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#rockbox log for 2020-12-22

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21:18:32DundahHi friends. Tried to charge both players, still nothing, going to give it a few more fridge cycles.
21:18:35DundahJust a small update .
21:22:45__builtinmight be time to pull out a scope/meter
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21:23:42DundahDon't have one, unfortunately.
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21:31:21DundahIn any case, has there been any progress on discovering why exactly this happened?
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22:04:16DundahAnother small update: Plugging in one of the ZENs (which I believe crashed at about 50 to 60% charge) to a powerbank makes the powerbank's LEDs stay on, while the other (at about a 90 to 100% charge) has the lights turn on for a while, then turn back off.
22:04:22DundahSo one of them might be at the brink of life.
22:04:30DundahGoing to work out and give update afte.r
22:50:37DundahNO response. Damn.
22:50:42DundahGoing to throw it into the fridge again, I guess.
22:51:07DundahIt did, however, become remarkably warm, so at least it's getting something"?
23:05:49_bilgusDundah, if you are trying to run them down why try charging them then?
23:06:28DundahThey still won't turn on, even after pressing the reset button.
23:06:43_bilgusand no no clue why what we will need to do is get it working for you by testing builds
23:07:05DundahOkay, I was just curious.
23:07:17_bilgusyeah but the point of running them down is for the low voltage to shut down the chip
23:07:32DundahAgain, the 31 December 2019 build has been giving me zero problems so far on my other unit.
23:07:37DundahNot sure if that helps or not.
23:07:44_bilgusthen you do the update on the very next plug (update / downgrade)
23:08:10DundahI figured haha
23:08:27_bilguswell when you get it back up put that on there after we will try just before the toolchain update and if that works one just after
23:09:07_bilguswithout having a device in hand its that much more difficult
23:09:20DundahBoth are in the icebox rn, I'll let them thaw over the day tomorrow.
23:09:40DundahThis is probably a stupid question, but how will I tell when the chip is fully shut down?
23:10:00_bilgusitll boot up when you plug it\
23:10:18_bilgusmight even just light the screen
23:10:47DundahI see.
23:11:12DundahWhenever I let the battery dry out (generally when I forget to pause the music), I think the backlight and blue LED turn on.
23:11:30DundahWhen plugged into a wall outlet, it also boots to the Creative OS "battery screen".
23:12:17_bilguswhat waas the model 370?
23:12:56_bilgusno you arte the zen?
23:14:02DundahI am using a ZEN, yes.
23:14:35_bilgus Power off your device
23:14:35_bilgusPlug the USB cable and wait for the Rockbox bootloader to show up and enter USB bootloader mode
23:14:35_bilgusThe device should appear be detect as Mass Storage device in your host. Use your favourite tool to reformat it as FAT.
23:14:41_bilgusper the wiki
23:15:02_bilgusyour bootloader should be fine
23:15:26DundahThe main problem is that whenever I plug them into my PC, it doesn't turn on.
23:16:24_bilgusso that means plug the usb while connected to pc, yes once the battery finally goes to low protect it should then turn on when you plug it
23:17:12_bilgusright now the chip is stuck till it actually turns off and resets its hard locked
23:18:37DundahJust gotta wait a bit more for the battery to go dry, right?
23:19:32DundahSorry if it feels like you're talking to a brick wall, this is out of my areas of expertise. :s
23:19:53_bilgusor disconnect battery
23:21:12_bilgusI suppose it all depends on just how much power the thing is using it could be such a tiny amount that it takes a week
23:21:33_bilgusbut pull it out plug into pc no dice throw it back in the fridge
23:23:47_bilgusno worries we are here to help, sorry you had to be the guinea pig..
23:26:50_bilgusspeaking of speachy, any way to mark rbutil dev builds as bad for a target?
23:27:37_bilgusor bluebrother
23:29:35DundahIt sucks it happened to me, but I'm hopeful I can at least help prevent someone else befalling the same fate as me lol
23:30:38DundahI think I've said this before, but you lot have been very helpful so far, I much appreciate it.
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