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#rockbox log for 2021-02-03

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01:09:21efqwNo, headphone remotes won't work, there is no hardware support afaik on the m3k.
01:11:09efqwThey are usually handled by the DAC itself
01:12:02efqwsuch as most modern USB-C audio dongles for smartphones, those are single-chip (mostly realtek) solutions that has built-in ADC to convert the analog keys to USB HID
01:13:44efqwOn the m3k I believe headphone jack detection is actually hooked up to a GPIO on the AXP192
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11:52:39chrisbam i right that none of the current sansa players for sale can run rockbox?
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13:30:47speachychrisb: correct.
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13:51:51chrisbspeachy: thanks
13:58:53chrisbfrom the talk here, fiio m3k is coming along quickly, and that is currently produced and sold, right?
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14:46:37braewoodschrisb: you still have the option of buying used hardware to rebuild or so. the older HDD based units are a pretty good choice for that.
14:46:51braewoodstheir batteries and drives are usually removeable
14:47:22speachyI'd still recommend the EROS Q/K (and clones) over the M3K, if you care about using it *today*
14:48:15braewoodsthe iriver H100 series (H100, H120, H140) are pretty decent still
14:49:10braewoodsi upgraded their bootloader last year to fix some old bugs that plagued users of CF cards and such
14:49:57braewoodsH300 is also pretty decent but not much better than the H100.
14:50:16braewoodscolor screen, RTC chip, are the main differences
14:50:23braewoodsand usb charging
14:50:37braewoodsthe iriver H100 and H300 don't use proprietary plugs
14:50:41braewoodskinda unusual
14:50:54braewoodsmicro usb for UMS
14:51:03braewoodsbarrel jack for charging or power
14:51:25braewoodsi use a barrel jack to usb to charge mine
14:51:31braewoodssince it's the same voltage and all
14:51:53speachyok, the issue I had with the H2 was the uart cable
14:52:04braewoodsspeachy: ah.
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15:41:25speachyokay, the newer h2 recovery is looking for the model 'eros_h2'
15:41:50speachyI've dumped the v1.3 firmware, creating a new update.upt file with the unpatched stuff.
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15:53:42speachyok. had to repack everything, but I now have a "stock" 1.3 fw image for 1.3-capable targets.
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15:56:58chrisbbraewoods: i have used two sansa e200 since they were new. will i be able to find the parts to keep them going? 90% of use is in a cradle.
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15:57:59braewoodschrisb: Depends on the failure but storage and batteries are usually the most common.
15:58:00chrisbbraewoods: i think i have three cables, and one cradle for the sansas
15:58:49braewoodsbut if they are soldered them replacing them is difficult or impossible
15:59:11braewoodschrisb: if you need specialty cables, gomatic tends to sell them.
15:59:13chrisbbraewoods: if i lose storage, do i have to desolder and replace an IC or is it dead
15:59:34braewoodsit's probably Flash which is usually soldered to the board
15:59:53braewoodsreplacing it is a mixed bag. i've never heard of someone successfully doing it with other Sansa players.
16:00:03tirredI translated part of the rockbox code into a package for another language, do I just need to put a copy of the GPLv2 in the root of the project and then be good to go to put it on github? Definitely be making sure to give the credit to rockbox in the readme.
16:00:08chrisbbraewoods: can i boot from sd card?
16:00:21tirredCode licensing isn't remotely covered in school lol
16:00:41braewoodschrisb: possibly. someone mentioned sansa bootloaders now have a SD card boot option.
16:00:48braewoodsi don't know who was the principle author of that.
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16:00:49*chrisb checks out eros Q/K
16:00:52braewoods_bilgus: was that you?
16:01:38braewoodschrisb: in any case, the older HDD units are generally more repairable but they're also larger in most cases.
16:01:48braewoodsthe philips gogear HDD16xx series was an exception
16:01:57braewoodsit uses 1" CF microdrives
16:02:12braewoodsi got a set of new old stock awhile back
16:02:14braewoodsof them
16:02:28braewoodsi'll get around to upgrading them in the near future
16:02:34braewoodsjust so many other things going on lol
16:03:04braewoodschrisb: another favorite i had was the iriver H10. you can upgrade the storage easily if it's the 20GB version.
16:03:17braewoodsbut the IO speed tends to be slow even with flash.
16:03:19braewoodsno idea why.
16:03:30braewoodsthe gogear I upgraded before could do 13 MB/s to the upgrade storage
16:03:32braewoodsboth directions
16:03:34chrisbhow can I identify clones of eros Q K players
16:03:44braewoodsno idea. speachy would probably know more.
16:03:53braewoodsi know more about older ports.
16:04:01speachychrisb: They look the same? :)
16:04:15speachychrisb: the known clones are listed on the wiki page
16:04:32chrisboops, i did not realize this was all there...
16:04:37*chrisb goes to the wiki
16:05:55tirredAlso, is there a set of files that can be used to test out the metadata parser?
16:06:52tirredOr would it be best to make my own?
16:10:18speachyI don't think there's any particular set.
16:10:25speachyat least nothing that can be publicly shared
16:11:47speachyok, it lives!
16:12:05speachyunfortunately this throws a bit wrench into rbutil.
16:12:44tirredspeachy darn haha, i've just been running it against a subset of my collection for now
16:13:50speachyblbro[m]: there are now two variants of the hifiwalker, unfortunately there's no automated way to determine which variant it is.
16:14:37speachyand they need slightly different firmware update images, and therefore different bsdiff patches. @$@$%!!
16:14:47speachynot sure how we'd accomodate this in rbutil.
16:15:05speachy(there's also no publicly-available fw update image for the newer version, but I did hack one together)
16:17:49speachyjohnb: If you still have your v1.3 H2, let me know if you want a suitable image.
16:18:08speachyI can hack together a v1.3 firmware updater that will run on the v1.2 firmware too
16:20:28bluebrotherspeachy: the hifiwalker is one of those eros players, so we can simply treat it as a new one. Since they all share the same USB ID we cannot tell them apart anyway, so the user has to do that.
16:20:54bluebrotherunless it's impossible for the user to tell them apart. That would be annoying.
16:21:04speachyfurther complication is that there's no upstream download for the unpatched firmware.
16:21:28speachybluebrother: so any "bsdiff" is generated against the one I built using a nand dump of the stock player.
16:21:40speachybluebrother: it's queryable from the OF player UI.
16:21:51speachyno idea if anything has changed
16:21:54bluebrotherok, so at least that would be doable.
16:24:11bluebrotherwe create a new firmware file we put on the player and it then updates itself, right?
16:26:05bluebrotherso we could use a prepatched image. If we want to distribute that −− in the past we usually didn't.
16:26:57speachyI don't see any way around that at this point. :/
16:27:55bluebrotherassuming we're willing to distribute a prepatched image that shouldn't be much of an issue −− just install a bootloader "file".
16:28:00*speachy nods.
16:28:10speachyI have a pre-patched file on d.r.o already.
16:28:20bluebrotherotherwise "someone" could host an OF image.
16:28:29speachyI'd intended to nuke the other prepatched ones once the new rbutil release is out
16:28:32bluebrothersomeone as in non-Rockbox.
16:28:40bluebrotherright, wanted to finish that up ...
16:28:59speachyyeah, when that "someone" is me, hosted on the same physical server, the distinction really is splitting hairs. :)
16:29:25bluebrotherf.e. rasher has this mirror of Iriver h100 / h300 firmware files.
16:29:50bluebrothercould be some link in the wiki to one of those cloud download services :)
16:30:02bluebrotherbut it's still "someone" that has to do it.
16:30:38bluebrotherand the reason why we didn't distribute OF images in the past still stands. Doesn't mean a willing individual couldn't do it.
16:30:43speachyOTOH, it's not like hifiwalker (or indeed, any of these Ingenic ports) is in any position to talk about copyright violations. :)
16:31:04bluebrotherbut yeah, if you do it on the same physical server it's kinda splitting hairs :)
16:31:49bluebrotheranyway, I don't see a big issue from a Rockbox Utility point of view −− just the inconvenience that the user has to check which one to use.
16:32:06bluebrotherand obviously the how-to-get-the-OF issue. But that's a separate one.
16:33:54bluebrotheroh, that is under the assumption that the player won't get bricked if you use the wrong update file.
16:34:16bluebrotherthough I assume its update functionality has some checks for that
16:34:55speachyno, it won't brick anything; it'll just fail the update.
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16:36:06speachyI already have a private mirror of these various ingenic OF images; finding and extracting them from their upstream is a royal PITA.
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20:34:55speachybluebrother: g#3115 should do the trick, I think?
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21:48:38_bilgusbraewoods, yes thatsme
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