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#rockbox log for 2021-01-29

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05:54:40efqw>has anyone dumped the 1.4.5 kernel
05:55:51efqwyou could do that by simply decompressing the m3k.fw (it's a zip archive), decompress all of the zip archives inside, and concatenating the 1MB fragments together with cat
05:56:44efqwthe problem we have is that the kernel version fiio posted does not correspond to any of their binary builds
05:57:25efqwand fiio customer support simply brushed me off when I asked them to update it
05:57:44efqwit was very obvious that support does NOT want to talk to me and did not read my email at all
05:58:16efqwbecause they linked me something that I have already linked to in my email
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09:08:57speachyefqw: if by "dumped" you mean "Extracted" then yes, I did that.
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11:17:03RBNBHi guys! Thanks first for your amazing work on this project.
11:17:59RBNBI have a question while I am setting up a Sansa Clip Zip for a BLIND Italian user with a voice file. For some reason, I don't manage to find the IT voice file for Rockbox release 3.15. I only find voice files in Italian for the Daily Builds, but when I install it, some menu options are incompatible.
11:18:39RBNBCan anyone point me to a working Italian voice file for Rockbox 3.15?
11:20:21speachyyou'll have to generate it yourself (eg using the rockbox utility)
11:21:15speachyuntil pretty recently, we only ever generated english voice files, which is why there's no IT voice for previous releases.
11:23:26RBNBI see. But why are there Italian voice files for Daily Builds then?
11:23:46RBNBI once tried to generate it myself with Utility, but it asked me for some voice generator program which I don't have?
11:23:47speachybecause they started getting generated a few months ago
11:24:03speachyand 3.15 was released over a year ago
11:25:02RBNBAhhh that makes sense. There is no chance you could generate the voice file for me, if you have access to everything that is needed?
11:37:53speachyany reason why you don't want to use a daily build?
11:38:25speachythere have been quite a few improvements since then and as far as I am aware, there are no known issues with the clip+ (that aren't already present in 3.15)
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12:12:48braewoodsspeachy: so that's why the voice feature exists?
12:14:35RBNBIN this case, the problem is that I am trying to REMOTELY help the Italian guy. He already has the Clip Zip and I am trying to provide him with the voice in simple steps. Making him install a new Rockbox version will be too complicated to process though.
12:14:45RBNBSimply providing him the voice file fitting his RB version would work.
12:16:15speachyI have to imagine that it doesn't get much simpler than "download and unzip these two files"
12:18:39speachyit will be a nontrivial amount of work to generate an italian 3.15 voice file for you.
12:19:21RBNBWell, simply placing the .voice file in /langs is OK. But overwriting his existing installation without losing everything - it's harder. If the voice doesn't work from the outset and bricks, he is lost with a Clip Zip he cannot use.
12:20:01speachysince the tooling used to generate this stuff didn't exist at the time of the 3.15 release, and trying to frankenstein someting together is.. much more work.
12:20:47speachysimply unzipping the new over the old will work.
12:21:08speachyand I take it he's using the english voice currently?
12:21:15RBNBDamn, why can things never be easy. I sent him the Clip Zip with a voice file that I thought was ok, but it has the English pronunciation and is terrible for him, exactly.
12:21:36RBNBAt least the main things he can use for now, but its not good.
12:22:39speachythe old appropach to non-english was largely "generate it yourself, figure out the options that sound the best, good luck"
12:23:07speachy(And there were some major bugs lurking in the language/voice code too)
12:23:31speachy(especially when the voice file didn't match the running rockbox build)
12:24:08speachyso just to be clear, he already has the clip+ set to italian and with voice enabled?
12:24:57speachyif that is the case, then I honestly can't see why simply unzipping the latest nightly build in concert with the latest nightly italian voice files won't continue to work.
12:25:20speachyI routinely do that, albeit with english-US.
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13:13:47RBNBYes exactly - he has a Clip ZIP though, not the clip plus.
13:14:00RBNBBut voice is enabled and working, with the English pronunciation though.
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14:24:31ndd7dDev builds of Rockbox on my Clip Zip skip the first few seconds of Opus files. It worked well until July/August. Unlike a similar bug which was fixed in version 3.15, it affects all Opus files (with and without album art). Everything works as expected on version 3.15. Is this a known bug? Can you reproduce it.
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15:21:32__builtinsounds like a bisect is called for
15:21:41__builtin_bilgus_, speachy?
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15:32:47speachy__builtin: probably happened when bilgus fixed the seeking stack overflow problem
15:32:57speachyI think that's the only change of note in quite a long time
15:33:26speachythough we do have a patch in gerrit to bump our opus to current-ish upstream.
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18:40:03_bilgus_ndd7d allopus files?
18:40:17_bilgus_oh he already left
18:42:40_bilgus_ah wasn't there a rewrite to the tag code as well
18:55:10_bilgus_speachy, if its actually all opus files there is no way it would have gotten applied without notice
18:55:26_bilgus_@ that stack size patch..
18:55:55_bilgus_ill try to repro with my test files
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20:23:36speachy_bilgus_: yeah.. I'd think so too..
20:24:31speachyI have a couple of opus files I was using to debug the auto sample rate switching stuff; there wasn't anything noticable cut of`1 of them
20:24:46*speachy lightly smacks the cat trying to eat his fingers
20:25:49speachyhmmm that said I wonder if it has to do with the sample rate switch? should only affect things when switching rates though, not from one track to the next if they're all opus
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21:06:25speachyd'oh, busted up the back cover of the new H2.
21:23:54_bilgus_my fsck of my drive will be done shortly and hopefully I can continue this test lol
21:24:42_bilgus_me thinks/hopes it was just marked dirty judging by the lack of errors
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22:25:28popcorn9499I had a new question since I am having issues with only some m4bs files on rockbox on a ipod classic. is it possible to get a log dump of why it didnt want to read a file?
23:01:33_bilgus_if you compile a logf build with the proper code location (s) enabled
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