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#rockbox log for 2020-12-23

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05:08:28bluebrother_bilgus: not really. You could demote them to unstable or unusable, but that would also apply to release builds. In Rockbox Utiltiy you can make a target disabled, so it doesn't show up anymore, but that requires changing rbutil.ini. That's intended for unfinished implementations (f.e. ipod6g was a disabled target for long, since you could install Rockbox, just the bootloader was missing.) Both not
05:08:34bluebrotherreally what you're looking for afaiu.
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05:34:44gsorathe vintage ipod bug got me, i'm thinking about getting one and rockbox-ing it - not a 5g or 5.5g though, what's the best device? I was thinking 4g bw one, but the wiki page isn't particularly clear about the port status
05:39:20bluebrotheripods generally work pretty well and are considered stable. 1g and 2g aren't too common so might have some issues. Ipod Video doesn't have support for video out.
05:39:48bluebrotherI'm using a mini since years and it's pretty stable for me. Though the mini is slightly smaller :)
05:40:11bluebrotherpeople tend to mod those old Ipods with SD adapters these days, those can be problematic.
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05:42:12gsorai was just looking at minis, the coolness factor is over the top with this ones
05:43:43gsorathe bw screen on these ones is gorgeous, I remember having a rockboxed 160gb 7th gen with bw theme/font :-)
05:43:51gsorabluebrother is yours a 1st or 2nd gen?
05:44:56bluebrotherif you're interested in such a mod make sure to check the forum thread first.
05:45:15bluebrotheralso modded with a CF card. Works without any issues for me.
05:45:47gsorai wonder if it's able to play opus
05:45:58gsoraoh for sure, i'll search for the thread rn
05:46:50bluebrotherbut the CF mod is a lot older and I had never issues with that (or heard about major issues with it, unlike the SD adapter mods)
05:48:03gsorawith "CF mod" you're referring to replacing the microdrive with a standard cf card?
05:53:09gsoraoh, found a 6gb mini in mint conditions for a reasonable price... is this my lucky day? :-)
05:54:21bluebrothermaybe? ;-)
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05:56:02gsorai wonder if someone really buys those boxed ipods for 1k€
05:56:34bluebrotherok, just tried with todays build: opus works fine even up to 256k (with the opus files from
05:56:56bluebrothermy old build did skip on the 256k one every 10ish seconds.
05:59:03gsorathis is great news
05:59:15gsoradon't plan on listening to high-res stuff on mine
05:59:46bluebrotherboost a lot with 256k though, and the ui feels a bit sluggish.
06:00:07bluebrother75MHz CPU for that file.
06:00:17gsoratry with 64k
06:00:38gsorashouldn't be that much difference quality-wise iirc
06:01:09bluebrotherforgot the 64k file. But 128k ends up at 66MHz.
06:05:46bluebrother64k is pretty much the same. UI feels somewhat sluggish.
06:06:03gsorawell i guess it will be good enough for my use
06:06:18gsorawow i just found an ebay seller with many pods, good prices too it seems
06:06:19bluebrotherwell, the CPU goes up to 80 MHz, so doesn't really surprise me if decoding already uses ~70MHz.
06:06:43bluebrotherespecially compared to the typical ogg files I'm using, which seem to end up somewhere at 35MHz CPU :)
06:07:35gsoralooks like i'll stick with theora :D
06:08:00bluebrothernah, too open. Use something more obscure and proprietary!
06:08:41gsoratime for some alac
06:09:44*bluebrother hides
06:11:51gsoraproposal sent
06:12:26gsorai might bring back some c skillz too to fix bugs in the future, who knows
06:14:26bluebrotheroh, you're shopping for c skillz? :P
06:17:44bluebrotherscnr :)
06:20:11gsoraDon’t we all?
06:20:36bluebrothersome people do in one way or another. Some people don't care about computers :)
06:21:30gsoraThey’re missing out!
06:21:47gsoraThanks for your opus bench bluebrother
06:27:25bluebrothersure thing, you're welcome. Though I only looked at the numbers the buffering thread shows :)
07:08:38gsorawon the auction \o/
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10:25:19saratogathe opus fft needs some work on arm, the non-power-of-2 length means we couldn't use the normal fft which is all assembly
10:29:22speachya while back bilgus did a rebase of our opus code to then-current upstream; is this something that upstream might have improved?
10:30:44speachyIIRC he never merged it because it was a slight overall performance regression (under 1% on the targets/files we were using at the time)
10:31:45speachy(this would have been mid-late 2019, I think)
10:32:15speachymake that Jan 2019
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10:41:08saratogaspeachy: looks like they added a NEON FFT, but that won't help us on ARMv4/v5
10:41:22saratogai have some profiling data somewhere, the fft was the big hot spot
10:42:40saratogaso i don't think they'll be much difference until that is fixed, and upstream probably isn't going to get optimizations for some 25 year old ARM cores at this point :)
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10:45:12braewoodssaratoga: is there some way to bring it up to a power of 2?
10:45:24braewoodse.g., pad it with data or something
10:45:33saratogano, the codec does not use power of 2 transforms by design
10:45:48braewoodsi see.
10:46:10braewoodsso what do you need? a FFT that works with arbitrary sizes?
10:47:11saratogafixed point and non-power of 2 sizes
10:47:36saratogai don't think the one they have is bad, but usually these have to be scheduled manually in assembly to get good performance
10:47:50saratogatheres usually also some scope for optimization when you dig into the transform
10:47:59saratogaalgorithmic optimization
10:48:19braewoodsmaybe there's an FFT from some library we could use
10:48:54braewoodsif it matters that much, there may be an implementation that already exists
10:49:15braewoodsit could probably be adapted to rockbox
10:50:07saratogai don't think so
10:50:33saratogafor the other codecs we actually spent a lot of time adapting the ffmpeg one to fixed point and then optimizing it
10:50:52braewoodsso we need a new FFT in asm?
10:51:10saratogafor the more common power of 2 case there was only the libtremor fft (IIRC) and we used that for a long time before coming up with a faster one
10:51:58braewoodsi see
10:52:06saratogathe fft works by factorizing the problem into smaller ffts of shorter length, so depending on the transform size the codec is using some of those factors are called a lot more than others
10:52:12saratogaso ideally you'd want to optimize those
10:52:24braewoodsisn't opus already pretty fast?
10:52:29saratogai should dig up the numbers from back in 2013 when i started digging into this
10:52:55saratogai have a breakdown of how often each factor was used
10:52:55speachy(that gerrit ticket has benchmarks on clip+ and fuze+ (armv4/v5, respectively)
10:53:07speachyno wait, clip+ is v5 nm
10:53:18braewoodsi assume armv4 is the earlier PP?
10:53:43speachyyeah, IIRC our only v4 targets are all PPs
10:53:48speachy(actually v4t)
10:55:21saratogahuh no arm4v benchmarks on the codec performance wiki page
10:55:29speachythe PP500x targets are IMO too pathological performance-wise to really care about, but the 502x should be good.
10:55:35saratogai would just do armv4
10:56:05saratogaarmv5 has some neat stuff added, but its too much work to refactor for such a small gain
10:56:27saratogathe 16 bit multiply instructions in particular
11:02:10speachyhmm. it makes sense to redo that whole page using current builds with the gcc 4.9 toolchain
11:02:53speachyso we have an accurate baseline for further work (eg the optimization flag revisiting that's long overdue..)
11:05:11saratogafor the main codecs the optimization flags shouldn't make too much difference since they spend so much time in the MDCT/FFT code, and that is all one library mostly in assembly (although MIPS is another story...)
11:05:20saratogafor weird codecs who knows
11:05:40braewoodsspeachy: any further talk on the pine stuff?
11:06:15saratogathat reminds me, i really need to find time to get back to
11:06:18speachymy motivation behind the compile flags isn't so much ekeing out more/extra performance but to simpilfy things; get everything using the same global settings except where absolutely necessary.
11:06:32saratogathat was pretty close to working when i got distracted and for mp3 should make a large difference
11:07:13speachybraewoods: no further developments on either side. I've had a PineCube for a month or so now, plus a few more V3s developer boards that are a bit more practical to work with
11:07:30speachystill need to pick up suitable screens and batteries for both
11:07:52braewoodsi saw a usb controlled screen that vocore2 was demoing but i think it's too big
11:08:02speachybut $dayjob qas a lot more demanding of my time and I needed to be away from code tinkering for my what passes for my mental health.
11:08:37speachythe pinecube should be fully mainline supported (by linux) as of 5.10
11:08:53speachyIIRC u-boot has everything needed too in their git master but no release yet
11:08:59braewoodsdidn't you want to make a native RB port for it at some point?
11:09:12braewoodsif nothing else maybe this can turn into a DIY rockbox port for people.
11:10:03braewoodsnot the most space optimal but i guess it's something
11:10:13speachyyes I do, but given that we actualyl have full sources for this thing and the ability to completely define our own rootfs, a hosted port could be pretty darn kick-ass
11:10:27speachy(ie not having to hack around questionable OF decisions)
11:11:03braewoodshow good are 3d printed cases and such?
11:11:11speachyyou get what you pay for. :D
11:11:18braewoodsso they utterly suck
11:11:35speachyyes and no; they only make sense for small-volume (and/or high-margin) stuff
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11:11:55braewoodswhich this would probably be
11:12:12braewoodseither way, having the software system developed might make this an easier sell to pine
11:12:16speachyIMO the economics don't make sense if we can't reuse an existing case
11:12:29speachy(I think pine shares that opinion)
11:12:53braewoodsfastest way is to do a hosted port for now
11:12:56braewoodsnative would take longer
11:13:28braewoodswhat would be a suitable battery? a rechargeable pouch cell?
11:13:46braewoodsi'd probably want to use 18650 cells during development simply due to better safety
11:13:55braewoodsanother chemistry
11:14:04speachyfor the boards I already have? Sompething that physically plugs into the existing connector.
11:14:06braewoodsnimh or so if you don't need to develop the charging
11:14:16braewoodswhat kind of connector do theyu se
11:14:26speachythey arelady have an AXP192 PMIC that handles all of the charging stuff.
11:14:41braewoodsso probably a pouch cell
11:14:43speachyI don't recall offhand. Pine suggested one
11:15:07braewoodswell from what i've seen of mobile batteries
11:15:11speachythe other board ("V3S Cherry Pi") might be a standard 0.1" pitch header.
11:15:19braewoodswe'd either want one a pouch cell with a JST connector or
11:15:27braewoodsone of those cell phone type batteries
11:15:34braewoodsbetter if we can reuse an existing type
11:16:08speachythe final form factor will determine the battey used. Otherwise one LiPo cell is the same as any other, slight chemistry differences notwithstanding
11:17:07braewoodsi've been learning to build my own battery packs
11:17:45braewoods18650 cells are pretty versatile
11:18:11speachyI have a 18650 cell holder with a .1" header somewhere
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11:19:47speachymy time lately has been spent on non-software projects.
11:21:34speachyscreen-wise I intend to pick up a cheapie 4-5" QVGA lcd with a standard 40-pin connector.
11:22:43speachy(ie use the SoC's LCD controller, and QVGA is the most likely target for an actual player screen)
11:23:16braewoodsso TN
11:23:24braewoodsfor final product maybe could use IPS
11:23:32braewoodsbut then
11:23:33speachyactual TN/IPS is an implementation detail that doesn't matter from the SoC's perspective.
11:23:50braewoodspeople don't normally care about the screen on these
11:24:08braewoodsIPS' main benefit is more viewing angle
11:24:18speachyIPS's superior viewing angle is all we'd care about in this context
11:24:31braewoodsfor development kinda irrelevant
11:25:11braewoodsdoes RB support 24-bit screens?
11:25:16braewoodsor just 16-bit color?
11:25:54braewoodsalso occurred to me... this port might have enough resources to do video decoding if one were inclined to write the code for that
11:26:18braewoodsdoes the pinecube has video acceleration?
11:26:19speachyyep, it can handle 24bpp, but that's wasted on our typical screens.
11:26:45speachythere's a full GPU on the V3/V3s SoC, but we'd not use it as anything other than a dumb framebuffer.
11:27:15speachy(unless we want to completely rewrite our UI layer to take advantage of HW compositing)
11:27:35braewoodsprobably not
11:27:38speachy(which admittedly isn't as hard as it first sounds sine that's how it already works internally)
11:29:09braewoodsi'd probably want to use external SD card for pretty much everything
11:29:17braewoodseasily removeable battery
11:29:31braewoodsjust make it easy to repair stuff that is guaranteed to wear out from use
11:29:37speachyanyway. gotta scoot.. groceries to buy and a car part that's holding up reassembly of my main project for the week
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12:39:01*_bilgus had to do a 30 mile 4 store round trip just to find a thermostat in stock for my car I was beginning to wonder if anyone even had it
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