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#rockbox log for 2021-02-18

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11:58:27chris_sIs it just me, or is the explanation for the “Insert Shuffled” behavior in the manual (Subsection 4.4.3) either misleading, or the code needs to be adjusted so that it behaves in the way it is described there:
11:58:27chris_s“Add track(s) to the playlist in a random order.”
11:58:28chris_sI expected the tracks to be added as contiguous entries, i.e. to have "Insert Shuffled" behave like "Insert", only that the order of the inserted tracks would be random. The actual behavior as it is described in apps/playlist.c (see comment on line 695) though is as follows:
11:58:28DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
11:58:28chris_s"Add [each] track at some random point between the current playing track and end of playlist"
12:07:09speachyI'd agree with you
12:07:54speachyie "shuffle the selection and insert that into the playlist"
12:08:33speachyhowever the existing behavior is sort of "insert the selection into the playlist then shuffle everything"
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13:44:21_bilgus_I imagine the code acts the way it does because jhmikeS found it more efficient that way I'd adjust the manual to explain it better not the code to match the manual..
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14:21:42speachyalong those sane notes, we might want to revert g69746d8
14:22:40speachysince elsewhere we don't automatically start/resume playback if we select a new track when we're paused.
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20:46:24chris_sI wonder if abebc6b should also be reverted. While I personally much prefer (and will continue using) the new behavior for the reasons explained in the commit message, I've now realized that the old behavior was (for whatever reason) quite intentional. I had missed the fact that it's mentioned multiple times in the manual and in the FAQ.
20:46:25chris_sAlternatively, I would offer to update the manual to reflect the changed behavior.
20:46:25chris_sFrom Subsection 4.4.2:
20:46:26DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
20:46:26chris_s"If playback is stopped, the Insert and Queue functions can be used as described in 4.4.3 to create a new playlist instead of adding to an existing one. This will erase any dynamic playlist."
20:46:27***Alert Mode level 1
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20:46:27chris_sAdd track(s) immediately after any tracks added via the most recent Insert operation. If no tracks have yet been added via an Insert, new tracks will be added immediately after the current playing track. If playback is stopped a new dynamic playlist will get created with the selected tracks."
20:46:28***Alert Mode level 3
20:46:28chris_sand, finally, from the FAQ:
20:46:28***Alert Mode level 4
20:46:28chris_s"How do I put a single song into a playlist, rather than an entire directory?
20:46:29***Alert Mode level 5
20:46:29chris_sRockbox creates a playlist any time you play a song. When you play a song normally, Rockbox will create a playlist of all of the songs in the folder with the song you select. If you want to play only a single song, or start a new playlist with a single song rather than the entire folder, do this:
20:46:29***Alert Mode level 6
20:46:29chris_sStop playback.
20:46:30***Alert Mode level 7
20:46:30chris_sEnter the file menu.
20:46:30***Alert Mode level 8
20:46:30chris_sSelect the song you want to add.
20:46:31***Alert Mode level 9
20:46:31chris_sEnter the context menu.
20:46:31***Alert Mode level 10
20:46:31chris_sSelect "Insert.""
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20:55:52FroggestSpiritOk, so it wasn't the floating point thing that stopped my codec from working. Where is the memory allocation for codecs defined? I have a feeling it uses too much ram
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21:09:37chris_sImo, the situation described in the FAQ could be better handled by putting the "Play Next" command (which would be more appropriately named "Clear List & Play Next") in the context menu when playback was stopped.
21:09:38chris_sThe naming of the insert operations frankly confused me to no end even after using Rockbox for a while and I never used queuing at all  (whose behavior isn't particularly obvious from the name), which is why in my personal build I've actually whittled the options down to:
21:09:38chris_s"Play Next"
21:09:39DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
21:09:39chris_s"Play Last"
21:09:40***Alert Mode level 1
21:09:40chris_s"Clear List & Play Next"
21:09:40***Alert Mode level 2
21:09:40chris_sfor what is currently named (in identical order):
21:09:41***Alert Mode level 3
21:09:41chris_s"Insert Next"
21:09:41***Alert Mode level 4
21:09:42***Alert Mode level 5
21:09:42chris_s"Insert Last"
21:09:42***Alert Mode level 6
21:09:42chris_s"Play Next"
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21:19:43***Alert Mode OFF
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21:28:02chris_sLastly, I've never quite understood why the dynamic playlist becomes inaccessible when it has finished playing? Seems like at least some users may decide to listen to it again or want to save it after it's finished. That's an easy one-line fix to reset the resume index to 0 instead of -1 after playback without obvious drawbacks (to me). But the
21:28:02chris_scurrent behavior here, too, is probably purposeful?
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21:59:57FroggestSpiritalright, got it working!
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