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#rockbox log for 2021-02-01

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05:30:11efqwFroggestSpirit: on the m3k poweroff is not actually handled by the kernel, if you try to shut down the device it enters a deadloop instead of actually shutting down
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06:27:39speachybraewoods: didn't seem to be any of the usual suspects with respect to baud rate, but I was trying to hold probes against tiny test points and the UART cable I grabbed was one of the more ...special.. ones from my stash..
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10:52:10usvimy rockbox v 3.14 on sandisk sansa clip v2(?) cannot record correctly and reports internal free space as 0KB
10:53:56usviwhat is this on my internal storage, casiokids_fotihose, wtf
10:54:02speachy3.14 is quite old. update to 3.15 at minimum.
10:54:12usviwill do
10:55:19__builtindo we want to do a 4.0/3.16 release at some point?
10:55:44__builtinI think the plan was to bump to 4.0 after gutting HWCODEC
10:57:19speachyI'd like to; it's been over a year and I'd really like to stop getting bug reports about data corruptions with SSDs on iPods. ;D
10:58:07usviI remember I once filled the internal storage fully
10:58:24usviafter that no operation was able to reclaim space
10:58:27usvibut I will try to update
10:58:33speachyeven in the OF?
10:58:47usviwhat's OF ?
10:58:50usvioriginal firmware?
11:00:16usvilets see
11:01:20usvi"not enough space for music DB, free 200MB" :D
11:01:28usviand shuts down
11:01:44speachyoh that's funny.
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11:02:37usviit is so sluggish
11:02:53usviI cannot get it to mount properly
11:03:00usvimaybe Linux works better,
11:09:23usviFAT looks to be corrupted
11:09:37usvithis is my take
11:15:16usviwell I'll tinker a bit more, I'm not sure anymore what is happening
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11:32:20usviah, it is clip zip it seems
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11:44:53usviBuffer I/O error on dev sdb, logical block 16636, async page read
11:45:00usvilots of garbage like that
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11:45:41usviI'd say the internal storage is corrupted and the device is toast
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11:50:30usviwell we had a good run
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12:56:05usviheh, I was able to resuscitate it. of course it will fail again in the future but this is progress
13:02:46speachyusvi: install the multiboot stuff, that way you can put .rockbox on the sd card
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13:05:10FroggestSpiritefqw i got a working buildable kernel for M3K, its on the m3k thread/my github. im focusing more on the controls part, but if you want to take a look, i tried simplifying the build process
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13:12:53FroggestSpiritvitt13 i was able to get the m3k kernel working
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13:18:21efqwFroggestSpirit: the main thing that we need to fix is power management basically. the m3k kernel will not power off the board properly, it's the _player GUI_ binary that makes a direct ioctl call to tell AXP192 to cut power
13:19:42FroggestSpirithuh, im not completely sure how to work the ioctl. the touch stuff is kind of a mess, they send different keys depending if a button is held or not
13:20:31efqwunfortunately I don't actually know how to tinker with the actual code, but I did take a look at the messy touch driver
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13:20:40vitt13<FroggestSpirit> what about sound? does it work?
13:21:03FroggestSpirityeah, as far as i can tell, it works just as well as the official kernel
13:21:17efqwif you want more details, simply load the player binary in something like ghidra, and search for ioctl calls
13:22:52efqwThose ioctl calls are responsible for enabling the integrated headphone amp in the dac chip (it starts with amp disabled by default iirc), disabling it for powersaving, (possibly) volume changes, and system shutdown
13:23:04FroggestSpiritare they labelled? ive worked with assembly before, but havent used ghidra
13:23:22efqwJust search for ioctl in the decompiled code
13:23:33efqwThe player binary is unstripped
13:23:38efqwYou get all of the symbols
13:23:43FroggestSpiritoh nice
13:24:02efqwon the m3 pro they even had gdb on-device, lol
13:24:07efqw(not on the m3k)
13:24:08FroggestSpiritthe built kernel works with sound and volume changes, unless thats different?
13:25:51FroggestSpiriti have to get back to work, i should be able to look into it more this evening
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13:55:25usvispeachy: thanks, I will take this multiboot thing into consideration
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16:22:05usviI'm afraid I need a bit of assistance in understanding everything in this multiboot thingy when I'm sober
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18:40:34__builtinis it just me, or is this forum page's layout really weird?,53727.msg247714/topicseen.html#msg247714
18:41:05__builtinI'm guessing it's due to the really long unbreakable URL in fossphile's first message
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19:12:43FroggestSpiritspeachy I think I found the ioctl to power off the AXP192, should I just slap it into the poweroff command?
19:22:25FroggestSpirithow would I test it? I never noticed that rockbox wasn't powering down the player right
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20:25:03FroggestSpiritIf I'm looking at this right, the place it needs to go is "jz_hibernate()" in arch/mips/xburst/soc-x1000/common/reset.c
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20:34:09speachyI think the key is whether or not the power button brings it back
20:34:40speachybeyond that, measuring the current draw off the battery to make sure it's acutally shut down properly
20:34:56FroggestSpiritthis should be the call :
20:35:28FroggestSpiritit looks like FiiO repurposed a axp173 source for the axp192
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21:13:44FroggestSpiritspeachy I think I got it, did you want to test the kernel? I saved a .sh onto the sdcard that just calls "poweroff". when running it on stock kernel, it crashes, but "turns off" the button lights stay on, and holding the volume down key + plugging it in does not put it into download mode.
21:13:44FroggestSpiritWith the custom kernel, it crashes, but turns off. the button lights turn off, and holding the volume down key + plugging it in _does_ put it into download mode.
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22:19:30efqwyup, that's a good way to test it
22:19:48efqwthe most obvious way is to use a serial console however, but that would require taking apart the device :P
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