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#rockbox log for 2020-12-26

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01:58:08asymsuconsaratoga: Actually, NMC and NCA cells can be discharged safely down to 2.65V, and the lipo present in the player itself can be discharged down to 3.0V. There is usually between 25-35% capacity between 3.3V and 2.65V for cylindrical cells and about 10% for lipo. If this is done to extend battery life, then actually cutting off charge below 4.1V,
01:58:08asymsuconrather than discharging at 3.3V, has much better effect on cycle life.
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07:29:49nihilazohi, I'm looking for a recommendation for a rockbox device that has good controls (to upgrade from a fuze+ that has an awful touchpad) and is quite easily available. Budget isn't a massive concern but cheaper would be better
07:30:05nihilazoI hear a lot of people recommend getting an ipod and modding it but I'm not sure I am confident enough to do that
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07:38:54nihilazois the XDuoo X3 worth the asking price?
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09:32:44speachynihilazo: depends on the asking price. :)
09:33:20speachyI'm rather fond of the X3 (original model) −− The x3ii is fancier but the port still has some annyoing quirks.
09:34:34nihilazothe asking price in this case is £65
09:34:52nihilazoon eBay for a brand new one. idk if that is a good price
09:35:19nihilazothe main thing that matters to me is that the physical buttons are good and fumble-able (think being able to skip tracks etc with it in my pocket)
09:39:07speachythat price is goodfor a new X3.
09:39:36speachythe controls are laid out in a somewhat ... odd manner, but the actual buttons are big and easily distinguished which makes operating it unseen to be quite easy
09:39:54speachyI use one as my daily driver)
09:41:42speachythe main downside is that the screen is lousy.
09:42:02nihilazoI don't really mind about that, a screen on a player only exists to show me the current track
09:42:13speachyreplacing the smoky display cover greatly improves that
09:42:30nihilazoI think I'll pick one up, unseen use is the main thing that is stopping me from just keeping my fuze plus
09:42:49speachyalso, when transferring data over USB, there seems to be consistent issues when using a USB2.0 controller versus a USB3+ controller. That hasn't been looked into yet.
09:42:49nihilazoif this really is £65 for a brand new one on ebay, it might be a scam. ebay is like that.
09:43:08speachyI bought several for around that price.
09:43:55nihilazoseller has good feedback
09:44:15nihilazois the rockbox install relatively risk-free or is it brickable?
09:44:31speachythe last one I bought was $81 shipped.
09:44:42speachythe installation is risk-free
09:45:03nihilazoalright. Does it have inbuilt storage or is it only SD?
09:45:05speachywe're still stuck using the old xvortex-patched installer image.
09:45:35speachySD-only. Dual slots though.
09:45:37nihilazo(I have SDs, just a bit confused by this listing proclaiming it's 256GB. I think that means "can support 256GB memory cards")
09:45:52speachyso you could easily put in a pair of 2TB cards. if you could afford them.
09:46:01nihilazolol I couldn't afford that
09:46:04speachyas long as the cards are formatted as FAT32, they'll work.
09:46:17nihilazorn I have 1x32GB for my collection of my 320k MP3s
09:46:32nihilazo(I understand that is heresy but I have little storage and mostly cheap gear, I can't tell the difference)
09:47:31speachyyeah, 320K mp3 is rather wasteful. :)
09:48:14nihilazonot sure what format would be better, but I worry about losing quality re-encoding out of 320
09:48:27nihilazobut I am all for being able to fit more music onto cheaper cards :D
09:49:30speachygiven the starting point there's no re-encoding penalty there
09:52:44speachybut if those are your "originals" I'd recommend not deleting 'em
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09:53:47nihilazothey're my originals as far as I have originals, yeah
09:54:27nihilazosome stuff I could re-download in a lossless format but a lot of it is like, old CD rips to mp3 of CDs I have sold etc
09:54:46speachyI used to have a fuze+, the touchpad was really awful, even in the original sansa firmware.
09:56:03nihilazoyeah, I have been using one for a few years and I have just reached my limit with dealing with that touchpad
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09:56:24nihilazojust ordered myself an X3
09:56:37speachyI was actually happy when I broke the screen. :)
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10:55:13nihilazoanother question: is it possible to have rockbox's text reader thing read out filenames or is that not supported?
11:03:34speachyyes, but you have to generate those talk clips for your files (the rockboxutility willl do that nicely)
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11:06:07nihilazoalright, cool
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