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#rockbox log for 2021-02-02

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03:28:12Stanley00wow, I was just checking the FiiO stuff recently, and glad that we have more developers interested in those devices :3
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04:36:30usviok hello again. could you someone clarify about the multiboot thing for sansa clip zip?
04:36:48usvican I install it with RBU on windows?
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05:10:35usvihmm, the device has been fully restored after I zeroed the internal storage with ddrescue -D -f -v /dev/zero /dev/sdb and redid the vfat partition
05:10:42usvino errors anywhere anymore
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05:56:45usvi"The proper layout of file: rockbox_main.<playername> is imperative "
05:57:06usvisorry the stupidest question of this year, but what do I put as <playername> ?
05:57:20usviok got it
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06:24:41usviit works fully. thanks!
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20:38:38FroggestSpiritSo I think poweroff is working on the FiiO M3K now. I'm working on redoing how the buttons behave, although it will probably break compatability with the stock player (unless anyone has an idea to make it still work?)
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20:40:44FroggestSpiritThe button situation is basically that most buttons are mapped poorly (to function keys or something that doesn't make sense) on top of the fact that most buttons have 2 different keys that will send, one for a short press, and one for a long press. I plan on making it simplified on the kernel level where if the button is down/touched, it is
20:40:45FroggestSpiritreported as being pressed. I figured rockbox can handle interperating if it's held long, pressed quick, etc.
20:42:35FroggestSpiritA QOL change I was thinking, is that the center touch part is "tap" for enter regardless of where it is tapped. I'm thinking of making it so if you tap in the center of it, it's enter, but tapping near the edge also simulates an up/down press, that way it will be easier to scroll a single menu item, and scrolling could be a little faster if needed.
20:43:13FroggestSpiritdoes rockbox have a way to dedicate a button to play/pause regardless of what screen youre in?
20:44:08FroggestSpiritI looked in keymap-fiiom3k.c, but most of it seems like it's based on certain menus
20:56:10FroggestSpiritThere can also be a button assigned for anywhere on the touch panel being touched, so something like "double tap to wake" could be added
21:02:53speachymaking those changes will break the OF.
21:03:18speachyso there's no point in attempting to keep it dual-booting
21:30:01speachyFroggestSpirit: there's no reason why the keymap can't be done that way (ie use the hard "play" button on the side to always do that) but there needs to be a keylock provision so it does't get accidentally triggered in a pocket or somesuch.
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21:37:26FroggestSpiritPersonally, I wasn't planning to dualboot, so if that's not important, I wont worry about it. I might make the hard volume/play buttons an optional thing when locked. I can see wanting to avoid accidental presses, but an option to have them work without needing to unlock would be nice (especially since I don't think the M3K works with headphone
21:37:27FroggestSpiritplay/volume buttons)
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22:12:09speachyIIRC the m3k lacks the hardware needed to handle those headphone remotes.
22:12:54FroggestSpiritYeah, I kinda wondered how that happened in the year it was made
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22:26:47speachyyeah, the AK4376A DAC doesn't support that stuff, and it's not immediately clear if the actual headphone jack is has the necessary 4th contact.
22:27:18speachy(which would need to be wired into the SoC, I guess)
22:28:40speachy(it doesn't support an external mic)
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