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#rockbox log for 2021-03-06

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05:25:05edhelasHi, thanks for all the recent changes on Rockbox !
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12:40:03braewoods_bilgus: look what you did! =p
12:42:31braewoodsspeachy: i'll also look into usb audio at some point... but first i need to define what it could be used for before i get started
12:42:40braewoodsother than mapping RB ports to it
12:42:53braewoodsi was thinking maybe we can find a way to allow data to flow in the other direction
12:43:18braewoodse.g., output data over usb audio to the PC to output somewhere else
12:43:52braewoodsin any case, usb audio can be a kind of remote control over part of RB at least
12:44:17braewoodsin theory
12:44:29braewoodsno idea if volume controls on the host are known to the usb audio device
12:56:00_bilgushelps if you use the rb-> for strncasecmp
12:56:51speachyhuh, we have a pile of targets that aren't compiling plugins
12:59:30_bilgusthey probably just have a strncasecmp macro
13:00:01speachyno.. they don't have plugins=yes in the configure script
13:00:15speachythings that are considered unusable. :)
13:00:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 308dd4ffee, 293 builds, 9 clients.
13:01:57_bilgussize wise or unstable?
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13:12:11_bilgusYay BBl
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15:29:05speachy_bilgus: voice has gone seriously wonky on me. I'm rebuilding now.
15:31:08speachyok, with clean build + latest nightly voices it's ok.
15:31:19speachy(en-us is definitely fixed too btw)
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16:41:28_bilgusgood thing lol
16:57:26braewoodsspeachy: i posted about the battery reporting
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18:48:01speachybraewoods: we'll see if anyone comments.
18:49:03speachyoh, in the future I'd recommend mentioning which build (eg "2021-03-06 or later") is the one to try.
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18:53:35braewoodsspeachy: i suspect battery strength was meant for devices mainly in a state of discharge
18:53:42braewoodswhich explains the linux behavior
18:53:57braewoodsbut when we're connected we will probably be charging or full
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19:09:54speachylinux supports POWER_SUPPLY_STATUS_CHARGING
19:10:48speachymakes me wonder if upstream would accept a patch implemeting CHARGING/DISCHARGING heuristics based on the voltage going up or down on a request-by-request basis.
19:12:03speachysome power drivers report CHARGING
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19:21:51speachyhmm. this has been bothering me for a long time
19:22:06speachydoes rockbox have an option to control the relative volume of the voice prompts?
19:24:28speachythe voice prompts are at full-scale volume, usually much louder than whatever would be playing back.
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22:06:12_bilgusuh I dont think so but I swear I saw a scaling factor −− voice_thread.c static void voice_data_init(struct voice_thread_data *td)
22:17:05speachyquite annoying having "RECENT BOOKMARKS" blaring out my speakers whenever I turn things on
22:17:53speachyhmm. think it's worth making that configurable?
22:29:58braewoodsspeachy: who uses the voice feature?
22:30:05braewoodsi've never used it
22:30:31_bilgusprobably ut I think UNITY is supposed to do something special
22:30:52speachyUNITY is just max volume.
22:31:08speachy(ie 1.0)
22:31:57speachybraewoods: but other than visually impaired folks, it's quite useful for interacting with the player without looking at the screen. like when driving
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22:33:15_bilgusoh I was under the impression it did something versus sthe surrent peak
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23:29:55speachy_bilgus: g#3189
23:29:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #3189 at : voice: Allow voice prompt volume to be configurable by Solomon Peachy
23:31:12speachyI'm happy with it; works like a champ.
23:31:52speachyif you think it's sane I'll commit it; this has been an ongoing irritation for a while now.
23:41:17speachyexact language is probably debatable
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