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#rockbox log for 2020-12-01

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09:28:00_bilgusOffice365 FTL?
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11:44:00speachyso the reason things didn't come back up automatically was because the UPS battery died before the low threshold shutdown hit. That's been updated.
11:44:15speachybattery lasted about 1:15 though, not bad.
11:44:51speachythat unclean shutdown left one of the disks in a b0rked state, had to be fsck'd manually.
11:48:06gevaertsUPSes are those annoying things that one *should* test regularly but one never does because if the test fails your system shuts down :)
11:48:19gevaerts(or possibly if the test succeeds)
11:53:39speachythe batteries are about 2yrs old, so they don't have the capacity they once had. it died at 8% nominal capacity remaining, so the old 5% threshold wsn't adequate
11:53:43speachyit's now set to 10%
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13:17:34braewoodsspeachy: just how much server resources does RB use?
13:23:37speachy~76GB of disk space, >425GB/mo bandwidth, and a combined ~3-4 cpu-hours a day?
13:24:00speachythat doesn't include bandwidth/cpu from backups or direct git access.
13:24:38speachyI don't think it includes the build farm overhead either, which can add up but is pretty widly variable
13:25:15speachythe majority of that disk and bandwidth usage is purely from
13:26:18speachy(85% of the disk space, and >50% of the bandwidth is purely from d.r.o)
13:27:42braewoodsi assume it uses more than 100 megabits of bandwidth.
13:27:46_bilgusso on the download hits from bots can we put them behind a captcha or something?
13:28:00braewoods_bilgus: not for drive by HTTP requests.
13:28:10braewoodsthose mainly guard form submissions.
13:29:04_bilgusI was thinking more like static links after the consent page?
13:29:38_bilgusenter these three numbers? ive seen it across the web in some for or another
13:29:49braewoodsmaybe, but do we want to block bots? some of them are indexing the site.
13:30:28_bilgusjust portions that change frequently?
13:30:48braewoodsthe wiki and forums are probably the main things we'd want indexed
13:30:55_bilgussince they don't follow robot.txt anyways apparently
13:30:56braewoodsthe rest could be blocked
13:32:02_bilgusitd allow a way to actually count download stats
13:33:00_bilgusI haven't touched web stuff in 20 years so I've no idea the efficacy..
13:34:24braewoods_bilgus: i've been taking up web development as an aside.
13:34:27braewoodspretty fun stuff honestly.
13:35:01braewoodsthough makes me want to do some of it in C. :p
13:35:14braewoodsbut learning about it through PHP is still productive.
14:19:50speachybraewoods: speedtest reports.. bloody hell, 95/885 MBps
14:20:15speachywe're only paying for 100/10 but they apparently forgot to actually cap the upload
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14:32:23braewoodsspeachy: i see. so a kimsufi could probably work if you can stand hardware that old. lol
14:40:02speachythe hardware running now saw its final BIOS released in march 2010.
14:43:29braewoodskimsufi is really cheap but uses really old hardware
14:43:49braewoods2010 chips
14:44:22braewoodsbest offering is W3520, 32GB of RAM, 2x2TB disks
14:44:28braewoodsfor $30 a month
14:45:32_bilgusdoubt we have the cash flow for a *not free* deal of even that
14:45:46braewoodsi wouldn't suggest it if you already have a free arrangement
14:45:57braewoodswhat's the current situation? colo or so?
14:46:01braewoodsi mean, who owns the hardware?
14:46:41braewoodsand would it be practical to upgrade after all these years?
14:46:57braewoodsdoes rockbox even need newer server hardware?
14:54:13speachymy personal hardware. free unofficial hosting at $dayjob
14:56:15 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
14:57:17braewoodsi see.
14:57:36speachywe have the funds to sustain $30/mo for a while but on average we probably don't even get that much in donations
14:58:00braewoodsi wouldn't suggest it. would newer hardware be of any benefit though?
14:58:09braewoodsnow that i know the situation anyway
14:58:24speachyonly in the sense that newer hardware is likely to be marginally more reliable
14:58:51braewoodsi see. i've become a fan of HP proliants.
14:59:01braewoodstheir BMC implementatin is pretty good.
14:59:07braewoodsi have one at home.
14:59:19braewoodsiLO receives updates pretty regularly.
14:59:20speachyit's a dual-socket opteron 2435 (total of 12 cores) with 32GB of RAM and about 10TB of RAID'd disk space
14:59:52braewoodsi only have a quad core with 16GB
15:00:02braewoodseven though it's a newer system.
15:00:32speachythis particular hardware is end-of-the-line on several fronts, but it wouldn't be cheap to replace it with something as equally capable.
15:00:36 Quit Stanley00 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:00:56braewoodsand since RB doesn't have much in terms of demands
15:01:04braewoodsan upgrade would net little
15:01:41speachyexactly. my compute use is way down over the past year but hosting everything else is basically a rounding error on top of my personal stuff.
15:01:52speachyexcept for bandwidth, heh.
15:01:54braewoodsif i was going to upgrade, it'd be a newer server that was being decommisioned.
15:02:18braewoodsi suggest proliant mostly because of how long the iLO gets updates
15:02:22braewoodsiLO4 is still being updated
15:02:32braewoodseven got a new feature awhile ago.
15:02:37braewoodsHTML5 console
15:02:43braewoodsmeaning a KVM console
15:06:10speachyI've considered replacing it with a late-model 1U/2U Opteron box; those can be had for pretty cheap, and would represent a considerable net improvement in oomph.
15:06:40speachybut in the mean time, the old gear just works, and is more than powerful enough for my needs.
15:07:43speachy(the big user of disk space and compute I will probably transfer entirely to my home servers now that I have sufficient upstrem at home to make it viable again..)
15:10:12speachystill, I think the next step will be to collapse the various www services from separate subdomains onto just www
15:11:01speachysince realistically having them hosted separately probably won't ever happen again.
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16:18:23speachyinteresting progress on the m3k.
16:26:54braewoodssomeone's actually trying to build a ppc laptop in this age
16:27:11braewoodsppc64 to be more accurate
16:27:29speachywith the new lap-melting feature?
16:27:52braewoodsno idea. it uses newer ppc stuff so hard to know.
16:28:05braewoodsit's been 12+ years since apple stopped using it.
16:28:35braewoodsppc was made into an open ISA last year so that's probably part of why.
16:29:32speachyIBM is still craking out new POWER designs but I wasn't aware of anyone doing any sort of indepdent design, at least not that would even be competititive with the last stuff Apple shipped (G5?)
16:30:11braewoodsNXP T2080
16:30:23braewoodsit's a ppc64.... "virtual cpu"
16:30:55braewoods"The 28 nm QorIQ T2080 and T2081 communications processors bring the architectural innovations of the T series flagship T4240, such as the 1.8 GHz dual-threaded e6500 core, into an eight virtual core mid-range platform at reduced power and price points."
16:31:06braewoodsit sounds like an interesting concept
16:31:09speachyhmm, yeah, part of the QorIQ family. 28nm dual-thread
16:31:22braewoodsi at least want to see how practical it ends up being
16:31:48braewoodsppc is one architecture i never really got to experience
16:32:01speachyit's designed for high I/O throughput, I don't see how this thing can be remotely competitive with current arm shovelware, much less more modern stuff.
16:32:20braewoodsso you're saying the latency sucks.
16:32:21speachyoh wait, up to 4c/8t
16:32:44braewoodseither way i want to see what they can pull off if nothing else
16:32:49braewoodsi don't expect it to be a game changer
16:32:56braewoodsit reminds me of the talos workstation
16:33:06speachyit has a boatload of I/O fabric, not really intended to be a compute beast.
16:33:37speachybut I can't imagine the power/thermals will be that great. even talos is using current-ish-generation fabrication processes.
16:33:57braewoodsand it makes intel servers look cheap
16:34:15braewoodsppc boards, the few that exist today, are generally more expensive
16:34:36braewoodswhether it's the talos or the amigaone x series
16:34:49speachy"up to 4 10gbps MACs and 8 1Gps MACs" :D
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17:10:26braewoodsspeachy: want to see something funny?
17:10:45braewoodsit's an H100 remote, not an iriver mp3 player.
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18:05:05speachybraewoods: given how rare those thigns are, he'll probably get his money, eh?
18:05:21braewoodsspeachy: just funny how mislabeled it is.
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