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#rockbox log for 2021-02-15

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15:45:32popcorn9499I found a potential bug. Not sure if chapters r even supports in rockbox or not but I have multiple ipods and I am gonna attempt switching over to rockbox on one device. Anyways I listen to alot of audiobooks and so they r mostly m4b files. I was having issues with them crashing and I found out where my issue was. so with m4b files with chapters created with mp4chaps (mp4v2) cause rockbox to fail to play them. however chapters
15:45:32popcorn9499created with mp4box still play.
15:46:08popcorn9499Is my only real option to just switch to mp4box for all the chapters created? Or does rockbox not support chapters in m4bs at all and my best bet would be a cuefile?
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16:32:42speachypopcorn9499: It's a known issue but the exact reason for the failure is not known.
16:33:05speachythe current assumption is that parsing out the file is causing the decoder to run out of memory
16:33:37speachywhat does mp4box do differently from mp4chaps?
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18:10:06popcorn9499Does rockbox log something to say that its out of memory? What would be the easiest way to test if its running out of memory?
18:11:10popcorn9499as for whats different. I honestly dont know.. I am submitting the same chapters to both
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23:04:33speachypopcorn9499: I think what's going on isthat the chapter data is encoded as another media chunk, and that's throwing everything off.
23:15:06speachywell, that's one of the two issues.
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23:30:57braewoodsspeachy: i kinda wonder if a viable workaround would be switching to another container that supports a different kind of chapter or markers
23:31:18braewoodsFLAC supports marking track offsets or so for faster seeking and cue sheets
23:31:23speachythe actual error (at least on the couple of several-hundred-MB m4a/b files I have)
23:31:36speachyis "stco too large to allocate lookup_table[]"
23:31:54braewoodsso OOM
23:31:58speachy(it's trying to allocate a ~900KB table)
23:32:11braewoodsbut shouldn't there be enough RAM for that?
23:32:26speachycodecs don't get that much memory set aside for themselves.
23:32:31braewoodsi see.
23:32:33speachy(at least not on most of our targets)
23:32:42speachyon top of everything else
23:32:52braewoodsi wonder what the lookup table is for
23:33:05braewoodsit might be necessary to move it to the slower RAM
23:33:10braewoodsjust to make it work
23:33:23braewoodsif that's even an option
23:33:31PicklesTheFrog1is there a way to get rockbox on a touchscreen based mp3 - like an android based? sorry if this is asked a lot
23:33:41braewoodsnot like a native port
23:33:47braewoodsthere's android port i believe
23:34:13braewoodsbut it's basically a regular app there
23:34:17braewoodsnot firmware
23:34:27speachy"Sample Table Chunk Offset"
23:34:43speachyin this file there are ... ~110K entries in that table
23:34:47PicklesTheFrog1oh i see
23:35:03braewoodsgot a few options for OOM
23:35:07PicklesTheFrog1yeah i just switched from an ipod classic to a fiio m7 so im wondering
23:35:10braewoodsreduce RAM usage or waste
23:35:24braewoodsor move it to another RAM bank
23:35:37braewoodsjust accept it won't work
23:35:37speachyPicklesTheFrog1: Short answer: absolutely. Longer answer: Someone has to do that port.
23:35:58braewoodsspeachy: oh, i thought i saw android in the targets list
23:36:00braewoodsit's not complete?
23:36:09__builtinit's very outdated
23:36:11speachyit doesn't work with android >4
23:36:27speachyas in, won't even compile due to major, major API changes.
23:36:36PicklesTheFrog1yeah i had to make the jump... my poor ipod was on its last leg
23:36:40__builtinyour best bet nowadays is the SDL app
23:36:58__builtinon a linux-based touchscreen device, probably
23:37:22braewoodspinephone would probably fit that bill :)
23:39:02speachystco is mandatory, so we can't just ignore it.
23:39:49speachyI think we can technically ditch the stbl subtree altogether, but I think we'd lose the ability to seek altogether.
23:40:10speachydepends on how robust the decoder/parser/demuxer is, I suppose
23:42:07speachybut on that note, it's well past my bedtime, and I have to be up in < 6 hours.
23:42:23PicklesTheFrog1good night o/
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