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#rockbox log for 2020-12-31

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04:49:11nihilazois rockbox utility the best way to install to the xduoo x3 or is something weird about it?
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06:54:59nihilazoah, I am reading the wiki and the bootloader has to be installed manually.
06:59:09nihilazothe link to the .bsdiff seems to be dead
07:01:49nihilazodo I need to use the bsdiff in the repo or can I use another copy of bsdiff?
07:01:58nihilazobspatch, sorry
07:08:27nihilazowhen I try to build the bspatch I get the error "make: * No rule to make target 'libbz2.a', needed by 'bspatch'. Stop."
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07:09:44nihilazoI have bzip2 installed
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07:16:51nihilazowhen I try building the bzip2 in rbutil/bzip2 I get this error
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07:36:57nihilazoI tried patching the using a version of bspatch I already had and I am getting rockbox bootloader and an error saying the firmware file isn't found
07:37:01nihilazo(I probably just broke it)
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07:47:46nihilazohad to download the rockbox-full from vortex. works now.
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08:05:53speachybut yes, rbutil works.
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08:06:30speachynihilazo: that error is because the bootloader can't find the .rockbox dir (and the firmware file) on the SD card.
08:08:10speachyand I guess recent rbutil build changes broke the standalone bspatch build. there's nothing special about it.
08:11:57nihilazoalright, I got it working from vortex.
08:12:09nihilazoit isn't showing up on USB when I connect it to my PC though
08:12:18nihilazohaving to take the card out and put it in a reader which isn't ideal
08:13:31speachythe xvortex builds are _very_ outdated now.
08:14:07speachymany bugfixes are present in the mainline version.
08:14:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 10e2f53ff5, 293 builds, 9 clients.
08:14:41speachyok, git master will have bspatch building cleanly standalone now.
08:16:15speachyand download link for the bootloader patch on the wiki fixed.
08:18:54nihilazodo I need builds of the utility from git in order to update rockbox to mainline from the vortex build?
08:20:28speachynope, just unzip one of the builds onto the SD card.
08:21:25nihilazoand I can just overwrite what's there from vortex?
08:22:14nihilazothe link to get the firmware on the releases page is broken
08:24:54speachyuse a daily build, please.
08:26:06speachy(there are some complexities in the web code that result in that link showing up incorrectly)
08:26:38nihilazogot it
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08:29:28fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 910 seconds.
08:29:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 10e2f53ff5 result: All green
09:33:35nihilazoon the daily build, I am still having it not show up on USB
09:36:26nihilazowait it was an incomplete update, works now
09:53:01nihilazoalso, would it be possible to get the talkfiles generated to use a japanese tts for names containing japanese characters?
09:53:19nihilazocurrently it is using the english tts and says "chinese letter chinese letter japanese letter" etc rather than reading the name properly
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11:13:44_bilgushas anyone heard from [ Dundah ] with his ZEN 's
11:14:11_bilgushopefully one of his devices have finally unstuck
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12:28:03speachythat's up to whoever generates the talkfiles..
12:28:31speachythe same character can be spoken very differently.
13:00:09speachy(but there's not really a good way to handle multilingual input text)
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