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#rockbox log for 2020-11-21

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04:38:26borkitallokay im definitely gonna have to read the manual
04:38:49borkitall./cover.jpg is how i did it before all this fancy tagging lul
04:38:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision efacce58eb, 293 builds, 9 clients.
04:39:45borkitalloh sweet a new build
04:44:59bluebrother^not much to expect though. Only Rockbox Utility related stuff :)
04:45:42bluebrother^braewoods, speachy: thinking about it, shouldn't we add the version to the bootloader filenames? I.e. bootloader-h300-v8.bin instead of simply bootloader-h300.bin?
04:46:24bluebrother^that way we could already put them on the download server, and wouldn't break older versions of Rockbox Utility. Those older versions would only install the old bootloader, but well ...
04:48:18bluebrother^I'll try to get the most important stuff finished soon, so we can release Rockbox Utility 1.5.0 to get things out. With all that rework it might also make sense so people actually start using it :)
04:48:52bluebrother^and then do 1.6.0 later and address the bootloader install / sudo issue with that. Won't get that finished too quickly.
04:55:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 995 seconds.
04:55:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision efacce58eb result: All green
04:59:37borkitallim trying to save a .cfg file, there is no button to confirm to save, and the scroll wheel and volume buttons are the opposite of what you would expect
05:01:21borkitallvol+ is down, vol- is up, scroll left is right, and scroll right is left
05:24:19borkitalli suppose this is a keymapping issue
05:24:49borkitallill have a look at the wiki
05:26:13borkitallif anyone can link me that would be awesome
05:27:38borkitallokay, ill have to compile it myself it seems?
05:27:44borkitallim okay with that if so
05:28:31borkitallthe main problem is that there is no button to save the .cfg file
05:28:44borkitallhardware wise
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08:12:55speachybluebrother^: ideally yes, but at the moment rbutil is looking for a specific filename only.
08:14:52speachybluebrother^: Replacing one hardcoded filename with another doesn't really seem optimal −− especially when we intend to drop support for older rbutils soon after the new one is out. (eg by forcing https)
08:15:57bluebrother^the problem I'm seeing is that the filename now causes things to break. Rockbox Utility has both the filename and the hash coded in, so if we change the hash changing the filename at the same time sounds reasonable to me.
08:16:37bluebrother^forcing people to update is one thing, breaking things in a way people will start screaming bug is another one ;-)
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08:17:09bluebrother^so once we replace the files with new ones old Rockbox Utility will still work. But installing the bootloader won't anymore, so it's "bug!"
08:17:18bluebrother^by using a different filename we'd avoid this.
08:17:48speachyPushing the bootloader filename+checksum into build-info seems prudent. but more work for you
08:18:59bluebrother^shouldn't be too much work. The main problem is that we have different situations.
08:19:32speachywe can leave the existing stuff in place for older rbutils and call the new stuff whatever we want going forward.
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08:19:50speachyI don't want to have to update rbutil each time we pop out any bootloader update though.
08:20:23speachy(granted they're relatively infrequent. and I don't recall any of the other targets have hardcoded checksums)
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08:22:45bluebrother^easy part: add bootloader hashes to build-info, and check the file after downloading. We should do that.
08:23:16bluebrother^harder part: we have this OF hash / patched OF hash list for the h100 / h300 series. That wouldn't fit that easily into this.
08:23:39bluebrother^haven't found a good solution on how to solve that, but we can still do the first part :)
08:24:40bluebrother^I was thinking to try to push 1.5.0, so we get the new bootloaders. For those we can easily simply use different filenames. Then do the other stuff after that release. Especially that sudo part is something I'd like to see solved −− that's causing issues all the time.
08:25:16bluebrother^but if we add v8 bootloaders with new filenames (at least for now) I'd need to change that in Rockbox Utility.
08:25:43speachythe way things are currently, bootloader/iriver/ is the current release, and bootloader/iriver/x.y/ is the older release.
08:25:59speachyand ... that also includes h10, just to be special.
08:27:02speachyso it's easy enough to create bootloader/iriver/8.0/ and put our h1xx/h3xx in there.
08:28:06bluebrother^sounds good.
08:28:56bluebrother^currently Rockbox Utility uses bootloader/iriver/*.bin for the bootloaders. It's easy to change that to bootloader/iriver/8.0/*.bin for now
08:29:16speachyincludin the h10 family?
08:29:31bluebrother^still hardcoded, but at least includes the version
08:30:23bluebrother^h10 uses iriver/H10.mi4
08:30:40bluebrother^so same applies here. I can easily change that to iriver/6.0/H10.mi4
08:31:44bluebrother^hmm, browsing into 6.0 is weird, I can go into that folder multiple times until at some point it's empty.
08:32:18speachyheh, must have been some symlinks in play.
08:32:30speachy6.0 was probably a symlink to '.'
08:32:40speachyand when I crawled the download site originally there was no way to fix that
08:32:41bluebrother^ looks the same as iriver/ :)
08:33:16bluebrother^I can even go to 6.0/5.0/ :o
08:33:30bluebrother^so ... I'd also add the version to the filename. Just in case.
08:34:41speachyokay, everything in the top level iriver dir is now a symlink to the 6.0 directory
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08:40:35speachyhmm, I wonder if there's any point in keeping the ~2007 vmware images around. or a ~2012 debian toolchain build.
08:43:37_bilgus_I can host them on my file share if not
08:44:15speachyit's not a matter of space, but utility
08:44:32speachy(and possible confusion)
08:44:51bluebrother^I'd say get rid of them.
08:45:08bluebrother^not too useful anymore these days. Plus, they're unlikely to have the updated toolchain :)
08:45:24_bilgus_I say keep them for fast older toolchains
08:45:28speachyand some ~2007-era cygwin binaries
08:46:41_bilgus_is there a link i'll get a copy of them before they disappear
08:47:54bluebrother^do we support building with cygwin anymore at all? Even on Windows these days you'd use WSL
08:48:01speachyI'm consolidating everything into there
08:56:55speachyI don't see why cygwin wouldn't work. if it can build the toolchains anyway
08:58:25bluebrother^I remember that it had some issues in the past, and not much people were using it. But I might remember wrong.
08:59:19braewoodsbluebrother^: i think we'd have more windows *users* than *developers* today.
09:00:14braewoodsbluebrother^: do what you feel you need to. the only time the filename matters is for the .iriver version of the BL but that's not rbutil compatible anyway.
09:00:22braewoods(unless you add support for it)
09:00:56braewoodsthe .iriver is just the normal bin bootload with a simple 8 byte header
09:01:16bluebrother^indeed. I don't see why I should add that though :) Most people will install the bootloader and forget about it anyway.
09:01:21braewoodscontaining a 32 bit checksum (adds up all bytes in the bootloader, starting from an initial value of MODEL_NUMBER)
09:01:27braewoodsand then a 4 byte model string
09:01:54braewoodsif you'r eusing checksums
09:01:59braewoodsthen you don't really need the header
09:02:41braewoodsi added extra safeties to iriver_flash so you can't accidently mix up the H100, H120, H300 rockbox RAM/ROM images anymore
09:03:02braewoodsi noticed that would be possible to do so since the model string wasn't being checked
09:22:08_bilgus_About half way thru compiling toolchains so far its been very un-eventful
09:23:33braewoods_bilgus_: why are these "sum" algorithms preferred to crcs? i see them used at different times in rockbox.
09:24:36braewoodscrcs are a lot harder to understand than a bunch of additions...
09:25:54_bilgus_probably less overhead
09:28:18braewoodsi've been learning the other side of abstractions. something i stopped thinking about awhile ago. abstractions don't just pay a price in terms of capabilities... they also require more code to use than direct access to the actual APIs that i can see. so larger binaries can result.
09:28:54braewoodsbad news if you care about code size.
09:34:55_bilgus_I guess summing would be a simple form of RLE RunLengthEncoding?
09:35:25speachya higly lossy form, perhaps.
09:35:41speachyRLE is nominally reversable.
09:36:00speachyand, heh, "run length" implies repetititon
09:37:00_bilgus_yeah kinda not matching any of the reqs
09:40:01_bilgus_idk I don't see it being anybetter than CRC32 maybe its better since the whole buffer doesn't need to be looked at a second time
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09:49:18braewoodsi've just seen this sum thing be reinvented in multiple places
09:49:31braewoodsmakes me wonder if it could be a subroutine or inline function at least
09:50:12braewoodsit's a good candidate for being put into one
09:50:42braewoodsthough seems it's only obviously used in 2 psots
09:51:44_bilgus_I can't see it being more efficient than a simple sum though?
09:51:56speachywhat's the benefit to changing it?
09:52:27braewoodsmake that 3. it's reimplemented in 3 places.
09:52:37braewoodsor close to it.
09:52:42braewoodsgit grep for MODEL_NUMBER
09:53:01speachyand what uses it?
09:53:05braewoodslet me look
09:53:06speachyinternal vs external
09:53:14braewoods2 external plugins, 1 internal code.
09:53:22braewoodsfirmware/common/rb-loader.c: sum = MODEL_NUMBER;
09:53:31braewoodsapps/plugins/crypt_firmware.c: sum = calc_checksum(MODEL_NUMBER, (unsigned char*)hash, sizeof(hash));
09:53:41braewoodsthis uses a subroutine implementing the same basic algorithm i believe
09:53:56braewoodsapps/plugins/iriver_flash.c: sum = MODEL_NUMBER;
09:54:10braewoodsmaking an inline version of it would have some benefit
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09:54:24speachyif all users are internal, then there's presumably no danger in changing it. but if that checksum is used by any external tools, that's anotehr matter
09:54:46braewoodsi was just advocating for making it a subroutine that implements the logic in one place
09:54:58braewoodsprobably an inline function due to how small it is
09:55:04braewoodsit's like 5 lines tops
09:55:28braewoodsi'll look at it later
09:55:57_bilgus_wodz (logs?) did you ever get a chance to look at g#3044?
09:56:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #3044 at : Bluetooth Menu WIP by William Wilgus
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10:05:00_bilgus_ok first toolchain issue fixed it in the simple guide, 'libmpc-dev'
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12:01:04_bilgus_I don't think ive seen this one before *** You must have either have gettext support in your C library, or use the
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12:58:52bluebrother^speachy: can I get a symlink in daily/voices pointing to the most recent voice as with the daily builds? I.e. something like voices/
12:59:38bluebrother^then again, thinking about it. Since we have a separate folder for each target, wouldn't it be a good idea to put the voices in those folders as well?
13:00:10bluebrother^so I have daily/ipod6g, and that has and
13:02:15braewoods g#3046
13:02:17fs-bluebotGerrit review #3046 at : rockbox: move firmware checksum algorithms into a common header by James Buren
13:02:18speachyyeah, that's a good idea.
13:02:51speachyI'll have to rejigger a few things on the infra side first. I'll let you know when it's done.
13:03:01speachy(maybe tonight, more likely tomorrow sometime)
13:05:42bluebrother^nice, thanks.
13:06:03bluebrother^I'd really like to get installing prerendered voices and manual to the main install tab, currently working on that.
13:06:17bluebrother^though right now I'll just end up with download errors :)
13:06:43bluebrother^maybe also put the manuals in those folders as well? So we'll end up with a folder per device containing everything (except bootloader)?
13:07:12bluebrother^we kinda have it like that for the releases, minus the device folder.
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14:05:59braewoodswell that was a disappointment.
14:06:16braewoodsthe hdd6330 was on its last legs. it fell apart in my hands when all i was doing was inspecting it.
14:06:33braewoodsoh well. i'll look for others.
14:19:56braewoodsinteresting. seems the hdd16xx is more common than i thought.
14:20:08braewoodsjust didn't turn up in my searches since people weren't including model #s
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15:40:28saratogaDoes anyone know why the HTML manuals are only rendering out to chapter 4?
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16:05:58speachysaratoga: what's on the web/download site or for local buids?
16:07:19braewoodsspeachy: i scored a good buy recently. i found some old stuck unopened HDD1635s for a fair price.
16:12:11saratogaspeachy: the zips have the entire manual, but it looks like the online copy only has part of it?
16:13:37speachyI think something broke on the html manual builds on teh server
16:13:59speachy(eg) the zip from 20th is 385K, the 21st is 241K
16:14:36braewoodsspeachy: regarding the whole pine cube stuff... maybe a kickstarter project could help get it off the ground if you can show a semi-serious prototype
16:14:45braewoodsif funding was an issue
16:15:11braewoodsit's not innovative but it would be based on more modern hardware
16:17:42speachysaratoga: I take that back; the 19th is good, the 20th is not. which means this break happened prior to the server update
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16:50:45speachysaratoga: the voice files are now under /daily/$model/voice-$model-$datecode-$
16:51:06speachywhoops, that's supposed to go to bluebrother
16:54:54bluebrother^speachy: nice, thanks. Can you also add a symlink pointing to the latest, as we have for the Rockbox build itself?
16:57:45speachybluebrother^: there will be a set of voice-$player-$ links pointing to the appropriate place
16:58:53bluebrother^will be as in will be generated during the next daily build run?
16:59:43speachy(I'm re-generating last night's voices to test things; the symlink isn't set up properly but it will in tonight's run)
17:01:05speachymanuals will take more work
17:01:10bluebrother^ok, fine with me. Thanks a lot.
17:01:28bluebrother^I'm mostly done with moving voice file and manual to the main install tab
17:01:41bluebrother^manual also fixes the problem that we didn't download release manuals.
17:01:57bluebrother^voice file currently only has english though, haven't added reading the values from build-info yet.
17:02:04bluebrother^but it's progressing nicely.
17:02:30speachysaratoga: If I had to guess, I'd wager that 0aa702836b is what broke the html manual
17:02:31bluebrother^though there's quite a bit of bit rot to deal with ;-)
17:02:43speachymendel_munkis: can you confirm?
17:03:24bluebrother^another of those things I was thinking about ... using Sphinx for the manual might be a better approach these days. LaTeX is really nice for printed stuff, but not exactly easy to write properly.
17:03:39bluebrother^might give that a look once Rockbox Utility is done
17:04:32speachyugh, tonight's backup run is going to take a while too. 33-odd GB of relocated voice files. :/
17:05:05bluebrother^yay for more voice files :P
17:05:42speachyI need to see about parallizing the voice builds.
17:06:11speachy(one core per language)
17:07:47speachybluebrother^: for the manual, you only care about the pdf version?
17:08:17speachyand you presumably don't care about older versions, just "the latest daily manual" ?
17:09:00bluebrother^I currently also allow downloading the html version. Or don't we want to have this?
17:10:50speachyie the zip file?
17:12:44speachyOk, I've added links for daily/$target/manual-$target.pdf and daily/$target/manual-$
17:13:57bluebrother^thanks (yes, the zip).
17:14:18bluebrother^now to readd daily build support and then it should work
17:15:24speachysoeaking of build-info, I don't recall you telling me how you wanted it to look.
17:22:17 Join Rower- [0] (~Rower@
17:24:04speachyheh, the daily builds are 50GB of the 64GB used by
17:24:28 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:24:43speachyvoices are 2/3rds of that.
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17:55:58speachyof the nearly 15 million lines in the http error log, under 1000 were not due to the buildserver upload script spamming the log after every 1kb of data transfer. gack.
18:09:17mendel_munkisI had issues building the html manual before I started and just to confirm I just went and attempted again with a old tree. html manual wouldnt build before my manual changes
18:10:16mendel_munkis(it is possible that that was an issue with my local texlive setup and that something else broke without my relizing it but I find that unlikely)
18:11:27speachyoh, the main server's texlive install now complains about ipdf vs Ipdf.
18:18:50mendel_munkisso you finally caught up to debian :)
18:19:16mendel_munkiswell g#2453 is sitting in gerrit when you want it
18:19:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #2453 at : fix a few manual warnings by Moshe Piekarski
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19:19:52speachyupdated verison of htmlatex is barfing on a few constructs −− \fname{} with \_ in it, for example
19:47:42 Join _bilgus [0] (~bilgus@
19:50:13 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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20:02:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 4641d86c46, 293 builds, 9 clients.
20:15:03fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 740 seconds.
20:15:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 4641d86c46 result: All green
20:19:02speachyso I can't figure out why htlatex is barfing.
20:19:21speachyI mean, I know _what_ is wrong but it's supposed to be valid.
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21:59:57borkitallim wanting to save my settings, but am unable to do it on the player, could someone point me in the right direction please?
22:12:34speachyit saves things automatically?
22:18:43_bilgus_assuming your disk isn't read only
22:31:35borkitallokay let me clarify
22:32:00borkitallim running the h2 dev build, and am wanting to update to the new daily
22:32:17borkitallis there a way to save settings outside of the player menus
22:32:55_bilgus_you can edit them manually
22:33:02_bilgus_you can shutdown the player
22:33:13_bilgus_you can set sleep time to shut down player
22:33:23borkitallokay im not being clear enough, ill look into it
22:33:29_bilgus_you can use lua to make a script that saves settings to disk too
22:34:10_bilgus_are you wanting to install a new build and keep old settings?
22:37:18braewoodsthat generally works in my experience...
22:37:25braewoodsyou just overwrite the original RB folder
22:37:33braewoodsas long as the settings file isn't erased in the process
22:37:55_bilgus_yes unless you are jumping a few builds or have issues
22:38:45_bilgus_like say from 3.13 to 3.15
22:41:23 Join mendelmunkis [0] (
22:48:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 332433eb3d, 293 builds, 9 clients.
22:48:59braewoods_bilgus_: did you review my gerrit commit yet?
22:50:36braewoods_bilgus_: #3046
22:59:46_bilgus_ g#3046 ? no I havent
22:59:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #3046 at : rockbox: move firmware checksum algorithms into a common header by James Buren
23:00:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 730 seconds.
23:00:42fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 332433eb3d result: 834 errors 0 warnings
23:01:06braewoodsshould be relatively simple
23:01:16braewoodswow. all documentation errors?
23:02:32speachysome of the builders have the old latex.
23:04:07speachymendelmunkis: So it seems your builders can't build your patch. :)
23:06:45_bilgus_Class scrreprt Warning: \float@addtolists detected!
23:06:45_bilgus_(scrreprt) Implementation of \float@addtolist became
23:06:45_bilgus_(scrreprt) deprecated in KOMA-Script v3.01 2008/11/14 and
23:06:45DBUGEnqueued KICK _bilgus_
23:06:45_bilgus_(scrreprt) has been replaced by several more flexible
23:06:45_bilgus_(scrreprt) features of package `tocbasic`.
23:06:46***Alert Mode level 1
23:06:46_bilgus_(scrreprt) Since Version 3.12 support for deprecated
23:06:48_bilgus_(scrreprt) \float@addtolist interface has been
23:06:50_bilgus_(scrreprt) restricted to only some of the KOMA-Script
23:06:52_bilgus_(scrreprt) features and been removed from others.
23:06:54_bilgus_(scrreprt) Loading of package `scrhack' may help to
23:06:56_bilgus_(scrreprt) avoid this warning, if you are using a
23:06:58_bilgus_(scrreprt) a package that still implements the
23:07:00_bilgus_(scrreprt) deprecated \float@addtolist interface.
23:07:02_bilgus_sorry for the wall but..
23:11:22speachymendelmunkis: so, um, if you could either disable latex on your builder, or bring them up-to-date.
23:12:11borkitall_bilgus_: yes thats exactly what im trying to do
23:12:18borkitallsorry if i was a bit short before
23:12:22mendelmunkisgive me a few
23:13:06_bilgus_like braewoods said just unzip the new build ontop
23:16:47***Alert Mode OFF
23:17:59fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9d33ed10ab, 293 builds, 9 clients.
23:20:03mendelmunkisyeah the builder is running debian stable. I'll update it in a few months when the next debian is released
23:20:27speachyI changed the 'latex' version check to match against Tex Live 2020
23:22:36borkitall_bilgus_: thanks, ill backup my .rockbox and do that
23:29:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 675 seconds.
23:29:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 9d33ed10ab result: 834 errors 0 warnings
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23:51:32speachy_bilgus_: that float@addtolist thing is something in the bowels of the styles we're using.
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