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#rockbox log for 2021-02-04

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06:20:46FroggestSpiritspeachy, do you still have the xvortex rockbox source? i wanted to poke around it for a couple of things
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06:39:16speachyfor the m3k you mean? I should still have a copy somewhere. it wasn't complete, and took quite a bit of surgery to port to the development head.
06:40:48speachythe primary functional difference that I didn't carry over was the (very hacky) split-root stuff; where .rockbox vs the music/etc stuff lived under different parts of the filesystem.
06:43:48speachya good argument could be made about putting that functionality back in for hosted targets, but as a general rule we've learned that wearing out the onboard flash _will_ happen and eventually brick your device under "normal" usage.
06:47:22speachythe input code & keymaps was functionally unchanged though there were general improvements taken from the other hosted targets.
06:48:03speachysound code saw a lot of changes, due to a combination of nasty bugs and a partial rewrite of the alsa driver I did a while back
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07:27:45_bilgusI think I might look into adding some functionality to force save/rename on configuration instead of overwrite
07:28:56_bilgusnot sure if thats clear or not lol
07:29:09speachyno, not particularly!
07:29:42_bilgusbasically for flash drives and flash with poor wear leaveling
07:30:17_bilgusstart saving the files and do a delete of the old then rename
07:30:44_bilgusrather than overwrite
07:35:13speachydon't know if that's any better for flash wear, but it's certianly _safer_
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08:17:44speachyon the other hand, it's not like we're using flash-aware filesystems.
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13:10:28bibaheuHi, I had an idea of porting the qemu usb audio "hardware" to rockbox, so my sansa can work as an USB sound card
13:10:50bibaheuis it at least somewhat possible, or there's a clear reason for it to not work at all?
13:13:51speachyusb audio requires a controller that can handle isochronous transfers, but assuming the specific sansa model you're thinking of supports that, then there's no inherent reason why it's not possible.
13:14:20speachythere's an old patch series in gerrit to implement it; that would be a good starting point.
13:15:22speachy"only the fuze+ was tested"
13:15:53bibaheucool, I'll take a look
13:16:28bibaheuI'm a total noob in rockbox dev, so first I'll go over the dev guide
13:16:36speachyit's a feature that would be quite good to have in general, but it is a pretty substantial undertaking.
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13:51:40braewoodsspeachy: if rockbox acquires more USB roles we will need to regulate which can be active because of limited hardware endpoints...
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13:52:04braewoodssimplest option is to just activate one role or profile at any given time
13:52:16speachyit will be nice to have that problem
13:52:37braewoodswe're already part way there with the option to choose charging only or enable UMS as well
13:52:38speachybut yes, we'll have to limit ourselves to one or two profiles at any point in time.
13:53:34braewoodsright now we only got 2 real drivers
13:57:03bibaheunext would be to emulate a secure card reader or something like that haha
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15:48:59braewoodsrockbox already has UMS emulation
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15:52:07vitt13what about m3k ak4376 kernel driver? since custom kernel in developing can we use new driver like v2.0 (but for kernel 4.9) ? at least v1.1 is published for kernel 3.18.20
15:52:37johnb7speachy the installation on the HifiWalker worked like a charm.
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15:54:07braewoods"commence the botnet takeover."
15:54:09johnb7I find the screen quality inferior to the xduoo x3ii. Do you use a particular theme for readability on the H2?
15:54:33speachynothing in particular; I've barely used it beyond development & debug
15:58:43speachythe x3ii's screen is larger but I find the overall form factor (and controls) of the H2 much nicer.
16:01:13johnb7I use the xduoo only at home and I am fine with form factor, the only drawback is the relative lag of the UI.
16:02:20speachythe lag seemed worse for me on the x3ii than the h2, but given the screens ahve the same number of overall pixels, it shouldn't really matter.
16:02:51speachy(well, I suppose there are more on-screen elements owing to the larger number of "rows" for lists etc..
16:04:05speachyI think the basic problem with the screen lag is the blocking nature of the display updates.
16:04:36speachy(should really happen in a separate thread. audio output too..)
16:12:45johnb7I was referring to the x3ii regarding the lag.
16:13:29speachyyeah. lag is particularly noticable on the x3ii
16:13:53speachybut it afflicts all of the hosted linux targets to some extent
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16:16:58braewoodsit might help if we had full control over the linux parts
16:17:00braewoodsbut alas
16:17:10braewoodsthen again linux isn't usually optimized for latency
16:18:51speachythis is more due to how we did threading −− we basically emulate threads instead of using the native OS stuff, so a blocked syscall on one blocks everything.
16:28:11braewoodsspeachy: non-blocking APIs aren't an option
16:28:36speachyideally we'd have input, audio output, and display updates on independent threads.
16:28:54braewoodsmost system calls i've used allow you to use non-blocking variants of them in some manner
16:29:25speachybraewoods: speaking of the display updates in particular, we do the updates via mmap'd buffers, but trigger an ioctl when we want the kernel to do the repaint
16:29:29speachythat latter is what's blocking.
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16:29:53braewoodsi see.
16:30:54braewoodsi've started designing library APIs and i will include blocking / non-blocking in some cases if i expect it could be a contention point
16:31:10braewoodslet the caller decide what it wants to happen
16:31:26braewoodsmostly if there's a significant delay
16:31:41braewoodsotherwise i tend to just use blocking APIs
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16:31:49braewoodsif i expect delays to be short lived
16:34:16speachysome of the other hosted targets spawn their own threads for specific tasks already.
16:35:24speachybut rather than continuing to do that piecemeal I've been dusting off the "native pthread threading" code that's actually in-tree, albeit highly incomplete.
16:45:37braewoodscouldn't you implement that as an abstraction from the current threading code?
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16:47:22speachyyeah, that's the intent. our internal threading API/behaviorisms to phread API calls.
16:48:08speachy(that includes synchronization primitives too)
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17:25:17FroggestSpiritspeachy I was mainly asking about the partition thing, although that makes sense about wear on the flash
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17:39:33FroggestSpiritwhat kind of CPU govenor is recommended? I was trying ondemand
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17:48:09speachywith how we do our threading, I don't think ondemand works terribly well.
17:48:14speachysince we never actually _idle_
17:48:39speachybut at the same time it's not clear that the x1000 kernel even implements cpufreq stuff.
17:48:57FroggestSpiritI added it in the custom kernel
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18:30:35FroggestSpiritThe button stuff is going good, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to handle the center scroll/click, so it doesn't accidently click when meaning to scroll. It's already set to do that, but I want to add longpress for that
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18:48:07speachyFroggestSpirit: I don't mean "enabled in the kernel", I mean "they probably didn't implement runtime frequency switching for the x1000"
18:50:26speachy(and even if implemented, the abiltiy to switch without audio glitches is another matter. the x1000's predecessors couldn't manage this FWIW, and even when switching, the power saving turned out to be negligable.
18:50:55FroggestSpiritahh, I gotcha. I'll turn that off then
18:51:25speachyI think if it worked, ingenic/fiio would have enabled it, as it's "free" power savings.
18:52:34speachy(the codec, power supplies, clocks/plls, system busses, ram, etc all need to be constantly going; it turns out the actual CPU core is relatively minor...)
18:54:33FroggestSpiriton the rockbox side, how does BUTTON_REPEAT work? is it triggered when the button is held a certain period of time?
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19:31:11speachyFroggestSpirit: yes.
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