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#rockbox log for 2021-01-31

00:01:45__builtinI believe so
00:01:57__builtinare you looking to crawl the forums?
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00:13:02hook54321__builtin: yeah
00:24:09__builtinI'd run anything you have planned by speachy (who hosts them)
00:24:23__builtinit might just be easier to ask him to query the database directly
00:34:17hook54321__builtin: ok, thanks, got it. I'll add a long delay to the crawl for now to pause it. we don't want to cause issues or anything. we want it to output to a WARC file, so unfortunately a crawl is preferable.
00:35:26__builtinah, as long as you're reasonable about things I doubt it'll make a difference
00:35:40__builtinwe've had issues with bot storms in the past...
00:36:02hook54321I'll continue it with a higher delay then
01:05:44_bilguspopcorn9499, sorry I meant use logf statements in the codec to find out where it fails
01:06:07_bilguslike check if a property has been set or a handle returned
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01:20:47popcorn9499@_bilgus ah ok that makes sense. thank you for your help
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13:54:34DBUGEnqueued KICK jerwin
13:55:19jerwin~+I?\$HI?lH?;H?M?dH???=D?'1?H?CATUH??SHH?3H?R???YB?zH???????HH?|1?H9?????9f?AWL?=9AVE1?????պ?Hf?AWAVAUATUH??S?H?dH%(H??$1?????H?^(H???????1????I????FH?k??L?L?t??H1????H@H?DHHcH?= AVAUATUSH?]A\A]A^A_?????=[ATUHSH??H?L?%?W4D?T$H?????$H?D?ATL?%?US?D0
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13:58:47FroggestSpiritspeachy do you know what the M3K kernel did poorly as far as the power off stuff?
14:10:05RafiXis there any way to change how database sorts track when showing all tracks? it's alphabetical but I'd prefer showing by albums with track order
14:10:09RafiXif that's possible of course
14:20:11FroggestSpiritM3K thread on the forum is updated with a link to my build environment
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14:31:45braewoodsjerwin: Intriguing. Do go on.
14:32:13braewoodsjerwin: =p
14:51:21speachyFroggestSpirit: it needes a custom ioctl instead of the stana=dard stuff
14:52:14braewoodswhich probably means a patched kernel provided you can even get the kernel sources
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15:18:44FroggestSpiritbraewoods I compiled a fully working kernel for the M3K, it's on my github
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15:55:58jerwinbraewoods: was not intentional lol
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18:56:58braewoodsspeachy: this might be useful for developing prototypes
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19:28:27__builtinbraewoods: it's likely cheaper to just pay one of the cheap board fabs
19:28:52__builtinJLCPCB and friends will make a 4-layer board for around 10 USD
19:31:20__builtinand at least anecdotally, the V-one is incredibly finicky
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21:39:48popcorn9499I am still trying to figure out what the actual issue since nothing is specifically standing out to me. However it looks almost like rockbox is unable to decode the file correctly and thinks its done decoding when it isnt
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21:40:04saratogapopcorn9499: almost certainly going to be an issue with the mp4 parser not understanding the file
21:41:04saratogacheck if its erroring out here:
21:42:33saratogausually audio files are put into "optimized" or "apple" mp4 files which are easier to parse
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21:42:43popcorn9499any specific file I should look at or all of them? Anyways thanks for hopefully narrowing down my search
21:43:05saratogacheck both
21:43:34saratogabut probably you've got a file that was ripped from a more complex video or youtube stream and the parser dies or runs out of memory trying to make sense of it
21:43:49popcorn9499for my specific use case I wish I wasn't using m4b at all. I would rather use straight aac or something but my dads been using m4bs since he has 2 or 3 ipod classics he fills with audiobooks so im sorta stuck.
21:44:07saratogam4b is the same thing
21:44:10popcorn9499This file wasnt ripped from a movie. it was created using a tool called m4b-tool which just creates an m4b file
21:44:48popcorn9499which my understanding is its basically a glorified aac file. am i incorrect?
21:45:01saratogayeah, m4b and m4a are the same thing
21:46:05saratogathat tool is just a front end for ffmpeg, so probably it is packing the files into some kind of weird mp4 stream
21:46:34popcorn9499possibly ya
21:46:55saratogacould also just be too long to parse
21:47:07popcorn9499any specific limit?
21:47:18saratogawhenever the file runs out of RAM
21:47:29saratogacould print an error whenever malloc fails
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21:48:31popcorn9499alright. I will try to figure out how to do that in c. Honestly haven't fully learned c yet. today has been abit of a crash course
21:50:35saratogaif you're running in the uisim, just put a DEBUGF ("out of memory") in the malloc check for available memory (if there isn't one already)
21:53:00popcorn9499I am currently running uisim. which file would i put this check in?
21:54:30popcorn9499do I just run this on all malloc calls to check if the address is null?
21:57:08MonTaGaTnoManyone know what happened to the ipodzilla downloads?
21:59:17saratogaalso, i'm kind of surprised that isn't a DEBUGF already, since if a malloc fails in the sim you likely want to know about it
21:59:32popcorn9499ya that sort of surprises me a little as well
21:59:49popcorn9499also this is the logs atm I had enabled logf in a few of the files
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22:06:26MonTaGaTnoMno one has done much work on the 3rd gen nano yet :/
22:06:37 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
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22:11:45popcorn9499It never runs out of memory. so I guess that isnt it
22:11:53popcorn9499thank you for the idea saratoga
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22:12:09saratogain that case it probably just can't understand the mp4 stream
22:12:29popcorn9499which is strange cuz any audio player I throw at it does
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22:23:08speachyyeah, my "Advice" is to find every place decoding can abort and add a log message for that.
22:26:34speachyI think I found the H2's uart output, but it's all garbage. I'll retry later with a different cable.
22:59:18braewoodsspeachy: wrong baud rate? or wrong uart type?
23:06:36popcorn9499@speachy ya that makes sense. Thank you. I will try to find it. but im not super sure if its worth it anymore but we shall see
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