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#rockbox log for 2021-02-24

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00:07:18awesomuniThe current RockBox does not seem to allow uppercase cases with artwork extensions.
00:07:38awesomuniAre there any plans to support uppercase letters?
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00:24:49_bilgusawesomuni, on linux there is a difference between upper and lowercase names
00:25:09_bilguswindows there is not
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01:15:12awesomuni_bilgus: Thank you. Does allowing uppercase letters in the extension affect the format decoder?
01:16:32awesomuniIf there is no adverse effect, I would be grateful if you could correct the tolerance.
01:18:05awesomuniWe also want to support the png format of artwork.
01:21:25awesomuniSpecifically, many of the Japanese songs I purchased had an artwork called cover.PNG.
01:21:26awesomuniThis can be solved by manually renaming it as conversion, but if you change the purchased song, the display of the local purchase history will be corrupted.
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06:34:54freemintThe buyer guide says there is no commercially available player for Rockbox. Is this wiki page up to date?
07:18:10braewoodsfreemint: define commercially available
07:18:55freemintAvailable with waranty from the company which made them.
07:19:52braewoodsi don't think that was ever a thing. even if you bought one that initially came with a warranty, updating it to rockbox would typically void the warranty (or so they'd say)
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07:20:50braewoodsfreemint: what's your use case?
07:21:04braewoodsoddly enough old players tend to still work very well.
07:21:23freemintI obviously loose support when flashing Rockbox.
07:22:31braewoodsfreemint: so what you're really after is something that's still new and not old stock new?
07:23:39freemintLike recent hardware.
07:23:42braewoodsnot many of those, if any. they'd be the linux ports probably.
07:23:57braewoodsnative ports are few.
07:24:13freemintThank you, then Rockbox is not for me.
07:24:26freemintDoes the android app still suck/even work?
07:24:32braewoodsnot really
07:24:47braewoodswhy do you need stuff so recent?
07:26:08speachyfreemint: Hifiwalker H2, Eros Q/K, Surfans F20, AGPtek H3, xDuoo X3ii
07:26:29freemintI don't *need* it. It is just personal preference.
07:26:31speachyall of those appear to be current products.
07:27:31braewoodsi suppose old stuff does have a a differnet problem.
07:27:39braewoodsfinding good devices for rockbox is hard at times
07:27:42 Join MrZeus_ [0] (
07:27:58braewoodsthey usually have a ton of cosmetic wear
07:28:00speachybut generally speaking by the time Rockbox is "stable" on a given device, it's been discontinued.
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09:28:22f1reflyfreemint: agptek rocker is pretty good and recent
09:29:17f1reflyI have one and it is very stable and works well. It doesn't support bluetooth with rockbox but I think it's being worked on
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10:29:10speachyf1refly: the rocker's been discontinued, and is difficult to find new now.
10:29:12 Join freemint [0] (~freemint@2001:638:904:ffe8:7d58:824a:912e:3024)
10:29:28f1reflyOh really?
10:29:58speachythe best bet today are the xduoo x3ii and the eros q/k (and their clones)
10:30:06speachyif you must have something new
10:31:01f1reflyWell I'm happy with my rocker
10:31:12f1reflyI just thought it'd be more recent than it really is
10:31:22f1reflytime flies ^^'
10:31:52speachyyes, it certainly does
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13:09:13braewoods_bilgus: you mentioned SD card boot before. does that work with fuze+?
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13:38:55speachybraewoods: according to the forum post, yep.
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16:01:21braewoodsspeachy: quick question. i know rockbox supports FM radio where hardware permits. is it possible to also support FM radio metadata? i think it's called RDS. i don't know if it also requires hardware support.
16:01:38speachyI _think_ some of our targets support RDS.
16:02:06braewoodsso it requires hardware support?
16:02:06speachybut yes, it erquires that the tuner supports rds and is wired up in a way it can be queried.
16:02:12bluebrother^iirc Gigabeat (F? S?) does that.
16:02:31braewoodsit would be nice to add that if we can find at least one target that supports it
16:02:55braewoodswould it be in the datasheet if it is supported?
16:02:57speachythe rockbox core supports it.
16:03:08braewoodsso it's already supported?
16:03:10speachyand yes, it would be in the tuner datasheet
16:03:29speachythere are some patches in gerrit to improve/supplement rds features
16:03:35braewoodsso it is
16:03:48speachyand it's supposedly supported by the fuze+ too
16:04:53bluebrother^so the beast can do it.
16:05:51braewoodslooks like tea5767 is the most common
16:06:27braewoodsno RDS support
16:06:30braewoodsnot vital though
16:07:51braewoodswow. only a small handful with RDS.
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16:23:47bluebrother^braewoods: just tried it on Gigabeast. I can see both station name and radio text.
16:24:31bluebrother^though it seems that our default theme cabbiev2 doesn't handle the fm? Or maybe only this one.
16:26:18lebelliumI think cabbiev2 is only WPS. No SBS and FMS
16:27:58bluebrother^adding an fms would be nice. Shouldn't be too hard, should it?
16:28:19lebelliumMy themes for Clip Zip, Fuze+ and Samsung YP-R0 support RDS name + RDS text
16:28:24bluebrother^maybe I can motivate myself to do that ... though definitely not today :)
16:28:30braewoodsbluebrother^: does gigabeat support OTG? last i checked it did not
16:28:56bluebrother^braewoods: afaiu the hardware does.
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16:30:46 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
16:31:04lebelliumRDS support is much common in Europe and was long a big deal before internet radios and streaming services. Clip Zip was probably the most successful Rockbox target for long and many people enjoyed the RDS support with it
16:31:32speachythe newer sansas all supported it IIRC
16:33:07lebelliumYes, all Sandisk players after Clip+ supported RDS and all Samsung players since 2007 supported RDS
16:33:51CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 5 days and 5 hours at the last flood
16:33:51*bluebrother^ never had much use for fm radio in a dap.
16:33:58lebelliumThe only major brand which didn't understand the foreign market adaptation (Europe) was Sony
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16:35:52speachyour nwzlinux port doesn't support rds, but that would be easy enough to add in if any of the hardware supported it
16:36:26lebelliumYes but Sony seleted the FM chipset variant without RDS AFAI
16:36:39lebelliumwe checked this point with pamaury back to the time
16:37:06speachynone of the more modern players we supoprt have an FM tuner.
16:37:13speachymuch less RDS support
16:37:52speachylooking at what's sold now, the market push seems to be streaming via bluetooth or wifi rather than FM.
16:38:24speachythough some of the higher-end units (all seemingly built on android) have an FM tuner.
16:38:26lebelliumthere was some attempts to add RDS support to FM tuners not supporting RDS officially such as SI4702, there are some patches on gerrit, but I think none of them really works
16:40:36lebelliumIn Europe, or at least in France, FM radio is still quite popular. The government is trying to push DAB+ but it's a slow move
16:41:28bertrikin the netherlands too I think
16:41:59speachy"HD radio" in the US is pretty common but finding a tuner that isn't built into a car is getting harder.
16:42:00bertrikDAB+ is basically already obsolete IMO, people can just stream over 4G much more easily
16:42:53speachyit is worth mentioning that DAB+/HDR are pretty power-hungry.
16:44:12lebelliumAs long as there are many "white areas" where you're used to have Edge, much happy to get 3G and 4G is only a dream, I think FM radio is relevant
16:47:52braewoodsspeachy: my phone is one of the few androids with an FM radio
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16:48:01braewoodsthe g4 play surprisingly has one
16:48:10 Join freeemint [0] (~freemint@2001:638:904:ffe8:5579:9a60:54bd:c5b2)
16:49:22lebelliumUnfortunately manufacturers have an easy argument to remove FM radio from the smartphones: they already removed the 3.5mm jack output and FM radio usually uses the earphones as an antenna...
16:49:33bertrikoh right, i think my moto g5 had one
16:50:42bertrikactually my samsung a41 still has one!
16:51:22bertrikand it works! (first time I use it ...)
16:51:49bluebrother^most of the phones I had had one. Pretty much never used it.
16:52:08*bluebrother^ uses fm radio pretty much only in the car
16:52:48speachyyeah, me too. and with how little driving I do these days..
16:53:31bertrikI haven't updated rockbox in two years or so ...
16:53:36*bertrik hides in shame
16:54:00bluebrother^same here. Well, did some updates when doing some Rockbox Utility work.
16:54:08bluebrother^need to get the new version finished.
16:54:36bluebrother^and without Rockbox on Android it's mostly foobar for me these days.
16:55:50braewoodsbluebrother^: what gigabeat do you have?
16:55:57braewoodsthe S series is super rare
16:56:08bluebrother^braewoods: S. As in "beast" :D
16:56:21braewoodscan't even find it on ebay
16:56:48bluebrother^got it some years back to look into bootloader installation. Never got that integrated into Rockbox Utility, this mtp stuff is really painful :/
16:57:02bluebrother^and doesn't really work with the assumption to have a mountpoint
16:57:13braewoodsbecause it has multiple partitions?
16:58:07bluebrother^no, the problem is that the OF only does MTP.
16:58:30braewoodsno way to force UMS
16:58:40bluebrother^so we need to send things via MTP first. Rockbox Utility expects the player to have a mountpoint from the very beginning.
16:59:02braewoodssounds like expert install only
16:59:07bluebrother^you can install the bootloader using beastpatcher, then use Rockbox Utility to install the rest (since our bootloader does ums :)
16:59:27 Quit Saijin_Naib (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:59:35braewoodsat least the internal drive is removeable so you can modify it from another device
16:59:37bluebrother^well, given how much people play around with adb to install roms on their phones these days ...
17:00:06bluebrother^wouldn't say beastpatcher is expert only, but it's definitely more involved than our usual install with Rockbox Utility.
17:00:51braewoodsin any case gigabeat is so rare that it's kinda moot
17:01:48bluebrother^but then again I have no idea if that still works on Win10. Back then it was WXP, and you had to make sure to install WMP to actually get it to do something useful.
17:02:07braewoodsbluebrother^: yea, same with some other crapola
17:02:26braewoodsyou could probably use a VM with usb passthrough today
17:03:08bluebrother^I would actually guess it'll still work on Win10 :)
17:03:38braewoodsthe philips gogears won't, they need an ancient wmp only available on xp
17:03:39bluebrother^but given the limited time for Rockbox these days I don't have too much interest in working on _that_ specific thing.
17:04:40braewoodsthe S series looks like a hidden gem of ports
17:05:29braewoodsbluebrother^: what's your model of S series?
17:05:38bluebrother^back then it was the most powerful player. Good ol' times :D
17:05:57bertrikI miss rockbox hacking and the motivation I had when I did
17:06:19bluebrother^bertrik: yeah, that was fun.
17:06:31bluebrother^and devcon :)
17:07:08bluebrother^building towers ...
17:07:42braewoodsbluebrother^: would you be interested in selling it? assuming it's still in good condition. it sounds like you barely used it.
17:10:43braewoodsor even trading it perhaps
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