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#rockbox log for 2021-02-05

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03:04:52hook54321__builtin: the crawl finished (except for user pages obviously). thanks!
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10:28:00speachythe nightly voice builds are now parallelizable. huzzah
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15:11:11jschwarthi all, I mentioned this some time back here before, I have issues playing m4a files on my ipod mini
15:11:19jschwartI just searched in gerrit and came across this:
15:11:42jschwartcould it be that that's indeed the needed fix?
15:12:10speachy...probably not.
15:12:26jschwartspeachy: ah, why not?
15:13:27speachythat patch surmises the problem is a lack of cpu performance causing an underrun
15:13:55speachybut with certian (large/long) AAC files, we're failing to start altogether.
15:14:10jschwartbut I'm running into what's described there
15:14:11speachyas it it appears to be a parsing problem. underruns would just cause the audio to be a bit broken
15:14:21jschwartthe audio skips and the UI is irresponsive
15:14:28jschwartother than that the songs do play
15:17:09speachyoh, I thought you were having problems where stuff simply wouldn't play at all
15:17:35speachy(which is something I've run into, across multiple hardware platforms including stuff that's _really_ fast)
15:18:07speachyyou could do your own build with this patch and see if it matters...
15:18:21jschwartyeah that's the plan, I'll do that now :)
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17:05:44jschwartspeachy: testing the patch now, it seems the skips are much shorter, but they are still there
17:06:01jschwartUI is still unresponsive
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17:16:41saratogaif they're aac-he skipping is normal on slower cpus
17:16:54jschwartsaratoga: yeah I'm afraid that's the case
17:17:35jschwartI suppose there's no solution apart from transcoding (getting another version)?
17:18:13saratogalots of work optimizing the aac decoder i guess
17:18:34jschwartI wonder if the vendor firmware would be able to play these files
17:19:10saratogai don't think it does aac-he
17:19:13jschwartcould I overclock the CPU? :)
17:25:21jschwartseems that was frowned upon in the past...
17:25:29jschwartbut now this thing is 15 years old...
17:26:31jschwartand I'm lazy of course (otherwise I would have bought another device to play music)
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17:52:54speachywhat's the device
17:53:56jschwartiPod mini 2g
17:54:05speachy(these DAPs don't tend to have mucn in the way of overclocking headroom. At least not enough to matter with respect to HE-AAC
17:54:23speachyhmm, that's one of the slower targets; dual 80mhz ARM7TDMIs.
17:55:19jschwartyeah it's quite old I suppose, it still works fine for most stuff though
17:58:16jschwartI just need to make sure it's warm enough
17:58:58jschwartthe device tends to get cold with its metal housing and then the battery doesn't seem to work well
17:59:48jschwartwhen I warm the device by putting it in a pocket or in my hands, it'll work well
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18:08:56jschwartmikmod broke between 3.13 and 3.15 on my device btw, I just did some tests
18:09:02jschwartsomehow 3.14 doesn't boot
18:12:03jschwartah cool it actually works again in the build I did earlier :)
18:12:31jschwartspeachy: I guess my device is also too slow for opus?
18:12:58speachyopus should be okay; it's a lot less cpu intensive than AAC.
18:13:22jschwarthmm I had issues with it
18:13:28jschwartmaybe I should try it again some time
18:15:57jschwartspeachy: if I wanted to try overclocking, could you suggest anything?
18:16:28speachyI don't know what the clock hierarchy is on the ipods, and what practical limits are.
18:16:47jschwartah alright
18:17:05jschwartI'll look into getting different versions of these songs for now
18:19:33jschwartI still hope the USB audio support can one day be merged: pamaury/rockbox">
18:19:37jschwartmaybe I'll try it too
18:21:03jschwartah usb-api branch over there
18:47:11speachypatches welcome. :)
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