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#rockbox log for 2020-12-12

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10:54:43anonHello, this is my first time here...
10:54:56anonAnd I'd like to get my first question out of the way:
10:55:04braewoodsThe answer is 42.
10:55:24anonI didn't even ask anything yet
10:55:34braewoodsI know. Go ahead.
10:55:36anon"How do I translate RockBox, and where"
10:56:24braewoodsi believe it's part of the source tree
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11:03:22speachyanon: if you want to add a _new_ language that's a bit more involved; let us know what your goals are
11:04:27anonI'm just translating Dutch as we speak, and it's a lot more simple than I expected. I might suggest a language later, but I'll finish this for now...
11:08:36speachyanon: Just FYI, we do need your legal name to accept contributions.
11:09:19anonfine by me, do I set it at the end, or do I send it now?
11:10:31speachywhen you send in the updated translation, that's fine
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11:48:41speachyanon: The rockbox utility also has need of translations, but for that you'll need to clone our source code repository and use the QT Linguist tool.
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11:49:48anonIsn't it easier just to use Transifex, Crowdin or Weblate for this?
11:50:11anonIt's just a suggestion, but I'm sure there's a reason why it's better this way.
11:50:13speachyrockbox predates all of those
11:50:32speachyand doesn't use a "standard" translation format.
11:51:16speachy(the rbutil stuff does, however. but the short answer for that is nobody's bothered to set that up for us)
11:52:25anonI see, not a problem I guess, I'm just about finished with the chess game translation
11:56:19speachyugh, setting up weblate will be a royal PITA.
11:57:41anonOne question, should I keep the words in the voices separate all the time, or is it not that important?
11:58:14speachyI'm not sure what you're referring to, can you provide an example?
12:00:05anonIn the string "Play Mode" I write "Speelmodus" in the translation string, but do I have to write "Speel Modus" in the voice string?
12:00:58speachyanon: I think that's up to you as the translator, whaver is most appropriate.
12:01:11speachythe intent is clarity
12:01:49anonAlright then, there's a new suggestion to put in, a little speaker next to the voice string to test it out for clarity
12:04:37speachywe don't have a Dutch voice set built by default.
12:06:15speachyif you're willing to try it out, I can create one, and if it sounds okay I'll add it to the nightly pile
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12:31:29anonShould I send you the .diff file?
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12:40:21anonI am finished with updates to the Dutch Translation:
13:42:09speachyanon: thanks! I'll get it committed shortly.
13:42:22speachywould you like to try out a voice file built with that?
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22:36:21speachywell, the translation stats will be a bit more accurate now. there were a couple of typos that caused some false negatives on the main stat summary page
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22:50:32speachyexcellent, it works properly.
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