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#rockbox log for 2020-11-29

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03:34:54bluebrotherspeachy: some things about build-info: (1) there's a typo in daily/build_url, MODEL is missing the closing %.
03:36:26bluebrother(2) I was thinking about that placeholder MODEL. Seems like not the best name to me, how about changing that to TARGET? We still have both (rbutil.ini still uses TARGET in some places), and since I'm currently working on getting the template urls from build-info used we could still change that without breaking anything.
03:37:52bluebrother(3) we have a bunch of other urls from the server that are still hard coded in rbutil.ini. Currently I'm thinking about all those game file urls (in rbutil.ini below the comment saying "other"). How about adding those to build-info in an [other] section? Would also simplify things a tiny bit for me :)
03:39:04bluebrother(4) there's the theme site urls left, I'm still pondering on how to address those best. Maybe put them in a [themes] section?
03:43:08bluebrother(5) should we drop genlang support? That's only really useful for really old builds, and voice strings on the player are around since 8 years. Even the latest recorderv1 (i.e. 3.13) has them.
03:46:19bluebrotheroh, and (6) there's the midi patchset we're not handling at all. How about adding that too to [other]? Though we'd need to convert that to an installable zip first, the structure is not suitable and Rockbox Utility doesn't support tar files.
03:54:01bluebrotheroh, turns out I already created an installable zip for the patchset before:
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08:19:12speachybluebrother: (1) Will fix, and it'll get picked up tonight. (2). Just tell me which one to use, rbutil is the only consumer.
08:19:57speachy(3/4) Just tell me what you want, or I'll just cut'n'paste ethe urls out of rbutil.ini
08:20:58speachy(5) is only present for rbutil, as soon as you tell me it's not needed I'll nuke it.
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08:42:20speachybluebrother: 1 is done, will show up next nightly build (or if you want me to refresh first let me know)
08:42:50speachy3/4/6 are done, see
08:43:51speachywhile we're doing this, would it make sense to pull the [platforms] and [devices] into a downloadable file?
08:44:29speachyon, and [bootloaders] too.
08:53:51fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision a5961c944b, 293 builds, 8 clients.
09:00:09speachyMy thinking is that it would allow supporting more players without requiring a new rbutil build
09:01:22bluebrotherthe problem with this is that the list of players is in rbutil.ini, and thus embedded in Rockbox Utility. Not doing so would make it impossible to use it without network connection. But right now you could create a voice file even when offline.
09:01:59speachyah, ok. I was under the impression that internet access was pretty much required to do anything.
09:02:23bluebrotherbut then again we could either download rbutil.ini from the git repo and use that if downloading was possible, otherwise fall back to the build-in one.
09:02:29bluebrotherthough that would require quite a bit more work.
09:04:27bluebrotherwe also cache downloaded files, so in theory one could even install a build offline if it had been installed before and thus is in the cache. Though I haven't checked that in a long time and wouldn't be surprised if it's broken. We even had an offline mode in the past but that was broken and removed at some point.
09:04:54bluebrotherfor now I'll just finish implementing the things I mentioned before :)
09:05:17bluebrotheronce that's done will think about the next steps. That whole bootloader thing is still an open issue.
09:06:24fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 753 seconds.
09:06:27fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision a5961c944b result: All green
09:11:24speachybluebrother: okeydokey. If you want me to change MODEL to TARGET, let me know
09:12:01bluebrotheryeah, I'd prefer to change MODEL to TARGET. There's some inconsistency in Rockbox Utility and that keeps confusing me so getting rid of that would be helpful :)
09:12:49speachyso I should go ahead and do it immediately (ish) ?
09:14:37bluebrotherI wouldn't mind if you have the time. Though I have some other things to look into right now, so will take me a few hours before I get back to the code.
09:19:47speachyI'm in the middle of some printer debug stuff but when that's done I'll make the changes.
09:20:06speachy(For once I'm not on breakfast duty today)
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09:55:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 10f05b3b27, 293 builds, 8 clients.
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10:00:12speachybluebrother: when this build completes, all MODEL -> TARGET will be done. except the daily build, which will refresh tonight.
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14:24:26k1w1hey, quick question: I changed the battery on my sansa clip+, but it has a slightly larger capacity than the original one (300mA, vs 290mA). This seems to be throwing rockbox for a loop, because i'm trying to charge it and it's stuck at 43% charge while charging (and ~67% after unplugging the cable). I'm trying to make a full cycle out of it to see if it helps, but in case it doesn't, does anyone
14:24:28k1w1have a clue to what might be happening?
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15:07:19gevaertsk1w1: I don't know enough about this to give proper advice, but it's not the capacity that's the problem. If you have a battery of the same type that's a different capacity, the only effect is that the remaining runtime calculation will be off, but that's entirely harmless. If the percentage is wrong, that's caused by something else (different battery chemistry, bad battery, ...)
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15:35:27speachyyeah, battery chemistry is what matters the most here. assuming the battery itself is okay, which is far from guaranteed.
15:43:23k1w1yeah, it's the same type of battery for sure
15:43:27k1w1I was careful with that
15:43:56k1w1and the battery should be fine as well, but let's see what happens after I discharge it fully
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