4 to v3.5 looks promising
00:15:01braewoodslet's test it
00:16:55this_is_a_nickdoes the rocker register 2 keys at once? I don't see any mapping that uses 2 keys.
00:17:21_bilgusone way to find out right?
00:17:52braewoods_bilgus: confirmed. something between v3.4 and v3.5 broke it
00:19:08braewoodsand wouldn't you know it... this was the release where the h300 code was restructured
00:19:19braewoodsfrom being the h300 target to being the iriverh300 target
00:19:36braewoodsprobably something broke in the rework
00:20:22braewoodsnow to attempt a bisect to find when this started
00:20:29braewoodssee if it works if i build the commit before it
00:21:18braewoodsincidently these players don't seem brickable as long as you still have the OF installed
00:21:38braewoodsso probably best to test new bootloaders on this setup
00:22:44braewoods_bilgus: feels like i'm doing ye old binary search
00:22:58braewoodstake the half point, rebuild, see what changes
00:23:04braewoodsor something
00:23:18_bilgusbinary tree
00:29:19braewoods_bilgus: i know git supports checking out Nth commit before the given one
00:29:23braewoodswhat about after?
00:29:51braewoodse.g., git checkout TAG~10
00:29:56braewoods10 commits before tag
00:30:13mendel_munkisbraewoods: every commit has a single parent but can have multiple children therefore it is impossible
00:30:21braewoodsi see.
00:34:58braewoods_bilgus: i'm also assuming i may need to fix it multiple times. it's been 10 years, it may be more than one bug at work.
00:36:38braewoodsone thing at a time though
00:36:49braewoodsok. first bisect on tools/configure
00:36:53braewoodslet's see where it takes me
00:37:37_bilgushard to guess at this point
00:38:58braewoodsinteresting. this one also fails to boot.
00:39:12braewoodsso let's see where that leaves us...
00:44:31braewoods~300 commits after 3.4
00:46:31braewoodssecond bisect
00:46:35braewoodslet's see where this takes me
00:46:48braewoodsi did a bisect on bootloader/ firmware/
00:49:54braewoodsgood thing i worked on iriver_flash. i couldn't see myself doing this without it.
00:51:30braewoodsok this bisect works
00:51:39braewoodstime to mark the new range
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01:07:04_bilgusso rocker doesn't let you do select and another key but volup+voldn works
01:08:54braewoodswell i've narrowed it down to a range of 31 commits
01:09:00braewoodstime to do a new bisect on that region
01:18:54braewoodsmaybe found something
01:19:10braewoodssome changes to the iriver H300 LCD code
01:19:43braewoodstime to try the commit right before it
01:28:18_bilgushuh build hook fail?
01:28:43braewoodsok. commit before boots.
01:28:51braewoodstime to try the commit that looks like the bad one
01:30:44braewoodsfound the commit
01:31:58braewoods_bilgus: see anything odd in e13c6001332882291363bdf2f1155875439fe187 ?
01:33:13_bilgushave a link to it can't seem to jump to it
01:34:21_bilgusnm I got it
01:36:26_bilgusyeah so it was switched to dma for the lcd
01:36:58_bilgusmaybe they are at different addresses or are they the same chip under the covers?
01:37:09*braewoods shrugs
01:37:36braewoodstime to dig into it i guess
01:37:46braewoodsthe easiest is to revert it but
01:38:04braewoodsperhaps better just to find out why it is broken
01:38:31_bilgusyes dont revert stuff that old
01:38:41_bilgusif def around maybe
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01:47:08_bilgusmcf5249 do they both use this chip?
01:47:50braewoodsthat's the cpu
01:47:52braewoodsand yes
01:54:15braewoodsstrangely this code seems to pose no problem to HEAD normal builds
01:56:04braewoods_bilgus: what's the icode section? I saw the commit removed ICODE_ATTR
01:56:49_bilgustoo low level for me
01:58:18braewoodsguess i'm going to be figuring this puppy out
01:58:27braewoodswhat exactly broke if nothing else
01:58:51braewoodshonestly i'll probably just disable it in the BL since it doesn't seem to be an issue for the main firmware
01:59:15_bilgusthats a valid option
01:59:31braewoodsindeed and i don't really know DMA either
01:59:36braewoodsand the BL doesn't need to be super optimized
01:59:43braewoodsit just has a job to do
01:59:47_bilgustry to do the same for the 120 too so they match ifpossible
02:00:10braewoodsfunny story
02:00:15_bilgusdma just does the increment and copy for you
02:00:19braewoodsthe H100 doesn't use DMA on the lcd
02:00:34_bilgusyou set up a len and start address it handles the rest and signals when done
02:00:54_bilgusisn't that handy
02:01:10braewoodsthat's probably why it still works
02:01:21braewoodsmaybe we should just remove DMA from the h300
02:04:29braewoodsseems the only serious user of DMA in the iriver coldfire ports is the h300 lcd
02:05:02braewoodsso... it appears the bootloaders broke due to someone's overzealous optimizations
02:05:25braewoodsDMA seems to be problematic on here
02:05:30braewoodsso maybe it's best to disable it entirely
02:05:38braewoodsat least for the LCD
02:05:59braewoodsspeachy: thoughts?
02:06:12braewoodsanyway i'll look into it more tomorrow
02:06:17braewoodsat least i narrowed it down
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02:12:48braewoodsspeachy: i see 2 solutions. disable DMA for all h300 LCD builds or only disable it for the bootloader.
02:13:01braewoodsthough i'm not sure what this optimization even gets us
02:13:14braewoodsLCDs probably don't take that much cpu time
02:13:55_bilgusyou would be amazed
02:14:09_bilgusif it works in rb i'd leave it
02:14:21_bilgusjust remove from BL
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03:31:48braewoodsok test patch appears to work
03:31:52braewoodsi'll refine it more tomorrow
03:32:09braewoodsthen i'll need to update it for head
03:32:13braewoodsand test it as i go forward
03:32:23braewoodsslow work but i don't want to take any chances
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03:33:13braewoodsi basically need to disable the DMA code on bootloaders
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03:33:51_bilgusgreat that you found it though
03:34:31braewoods_bilgus: i'm probably going to create a DMA macro for this file that depends on BOOTLOADER value. otherwise it's rather unclear why it is there.
03:34:44braewoodsand there's a ton of code to put in conditionals
03:35:05braewoodse.g., LCD_USE_DMA or something
03:35:08_bilgusor just give it its own sourcefile in the bootloader
03:35:37_bilgusit should be as simple as including a .c file by the same name as the .h and it'll pull it in
03:35:52_bilgusplaced in the bootloaders/ path
03:36:18braewoodsisn't that a problem for long term maintenance?
03:36:36braewoodsyou seem to be advocating for copy pasta?
03:36:57_bilgusversus if defs or a broken implementation?
03:37:42 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
03:37:55braewoodshow is it better than ifdefs?
03:38:14_bilgusits at least solidly separate
03:38:57braewoodsjust code duplication and all
03:39:03_bilgusif you have tons of ifdefs then split it in two within the same file same thing but in the same file I guess
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03:39:19_bilgusifdefs make the code so damn hard to follow
03:39:34braewoodsyet often necessary
03:39:43 Join lonoxmont [0] (
03:40:39braewoodsi'll see what i can cook up
03:40:53braewoodsit seems to be fine on the regular rockbox so
03:40:58braewoodsi guess it should keep the DMA code for that.
03:41:04_bilgussee I can see dma really coming in handy in transferring files
03:41:21_bilgusfigure the cpu is free to do other things while waiting
03:41:45braewoodscoldfire already uses 2 DMA channels
03:41:46_bilgusbut really we disable this kind of stuff in the bootloaders Ive touched
03:42:08braewoodsi suspect the issue is it tries to setup the DMA stuff too early and it fucks stuff up
03:42:14_bilgusgranted they are extremely space constrained but still
03:42:49braewoodsbootloaders are running very early after all
03:43:27braewoodsit messes with the interrupt vectors to install DMA3
03:43:35braewoodsso maybe that's no buena in the bootloader
03:43:45_bilgusquite possible
03:43:55_bilgusor something not setup yet
03:44:47braewoodseither way reliability matters more than speed in the bootloader
03:45:50braewoodsbootloaders in my experience are the most fickle things i've ever worked with
03:46:49braewoodsthere was even a grub2 bug that made it hang on fairly recent intel atom boards
03:47:03braewoodsthey did some weird stuff in that board
03:47:10braewoodsand they had to workaround the quirks or so to avoid the hang
03:47:18braewoodsapollo lake is still a mess
03:48:04_bilguswell they go through that so you don't have to
03:48:28braewoodson the bright side grub2 is a late stage bootloader so it can be fixed
03:48:34braewoodsno brick risk
03:48:52_bilguslower you go the more it looks like voodoo..
03:49:02braewoodsthough it's kinda funny...
03:49:36braewoodsmost linux bootloaders now have their own kernel so to speak
03:49:40_bilgusthe bootloader hasn't been upgraded since 2006?
03:49:47braewoodswhich one?
03:50:00braewoodslast reports of it working were from 2008 or 2009
03:50:07braewoodsso i had to narrow it down
03:50:13braewoodsit took like 20 or so builds
03:50:47braewoodsbut once i am able to build a working bootloader from HEAD
03:50:56braewoodsi will be pushing the fixes
03:51:14braewoodsthen i can commence with my actual development
03:51:20braewoodsbut this was a showstopper i had to address first
03:51:29_bilguswelcome to the rabbit holes
03:52:14braewoodsmain problem with my quest to update these suckers is...
03:52:34braewoodsthe H100 bootloader is untestable due to how rare that player is. the H120 and H140 are far more common.
03:52:44braewoodsbut it is heavily related to the H120
03:52:54braewoodsif the H120 works there's a pretty good chance the H100 does too
03:54:42braewoodsi can see why
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05:17:07braewoods_bilgus: joy. i'm going to have to do more bisecting.
05:17:18braewoodsi've only scraped the tip of the iceberg
05:30:10 Join michaelni [0] (
05:40:14braewoodsok. testing again with my last patch for the first problem.
05:40:25braewoodsthen i get to jump ahead and see what happens
05:59:56braewoodsok. i traced it up to 3.7-final... all working...
06:00:08braewoods3.8-final changes the toolchain
06:00:16*braewoods ponders.
06:02:11braewoodsguess i'll upgrade to a newer VM base
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06:19:38braewoodsgentoo meme. so you like scrolling walls of text.
06:25:27 Quit Stanley00 ()
06:31:32braewoodsv3.8-final works
06:35:23braewoodsv3.9-final works
06:37:03braewoodsv3.10-final works... yaw
06:45:54braewoodsv3.11-final works somehow or other
06:48:04braewoodsv3.12-final works...
07:01:32braewoodsv3.13-final works
07:02:10braewoodsnow the biggest jump so far
07:03:50braewoodsworks. surprisingly.
07:08:15braewoodshuh. v3.15-final works too with the patch applied
07:11:22braewoodsso what else is responsible?
07:20:22braewoodsgoing to test it on code before the toolchain upgrade
07:23:48braewoodswell that's as far as i can go with this VM
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07:27:23 Join t0mato [0] (t0mato@gateway/vpn/mullvad/t0mato)
07:31:50braewoodsgoing to see if i can reproduce it in a container
07:45:50speachybraewoods: good worl hunting that down, but I agree with bilgus that reverting lcd dma globally is not the way to proceed.
07:46:37braewoodsspeachy: indeed. i've trace it as far back as working to e91f89a410dc4639dbe78f392c11b2a44ff9036a with my current draft patch.
07:47:10braewoodsnow i just need to find out what commit broke it since then
07:47:13speachymy guess is that something the lcd dma code depends on isn't initialized yet −− perhaps something as basic as global interrupts.
07:47:39braewoodswell if you have a better idea of how to fix it... my patch just disables it for the bootloader.
07:47:45braewoodsbut leaves it for the rest
07:51:28speachythe most likely culprit is the toolchain update
07:51:50speachyoh, just make sue you're re-running configure each time you jump forward.
07:52:05braewoodsi am
07:52:08braewoodsi clean up each time
07:52:39braewoodsthe other possibility is the LCD refactor for _bilgus is breaking it
07:52:46braewoodswe'll see
07:53:05braewoodsi'm trying a point before i started modifying H300 code in master
07:55:53braewoodsok need to build new toolchain
07:58:29braewoodswhile i'm at it i'll see if there's any traps in my bootloader
08:02:26speachy g#2965 is the next bit of PCM API exorcism
08:05:27braewoodsspeachy: good news. the toolchain is not at fault.
08:06:01braewoodsnext up... i'll checkout the commit right before the big LCD overhaul
08:06:16speachydid you every try using git-bisect?
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08:06:49braewoodsspeachy: yes.
08:06:54braewoodsit's interesting.
08:07:29braewoodsjust seems difficult to use if you don't know what files to monitor...
08:07:59speachyif anything, it's simpler.
08:08:14speachyremember git operates on the entire tree.
08:08:38speachygive it a start point, and and end point, it'll do the binary search for you, all you have to do is tell it if the entire tree is "Good" or "Bad"
08:08:59braewoodsi see
08:09:15speachynarrowing it down to a given file or subset might reduce the search speace but it still operates the same way
08:11:01speachyhuh, bluebot's offline.
08:13:31braewoodson the bright side this did give me a lot of good testing for the BL flashing for the h300
08:13:41braewoodsso it was valuable in a sense
08:16:49 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
08:22:35 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
08:30:17 Join olspookishmagus [0] (
08:32:47braewoodsspeachy: found the breakage point. it's after the commit with the LCD overhaul.
08:33:04braewoodsi'll do some digging to find out more about it
08:41:25braewoodslast known working commit for the h300 bootloader with my patch...
08:47:12braewoods_bilgus: perhaps you have some ideas? it breaks somewhere between 12f3ed1699d6bef25bed90ba95cbcc1a6bb4934a and ada919fc1122c314b239212a40d15c5ab131becd
08:55:49 Join massiveH [0] (
09:07:00braewoodsdecided to stage the fix for the first part
09:07:15braewoods g#2968
09:07:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #2968 at : h300: fix one long-standing bootloader bug by James Buren
09:27:08braewoodsbest theory i have for now is the changes to FBADDR
09:27:22braewoodsit involves 2 pointer dereferences whereas the old one didn't use any
09:38:08braewoodslooking at H120...
09:38:24braewoodsits lcd update functions are marked with this ICODE_ATTR macro
09:38:37braewoodsthat old commit i partially undid? it removed that.
09:38:48braewoodsi wonder if that is playing a part.
09:39:05braewoodsbut i can find no explaination for what the icode section does
09:39:09braewoodsor what it is for
09:39:40braewoodsspeachy: do you have any idea what the ICODE_ATTR is used for?
09:39:44braewoodswhy it is important or isn't?
09:42:39_bilgusI'd start looking very closely what the screen size macro are doing
09:43:30braewoods_bilgus: which one?
09:44:11_bilgusthe width and height wait it works as a firmware image but not in the bootloader?
09:44:29braewoods_bilgus: correct
09:44:50braewoodsit has the same basic behavior as the DMA code i patched out for it
09:44:56braewoodsa frozen white screen
09:45:06_bilguslets have a look maybe its out of bounds and somehow doesn't carch it in the bootloader
09:45:40braewoodsi'll try a few things myself
09:45:46_bilgusyeah thats odd maybe we made a faulty assumption, me and jens with the dma code
09:45:57braewoodsi have one idea already
09:46:13_bilguscatch it, sorry sun is in my eyes
09:46:16braewoods_bilgus: but do you know what the ICODE_ATTR does?
09:46:25braewoodsthe icode section is not well defined
09:46:33braewoodsi can find nothing about it anywhere
09:47:17_bilgusno thats lower level than I mess with frequently its either going to be stuff that needs fast ram or perhaps within a memory range'
09:58:58_bilgusbraewoods, FIRST THING LINE 209
09:59:23_bilgusiriver h300.c
09:59:27_bilgus font_init();
09:59:39_bilgusthe font isn't set before init
10:00:07_bilgus should be FOR_NB_SCREENS(i)
10:00:07_bilgus global_status.font_id[i] = FONT_SYSFIXED;
10:00:07_bilgus font_init();
10:00:24_bilgusthen remove the lcd set font later on
10:02:09braewoods_bilgus: so what's the proposed solution?
10:02:31braewoodsi'm confuse.
10:03:03braewoodsFOR_NB_SCREENS(i) ?
10:03:15_bilgussorry currently its font init then sets the font for the lcd should be the screens macro set the fonts then init
10:03:48_bilgusits a macro expands to for screen=0; screen < screens< screen++
10:04:09braewoods_bilgus: one problem. the h120 bootloader does the same thing but it still works.
10:04:39_bilgusyeah but probably getting lucky its initd to 0 in icode attrib
10:05:01braewoodsok. i'll try it your way.
10:05:08braewoodswhere do we put this...
10:05:44_bilgushere i'll pastebin it for you
10:06:22braewoodsthe risk is low in any case
10:06:28***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:06:40braewoodsbut if this works then we should patch the other BL too
10:06:56 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:70d0:6a00:519d:4ff6:24c7:b643)
10:07:40_bilgusjust copy pasta
10:11:38 Quit bonfire (Remote host closed the connection)
10:11:43_bilgusnext i'd try removing the stuff for the remote lcd just to narrow it down
10:11:55braewoodsis this even intended for bootloader use?
10:11:56 Join bonfire [0] (
10:12:04braewoodsit's defined in an apps header
10:12:17_bilgusyes it should work but let me look a little closer
10:14:27_bilgusno you are right they all do it..
10:15:04_bilgusI figured smoking gun removing from initialized ram
10:15:30_bilgusthats probably what it'll end up being my guess
10:16:25_bilgushuh font init also brings in buflib
10:17:42 Quit michaelni (Remote host closed the connection)
10:19:18_bilgusso mainlcd is a colr 16 bit display that is pretty common code there but the remote lcd OTOH not so well tested
10:21:33braewoodsi'll try taking it out.
10:22:08braewoodsi still don't know how it broke.
10:23:34braewoods_bilgus: that code you showed isn't going to help me... since it's not even part of the bootloader.
10:23:42braewoodsthe reference objects and such
10:24:46_bilgusthere is with the remote display removed
10:26:27_bilgusI'll start looking at the font init stuff it pulls in bufferlib so pretty good candidate
10:27:16braewoodswell i think i'd need your help for this regardless since the LCD rework was yours
10:28:56_bilgusyeah but I think its just a canary
10:29:10_bilgusonce that works bet the dma code can go back in
10:29:33braewoodsmaybe it can, maybe it can't. that wasn't working prior to your changes.
10:30:05_bilgustrue but this works in the fw but not in bootloader is an odd thing
10:31:08braewoods_bilgus: no change with that on head
10:31:38braewoodsbut incidently both breakages involve changes to the LCD code at some level
10:32:27braewoodsok. restored again from a bad bootloader.
10:34:44braewoods_bilgus: you got an H300 at all?
10:35:34_bilgusdoh printf redirect still calls the remote lcd stuff can you try that again but remove HAVE_REMOTE_LCD & HAVE_REMOTE_LCD_TICKING from iriver300.h?
10:35:56_bilgusno itd be much easier if I did
10:36:34braewoods_bilgus: you live in US?
10:37:05_bilgusyeah midwest
10:37:23braewoodsi have a second H320 since I didn't know if i'd need a spare for my work.
10:37:35braewoodsif it would help i can send it to you.
10:38:42braewoodswhen i got it the battery was dead so i had to replace it.
10:38:46braewoodsbut it works now
10:39:06 Join michaelni [0] (
10:39:44_bilguslast resort perhaps I still have a rocker that I need to send back
10:40:01braewoodsah. honestly i'd consider this a gift if you want to keep it.
10:40:16_bilgusalthough I'm pretty much done with needing physical hardware on that one now
10:40:47braewoodsi can include an H100 remote too in pretty good condition
10:40:49_bilgusnah I have enough devices scattered as is
10:41:04braewoodsin tht case
10:41:08braewoodsi'll try again.brb
10:42:16speachy_bilgus: another round of PCM exorcism: g#2965
10:42:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #2965 at : pcm: Further cleanup of unused bits of the PCM ACPI: by Solomon Peachy
10:43:48 Quit massiveH (Quit: Leaving)
10:46:34braewoods_bilgus: ok. i'm trying again.
10:47:08braewoodsi'm testing against HEAD since it's not that far from the LCD changes
10:47:59_bilgusspeachy nice, I assume there are users for the pcm peak stuff?
10:48:31braewoods_bilgus: still white screen
10:48:40speachythey've long since been migrated to the mixer_channel_peak stuff instead
10:49:28_bilguseven better :)
10:49:53braewoodsi wonder if this is partly because the H300 is color while H12 is grayscale
10:49:57 Quit emacsomancer (Quit: WeeChat 2.9)
10:50:00speachyand several of the PCM drivers never actually implemented the pcm_peak stuff, heh.
10:50:57_bilgusbraewoods, what I will do is go through the bootloader and make it work without any lcd and then we can try adding stuff back in till it breaks again
10:51:02 Join emacsomancer [0] (
10:51:13braewoods_bilgus: ok. keep me apprised.
10:51:40braewoodsi did find some stuff but maybe that workaround isn't necessary
10:52:05_bilguswill you be available this eve I have to head back to work but I'll be free in like 10 hrs from now
10:52:15braewoods_bilgus: probably
10:53:00_bilgusI'll try to get something easy with some ifdefs once we reach that point it'll hopefully just jump out
10:53:20braewoodswe shouldn't need to modify crt0.S
10:53:26braewoodsi'm pretty sure it is not at fault at all
10:53:56braewoodsplus if it was malfunctioning more coldfire ports would have issue
10:54:31_bilgusit might still be figure if it was getting set to zero before and now its not perhaps someone forgot to init something important
10:54:52braewoodsthe code hasn't been modified in ages
10:55:09speachythis code specifically hasn't, but it depends on other code which has.
10:55:24braewoodseither way
10:55:27_bilgusyeah since it last worked in 2006 and with a similar issue to boot
10:55:52braewoodsi was able to make it work in a 2009 source code
10:56:02braewoodsand then i found a commit that caused that white screen regression
10:56:15braewoodsand tracing forward, that patch worked until you changed the LCD code
10:56:20braewoodsin that recent commit
10:56:32braewoodsno idea how it broke this time
10:57:17braewoodsi was inclined just to play it safe since bootloaders are a pita to deug
10:57:40braewoodsanyway my other plans are shelved until we find a solution for these issues
10:57:52_bilgusIt doesn't seem like it currently but its actually the desired result
10:57:56braewoodseither way the bootloader on H300 doesn't seem to like LCDs for some reason
10:58:30_bilguswe want these bugs to pop out early instead of silent corruption
10:58:47braewoods_bilgus: my offer stands if you find this too difficult to do remotely. i can ship you my other unit.
10:59:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 388adff, 293 builds, 8 clients.
10:59:29speachyhmm, is the vbrfix plugin still relevant now that archos is gone?
11:00:20_bilgusmight have to its so much easier to have it for hardware issues but we'll see what falls out first
11:01:01_bilgusno clue what it does speachy
11:01:30speachy"This plugin adds/fixes the Xing VBR header in an MP3 file."
11:02:45speachy"The Xing header contains information about the vbr stream, to calculate average bit rate and to more accurately fw/rew throught the stream"
11:08:39braewoodsat least i can eliminate the toolchain
11:08:57braewoodsthe new coldfire one works fine for commits prior to the LCD overhaul
11:09:16braewoodslast known one to work with my patch is
11:09:31braewoodsthe one immediately before the first big LCD patch
11:09:35braewoodsthe framebuffer commit
11:10:06braewoods_bilgus: how you want to do this? i can take bootloaders you've built and flash them.
11:10:15_bilgusbraewoods, is that a clean vm?
11:10:17braewoodsthat way we can eliminate problems due to source differences
11:10:44braewoods_bilgus: define clean? i deleted the original toolchain prior to upgrading it.
11:10:56braewoodsand i'm not using VMs for builds
11:11:01_bilgusie no user info in it
11:11:14braewoodsah. no. just the unprivileged builder.
11:11:29_bilgusoh nm then I was gonna say upload it to a file host and I'd grab it but nm
11:12:05_bilgusI try to keep old stuff around for these things
11:12:24braewoodsdo you want me to give you a container that's setup for RB coldfire?
11:12:32braewoodsaccess to one
11:13:00_bilgusnah I have my toolchain set up here and this nifty 2x faster laptop :p
11:13:29braewoodsi've been building remotely on my LAN server and just copying the blobs over the network for testing
11:13:29_bilgusand my new rig should be here sometime soon so just better and better :D
11:13:57braewoodsfor the record, LXC containers work great for RB building
11:14:08_bilgushaha I almost did that with my rig at home but then the realization of slow internet speeds here tempered that expectation
11:14:43braewoodsit's LAN only for me so i got gigabit speed.
11:15:13braewoodsbut yea, that's why i rent a dedicated server
11:15:25braewoodstheir bandwidth is ridiculiously cheap compared to what we get
11:16:15braewoods_bilgus: one of my thoughts was whether the FBADDR macro was derferencing a null ptr
11:16:21braewoodssince i didn't know how it got initialized
11:16:32braewoodsthe original code was an address with arithmetic
11:16:36braewoodsno dereferences
11:16:55braewoodsbut with no debugger
11:17:01braewoodsall i got is wild guesses lol
11:17:10braewoodsall i know is the LCD seems to be having trouble
11:17:25braewoodsall the issues with the h300 BL point to the LCD
11:18:05_bilgusI'm sure you are right but why not elsewhere thats odd stuff
11:19:07_bilgusespecially since it works in fw makes me think its a failure to init
11:19:54speachyeg the dma engine itself
11:20:01speachythose usually require independent init/setup
11:20:41_bilgusoh braewoods were you testing with the dma stuff still removed?
11:20:59braewoods_bilgus: yes.
11:21:00speachyyes he is
11:21:07_bilgusoh good lol
11:21:37_bilgusso i'll build it off that commmit you have up
11:22:01braewoodsit was modified a bit to reflect changes to the LCD code for H300
11:22:16braewoodsthough i don't know what broke it specifically
11:22:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1394 seconds.
11:22:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 388adff result: All green
11:23:09braewoodsit can easily be flipped by changing the ifdefs
11:23:11braewoodsif need be
11:23:28fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b912ad5, 293 builds, 8 clients.
11:23:36braewoodsfor now i consider it a WIP because there's other issues it needs to be reconciled with
11:24:38braewoods_bilgus: though this is a lot less painful thanks to the iriver_flash changes i made
11:24:49braewoodsiriver_flash is a lot faster than the OF is at flashing
11:34:47_bilgusbraewoods, do I need to do anything special making the bootloader or just the bootloader.iriver file?
11:35:12braewoodsi've been using the generated bootloader.iriver
11:35:35braewoodsi added that support in a previous commit
11:35:46braewoodsbut you'll have to add it manually if working with something older
11:35:52braewoodsi mean
11:35:57braewoodsbootoutput to configure
11:38:01_bilgusits off your g#2968
11:38:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #2968 at : h300: fix one long-standing bootloader bug by James Buren
11:38:11braewoodswith what chnges?
11:38:19_bilgusso in this ver all lcd stuff is disabled
11:38:53braewoodslet me rebuild my rockbox
11:39:19_bilgusbutton prompts are intact so do try select or whatever keys normally if its not doing anything
11:40:55braewoodsgimme a few minutes
11:41:04braewoodsi have to rebuild RB for each BL build
11:41:08braewoodsdue to the lookup table
11:42:09_bilgus g#2969
11:42:11fs-bluebotGerrit review #2969 at : h300 Boiotloader lcd WIP by William Wilgus
11:42:52_bilguswhat lookup table seems bad to be tied in that manner
11:44:01braewoods_bilgus: tried it. white screen again.
11:44:13braewoodsi used the rescue feature.
11:44:23_bilgussur ethe backlight is on but it should boot
11:44:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1264 seconds.
11:44:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b912ad5 result: All green
11:44:43braewoods_bilgus: no progress. but if you insist I can wait longer.
11:44:49braewoodsi'll reflash it
11:45:15braewoods_bilgus: oh, and, it's the table used by detect_valid_bootloader
11:45:27braewoodsit's a safety feature but just gets in the way during development
11:45:32_bilgusgot ya
11:47:36braewoods_bilgus: tried again. it's just hung. nothing happens like it should.
11:47:48braewoodsit should boot to RB but i don't even hear the hard drive spinning
11:50:20_bilgusthat worries me let me double check that I got all the lcd things
11:51:25braewoodson the bright side i don't think bricking is a serious worry due to the cookie checks
11:51:45braewoodsi can hit reset and if i power it back on quickly enough
11:51:51braewoodsit trips the cookie and boots the OF
11:51:55_bilgusthank goodness well I see one last spot the logf
11:52:40braewoodsintended or not it wouldn't be feasible to explore this issue without it
11:52:41_bilgusoh nm its ifdefd out
11:53:21braewoodsit's just weird how the BL behaves normally when my patch is applied but doesn't otherwise
11:53:44 Quit petur (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
11:53:50braewoods_bilgus: would it help if we started from the last known good commit?
11:54:24_bilgusnot yet it really worries me that pulling out the lcd code didn't fix it
11:55:08_bilgusi'll try disabling everything not needed to boot
11:55:21speachywhat about disabling LCD_REMOTE entirely for the bootloader?
11:55:28braewoodstried it
11:55:38speachy(eg maybe that relies on i2c or something else not initialized yet)
11:55:41braewoodsi commented it out and the build failed
11:55:46braewoodswhen i was doing it
11:56:09braewoodsstill strange that one optimization commit broke stuff
11:56:15braewoodswhy it did is beyond me
11:56:23braewoodsall it did was add some mutex stuff and the like
11:56:44speachyoh! one thing to consider −− grep the bootloader elf dump for traps
11:56:52braewoodsi did already
11:57:22speachyso -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks is enabled?
11:57:29speachy(could easily lead to other bugs)
11:57:32braewoodsyou enabled it globally, remember?
11:57:46speachyI don't recall when it was added vs the commits you're examining
11:57:49braewoodsalthough it isn't enabled in the last good commit
11:58:03braewoodseither way no traps
11:58:16braewoodsplus a lot of the BL's critical sections are in ASM
12:01:09braewoodsoui. working with the ROM chips is simple compared to this.
12:03:03braewoodsso what's different now?
12:03:17_bilgusnew one I'm updating the gerrit commit as well
12:03:26_bilgusthis disable the backlight completely
12:03:44_bilgusin addition to the lcd
12:04:43braewoodsok. moment.
12:06:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:06:51braewoodsthat works
12:06:55braewoodsthough it's pitch black
12:07:25_bilgusthat is odd
12:07:26braewoodsthe screen is 100% dark
12:07:32braewoodsuntil RB finishes loading
12:07:48_bilgusit looks to me like the assumption is that the device turns on the screen at boot
12:08:17_bilgusnow why does that give issues with the lcd code ....
12:08:30braewoodswell it may not matter but i did notice one difference from the 2006 bootloader and the functional ones i built
12:08:41braewoodsthe screen remains white in the V5 bootloader
12:08:45_bilgusok so we will reenable the lcd coide but leave the backlight off
12:08:45braewoodsthe background
12:09:11_bilgusstill wont see anything but if it works...
12:09:21braewoodsbut in the newer ones it
12:09:35braewoodsis black
12:09:39braewoodsdark background
12:09:44braewoodslike black on white in the old
12:09:48braewoodsand white on black in then ew
12:09:52braewoodskinda weird
12:09:56braewoodsi thought just a color change
12:10:02braewoodsbut maybe it is significant?
12:10:12braewoodsbut it dates back to 2008
12:10:15braewoodsso not really new
12:11:06braewoods_bilgus: there's one major difference in this one; i heard the HD spin up
12:11:15braewoodsand then after like 10s it booted finally
12:11:19braewoodsscreen came on
12:11:26_bilgusgood lets hope this one does too
12:12:02_bilgussame link
12:13:00speachythere is interaction between backlight and lcd code
12:13:26speachy(eg baclkight off -> lcd disable)
12:14:13speachythis interaction was responsible for one of the wonkier bugs in the hosted linux stuff
12:14:29_bilgussounds like a good guess
12:14:35braewoodswaiting for trasnfer
12:15:01braewoodsbut yer right, i should probably disable the bootloader safeties for this
12:15:06_bilgusnbd I'll have to continue later on but this is PROGRESS!
12:15:07braewoodsthe one that requires recompiles
12:16:14braewoods_bilgus: boots.
12:16:21_bilgusspeachy I see it for hw_on and off i'll look into that a little closer
12:16:28braewoodsthe backlight seems to be responsible.
12:16:39_bilgusok super excited lets see if I can get one more out
12:16:40speachyprobably it's being enabled before the LCD code is ready
12:17:08braewoodsif this works i'll try a build with the DMA workaround disabled
12:17:25braewoodsit may have just been a race condition or so
12:17:36braewoodswhich is even more obvious in async code
12:17:58braewoodsit's possible they're both the same bug
12:18:05braewoodsjust manifested differently
12:20:42_bilguseh sorry gonna have to be a bit later I think its lcd_update but I'll need to work therough the math to see if its the area
12:31:31_bilgusbraewoods, last one for now same link
12:31:47_bilgusthis one reenables everything but blocks the activation event
12:35:42speachyin other news, I have a PineCube now
12:36:02speachyhaven't had time do anything other than unbox it, but yay!
12:36:32speachy(I have a couple of other boards still en route from Eastern Elbonia)
12:37:55_bilgusthey do good work but I hear the air travel leaves something to be desired
12:38:42speachygiven the estimated delivery dates, I think the delivery involves the back of a Yak.
12:39:58*speachy snickers.
12:44:05 Quit Rower ()
12:46:38 Join lebellium [0] (
12:46:54 Join Rower [0] (
12:51:37braewoods_bilgus: ok. i'll try.
12:55:14braewoods_bilgus: no good
12:55:18braewoodssame issue
12:55:26braewoodshangs, no spin up, etc
12:58:41 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
13:00:43braewoodsTheLemonMan: so what's your special power? does lemonade come out of your nostrils on demand?
13:01:58 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
13:18:37 Quit atsampson (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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13:56:11 Join amsomniac [0] (~nadya@2601:181:8300:4db::b45)
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14:40:06 Quit _bilgus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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15:01:07 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
15:05:08mendel_munkisspeachy: do you know if there is any reason for the quickscreen to do a global settings apply?
15:05:11mendel_munkissorry for repeating the question I just want to make sure I am not missing something
15:14:20 Quit _bilgus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:19:44 Join _bilgus [0] (~bilgus@2605:a000:1301:89f6:3480:14c5:505:7e2f)
15:24:43 Quit _bilgus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:35:30speachymendel_munkis: not offhand, but I confess to never looking at (or even using) the quickscreen functionality
15:41:49mendel_munkisalright. in that case I will commit and watch for complaints.
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16:23:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 362f7a3, 293 builds, 8 clients.
16:25:50speachymendel_munkis: if quickscreen can change settings (and still saves them unconditionally) then it does follow that itshould actually apply said changed settings?
16:26:32speachyAnother way of looking at it; what's the problem that led to that patch?
16:29:17mendel_munkisthe specific issue was quickscreen applying back/foreground colors which led to several plugins having messed up graphics
16:30:51speachyhmm. seems that the changed settings are being saved still though?
16:30:51mendel_munkisI am not sure if there are other settings that can cause similar difficulties, but from what I've seen every quickscreen settable setting is A special cased B has a callback or C is checked at use time
16:31:57mendel_munkismeaning that if I change a setting the global setting will change just the current context doesn't have to worry about things changing from underneath
16:43:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1155 seconds.
16:43:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 362f7a3 result: All green
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20:37:43_bilgusbraewoods, still around?
20:38:12_bilgusthat one does the lcd update with a for loop
20:57:47 Quit MrZeus (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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23:48:02braewoods_bilgus: sorry, back up.
23:48:14braewoods_bilgus: went sleep for awhile
23:54:45 Join Huntereb [0] (~Huntereb@

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