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#rockbox log for 2021-01-21

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07:27:57k1w1I'm trying to install, and everything seemingly goes fine (including the firmware update option on the OG firmware) until I reboot and I don't get to choose rockbox. What gives?
07:28:56_bilguswhats the OG firmware?
07:29:58k1w1yes, original
07:29:59_bilgusah so maybe you aren't using the proper patched update k1w1
07:30:22k1w1I chose the prepatched image that's on the wiki
07:31:04k1w1yes, that one
07:31:32_bilgusI'm trying to remeber if there was anything special when I did it but I'm drawing blanks
07:31:51k1w1and I can confirm that I have an .upt file on the .rockbox dir
07:32:06_bilgusit has a special name IIRC
07:32:19_bilgusupgrade.upt or update.upt
07:32:22k1w1mine's just update.upt
07:32:42_bilgussounds legit let me double check
07:34:25_bilgusso when you selected the update from the OF menu (original firmware) did it give a message about updating then or did it just immediately drop you back to the menu?
07:34:54k1w1it reboots, goes to a black screen, then says something about the tf card, then updated, then "success" with a smiley face
07:37:18_bilgusthat is odd if you have the wrong file it just drops back to the menu so it sounds like you are correct
07:37:40_bilgusfirst thing i'd probably do is check the sd card
07:37:52k1w1I can try a different one, hold on
07:39:20_bilguscould also be something funky with the player I suppose or even a new revision that no longer works
07:41:06_bilgusalso re-download the patched file just in case its corrupted
07:41:33_bilgusyou'd think it'd catch something like that but perhaps it did and just doesn't update
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07:47:31k1w1well still no dice
07:47:47k1w1with both a new sd card and re-downloading the patched file
07:48:16_bilgusok let me try on the community rocker i'm not sure it'll let me repatch it but i'll try
07:49:57_bilgusuh hmm I swear speachy had a newer prepatched file
07:50:12k1w1_bilgus: could you check which is the fw version your rocker has?
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07:50:37k1w1mine's at 1.31 Beta
07:52:48_bilgusah thats probably it then I bet it has a newer version lockout or something
07:53:27_bilgusand yes the one you downloaded is current it must be a different player that has the updated bootloader
07:53:38_bilguswe should probably check the forums
07:53:45k1w1guess I could downgrade to one of these fw:
07:53:51k1w1nothing on the forums that I've seen
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07:56:40k1w1oh nice
07:57:53_bilguswiki needs updated apparently i'll put a note for now but someone with one will need to probably update the bootloader
07:59:21speachyis the patched RB image failing to update over the 1.31 firmware?
07:59:30speachy(not entirely clear from this conversation)
07:59:40k1w1seems to be the case
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08:00:07speachy...I thought I'd had independent confirmation of it working
08:00:48k1w1if you need someone to test this out, I'm around
08:01:01k1w1still haven't done the procedure that's on _bilgus's link
08:01:40speachybilgus has my rocker, and IIRC agptek didn't provide an updated 1.31 firmware image.
08:02:04speachyoh, can you flash the "Rockbox compatible" firmware that agptek supplies?
08:02:23speachy(as in, did you try it, and if so, did it work?)
08:02:32k1w1I can try, but doesn't the agptek firmware update require windows?
08:02:44speachynope, it's just a rar containing the upt file
08:02:50k1w1that's awesome
08:02:53k1w1let me try then
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08:05:55_bilgusk1w1 Ive updated the wiki with a note but can you give me a detailed description of your steps if successful ( for the next you :)) ?
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08:07:05k1w1speachy: tried it, and the updater says "failed"
08:07:15_bilgusspeaking of speachy I'm still working on other stuff let me know if and when you want me to send the player back or on to someone else
08:08:18_bilgusotherwise it's in a sealed tin with desiccant packet till I get back around to it
08:08:22speachyk1w1: unfortunately, this looks like the same problem that is afflicting the hifiwalker h2 (and probably others); they're shipping newer firmware than what is available for download.
08:08:44speachythe only path forward that I see is to take apart a 1.31-containing Rocker and get access the the serial console
08:09:27speachyuse that to see the exact error that comes out and/or dump the recovery paritition along the way.
08:10:35_bilguswhats funny is they sell this device based on rockbox works with this and broke it
08:11:20speachyk1w1: you might want to contact their support
08:11:55_bilgusand please document it if successful..
08:12:12k1w1ok, good news
08:12:12*speachy is re-reading the forum thread.
08:12:27k1w1booted rockbox with
08:12:29speachyI could have sworn I'd had confirmation that my updated flash images worked
08:12:47_bilgusoh so you do have the update images
08:12:55_bilgushe is using the 2017
08:13:09_bilgusits the one on dro as well
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08:13:35speachyk1w1: so you did the downgrade-to-1.2 first?
08:15:38k1w1apparently not!
08:15:56k1w1just renamed the .upt file, used the OF option, and that was it
08:16:04speachyand you got this upt from where?
08:16:14_bilgusthat mega link I presume
08:16:44speachybeause the ver string in the upt we supply has the timestamp in there.
08:16:59k1w1ah, but if I boot to the OF, it says that I'm on 1.2
08:17:06speachycan you flash our image over the one you're using?
08:17:21k1w1the prepatched that's on the wiki, yeah?
08:17:27speachyk1w1: yes
08:17:41speachy(agptek never provided a downloadable version of 1.31)
08:17:43k1w1ok, just a minute
08:18:04speachyk1w1: the mega link from Milardo?
08:18:22k1w1speachy: yes
08:18:40speachydownloading it now; time to see what it is doing differently.
08:20:42k1w1yes, I can flash the pre-patched wiki image now.
08:20:58speachywtf, the working one says "ver=ver=2018-12-07T00:00:00+08:00
08:21:15speachy(ie "ver=ver=")
08:21:51speachywould have been nice to get a copy of the 1.31 firmware out of flash first. :/
08:23:08_bilgusalways works like that
08:24:28k1w1_bilgus: ok, seems like the way to go is to put the file from the mega link on the sd card root, rename it as update.upt, and update it via the OF
08:24:50k1w1probably helps to already have the rockbox files on the sd card as well, haven't tried without them
08:26:06_bilgusI verified the menu still works without the sd card
08:26:10_bilgusso should be fine
08:27:30k1w1alright, thanks for the help
08:27:51k1w1speachy: it does seem like that image is from benji, not from apgtek
08:28:17speachythat "ver=ver=<bla>" thing is a real wtf.
08:28:58speachythe thing is, the recovery image (ie what does the actual patching) isn't part of either update. so it shouldn't matter one way or another.
08:29:15speachyI wonder if the 1.31 OF is doing its own independent check.
08:29:44speachy(you can force the recovery to run by holding down a specific key on poweron. don't recall what the rocker uses offhand)
08:31:48k1w1I'm still super sad that my sansa clip+ kicked the can, but this will have to do
08:31:56k1w1at least there's rockbox
08:34:10speachyI'll make that "ver=ver" change to the patcher script and re-generate the rocker images
08:38:50speachyk1w1: can you try flashing this:
08:39:20speachy(still uploading)
08:39:50k1w1i'll try in a minute, just want to have lunch first
08:44:47_bilgusspeachy not sure it matters on this one but it works *Here* edbdefa09a-201018?
08:45:44speachyit's the same bl build, just has the outer update wrapper tweaked to match what was in that mega download.
08:46:13speachywe'll need someone else with a pristine 1.31 to confirm it workson that, alas.
08:46:17_bilgusok will un update the wiki :p
08:46:19*speachy sighs.
08:46:32speachyok, pushing the updates onto d.r.o now
08:48:11speachypre-patched upt and bsdiff fixed.
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08:57:48k1w1yeah that image also works for me
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09:01:37k1w1now, I guess i'll convert all my flacs to opus to celebrate
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09:41:58*speachy pokes at bluebot's scattered bits.
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10:50:35Genjuello o/
10:51:37Genjuhas anybody here tried rockbox on an xduoo x3ii?
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11:06:12speachyworks reasonably well, albeit with completly unoptimized keymaps
11:07:18Genjui'm having a little problem
11:07:36Genjui was using a fuze+ before and just copied the contents of that sd card to a new one (all musepack files)
11:07:50Genjusome albums don't show up in the database, for some reason (they showed up fine on the fuze+)
11:08:00Genjuand it's always whole albums that are missing, as far as i can tell
11:08:16Genjulike, i have a folder named <band name> with two subfolders containing an album each
11:08:21Genjuone album shows up, the other doesn't
11:08:31Genjuadding the missing stuff via the file browser works and the files play fine
11:08:57speachythat's something I havent heard of happening before
11:09:03Genjuyeah, it's weird
11:09:16Genjuusing the latest rockbox build
11:09:28Genjuit's not a deal breaker, but i found it curious :)
11:09:32speachysounds like a DB scanning issue
11:09:49Genjuyeah, but what throws me off is that the actual files seem to work just fine when added via the file browser
11:09:56Genjuso it's not a readability problem per se?
11:10:19Genjuapart from that it's all good, excellent sound quality and all
11:10:24speachythe DB and file browser both use the same underlying code to access the files
11:10:45Genjui even reinitialized the db a couple of times, no change
11:10:55Genju(not my first rodeo :) )
11:11:32speachysince the X3ii is running rockbox as a linux application, it does eliminate some pretty large swaths of the codebase.
11:11:38speachy(as potential problem sources, I mean)
11:11:53Genjucan't test the affected files with the original player app, as it doesn't support musepack
11:11:57Genjuhow dare it!?
11:12:18speachyhmm, one thing to try is to try putting this stuff through a simulator build
11:12:38Genjuhm, i can try that, got a link on where to find one of those?
11:12:55Genjustill have all the files on a folder on my pc from the copying over process yesterday
11:13:25Genjualso, i tried verifying the files straight from the sd card via fb2k, they all read and verify fine
11:13:37speachyI think there are some prebuilt windows and macos binaries to be had, but if you want to run it on linux you'll need to compile it yourself
11:13:46Genjunah, windows here
11:14:04Genjumy linuces are restricted to VMs :]">
11:14:41Genjuno xduoo here, unfortunately
11:15:10speachyyeah, I don't know of any reasonbly-up-to-date sim builds
11:16:10Genjubtw, thanks for taking some time to reply, appreciate it :)
11:16:26Genjuas in "some of your time"
11:17:32speachyI'm trying to see if I can cross-build a windows version for you
11:17:54Genjuthanks, if everything fails i can try setting up the necessary cross-compiler and stuff
11:18:05Genjuhave working msys2 and cygwin installs somewhere
11:27:56Genjuholy shit
11:28:02Genjui... might have solved the problem
11:28:13Genjuthe system date of the device was set to some day in 2015
11:28:24Genjuset it correctly, reinitialized db, rebooted
11:28:28Genjunow the albums show up
11:28:47speachywell, great!
11:29:04Genjuhmm, at least some of them do?
11:29:40Genjui'm gonna let it run for a while, maybe it just takes some time to index the new files
11:29:45Genjuno sd activity indicator, sadly
11:30:09speachyyeah, we don't have that kind of visibility
11:30:30Genjuat least now we know it's got something to do with the system date
11:30:32Genjufor some reason
11:30:44speachy(on native targets, it's twiddled by the low-level storage subsystem)
11:31:20speachy(under Linux, we don't have a way to extract that from the running system)
11:31:20Genjuhmm, actually, there's something else i've changed. removed embedded album art from one of the affected albums and that one shows up now
11:31:24Genjumaybe it's got something to do with that
11:31:40speachybad album art could definitely cause the DB indexing to skip those files
11:31:52Genjuwell, it wasn't "bad" per se, it worked fine on the fuze+
11:31:58speachy"Bad" being anything that rockbox doesn't quite like
11:31:59Genjuwasn't huge files either
11:32:09Genjulike i said, they worked on the fuze+
11:32:16speachyone thing worht mentioning; on the x3++ the filesystem is case-senseitive
11:32:35Genju.mpc vs .MPC?
11:33:14speachyeg for non-embedded album art with different filename capitizaltion than the folder name
11:33:34Genjuthink i'll go thermonuclear and remove all embedded album art
11:33:37speachyextensions we already fold into lower case for lookup purposes
11:33:45Genjui'm using the player in my car, not like i'm ever looking at the screen :)
11:34:09Genju(kinda hard to do when you're doing 170 kph on an autobahn!)
11:36:10Genjuremoving all the embedded album art now
11:36:21speachythe x3ii is good for hands-free use due to its button layout. the original x3 is even better, even with gloves on
11:36:41Genjui went for a model with rockbox support and physical buttons for that reason
11:36:50speachythe fuze+ was pretty awful
11:36:52Genjuthe fuze+ is a nice device, but using the touchpad blindly is a nightmare
11:37:02Genjuwell, yeah, i'd have prefered my old clip+, but it died
11:37:32Genjuthe fuze+ would have been much better with clip+ style buttons
11:37:43Genjunot like they couldn't have used the space for one
11:37:57speachyyeah, the touchpad was better in the OF but was still pretty bad
11:38:02Genjuok, all album art removed
11:38:44Genjubtw, do you happen to know if there's a way to reduce the 10 second delay in the boot menu of the x3ii?
11:41:36speachynot yet; I haven't figure out a decent way to rework that stuff.
11:41:47Genjuno worries
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11:43:32speachyI'm not happy with how that whole thing is implemented.
11:44:04Genjuat least it works :)
11:45:44Genjulooks like removing the embedded album art did the trick
11:45:53Genjustill something to look into, i guess
11:46:15Genjuexternal cover.jpg files don't seem to cause any problems, btw
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13:53:11mendel_munkisGenju: i use the fuze+ in the dark all the time
13:53:34Genjuyou are more skilled at operating a fuze+ than i am, kind sir or madam
13:53:41mendel_munkisspeachy: why did you push 3105? I thought we said pausing would be safer?
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13:54:01mendel_munkisnah I just got the distances into muscle memory.
13:54:15Genjui've only had the fuze+ for a year or so
13:54:15mendel_munkisthe first 3 years where tough
13:54:22speachyat worst this patch is no better than the former status quo
13:54:24Genjurecentl it started locking up while reading from sd, that didn't make it better
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13:55:24speachymendel_munkis: FS13263
13:56:14speachyI'd rather a not-perfect fix be committed than wait for a grander vision that might never materialize.
13:56:48mendel_munkisfair enough. I'm just worried about where the pointer might end up pointing
13:57:14speachymendel_munkis: hence my saying at worst it's no different than the status quo
13:57:42mendel_munkisunless it ends up pointing to some random *other string
13:58:40speachythe string it points to is the filename in the playlist structure
13:59:55speachythe delete call expects an actual filename, so if the filename turns out to be not a filename, then it'll fail to do the delete and no harm done.
13:59:58mendel_munkisI see. I was worried that playing a new song would completly change that area of memory, but I see that's not the case
14:00:28mendel_munkisand failing to do the delete is probably better than the status quo
14:02:16speachyyeah. right now you'll get (unexpected) data loss.
14:02:58speachy(or rather, pre-patch)
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21:30:51zzzhhhHi friends, I'm trying to analyze Sony NW-A55 and NW-ZX300 firmware upgrade packages.
21:31:25zzzhhhI've read upgtool wiki, but got some trouble with 'system.img' file
21:32:19zzzhhhI use 'mount' to mount this img file, but dont know how to repack it to img file after modifying some content
21:35:06zzzhhhCan someone tell me how to do it or some keyword I may google?
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