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#rockbox log for 2021-03-02

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01:49:14_bilgusStream #0:1: Video: mjpeg, 1 reference frame, yuvj444p(pc, bt470bg/unknown/unknown, center), 700x700 [SAR 72:72 DAR 1:1], 90k tbr, 90k tbn, 90k tbc
01:49:23_bilgusversus my working file Stream #0:0: Audio: flac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s32 (24 bit)
01:51:11_bilguslook familar
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06:58:00speachy_bilgus: so you've identified the bad frame, but the fix is not clear yet?
06:59:32gsoralooks like someone's pushing out sony walkman custom firmwares, anybody got infos about the process? last time i checked, nobody could get past the encryption scheme
07:08:53_bilgusits a container format that that trac says ffmpeg has issues with
07:09:35_bilgusnote the 90k samplerate
07:10:03speachybut we manage to mostly handle it okay
07:10:37_bilgusyeah I wanted to parse the container but kinda lacking in the info dept
07:11:52_bilgusie how flac carries the, figure its similar to opus and all the rest
07:12:13_bilgusthe frames..
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07:48:44speachygsora: I have no idea what you're referring to. A link would be helpful.
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07:51:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 22cc4e4fcf, 293 builds, 9 clients.
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08:06:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 884 seconds.
08:06:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 22cc4e4fcf result: All green
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08:59:07gsoraspeachy I'm referring to this:
08:59:37gsoraafter some digging in the rb git, looks like someone understood how to use the encryption keys for newer sony players
08:59:47gsorathis is how they're doing it
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13:04:55_bilgusspeachy I think I have the ffmpeg issue figured out
13:06:02_bilguspushing towads the upstream mmpeg source would have done it in the end this commit
13:07:44speachyso is this due to embedded artwork?
13:08:54_bilgusi think its due to frame markers for the video stream
13:12:26_bilgusthe artwork had nothing to do with this one ad everything to do with that 2 samples of junk I tried to line it up with the frame data in the flac spec but I couldn't figure it out so finally I just started poking about till I could identify one bad frame but it was different next glitch so I'm still missing something but thats why I started pushing towards upstream
13:14:34_bilgusoddly seeking feel much snappier too
13:17:50speachyevery bit helps
13:18:08_bilgusI saw a few other things in there I'd like to rework before I call it done
13:18:25_bilgusit appears that the asm routines are just the downsampler
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13:29:26_bilgus g#3149
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13:51:44_bilgusre comments I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly how the two are different I suppose that is why it was found my fuzzing
13:52:31_bilgusand the ;; are just left from when I was consuming the bytes to narrow down the frame I'll clean up my mess before I push
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14:19:19*speachy nods.
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17:56:07_bilgusspeachy you wanna give one more look pretty sure its ready
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18:25:51speachyok, gimme a sec
18:27:58__builtinspeachy: g#2639 isn't quite ready
18:29:01__builtinI want to double-check it to make sure it's not breaking something else
18:29:15speachyshould flac_lpc_32_c get ICODE_ATTR_FLAC too?
18:30:19speachy_bilgus: ^
18:35:05_bilgusi figured itd get inlined but I can
18:37:34speachythat's the only thing that stands out. I'm not in a position to review the actual code changes.
18:38:33_bilgusIll leave the analyzer one as is its a cold path
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18:44:23speachythen let's merge it and close off a bug for a change. :)
18:51:34_bilgusit was kinda neat to be able to see the changes made in the decoder since our 2012 snapshot
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19:23:00_bilgusneed to start testing on a weirder player than the zip
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19:34:17speachyx3? :)
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19:42:18_bilgusits always the charm no?
19:44:43_bilgusI've been using python this last month and already the bad habits are creeping in
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21:00:11_bilgusspeachy what was that patch that changed the sys font?
21:01:13_bilgus#define STATUSBAR_BATTERY_WIDTH (2+(2*SYSFONT_WIDTH)) that no longer jives with the battery outline
21:01:58speachythat was done so numeric battery level would have enough space
21:02:33speachydon't recall when exactly, but git blame will probably suss that out
21:02:37_bilgusyeah the bar is no longer as long as the icon
21:03:15speachyso I guess that needs to be a runtime computed value instead of compile-time.
21:03:25speachysince the icon changes based on theme
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21:04:52_bilgusyeash maybe just scale it based on the icon width like it should be now
21:07:59speachywhat target is this on?
21:09:36speachythat patch set also made the statusbar height to match SYSFONT_HEIGHT
21:12:08speachyhmm. STATUSBAR_HEIGHT really should be a per-screen variable; you might want a larget font on the main screen than your remote
21:15:58_bilgusits on the clip zip but not clip plus is on fuze+
21:16:27_bilgusbut just below I see a hardcoded 17 lets see if this helps
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21:17:05_bilgusyep :)
21:17:22_bilgusit just wasn't apparent till the font was chnaged
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21:25:29_bilgus g#3152
21:29:40speachyI can't take credit for that 17. :)
21:29:53speachyany reason to not commit?
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21:30:14_bilgusI swear there was somewhere else this stuff is used but I can't seem to find it
21:31:26_bilgusthere it is icons.h
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21:34:23speachyhuh, found a couple of stragglers from the archos purge
21:41:12_bilgusI wonder how those 80 mhz ipods do with opus I think they might be our slowest remaining targets
21:41:56speachyall of the PP500x targets are pretty awful. the 502x are a lot better
21:43:43_bilgusuh oh now my flac files are failing to play
21:43:48speachywe don't have any opus benchmarks for PP ipods
21:44:19_bilgusweird I know this just worked
21:46:23_bilgushelps to rebase stuff I swear I'm on a rool today
21:46:28_bilguslol roll
21:46:43_bilgussee good thing I'm not driving
21:48:15speachythe only flac I have on my x3 isn't playing either. (372MB album)
21:50:27_bilgusI don't think I put in anything that would limit on size but I did put some sanity checks in
21:51:57_bilgusno its still skipping
21:52:07speachymanaged to panic it
21:52:12_bilgusbah must have broken it in the yellow fixes sigh
21:52:14speachyFLAC: Frame 3, error -109
21:52:58speachyrebuilding again..
21:53:13speachywith both of the yellow fixes pulled out
21:55:06_bilguslol I see it ffs
21:55:06speachyyep, it's the yellow fixes
21:55:11speachythe first of the two
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21:59:10_bilgus3 is not a charm but i and j are
22:00:21speachywrt opus on older ipods; except for AAC-HE (and monkeys audio) all of the other codecs manage at least 2x realtime on a pp502x; a pp500x is half that, putting AAC-LC into "barely fast enough" on those targets. I don't know how opus compares to AAC, but I seem to recall it not being as computationally intense.
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22:04:17_bilgusok as is well I'll wait for this and that battery icon and I'm gonna stop before I break anything else
22:12:54speachyit's a plan
22:23:49speachyanyway, I'm turning into apumpkin too. g'nite.
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