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#rockbox log for 2020-11-23

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04:09:16yang_bilgus__: Is the iriver iFP supported or will it be ?
04:15:00yangI don't see it in the list of devices
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09:37:51braewoodsyang: it isn't.
09:42:13braewoodsoui. i give up on the isp1362 for now. i'll need to spend a long time going through it to even begin to know how to configure it for periphereal mode and hopefully get some indication it's trying to work.
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14:07:24_bilgus__3044 is updated with the sub menus for connect/disconnect
14:08:13_bilgus__I still need to figure out a way to show what is currently connected
14:12:36_bilgus__And I'd really like to get some feedback before I go too much further... I'm not gonna be too receptive to changes later...
14:13:04borkitallstill haven't found where to add silence, plan to have another look today
14:13:14borkitall*between tracks
14:22:06_bilgus__borkitall, I don't see the option but I feel like it used to be possible? maybe it got folded into something else??
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14:28:17amsomniacI figured out the ATA Error -2147483542 on the 6.5th generation rockbox with iflash mSATA! I needed to buy a PATA drive and then everything worked great
14:28:48amsomniactotally understand why these devices aren't supported by default but figured I'd mention it here in case anyone else gets caught in the same (admittedly likely super rare) situation
14:29:08ThaneVimborkitall Can't do a negative crossfade? I'd try it myself, but my mp3 player is currently sitting in rice because I didn't realize my coffee mug was so easily toppable
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14:45:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 185dfb42c2, 293 builds, 9 clients.
14:51:29speachybluebrother^: FYI, I believe every build-info change we've discussed is now live.
14:53:00blbro[m]Great, thanks. Now I need to do a bit of rework to use those template urls we have now :)
14:53:58blbro[m]But getting closer. Installing daily builds now works. Reshuffle some internals, then add voice languages.
14:54:01_bilgus__ amsomniac could you write that up a bit further on the forum please?
14:54:24speachyamsomniac: you were using latest dev builds, correct?
14:54:55speachyamsomniac: I wonder if the ATA timing change I made for the older ipods needed something similar on the gen6+
14:56:41speachyblbro[m]: oh, one other thing that comes to mind −− quotes in the ini file, or no quotes?
14:57:33speachy(or perhaps a better question, when are quotes needed?)
14:58:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 769 seconds.
14:58:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 185dfb42c2 result: All green
15:00:54speachyalso, can you please add support for downloading the rockbox sources too? (using the new source_url template)
15:01:41speachy(easy GPL compliance, and all that..)
15:02:03blbro[m]Quotes don't matter.
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15:03:39blbro[m]According to the web handling quotes depends on the application. Qt seems to ignore them −− at least we use them in some places in rbutil.ini (basically when the value contains a space), but afaiu that's not necessary. But it also doesn't hurt.
15:03:49blbro[m]So no need to add quotes.
15:38:03speachyone more www bug fixed.
15:39:04borkitall_bilgus__: yeah thats what im guessing
15:39:24borkitallThaneVim: I'll try that
15:39:48borkitallill also have a deeper look into the options
15:52:55amsomniacspeachy: yep. I'll write a forum post about it soon
15:55:31borkitallThaneVim: also, hope you player is okay
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15:55:59borkitalli spilt water on the right half of my keyboard last week, hoping it still works
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22:51:00tomfif I'm getting a dc_writeback_callback() could not write sector 24 ... (error -43) −− is that simply an error with one of the cards?
23:02:10_bilgus__could be iFlash?
23:03:08_bilgus__tomf, what device
23:03:47_bilgus__its either the internal disk or the sd card...
23:03:52tomfiPod 5.5 with the ol iFlash Quad with two cards. Its gotta be the iFlash throwing the error
23:04:11tomfit only happens once in a blue moon when I save a bookmark on an audiobook
23:06:54tomfso if that one sector is borked, is there a sloppy way around it like stuffing a bunch of FLACs on and accepting that one won't play or something?
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