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#rockbox log for 2021-01-30

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04:53:12popcorn9499Would it be possible to diagnose those issues in another way or just using a self compiled build with logf and proper code locations?
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08:24:09speachycould do it in a simulator build, probably
08:25:56johnb3speachy Did you use a "suction pad" to lift the back side?
08:26:10johnb3of the H2
08:26:11speachyjohnb3: no, razor
08:26:45speachywould have worked perfectly fine if I'd pulled the front cover off the LCD, and undone the screws behind that first. :/
08:27:36johnb3Then I am curious about your pictures ;-)
08:45:40_bilgusspeachy johnb you both have cliup+/zips could you guys test a few opus
08:45:54_bilgusmy test files play fine
08:46:40_bilgustook me a full 24 hours to be able to verify for fsck sake :p
08:46:45johnb3I sold my zips, but can test on clip+
08:48:12johnb3It was about the first few seconds, right?
08:48:19_bilgusI do see it sometimes jump to one second but thats more a inaccuracy of the packets the sound doesn't skip similarly
08:50:30_bilgus<ndd7d> Dev builds of Rockbox on my Clip Zip skip the first few seconds of Opus files. It worked well until July/August. Unlike a similar bug which was fixed in version 3.15, it affects all Opus files (with and without album art). Everything works as expected on version 3.15. Is this a known bug? Can you reproduce it.
08:51:56_bilgusmaybe my test files aren't nuanced enough but they seem to intro just fine
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08:55:40RafiXI got a Sansa Clip+ today, and installed Rockbox. I see the the official microSD capacity limit is 32GB, and that rockbox increases it. What is the max I can get for it?
08:56:15_bilgusI have a 256g in mine
08:56:24_bilgusjust have to format to Fat32
08:56:34_bilguswindows GUI won't do it
08:56:50_bilgusI'm told that the command line will
08:56:51johnb3That's one of the most FAQs: theortically up to 2TB if FAT32 formatted
08:56:56_bilgusor use linux
08:57:16RafiXso if it's FAT32 it should be fine with whatever
08:57:20johnb3or Mini Partition Tool
08:57:30johnb3on Windows
08:57:51_bilgusthere ya go
08:58:20_bilgushey Rafix
08:58:46_bilgusdo the multiboot now and save your flash
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08:59:33RafiXas in, rockbox multiboot?
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09:00:00_bilgusdetailed instructions are on the forum but you put .rockbox on the internal ands one on the sd card
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09:00:37_bilgusthen you put a redirect file on the sd and boot from the sd card
09:01:11RafiXI haven't gotten the sd yet
09:01:18_bilgusI like having one on the internal too just in case the card gets ejectd or need to check if something is wrong
09:01:49_bilgusI've been running like that for like 3 years now
09:02:34_bilgusmy clip+ sits in a special place in my heart and my device drawer :p
09:04:06RafiXI have two players only
09:04:23RafiXiPod 5.5g and the Clip+ that I only got today
09:04:50_bilgusthe clip+ is hands down my favorite player to use while working
09:05:02RafiXand tbh, I didn't enjoy rockbox on the ipod; maybe it's the harddrive not being that fast
09:05:14RafiXand I haven't got around to doing a flashmod
09:05:38_bilgusthe clip+ probably isn't any faster but its nicely polished
09:05:55RafiXswitching tracks etc is definitely way faster
09:06:37_bilgusdifference between physical drives and flash I imagine
09:07:19_bilgusand now that speachy has fixed the flash mods AFAIK there are plenty of people finally happy
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09:10:10RafiXneed to check how long the battery lasts in clip
09:10:20RafiXbecause it might be used more than I expected
09:11:19speachy_bilgus: the two opus files I've used in my tests seem to sound okay. but like yours, they might not be nuanced enough.
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09:11:59_bilgusmaybe if that person comes back he can give us some test files
09:12:25_bilgusi'll try generating a few with some tight intros and try again tonight
09:14:04_bilguswonder if he has corrupted files seems unlikely all of them would be
09:14:44speachyone consideration is if he enconded the files himeself, and his encoder did something funky
09:15:06speachytripped over a bug in the decoder (that was fixed since our snapshot)
09:17:00_bilgusI should probably do another jump to their latest head again but lately each time I get some time to sit and code I fall asleep lol
09:17:20*_bilgus needs to stop burning all the candles
09:17:39speachywell, simply dusting off the one you did a ayear go should greatly minimize the work needed to jump to current code.
09:19:00speachybut either way my theory is still just a theory. I think we're going to end up needing a couple of ndd7d's files.
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09:40:09_bilgusmaybe they will pop back in and give us some info
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10:49:40FroggestSpiritefqw what are the 5 partitions of the M3K again?
10:50:47efqwcat /proc/mtd
10:52:34FroggestSpiritwhat's the difference between rootfs and data?\
10:53:07efqwrootfs is read-only and updated as a whole with m3k.fw
10:54:16efqwdata is another partition mounted to /data and is not re-imaged or overwritten by flashing m3k.fw
10:54:46FroggestSpiritI was looking at the M3K repo, and got that kernel to build. I seen they have a .sh file to basically build the whole thing. It has you generate a UBI image, but I wasn't sure if that would be rootfs or data
10:55:48FroggestSpirityou have to play around with the paths and stuff, but it kinda outlines the commands
10:56:27efqwit'll be rootfs
10:57:01FroggestSpiritI still had to copy over a couple drivers from the M5 repo, but the result from flashing only the kernel was basically the same, just no splash screen (In both cases of the M3K and M5 kernels, the screen was set to 240x240, and the bottom pixels were random)
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11:04:54FroggestSpiritgoing to try vitt13's repo again, maybe it's relying on the rootfs to be generated and flashed
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11:12:33vitt13<FroggestSpirit> system.ubi content is prepared with buildroot. the repo is just kernel source
11:13:18FroggestSpiritthen what's the mkfs.ubifs command do?
11:15:40vitt13use to extract content of system.ubi
11:17:10FroggestSpiritvitt13, were you able to get this to work on the m5? I built and flashed to the M3K, got a 240x240 splash screen, but then it crashed (only flashed the kernel)
11:19:43vitt13kernel tested on M5 but no sound works. I never built and never tested that kernel on M3K
11:20:08FroggestSpiritahh, so you got just the kernel flashed and it worked?
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11:22:14vitt13not me, but other guy. I tried to rebuilt the patched recovery to him, but he also tested the rebuilded kernel
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11:29:06vitt13<FroggestSpirit> to extract the content of existing system.ubi use command like "sudo ubireader_extract_files -k system.ubi -o system"
11:31:38FroggestSpiritwhere can I find the ubireader_extract_files binary?
11:31:51vitt13mkfs.ubifs... command from last item creates ubifs image from content of input directory.
11:34:19FroggestSpiritnvm, I got it extracted nwo
11:34:32vitt13<where can I find the ubireader_extract_files binary?> it's python package
11:41:07vitt13BTW I think there was no sound on M5 with recompiled kernel because I didn't replace recompiled kernel modules on system.ubi
11:42:11FroggestSpiritI rebuilt the rootfs with the kernels from the m5 repo, but I'm still just getting a splash screen, then a freeze
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11:59:11FroggestSpiritSo I built the recovery image, it looks like it's functioning, but needs some work (screen is mirrored horizantally, only 240x240 display again, the rest is corrupted under that, and it said no update was found on the SD)
12:00:09FroggestSpiritspeachy, I guess if it's a step forward, we should be able to build a modified fw with a recovery that can update rockbox, and no longer require signing the updates
12:02:02_bilgusthats a huge step
12:03:26FroggestSpiritIdk how to do the initial signing of fw images, so I'll see if I can get this working as needed first
12:03:46efqwvitt13 was able to get it to work iirc
12:04:44efqwhowever, if you need to debug your kernel build and figure out why it does not boot any further, you need to get some kind of serial console going
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12:05:11FroggestSpiritI'm at a loss as far as the kernel itself, not really sure how to proceed with that
12:05:23efqweither try earlycon on ttyGS0 or take the device apart, with preference for the former since it does not require disassembly
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12:05:47efqwyou need to change the kernel cmdline somehow
12:06:05FroggestSpiritI tired the earlycon thing, I probably didn't do everything needed for it, but it didn't work. The command line can be changed in the menuconfig under kernel hacking
12:06:45efqwOh, you probably need to enable the drivers that is required to support gadget serial too.
12:06:55efqwThey absolutely have to be built-in
12:07:50FroggestSpiritI scanned through looking for stuff like that, but wasn't completely sure what needs to be included. It might be better to have a second set of eyes look into it
12:10:08efqwI think you need these drivers.
12:10:19vitt13x-loader code has that cmdline, I think you can just edit it with hex editor. Or it's just a debug string?
12:11:01FroggestSpiritthe command line part is easy to compile into the kernel, it's the other parts
12:13:46efqwaw, gadget serial doesn't seem to support earlycon
12:14:06efqwyou'd probably need to disassemble the device and solder 3 wires
12:15:07efqwthis is what I'm afraid of
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12:18:05FroggestSpiritwell, if the recovery has a self contained kernel, what does the normal kernel do that the recovery one doesnt?
12:18:13vitt13 is this a cmdline?
12:21:55braewoodsvitt13: look for 0x0A. that's newline.
12:22:05braewoodsthis looks like the lines of a text file.
12:22:41braewoodseither that or it's the immutable string table of a binary.
12:22:51braewoodssince i see the nul byte (0x00)
12:23:33FroggestSpiritso, if we have commandline access, but can't find a way to do serial (not opening mine up), can't we do something with command line to have it dump dmesg to a log?
12:23:43vitt13<FroggestSpirit> if you're going to patch the recovery app you probably can patch this function return
12:24:03braewoodsyea, this isn't a text file
12:24:13braewoodstext files don't contain embedded nuls typically
12:34:57vitt13I remember this log string from Agptek and that text from binary x-loader looks similar to me. Is it a debug string or real cmdline?
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12:42:38FroggestSpiritanyone got a full restore of an M5? you can flash the M5 fw onto the M3K
12:43:01FroggestSpiritit gets stuck in a bootloop, but the screen shows the splash screen and recovery still works
12:44:12FroggestSpiritWAIT HOLD ON booting the M3K with an M5 fw actually works, IF you take out the SD card
12:45:38FroggestSpiritcan someone grab the kernel from the m5 update?
12:48:23vitt13find this referenced source code
12:51:34vitt13so I think that text in binary x-loader can be cmdline and can try to edit binary
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12:54:25vitt13I think I'm ready to dive in, but I need a way to backup my FiiO M3K to start experimenting.
12:55:21FroggestSpiritYou can back it up with the XVortex rb, there's a sh file to get serial over usb, then you can use nanddump to copy the 5 partitions to the SD. Afterwards, they can be reflashed with the usbcloner tool
12:57:33vitt13do you have a full command script with nanddump using?
12:59:19FroggestSpiriti'd have to double check, but if you get into serial first, I can post it
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13:00:56FroggestSpiritI have to step away for a moment
13:01:01vitt13I bought my M3K with 1.4.5 firmware onboard, but XVortex mod based on 1.4.3 fw. I should check, but M5 recovery app do not allow downgrade fw
13:05:06vitt13 found this in M5 recovery, as yet not check M3K recovery
13:05:49 Join beencubed [0] (~beencubed@
13:11:22FroggestSpiritYou should be fine to downgrade. I upgraded to 1.4.5 then downgraded
13:12:06FroggestSpiritworst case scenario, it should just say it can't do it
13:24:53FroggestSpiritvitt13, copy the code posted here to a .sh script and copy to the sd card
13:24:54FroggestSpiritthen you need to plug in the USB cable before running the script. after starting it, on the pc run:
13:24:54DBUGEnqueued KICK FroggestSpirit
13:24:54FroggestSpiritsudo putty /dev/ttyACM0 -serial -sercfg 115200
13:24:55FroggestSpiritThis should get you a terminal, login is root, no password
13:26:06FroggestSpiritonce you're logged in, you can dump stuff with this:
13:26:06FroggestSpiritnanddump /dev/mtd0 -f /mnt/mtd0.bin
13:26:07FroggestSpiritAnd you need to do that for mtd0, mtd1, mtd2, mtd3, and mtd4
13:27:06vitt13got it, thanks
13:27:13FroggestSpiritI believe efqw mentioned that mtd4 has your unique serial number in it, so don't distribute that
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13:48:00FroggestSpiritso the OFW M5 kernel behaves the same as the one I built if I feed it the M3K rootfs
13:52:16FroggestSpiritJust as I thought:
13:52:16FroggestSpiritOFW M5 Kernel > M3K RootFS = Fail
13:52:17FroggestSpiritOFW M5 Kernel > OFW M5 RootFS = works
13:52:17FroggestSpiritBuilt M5 Kernel > OFW M5 RootFS = works
13:52:38 Quit alexweissman ()
13:52:49FroggestSpiritI'm going to extract both the M5 OFW RootFS and the M3K RootFS and see what's different
14:21:27popcorn9499So I have been having an issue with some of my m4b files.
14:21:27popcorn9499Anyways If i convert them with ffmpeg to copy the audio data to another file a m4b file like before it magically works in rockbox. Both these files play in foobar2000 and vlc player.
14:21:27popcorn9499The files are m4b because I just started trying rockbox and I have 2 other ipods that are just stock ipods at the moment.
14:21:27DBUGEnqueued KICK popcorn9499
14:21:27popcorn9499The only metadata on the files that seems to differ is
14:21:27popcorn9499not working file
14:21:31popcorn9499major_brand : isom
14:21:33popcorn9499compatible_brands: isomiso2mp41
14:21:35popcorn9499encoder : m4b-tool
14:21:39popcorn9499working file
14:21:43popcorn9499major_brand : M4A
14:21:45popcorn9499compatible_brands: M4A isomiso2
14:21:47popcorn9499encoder : Lavf58.45.100
14:21:51popcorn9499Rockbox spits out this with logf when it tries to read any of the files in the folder.
14:21:57popcorn9499Codec: calling entrypoint
14:21:59popcorn9499Codec: not an encoder
14:22:01popcorn9499Codec: entering run state
14:22:03popcorn9499Codec: entering run state
14:22:05***Alert Mode level 1
14:22:05popcorn9499Codec: entering run state
14:22:07***Alert Mode level 2
14:22:07popcorn9499Codec: entering run state
14:22:11popcorn9499Unsure why this is breaking or even whos fault it is but if anyone is willing to give me any ideas on how to test this further I would be greatful
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14:32:08***Alert Mode OFF
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15:13:45FroggestSpiritso i got the M3K to boot with both the M5 OFW kernel, and a built M5 kernel (from vitt13's repo). basically the rootfs needs to be the M5 one, but with the /usr/project folder and its contents from the M3K rootfs
15:15:10FroggestSpiritit may need to have the sd card taken out to boot, but the touch buttons also still dont work (tried building the kernel with the M3K touch stuff, but it didnt work, might be missing things). screen is still also 240x240, side buttons work
15:15:53FroggestSpirithave to go for now, but if anyone wants to try some stuff, there's a bit of a starting point.
15:15:59 Quit FroggestSpirit (Client Quit)
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18:50:16_bilguspopcorn9499, those look like normal encoder messages to me
18:51:06_bilgusi'd sprinkle a few more through the encodere to see where it falls off
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20:16:42popcorn9499like play more files? sorry im not exactly sure what you mean @_bilgus
20:17:35popcorn9499Are you meaning I should try to just play more files or what?
20:18:09 Join jdarnley [0] (
20:18:32popcorn9499What rockbox more specifically does and I could likely send a video of it if you want but it attempts to play all the files in a folder but instantaneously skips to the next file until it reaches one that plays or empties the directory
20:18:56 Quit J_Darnley (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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21:28:47 Join FroggestSpirit [0] (
21:29:41FroggestSpiritStill working on the M3K kernel build, currently boots with or without the SD card in. Buttons and touch keys are working. SD card isn't detected yet, and the screen is still displaying 240x240
21:40:08FroggestSpiritThe screen seems to be tricky, most of what I tried so far to make it 240x320 like normal crashes when it displays the boot screen
21:43:43 Join massiveH [0] (
21:45:42FroggestSpirithuh, so I just got it to build with a 240x320 screen (image is mirrored horizantally though. Doing this made the normal M3K rootfs work. The kernel crashes were literally from the screen stuff
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21:48:06 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:48:11 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:49:11FroggestSpiritCustom built kernel is apparently completely working when tested on XVortex's rootfs. The screen just needs to be mirrored back to normal
21:50:00FroggestSpiritlogging off, speachy, now that the kernel can be built, what kind of things should we fix?
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22:30:11 Nick lonoxmon1 is now known as Lonoxmont (
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23:06:22FroggestSpiritscreen is fixed now. I don't think there's anything not working now compared to the OFW kernel
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23:38:18FroggestSpiritI'm looking at the key defines, and it's kind of weird, they define 2 keys per button, one for a press, and another for a long press
23:43:47hook54321hi, i was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the layout and navigation of the forum.
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23:49:09__builtinhook54321: sure, what do you need?
23:50:44hook54321I'm having trouble figuring out what the canonical URL for a thread is, for example there seems to be at least 2 different URLs each thread can be accessed at.
23:52:32hook54321oh, wait, three
23:53:27__builtinusually the latter is canonical
23:55:15hook54321could the first two be ignored and still come across all threads?

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