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#rockbox log for 2020-12-08

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00:13:25braewoodsi should try that... i remember noticing my CF modded iriver H120s had more space after the mod... maybe i can fit a larger battery in them with the advances in lipo tech.
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00:16:10braewoodswhat a challenge though. trying to find a battery for these small units with a thermistor is difficult
00:16:22Strife89WilliamC: I wouldn't mind having a Rocker, I could never afford one on my own ;)
00:16:39Strife89(Please note that I jest, as I am not a dev)
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00:39:02__builtin_bilgus: I'm getting "In file included from /home/franklin/rockbox/firmware/drivers/lcd-16bit.c:56:
00:39:02__builtin/home/franklin/rockbox/firmware/drivers/lcd-color-common.c:50: error: unknown field 'fb_ptr' specified in initializer" on HEAD
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00:39:34__builtinI'm still building with gcc 4.4.4, so that's probably why, but should we perhaps put the .fb_ptr initialization in braces?
00:48:04__builtinhmm, looks like there's been some major regressions in the SDL games since I last checked
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00:58:07WilliamCI'm having an interesting issue where I have a set of new headphones, connected via bluetooth, and no sound comes out
00:59:01WilliamCNot on topic though, cannot figure out what is going on, my other headphones worked
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11:13:06mendel_munkisStrife89: there is a lua picross plugin by nathan korth. it's not the best buti find it significantly better than sgt-pattern
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12:04:52_bilgus__builtin, yes it is the old compiler, if you can come up with a way that will work with both feel free
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12:13:57saratogahas anyone gotten the UI simulator to run on Windows 10 using services for Unix?
12:14:09saratogai can build it, and it runs and works, but the UI stays in textmode
12:14:17saratogawhich looks really cool but isn't very useful
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13:47:59__builtin_bilgus: sure, the anonymous union initializer just needs to be in curly braces
14:13:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 792f05f82a, 293 builds, 8 clients.
14:13:24__builtinthis new gerrit interface is very nice :)
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14:32:14fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1140 seconds.
14:32:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 792f05f82a result: All green
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15:12:40__builtinis it possible to set a hardware watchpoint on ARMv5?
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16:15:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 0b8c6bd5f0, 293 builds, 8 clients.
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16:23:05bluebrother^anyone interested in updating a Rockbox Utility translation? I'll update german the next couple of days, but some of the other languages could use some work :)
16:26:23ulmutulsaratoga: re simulator build on WSL: only crosscompiling native windows builds, see
16:26:43saratogai saw that, but cross compiling is a little annoying for debugging
16:29:04ulmutulat least DEBUGF works as intended (I used cygwin in the past, and the messages were buffered until the simulator was closed).
16:29:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 850 seconds.
16:29:19fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 0b8c6bd5f0 result: All green
16:31:56saratogadoes Windows 10 allow editing of files on the unix system natively yet?
16:37:22ulmutulI never tried that, all my rockbox stuff is in a different folder.
16:39:39saratogayou mean you put the rockbox source on the Windows file system?
16:45:29ulmutulyes, a separated folder somewhere.
16:46:02ulmutulWorks fine so far, I never encountered any problems.
16:49:52saratogamakes sense, i just assumed that would somehow cause problems
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17:03:34ulmutulI haven't looked further into it, but calling unix commands from the windows terminal is rather unintuitive. I once tried to compile rockbox from native windows KDevelop, and it didn't work (something like cd-ing into a directory using a relative path)
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18:51:53Strife89mendel_munkis: Sounds good. My google-fu isn't strong enough to find it, so do you have a link handy?
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18:59:16__builtinmendel_munkis: btw, what don't you like about pattern?
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19:46:22mendel_munkisStrife89: looks like he took it off his site, and is giving trouble. a (possibly slightly modified) and legally murky copy is on my github
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19:52:34mendel_munkis__builtin: A. no single click false B requires all false marked to consider complete C no external puzzles (I have a significant chunk of the picross franchise converted to a format I can use with the lua plugin)
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20:19:18__builtinmendel_munkis: A is easy to fix
20:20:18mendel_munkisyes but the fact that there was already had another tool and the existence of B and C made me decide it's not worth the time
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21:56:18speachy__builtin: so when you say "regressions" what do you mean?
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22:06:13__builtinspeachy: on first run, everything took a major performance hit −− but that somehow resolved itself
22:06:25__builtinso maybe the CPU failed to boost or something
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22:10:54speachyshouldn't have been anything of note if you were still using the old toolchain.
22:11:09speachy(well, default CFLAGS changed to use -Os but the SDL stuff overrides that anyway)
22:12:33Strife89mendel_munkis: Cool, thanks. Which device(s) have you tried it on, out of curiosity?
22:12:51mendel_munkisthe fuze+
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22:37:48*__builtin did finally get around to a couple longstanding quake bugs
22:38:31__builtinthere's some undefined behavior *somewhere* that causes SDL to always send mouse button 2, which is mapped to "+forward" by default
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23:29:52saratogaulmutul: running the mingw sim on Windows 10 runs rockbox, but the codecs all throw "codec header error"
23:30:04saratogabuild seems clean otherwise
23:30:10saratogadoes make install not work for mingw?
23:31:50saratogaactually, WMA works but Opus does not...
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23:49:10saratogadebugging this lock up on large album art, I see something that looks really suspicious to me in playback.c
23:49:53saratogaif loading album art fails due to lack of space, the buffer is marked full and the audio data is not loaded
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23:50:40saratogahowever, if the album art is larger than the buffer size (which is easy to happen on smaller memory targets), the buffer will never pass that check without being marked as full, even if no audio is in it

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