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#rockbox log for 2021-01-24

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10:59:52FroggestSpiritdoes anyone have the ingenic buildroot environment?
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12:11:19FroggestSpiritOk, so good news, I found a quick and easy way to test rockbox builds on FiiO M3K
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12:12:12FroggestSpiritwhen using Vortex's build, the update script will copy all contentents of .rockbox from the SD card. Rockbox.m3k can be put into there as well
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12:38:38DundahHey everyone... a long time ago, I posted about two Creative ZEN units that bricked while using Rockbox.
12:38:51Dundahone unit eventually woke up when its battery was depleted, but the other never did
12:39:11DundahAnd that one unit htat woke up stopped working last night after I tried to update the database after adding music to it
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13:27:41FroggestSpiritI seen that the button mapping for the M3K maps the center touch button to the same value as the play/pause button. Is there a way to separate these? I've been looking in button-fiio.c, but haven't had any luck. I believe these are separate in the OFW
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14:17:27speachyFroggestSpirit: you can use any KEY_* definition referenced in button-fiio.c
14:19:36speachybut obviously if you change the KEY_* -> BUTTON_* mapping the keymap definitions might need fixing up.
14:21:12FroggestSpiritI'm modifying the debug screen for some testing, 'm going to have it output the raw keycode if the headphones are unplugged
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18:10:20FroggestSpiritspeachy do you know if the way the buttons are read is in the kernel or not? I don't see anything explicitly mapping the touch button and play/pause button on the side to the same value. I think the OFW had them as separate functions, so I wasn't sure if it was a kernel level thing
18:11:38speachyFroggestSpirit: the touchpad and buttons are all mapped to /dev/input events
18:12:28speachylooks like one ie mapped to KEY_ENTER and the other KEY_F10
18:13:02speachy(F10 being the physical play button, ENTER being the touchpad)
18:13:11FroggestSpiritThanks, I feel really dumb now XD
18:13:27speachythis is one of the areas where the fiio kernel is really hacky
18:13:50speachythere are standard KEY_PLAY (etc) already defined for use; they chose to not use 'em.
18:14:16speachy(well, not "really hacky" so much as "completely unneecessarily hacky")
18:14:28FroggestSpiritanyways, my plan was to have the physical play/pause actually play/pause music regardless of what screen youre on. then the sleep and wake thing to work on presses, instead of holding
18:15:55FroggestSpiritSo there's currently no way to build the kernel they have in the OFW, it's a different version they provided the source to?
18:21:33speachyin short, yes.
18:22:04speachyit's possible those sources correspond to one of the firmware versions, just not the most two recent.
18:22:40speachy(giben that the reported kernel version includes "-dirty" the odds are fiio can't reproduce the kernel either)
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18:27:42FroggestSpiritI see default memory is 16, is it safe to make it 32? iirc the m3k has 64gb?
18:27:45FroggestSpiritI mean MB
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18:28:55speachym3k has 64, yes. We can probaably safely bump rockbox's size to 32mb on this thing.
18:30:27FroggestSpiritnice! I'm going to make a couple of improvments on the button mappings (and bump it up to 32MB). If I can get a custom kernel to build and run, I might look into that a little
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20:26:53FroggestSpiritchanging the paths in the makefile will change the paths rockbox looks for plugins, right? what folder is .rockbox relative to?
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21:05:37speachyOn the m3k, /mnt I think
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22:17:05_bilgusDundah, IIRC you said these units were working fine?
22:17:19_bilgusbefore you upgraded..
22:18:36_bilgusthe one that woke up did you install an older version or was it still with the dev version you installed when it bricked?
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22:34:31DundahWhen they bricked, both were running the newest build (sometime in December 2020).
22:34:51DundahAt this point, all my builds are running the 19 December 2019.
22:35:04Dundahfwiw even before they bricked, I noticed some kind of "wonky" performance with both of them, mostly concerning load times.
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