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#rockbox log for 2021-02-09

00:33:20_bilgusspeachy thats the list scrolling functionality
00:33:38_bilgusIt must scroll the bg as well
00:48:00_bilgusscreen scrolls out of view = No should fix that
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07:12:03FroggestSpiritA few questions, some M3K related. Where is the definition to turn off the screen while the keys are locked? cant seem to recall where, but feel like it was in the source for rockbox?
07:14:59FroggestSpiritis anyone interested in reworking the bootloader/creating a signed update? the kernel is pretty close to done, just noticed a couple bugs: headphone jack detection doesnt seem to work (audio works fine), occasionally whennwaking the screen, the backlight will light, but no image displays (no idea how to fix, but usually works after the screen turns
07:14:59FroggestSpiritoff then back on again). and the script for SH-ing into the m3k doesn't seem to work
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10:00:17vitt13<and the script for SH-ing into the m3k doesn't seem to work> which script?
10:01:37vitt13I've updated main branch of the repo and added 'readme'
10:03:34vitt13'' called by make, but it was missing zip target in makefile
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11:08:07efqwvitt13: I think they're referring to the one I posted, which simply loads some kmods on the m3k and runs getty on ttyGS0
11:14:38efqwIt doesn't work because you might not have replaced the kmods on the rootfs with the ones you compiled with your kernel.
11:15:16efqwLinux kernel modules must be built from the _exact_ hash or it will not load at all.
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11:25:56speachyvitt13: what efqw said. :)
11:34:23vitt13I see. I thought it was obvious to replace compiled kernel modules in system.ubi (rootfs)
11:45:00speachyif the fiio kernel wasn't so janky, we could have compiled all of that stuff into the main kenel image.
11:50:50efqwI'll give them that, they did know how to use the worst ways possible to work around tech debt :P
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11:53:21speachyhmm. I wonder if the stock ingenic kernel has the android patches in it
11:53:29speachyor if that was something that hiby added
11:54:25speachybecause _that_ would make rebuilding the kernel worthwhile. we'd get proper adb support and sane usb gadget features
11:54:49speachy(without having to load/unload modules on the fly to switch, I mean)
12:05:59vitt13FroggestSpirit: will you update kernel source on your github repo?
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13:17:17FroggestSpiritvitt13 yeah, ill update what I have so far after work.
13:18:44FroggestSpiritas far as the sh stuff, it probably just needs to be included in the kernel, just not sure what exactly. i left the rootfs the same, so whatever modules its not loading because of that... i guess it still works anyways
13:19:10FroggestSpiritor, i should say still functions, minus the few bugs i posted this morning
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13:41:41efqwThe filenames of the .ko files on the rootfs should lead you to the correct modules.
13:42:25efqwBut if you include it, you won't be able to unload it anymore, which can be problematic since we need mass storage too.
13:42:50efqwTry using gadget serial on its own and ignore libcomposite for now
13:43:14efqwIf you can get gadget serial working, we can use libcomposite to do serial and mass storage together
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17:54:22Strife89I think I want to get my name changed in the credits
17:54:31Strife89Has anyone done that before?
18:04:14FroggestSpiritvitt13 and anyone else interested in the current M3K kernel
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18:05:38FroggestSpirittbh, I never imagined getting this far in development for the M3K, so that's pretty cool. I felt like I learned a bit, and hope it will help if anyone wants to take it over
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18:14:34speachyStrife89: Not that I know of, but it's my understanding that any name in there needs to be one's legal name.
18:15:50speachygranted, those do change from time to time
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18:16:34speachy(And obviously it's still going to remain in the commit history and prior releases)
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20:00:36__builtinStrife89: shouldn't be hard to do −− just send a patch
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22:14:26Strife89speachy: Ah. Well, my legal name hasn't changed and probably won't for quite some time.
22:14:56Strife89So I'll leave the matter be.
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