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#rockbox log for 2021-01-23

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11:47:06FroggestSpiritWhere can I find mipsel-rockbox-linux-gnu-gcc to build rockbox for the m3k?
12:02:10__builtinI think you can use for that
12:02:30__builtinoption "y"
12:02:51__builtin(no guarantees that it won't error out on you... it's always an adventure getting toolchains to build)
12:17:16braewoodsFroggestSpirit: you need to compile the toolchain
12:17:30braewoodsthe script mentioned does that
12:21:19FroggestSpiritI'll have to try later, I got an error with it. It started to download and unzip though
12:24:26FroggestSpiritthis was the log
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12:42:54calebccffI've been messing around with the ipod classic, I tweaked the vcore voltage from 1100/1000mV to 1025/925mV and it seems stable, although I'll need to test for longer. Would battery savings be at all significant here?
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12:56:22jssfrat most 7% lifetime increase.
12:58:35calebccffjssfr: That's some quick maths :P given I get about 75 hours on a full charge I'll take 7%
12:58:58jssfr*at most*
12:59:03jssfrthat is if 100% of the battery drain is the CPU :)
12:59:08jssfrwhich is unlikely
12:59:32jssfrI have no idea how much the other peripherials drain ... does it have a spinning disk?
12:59:50calebccffWell, every little helps, I'll sit on that patch for a while and see if there's any drop in stability before attempting to post it
13:00:02calebccffIt usually does yeah but my particular device is flash modded
13:00:22jssfrfor a spinning disk, it probably does not matter at all; the motor will be a significant cost here.
13:00:44jssfrfor flash, no idea.
13:01:28calebccffYeah, it's worth doing if it's stable imo...
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13:17:36speachycalebccff: it's worth considering that _your_ ipod being stable at that lower voltage doesn't imply that it's the norm
13:18:18calebccffspeachy: yeah of course, I can imagine especially when you get a spinning disk involved voltages can be a little more delicate
13:18:28speachyyou might have a particularly good unit. Or maybe for folks with spinning rust the power supply droops ever so slightly when teh drive spins up
13:18:47speachyand that little bit of headroom is necessary to ensure the CPU is _always_ okay.
13:19:09speachy(or, or, or...)
13:19:37speachybasically Apple did a lot of work to squeeze what they considered to be the best battery life out and still hit their desired reliability targts
13:20:16speachytime will tell, eh?
13:21:19calebccffYeah I will see I'm sure...
13:22:05calebccffI've been meaning to prepare a patch to increase the maximum battery capacity you can set, it's currently 1000mAh, but you can buy 2200mAh or even 3000mAh batteries now
13:23:54*speachy is really doubtful about those "super capacity" batteries
13:24:04speachy(at least the ones that claim to fit into the same volume)
13:28:47calebccffhaha yeah that's not a thing, but an iFlash quad is slim enough that I can fit an actual 2200mAh battery in
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14:00:56braewoodsspace savings from going to flash could help there
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14:20:16FroggestSpiritOn the topic of Ipods, I think I still have the old 80GB video I used to run RockBox on back in the day, I wonder if it'd be worth it to give it an SD mod or something
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14:36:53calebccffFroggestSpirit: would highly recommend, you're probably good for a 3000mAh battery in the 80GB too.
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15:29:45FroggestSpiritI got the m3k build to work. It generates a rockbox.m3k, is that the same as the m3k.fw, or does it install a different way?
15:42:30speachynope; mp3k.fw is the entire OTA firmware update image.
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15:47:29FroggestSpiritahh, how do I install the rockbox.m3k it built?
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15:57:50speachyright now, we don't have a sane way to generate an updated fiio firmware image.
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16:06:57FroggestSpiritit looks like there's some scripts from alexs on the forums to get this installed
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16:27:59FroggestSpiritI think I mistakingly wiped the boot partition with the USBCloner2.5.0 tool, anyone happen to have or know where I could find a backup to flash?
16:28:19FroggestSpirit(FiiO M3K)
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16:57:37speachyI _think_ the stock fiio images are complete
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16:59:23FroggestSpiritspeachy do you know how to flash them? the tool itself was a little vaugue. I was hoping to make a dump of my image, but I guess just clicking start is what wiped the boot
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17:01:44*efqw pops up
17:01:50efqwWow, it's been a while.
17:01:58efqwHow are you speachy?
17:02:10efqwAny progress on the m3k stuff while I was gone?
17:02:37FroggestSpiritI was going to look into a custom build, but just bricked my M3k haha
17:03:03efqwFroggestSpirit: I can send you some full dumps to revive your player and walk you through it later today.
17:03:18efqwYour device is fully recoverable even if you wipe the entire NAND, don't worry
17:03:26FroggestSpiritYou would be my hero. I just got my M3K yesterday, it's too young to die
17:04:23FroggestSpiritI've only tried the vortex build so far, but I want to try fixing a few issues, as well as how the buttons function
17:04:59efqw> I _think_ the stock fiio images are complete
17:04:59efqwNope, the stock image is unfortunately not complete, unlike the Hiby ones. There's only kernel + rootfs, no BL.
17:06:45FroggestSpiritefqw is USBCloner2.5.0 what I should be using?
17:07:18speachyefqw: nothing tangible. been spending most of my time on meatspace stuff.
17:08:09efqwFroggestSpirit: give me a few moments, I'll check
17:08:41FroggestSpiritspeachy I know you mentioned having to stop modules and stuff that are unused in the M3K image, couldn't we have a linux script do that for us on boot?
17:10:19speachyFroggestSpirit: yep, there's the stuff from the original xvortex port, my initial attempts, and the much nicer one that's on the main forum thread. but
17:10:35speachybut the main holdup was a sane way to generate a flashable image
17:10:57speachyprogress has been made, but it's not done yet.
17:11:21efqwSince contacting FiiO is a lost cause, I think we should just rely on the Cloner tool for now, and work on other open source approaches in the mean time.
17:12:00efqwFroggestSpirit: 2.5.0 is correct (anything not _super_ old should work too tbh)
17:13:58FroggestSpiritefqw how large are the firmware dumps typically?
17:15:14efqwWhich partition did you wipe?
17:15:58speachyefqw: the news is that the images are built using the default ingenic key from the sdk
17:16:03FroggestSpiritJust boot I think. I was trying to create a dump, and clicked start, it wiped boot 100%, then when it got to uboot, it said init error
17:16:38efqwOh, I'll post you that, hang on
17:19:02efqwspeachy: very nice, that was my suspicion but I never found where the key was
17:19:33efqwRemember, the ingenic cloner, as far as I'm aware of, is _write-only_.
17:20:11speachyyeah, I haven't been able to find any information taht suggest the ingenic bootrom can read back
17:20:12FroggestSpirithuh, that would explain a lot. What's the method to dump then?
17:20:45efqwIf you want to create dumps, just do that from the xvortex image
17:21:02speachyyou can dump from within the running system.
17:21:04FroggestSpiritoh lol
17:21:17efqwI _really_ should update some of the stuff I wrote to the wiki, lol
17:21:22speachy(or rely on unwrapping the fw update images)
17:28:36efqwAmong the 5 partitons (uboot, kernel, recovery, rootfs, data), 2 of them are available in FiiO's OTA files.
17:29:11efqwI'll need to double check but I'm pretty sure the first 4 do not contain any hardware IDs
17:29:28efqwThe SN is saved as a txt in the last partition.
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17:49:22FroggestSpiritOK, I'm back in the game! thanks efqw!
17:50:10efqwYou're welcome. Please don't distribute the files I sent you.
17:50:57efqwI had 2 plans about the rootfs that I don't yet have the time or energy to implement
17:51:20efqw1. clean up the useless clutter in the stock fiio one
17:52:00efqw2. use buildroot to make a clean one that replaces as much stock binary as possible, only keeping ones that we can't replace
17:52:46efqwIt would be great if we can have a clean base and simply not support dualbooting
17:52:58FroggestSpiritSo you can create a dump inside of the vortex RB? I ended up reupdating with vortex after restoring it. I was going to create my own dump
17:53:32efqwI do not propose this as the default, but I want to have this as an option, for people who just want rb to have a nice and clean base to use.
17:53:36FroggestSpiritBut yeah, I just want to dump my partitions, then I can delete the ones you sent
17:53:59efqwUse the nanddump command btw.
17:54:09efqwDon't use dd
17:54:24efqwnanddump can tell you if there are bad blocks
17:54:56efqw>create a dump inside of the vortex RB
17:54:56efqwthat is correct
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17:55:34FroggestSpiritis it hidden in a menu?
17:55:48efqwOh no, you need a root shell
17:56:03 Quit J_Darnley (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:56:30FroggestSpiritlike sh while its plugged into a computer?
17:58:51efqwSave this script as a .sh file on your MicroSD, and launch it in the launcher menu where you can select tools/rb/fiio stock
17:59:19efqwThe tools menu has an option where it lets you execute scripts
17:59:50 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
18:00:17efqwExecute the script, plug in USB, you will get a new USB serial device.
18:00:48efqwThen just use putty to talk to it, baud should be irrelevant but you can use 115200.
18:01:20efqwThere will be a root shell waiting for you and you can do anything you want.
18:03:46efqwFroggestSpirit: additionally, kernel and rootfs are the two images that you do not have to dump
18:03:59FroggestSpiritWhy's that?
18:04:02efqwBecause it's shipped in fiio's ota files
18:04:21FroggestSpiritahh, and recovery is enough to restore them?
18:04:27efqwYou can dump them just to make sure, but there is no need.
18:04:41efqwIndeed, and you can use the cloner too.
18:06:43 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:07:15efqwJust be aware, that rootfs from the FiiO OTA image is an UBI image, not a raw NAND dump, so if you want to flash that one, go to config -> SFC (tab) -> Partiton (tab) and change "Manage_mode" for rootfs from MTD_MODE (raw basically) to UBI_MANAGER (ubi image).
18:08:10FroggestSpiritThis line needs to be in the .sh file right? It seemed to freeze when I ran it
18:08:11 Quit FroggestSpirit (Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds))
18:08:19efqwYeah, you need this
18:08:51 Join FroggestSpirit [0] (
18:08:58efqwYeah, you need that line
18:09:13efqwIt's a
18:10:38efqwEither way I'll be afk for a while, tag me if you have more specific questions.
18:11:22efqwI'll try to update the wiki with a summary about the cloner but no promises on the timeframe.
18:12:55efqwSame with the rootfs ideas, I think I had a list of files from the fiio rootfs that we can delete saved somewhere, but I'll have to look into buildroot a bit more to be able to generate something functional
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18:16:19FroggestSpiritefqw I'm on linux, I run the script and it says Running and doesn't do anthing else. The device doesn't seem to pop up
18:17:07FroggestSpiritactually it says done if I unplug the usb
18:17:56efqwThere's no "popup" on Linux
18:18:07efqwCheck dmesg
18:18:22efqwA "ttyACMx" device should appear
18:18:38FroggestSpiritahh! thanks!
18:18:54efqwpicocom /dev/ttyACM0 -b 115200
18:18:56efqwsomething like that
18:21:49 Quit FroggestSpirit (Quit: Connection closed)
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20:46:32FroggestSpiritis there an easy way to mount ubi images to modify them?
21:04:31 Quit FroggestSpirit (Quit: Connection closed)
21:28:52 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
21:28:59speachyno; you'll need to extract it and re-pack it.
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22:23:22speachyFroggestSpirit: in the rockbox source tree, look at tools/ −− it shows the unpacking and repacking
22:23:43speachythe stuff needed for the m3k is only partially implemented
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