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#rockbox log for 2021-01-27

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00:05:56braewoodsefqw: it supports FLAC with CUE sheets so maybe
00:19:03_bilgusDundah, with the understanding that I will send it back no matter the result you can if you wish send me the one that never woke up and i can try to revive it or at least figure out what happened you pay shipping here I'll pay to send it back
00:38:45efqwspeachy, iirc you got a pocketgo a while ago, how was the f1c100s experience?
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00:48:28Dundah_bilgus I'll give them one or two more cycles + trying to charge them for a day, then I'll consider it.
00:49:01DundahI'll PM you when I'm ready.
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06:12:04speachyefqw: I've barely touched it. :/
06:13:38speachypopcorn9499: it has no support for m4b chapter info that I'm aware of. And indeed, tends to keel over with larger m4b (really, any large mp4) files due to the RAM requirements to parse things.
06:14:06efqwI wonder how well would opus fare
06:14:07speachyefqw: it's boxed up in my "rockbox box"
06:14:31speachyit's plenty fast for everything rockbox needs; ~500mhz ARM11 IIRC.
06:14:49efqwiirc opus have support for chapter info in the metadata?
06:15:55speachyI donm't recall, but if it does I'm fairly sure rockbox doesn't support that.
06:16:05speachyno inherent reason why not
06:17:01efqwyeah, I just think it might be neat to have this someday where you drop a 2GB opus file for a long audiobook and be able to do chapter controls in rb
06:19:53speachyI don't know the technical details of how those chapter markers are embedded, but they would need to be able to be loaded up without effectively parsing the entire file
06:20:28speachy(just from a performance perspective... "disk" access is pretty slow for us)
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07:27:29efqwah, afaik it's embedded in the metadata
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09:12:57speachyas an index/blob at the start, or scattered throughout the file?
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13:31:05kirvesAxespeachy, do the xDuoo X3ii & X20 support timer activation (wake-up playing) with rockbox?
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13:31:39kirvesAxe(it wasn't possible with the AGPtek Rocker two years ago...)
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14:25:40speachykirvesAxe: AFAICT, the underlying platform doesn't support RTC wakeups. I've had a patch floating aroudn to add that to the Rocker but I could never get it to actually work.
14:30:44speachysince we lack kernel/bootloader sources there's nothing we can do to change that either.
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14:34:54kirvesAxespeachy, okay :)
14:36:04kirvesAxehow about if the player is on, could a "resume playback at time x" type feature be added?
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14:47:22speachykirvesAxe: see this:
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19:39:39FroggestSpiritattempting to build an M3K kernel again. If I get it, I'll post in the thread the steps
19:41:14kirvesAxespeachy, okay :)
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19:50:36FroggestSpiritIt looks like the M5 Kernel comes with a config that we can use in the M3K kernel source. I have it compiling right now
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20:17:08FroggestSpiritFiiOApp's github is probably just as bad as their kernel
20:19:12speachyI see no reason to think otherwise.
20:20:25FroggestSpiritso far the modifications needed have been very light, but I haven't gotten it to successfully build yet. Most of the issues are on the audio codec, which I copied from the M5 repo
20:20:27speachyto be honest we're better off using a modern upstream kernel, forward-porting stuff as needed.
20:20:47speachyfiio's audio codec code is a horrid, horrid, horrid mess.
20:21:00FroggestSpirityou mean like the linux 5.x kernel?
20:21:17speachy5.10 is current, I believe.
20:21:38speachyit has proper x1000 platform support.
20:21:45FroggestSpiritI got that to build, but I don't really know what to do with the generated files
20:23:09speachy(plus we can grab the proper android adb/gadget support in the process)
20:23:32speachyto use the built kernel you'll need to replace the kernel.img with what was compiled
20:23:59speachyand external modules need to be put into the rootfs too.
20:25:06FroggestSpiritIt generated some rootfs files, sdcard.img, u-boot.bin, u-boot.img, uboot-env.bin, u-boot-spl.bin and uImage
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20:40:13braewoodsspeachy: maybe we can hope for an openwrt situation. openwrt uses upstream kernel for their ports but often uses the vendor's uboot or so. but nothing else.
20:40:52speachyrealistically without taking apart your m3k you're not going to be doing any u-boot hacking.
20:41:01speachy(or even kernel hacking, for that matter...)
20:41:45speachyoffhand, I see no reason to not use the vendor u-boot in this case.
20:41:51FroggestSpiritspeachy why's that? I thought we could flash everything with the USBTool
20:42:08speachyFroggestSpirit: without access to the serial console it's hard to tell what went wrong
20:42:22speachybeyond "it didn't boot up" :)
20:42:47braewoodsopenwrt ports often require uart access during development
20:42:51braewoodsnot always during production use though
20:42:57FroggestSpiritcant you have it log everything?
20:43:09speachyFroggestSpirit: log to where? :)
20:43:15FroggestSpiritSD card
20:43:30speachy...and what if it doesn't make it to the SD card mounting?
20:43:46FroggestSpiritthen I guess that sucks... but what if it did?
20:43:47speachywhat it it crashes hard on you?
20:45:27speachythe changes needed to make the fiio kernel not suck completely extend into the bowels of the platform power management drivers.
20:46:26FroggestSpiritIs that for the power off related stuff?
20:48:29speachythe thing holding up m3k development right now is "this is the procedure needed to generate a firmware update image that the OF can flash itself"
20:49:34speachyie given a kernel+rootfs image, generate a valid "m3k.fw" file.
20:50:27FroggestSpiritIsn't that more or less what XVortex generated?
20:50:33speachymore or less
20:51:16FroggestSpiritdo you know if there's a link to the ingenic halley2 buildroot? I feel like that has a better chance to compile than the FiiO one
20:51:45FroggestSpirit(the only one I found was that baidu website in chinese)
20:52:22speachyunder there somewhere
20:53:03speachyI have a mirror of this mirror (and a bunch of other ingenic stuff I've cobbled together) but haven't really sat down to try and get something that works.
20:58:31FroggestSpiritThat seems to be it!
21:01:14FroggestSpiritUnrelated, but does anyone here have an iPod video, modified with a bigger battery, and to use a micro-SD card? If so, what's the average battery life in rockbox on it?
21:01:26FroggestSpiritI have an old 80GB video
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21:11:18FroggestSpiritAlright, so it looks like FiiO used the Halley2 buildroot, and wrote(?) a couple of drivers for it (I noticed audio and the LCD missing from a glance)
21:13:02Dundah_bilgus: Just a small update to let you know that one of hte ZENs I have started to warm up while I was trying to recharge it, so I think it might be salvagable.
21:13:10DundahJust need to wait for hte battery to completely drain (again...)
21:13:14DundahNo dice on the other one, though.
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21:27:30FroggestSpiritactually I was wrong, it looks like the halley2 build does include the LCD driver
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21:58:54FroggestSpiritit built!
21:59:28FroggestSpiritok, this one generated a vmlinux file, which should be the kernel itself
22:02:20speachyuboot probably wants that kernel binary wrapped in a uImage
22:03:09FroggestSpiritif so, the halley2 stuff includes stuff to build u-boot as well
22:05:42speachythe m3k u-boot expects the kernel to be wrapped in an "u-goot legacy uImage"
22:05:48speachycontaining nothing but the kernel
22:06:06speachy"u-boot" that is
22:08:09FroggestSpiritI'll post on the forum and provide the config I used to build the kernel incase someone wants to mess with it for now
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22:11:50saratogaFroggestSpirit:  someone got 27.5 hours using an SSD and the stock battery:
22:12:07saratogaignore the older benchmarks before all the codec optimization
22:12:52FroggestSpiritOh nice! I heard the SD mod can more or less double the life
22:15:06FroggestSpiritThis has instructions, I just built the u-boot
22:15:56saratogai don't remember the HD using that much battery life, but haven't thought about it in a decade
22:16:05saratogai'd have guessed more like a third more battery life, give or take
22:16:20saratogamaybe more if you have high bitrate files or lossless
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22:18:11FroggestSpiritAfter the M3K stuff is a little more sane, I'm hoping to look into porting VGMStream and a couple of other game music formats
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22:28:49speachysaratoga: it's the spinup that really gets ya..
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22:34:49saratogapeak power is high, but since it doesn't do it very often the average current pulled by the hard drive is only a few mA IIRC
22:44:10FroggestSpiritI posted on the forums but I'm not sure how to get the images to work. I've tried with USBCloner, but no luch
22:44:35FroggestSpiritSo instructions and config are there if anyone wants to take a stab at it
22:49:52 Quit FroggestSpirit (Quit: Connection closed)
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23:07:53efqwspeachy: m3k does not use u-boot
23:07:56efqwit uses x-loader
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23:09:43efqwFroggestSpirit, if you read the backlog I highly recommend you to ditch the freenode webchat and use either your own desktop irc client, or just use irccloud so you don't lose backlog.
23:10:50efqwI have some additional information that I cannot post because I fear they won't be able to see it.
23:10:58efqwArgh, irc headaches.
23:32:24__builtinspeachy: I wonder why the author of g#3107 was so averse to including ctype.h
23:32:44__builtinisdigit is a macro on any system I can think of
23:36:32efqwnote to self: tell FroggestSpirit about the ingenic sdk when they come back
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