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#rockbox log for 2021-01-28

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06:22:23_bilguso_O thats a good one #3107
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08:31:24LetidgoHello, someone can help me ? I'm following the guide "Windows10CrossCompiler". I've do all step and when i execute "Windows10CrossCompiler"  I have this output "configure didn't find sdl-config, which indicates that you
08:31:24Letidgodon't have SDL (properly) installed. Please correct and
08:31:25Letidgore-run configure!"
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10:31:54LetidgoHello, where I can found uisimulator log ?
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16:42:44Dundah_bilgus: I tried plugging in one of the ZENs (the one that got warm while charging) into a USB port on my computer, and it popped up as a "ROM Recovery" device in Windows.
16:42:46DundahAny ideas?
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19:02:38FroggestSpiritefqw, I see you mentioned this uses the x-loader
19:03:09efqwHello, do you read backlogs?
19:03:42FroggestSpiritYeah, just around the time I'm last on to now
19:04:53efqwCool. Give me like an hour to finish some work and I’ll tell you about my discoveries with the sdk
19:05:53FroggestSpiritalright, I'll probably be on for 3 or so more hours
19:06:45FroggestSpiritgoing to try the repo vitt13 posted too
19:09:12efqwThe gist is that I compared the source trees and rootfs, fiio was using v6.0 of the x1000 sdk
19:10:04efqwstock halley2 kernel does compile, same with the outdated fiio kernel on github, in an ubuntu 16.04 environment.
19:11:50FroggestSpiritI'm on pop OS! (A spinoff of ubuntu I think), but I don't really want to set up a 16.04 environment just to compile
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19:23:03efqwI recommend looking into systemd-nspawn containers with debootstrap
19:23:46efqwIngenic’s build scripts could potentially be unsanitary and I personally wouldn’t run those on my host.
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19:35:48braewoodsFroggestSpirit: you don't need 16.04. i've used Focal for coldfire builds.
19:35:59braewoodsor was it Bionic
19:42:30_bilgus_Dundah i'm not sure how the recovery goes
19:43:08_bilgus_but unless there is a loader for windows from creative I'd need you to get at least a linux vm up
19:44:29_bilgus_says the update program so should be a windows exe I assume
19:44:47_bilgus_ahem 'the update program'
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19:53:03DundahThose instructions don't really apply to me, since I can't even get into recovery mode (holding play/pause while booting).
19:56:05efqwbraewoods: that was for the ingenic SDK, not rockbox.
19:57:25efqwFroggestSpirit: so, the reason I think FiiO used v6.0 was this
19:58:19efqwI bruteforced it by diffing the fiio m3k kernel tree on github with every single version of the ingenic sdk that I could get my hands on…
20:02:09FroggestSpiritI was able to build the vitt13 repo
20:06:14efqwCould you link me to that?
20:07:09FroggestSpiritthe M5 has a lot of the same hardware as the M3K
20:07:54efqwThanks, basically it’s a shrunken down m3k with a radio
20:07:55FroggestSpiritAlso, the last two posts should cover any additional downloads that might be needed,52917.90.html
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20:15:22FroggestSpiritit booted
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20:16:37efqwAh, I got the cloner to work a few months back but didn’t go any further
20:16:48efqwI’m glad we can build m3k.fw now
20:17:39FroggestSpiritWell, it booted to a splash screen that says "FiiO Born for Music", but stays frozen on that screen
20:18:02 Quit Jyrki[m] (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
20:18:25efqwIf you’re brave enough and is willing to tear apart your m3k, I wrote detailed instructions on the rb wiki.
20:19:06efqwSolder 3 wires and you’ll have native serial console
20:19:26FroggestSpiritI'd rather try not to, I read up on the method and don't have the right tools
20:19:49FroggestSpiritI didn't copy over any modules though, and only flashed the kernel
20:20:56efqwIf you can change the cmdline, try enabling earlycon on ttyGS0
20:26:22efqwAnd on your computer use a script to watch for /dev/ttyACMx and pops a picocom session immediately after that device node shows up
20:27:21efqwBut you need to rebuild the kmods somehow. The stock ones will obviously not load with the kernel you built.
20:28:07FroggestSpiritIt looks like the modules that built are all built in, minus some that are sound related
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20:51:01_bilgus_Dundah, we'll need linux then
20:51:55_bilgus_we have that old vm up on the site would probably work or a recent-ish ubuntu mint etc live cd
20:53:32DundahWould W10's built-in VM work?
20:53:32 Join Jyrki[m] [0] (nilsdingrr@gateway/shell/
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21:12:43FroggestSpiritnot really sure what else to try, the furthest Im getting it is the boot screen
21:20:53efqwIt's borderline impossible to debug things at this level if you don't have a serial console.
21:21:05efqwTry the earlycon thing, it might work.
21:21:14FroggestSpiritI'm not sure how to
21:22:15speachyyou'll need to edit the u-boot environment to add 'earlycon' to the linux cmdline
21:22:33efqwspeachy: there's no u-boot :c
21:22:45speachyoh that's right, they did something different on that thing
21:22:54efqwit's x-loader
21:23:09speachyso, um, re-build x-loader?
21:23:11FroggestSpiritDoes it still load the kernel for recovery?
21:23:26efqwRecovery is self contained.
21:23:39efqwThe recovery image contains kernel and its own initramfs
21:23:40FroggestSpiritahh, that's why that still works then
21:23:41speachywell, unless he wiped it. :)
21:24:36_bilgus_Dundah if you can insyall linux then probably
21:25:20FroggestSpiritthe recovery screen booted like normal. Also wanted to mention, that the splash screen that did show used only 240x240 of the screen (the size of the m5 i believe). Also amused that these (supposedly) use the same st7789 screens that I bought a bunch of for microcontrollers like esp32
21:25:20efqwso the idea here is to add `console=ttyGS0,115200 earlycon` to your kernel cmdline, and make sure the relevant gadget serial modules are built-in
21:26:08efqwthis way you will likely be able to see boot output from the beginning
21:26:14speachyone catch is that with those modules built-in, you won't be able to switch to a different gadget.
21:26:32speachybecause, well, fiio's kernel is a mess. :)
21:26:44efqwyup, which is likely why fiio chose to build them as external loadable modules
21:26:53efqwso they can unload these at least
21:27:10FroggestSpiritas soon as this works, we can start cleaning it up
21:27:14_bilgus_dundah i'd try the uninstall rb instructions on windows first
21:27:22FroggestSpiritI'd say a splash screen is good progress
21:27:39_bilgus_maybe itll pick up that rom recovery device in their fw program
21:29:22 Join kalube [0] (kalubeconn@gateway/shell/
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21:30:32efqwPersonally I would really like to see mainline kernel on this thing but so many drivers are missing :/
21:31:18FroggestSpiritso, I'm building an Ximage, idk if that's just kernel?
21:31:31efqwximage is the kernel, yeah
21:32:06FroggestSpiritthen idk how to build the x-loader lol
21:32:39efqwTo name a few, the display controller, SFC (SPI flash controller), I2S don't have any support at all.
21:32:44speachyit's possible x-loader is not passing a cmdline to linux; in other words it's just whatever CONFIG_CMDLINE linux was set up with.
21:32:55efqwgrep it and see
21:34:01FroggestSpiritahh! found it. I can build a command line into the kernel
21:35:46FroggestSpiritif anyone is looking, in menuconfig, it's under kernel hacking
21:36:25FroggestSpiritefqw, this will let me connect it just like the sh script?
21:37:34efqwyeah, if you set ttyGS0 to console and add earlycon, linux will try to load all of the drivers that it needs to facilitate this before starting up
21:37:42efqw(that was my understanding anyway)
21:38:48efqwthen you need to write a little script that checks for /dev/ttyACMx on your computer and launches picocom immediately so you don't miss out on any output
21:41:29efqwyou might want to set these as built-in in your kernel config too
21:46:33FroggestSpiritserial wasn't even coming up as connected on the pc
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21:48:53FroggestSpiritcurious, has anyone dumped the 1.4.5 kernel?
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