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#rockbox log for 2021-01-26

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06:43:01speachythe v1.3 Hifiwalker H2 showed up yesterday. Not sure when I'll have the time to take it apart and attempt to get to the serial console, but hopefully I'll manage to keep the destruction to a minimum. :D
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06:52:16*speachy reminds the lurkers that their donations make these hardware purchases possible
06:52:32speachy(so, um, thank you)
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10:23:01f1reflyI just read the manual from simple machines for how to get an xml feed from the forum, but they only describe how to get it for a whole board. I'd like to be notified for a specific topic (the agptek rocker), does anyone know if I can achive this?
10:23:17f1reflythis is where I'm coming from:
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10:33:39speachyf1refly: at the top of every topic you'll see a few buttons, one of them is 'notify'
10:33:53speachyI see reply/add poll/notify/mark unread/sendthis topic/print
10:36:48f1reflyYes, I saw that too, but I think it'll message me when new posts are added, right? I'd prefer the posts to show up in my thunderbird news section
10:37:02speachyoh, you're talking about feeds, not notifications.
10:37:03f1reflyNot a problem if that's not possible, it'd just be very neat
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14:54:36speachy__builtin: any thoughts on g#3107 ?
14:54:47speachyseems like a good fix
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15:02:39__builtinspeachy: let me see
15:04:09*__builtin has never touched the skin engine before...
15:05:07__builtinhmm, I would expect there to be a second && clause after the *out_text == '-'
15:05:27__builtina negative number has a '-' *followed by* a digit
15:06:59__builtinso bool isNumber(char *outText) { return (out_text && (isDigit(*out_text) || (out_text[0] == '-' && isDigit(outText[1]))); }
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15:25:30LetidgoHello i'm a beginner in development. I want to contribute to Rockbox. I've follow the Rockbox Development Guide. Now I can take an issue git and work on this?
15:32:23speachyLetidgo: ...yes? patches should be submitted via gerrit, and if you're working against a bug ticket comments can go in there too. Or did you mean to say "How" instead of "Now" ?
15:34:15LetidgoYes sorry , How I can take an issue git and work on this?
15:35:34speachythere's no real process to follow, make whatever code changes you wish, and you can submit them via gerrit. (see the UsingGit page on the wiki)
15:36:57speachywhat player/target are you looking to work on?
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15:48:27LetidgoBy "player" you mean for which platform ? I'm sorry I'm still struggling in English.
15:50:08speachywhich audio player or device
15:50:54speachy(although the development platform you're using also matters; for example if you're not using Linux then you're a lot more likely to encounter problems)
15:53:42LetidgoI have an android or an iPhone, but my android is old. Developping on windows is not recommended ?
15:55:07speachyit works okay in a WSL environment.
15:55:27speachyrockbox's android port doesn't work on anything newer than 4.4 (kitkat).
15:55:59speachydue to how the native code vs the UI code interact
15:56:37speachyrockbox is really intended to be used on standalone, dedicated audio player hardware.
15:57:42speachythere is no iOS version, and due to Apple's policies on the license Rockbox uses, I do not expect there is any point in even trying.
15:59:24LetidgoIt's possible to use rockbox in an android emulator ?
15:59:56speachyI don't see why not
16:00:56LetidgoOk nice i will try. Thank you for all your answers!
16:01:02speachybut again, it's KitKat (ie API 19) or older, and the android verison is probably the most complicated to compile and work on.
16:01:45speachyyou are better off trying to use the SDLapp port instead; that will natively work on a desktop OS.
16:02:44speachyrockbox is not a terribly good project for beginner developers; it represents a very different problem space than most software these days.
16:03:11speachybut I wish you the best of luck. we always appreciate contributions
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16:04:50LetidgoI will try to do my best, and if I have others questions i will be back here
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21:47:17Dundah_bilgus I don't think it's a problem with the drives, I always do safely remove + neither had any issues with CHKDSK and such
21:48:30Dundahalso neither player charges anymore, even after several freeze cycles (blue LED never comes on and the units don't heat up when plugged in), so I think they're both dead unless I want to try replacing the battery or something.
21:48:33DundahI live in the US.
21:49:01DundahCela: I've been using ZENs since 2008 or so, usually they last me a good 3 to 4 years before they eventually die.
21:49:39DundahLosing two over the course of a month strikes me as an unusual coincidence in terms of hardware (though i do have an X-Fi as a backup to my other two ZEN backups, not including the one I"m using right now)
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22:47:15popcorn9499Does rockbox have much in the way of limits with m4b audiobooks.
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23:32:05efqwThat's one of my curiosities too. Does rb actually have support for m4b chapter info?
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